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Almost Interesting: The Memoir

✓ Almost Interesting: The Memoir ✓ David Spade ✓ Almost Interesting: The Memoir ✓ David Spade - Almost Interesting: The Memoir, Almost Interesting The Memoir A hilarious and biting memoir from the actor comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni David Spade is best known for his harsh Hollywood Minute Sketches on SNL his starring roles in movies like Tommy

  • Title: Almost Interesting: The Memoir
  • Author: David Spade
  • ISBN: 9780062419972
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Audio CD

✓ Almost Interesting: The Memoir ✓ David Spade, Almost Interesting: The Memoir, David Spade, Almost Interesting The Memoir A hilarious and biting memoir from the actor comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni David Spade is best known for his harsh Hollywood Minute Sketches on SNL his starring roles in movies like Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt and his seven year stint as Dennis Finch on the series Just Shoot Me Now with a wit as dry as the weather in his home state of Arizona the comic brat

Almost Interesting: The Memoir

✓ Almost Interesting: The Memoir ✓ David Spade ✓ Almost Interesting: The Memoir ✓ David Spade - Almost Interesting: The Memoir, Almost Interesting The Memoir A hilarious and biting memoir from the actor comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni David Spade is best known for his harsh Hollywood Minute Sketches on SNL his starring roles in movies like Tommy Almost Interesting: The Memoir

  • ✓ Almost Interesting: The Memoir ✓ David Spade
    205David Spade
Almost Interesting: The Memoir

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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 4.5 StarsWarning to all this is probably going to be long and rambly and fangirly and a waste of your time Let me begin by saying I have had a lifelong love affair with Saturday Night Live I was lucky to be raised in a good ol Catholic family where the motto is don t stop have babies until God decides That meant the age difference between me and my aunt and youngest uncle created of a sibling relationship Some of my earliest memories were sleepovers at my [...]

  2. I didn t know that David Spade had written a book until I came across my friend, Kelly s review which you can read HERE She read the book and her review convinced me I needed to read it as well.I thought I would try the audio since I really do love his voice This is my fourth or fifth audio book now I still love to read my books but I m finding it handy to have a few of these on hand for when I can t sleep and don t want to read in the dark , to listen to while housecleaning, or for in the car H [...]

  3. I actually have no idea why I picked this up because I m not particularly a David Spade fan However, I AM a huge fan of autobiographies of comedians, so I guess that s why I decided to try this one I was really, really pleasantly surprised First of all, David Spade narrates this brilliantly It feels like he is simply talking off the cuff, and it was addictive to listen to Secondly, David Spade himself sets the expectations really low, which is perfect because I got waaaaay than I was anticipati [...]

  4. Finally, the tell it all we ve always wanted Leave it to Spade to give us one of the best comedic autobiographies out there I take back what I said about Norm a month or so ago THIS is the best bio from an SNL alumn Unapologetic, he recounts his greatest accolades with a mixture of confidence and shame He is the first artist to come out and say it his pals may be talented, so jealousy is understandable, a true human emotion He dishes out so read it Eddie Murphy fight, assistant attack, Farley a [...]

  5. So as I was first listening to the initial chapters while going on a walk for lunch, people kept looking at me with weird looks on their faces as I laughingly with tears walked around the block This book starts off with some big laughs based on Spade s childhooduly hilarious He then describes the history of his standup career and getting on Saturday Night Live which was very interesting but not quite as funny.Some fairly crass items were laced with great life lessons, like, Don t tickle a girl t [...]

  6. 3.5 stars I know David Spade best from his stint on Saturday Night Live SNL in the 1990s He s also a stand up comedian, actor, and writer In this memoir Spade provides a glimpse of his childhood and the long road to success, which though not easy was fueled by support from family and friends I listened to the audiobook version of this memoir narrated by the author with appropriate sound effects that add to the fun Spade was born in Michigan, but his family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when he wa [...]

  7. I m a sucker for a comedian s autobiography I figure, even if their life turns out to be uninteresting, at least there s a good chance I ll get a laugh or two out of the book David Spade hasn t lived the most exciting life and he may not be the funniest dude in the world, but that didn t stop him from making this a fairly enjoyable book.I read this on the tails of Tobias Wolff s excellent This Boy s Life and they re both similar in that each memoir contains estranged fathers and strange stepfath [...]

  8. If you enjoy Spade s snarky sense of humor, you ll probably enjoy this autobiography Spade did not have an easy life and I enjoyed learning about his childhood and family For me, though, the best parts of this autobiography were easily the parts about when he got to Saturday Night Live All the behind the scenes info on how SNL works, how the skits are pitched, written and rehearsed it s all here I was hoping for a lot of this info when I listened to both Tina Fey s and Amy Poehler s autobiograph [...]

  9. It s a testament to David Spade s engaging story telling style that his memoirs Almost Interesting takes 9 chapters before even getting into the SNL stuff and I did not want to skim a word of it.I really didn t expect to read an account of Spade s childhood that chilled me to the bone and had my eyes brimming with tears It s a vivid illustration of that old adage about comics getting their oh so funny material from a very dark and tortured place And all in his detached, aloof, snarky recounting, [...]

  10. I listened to this in one night I blame insomnia for being a bitch, and David Spade for being a bitch I m a child of early 90s SNL, Spade is not my favorite from the era, and this was still close to five stars for entertainment value.Mr Spade, I m sorry your assassination attempt entertained me but it was well told and I was previously unaware of it Five stars for that story alone but the rest was still fantastic I think I mentioned something about listening to it in one night Not cool, but it h [...]

  11. David Spade wrote and narrated this audiobook He did an excellent job I really couldn t tell that he was actually reading it it seemed impromptu I loved the way he would laugh while telling his stories Fun book

  12. This book was funny I ve always loved David Spade s snarky humor and I saw this audiobook at my library and thought why not I absolutely love David Spade in Emperor s New Groove, Bench warmers, and Rules of Engagement And for the most part I really did enjoy this book There were a few times I was actually laughing so hard I couldn t breathe like some of the stories form his childhood involving a crayon box and a t shirt with his own picture on it I really enjoyed his hysterical childhood stories [...]

  13. 4 stars for first half, 2 for second half So this wasn t always interesting but his stint on Saturday Night Live and his friendship with Chris Farley were intriguing His writing style is very much like he just sat down at a computer and wrote from his snarky brain, which can be hilarious and annoying sitch for situation and other word shortcuts , but he is also honest and at times extremely crude.Read if you are a fan of SNL alumni memoirs but it won t top Tina Fey s BOSSYPANTS and Martin Short [...]

  14. Almost InterestingThis narrative of David Spade s life is not only actually interesting but freaking hilarious I love David s dry wit and listening to him tell the story was even better I feel like I got bonus material with his tone and asides that I would not have gotten had I read the book It was beautiful to hear him reminisce about Chris Farley I too lost a very dear friend in my 20s and his recollections made me cry but gave me comfort The rest of his story, while not important or revealing [...]

  15. I got an advance reading copy of this book, started skimming it, and then couldn t put it down for the first hundred pages Mr Spade does a wonderful job breezing through his childhood, high school, college experiences, start on stage, and SNL years He has an energetic, self effacing voice and a meandering style that are fun to read and hard to put down He has paragraph long asides about the Kardashians and loaning people money He jumps tenses It s incredibly entertaining And he kind of treats hi [...]

  16. I m a fan of David Spade s and this book is definitely not a letdown There are some gems as he refers to many of his stories in this book, and many stories that are not so interesting plus his many anecdotes and tangents that could be hit or miss After reading this book, many of his works i.e Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy, and many of his SNL skits began to make sense In terms of what I feel were letdowns of the book was that the ending wasn t exactly my cup of tea, and I wish he would ve talked about s [...]

  17. David Spade is one of those comedians who build their humor on the simple observations about the world he lives in This memoir is filled with these observations that s very entertaining Being mistaken for a 10 year old when he s 18 Check Leave for the big city using his mother s old suitcase Check Spade makes readers laugh as he just doesn t take himself too seriously Check.

  18. A lot of comedians, including Mr Spade, choose to write their biographies like an extended stand up special, which works for approximately three quarters of the material.Spade s gone through some shit Poverty, personal loss, professional setbacks His step father, a vet with PTSD, killed himself during a police man hunt His best friend OD d at the height of his fame, leave Spade to tell his story forever His assistant tried to kill him The levity and deadpan sarcasm keep the book from sinking in [...]

  19. I like David Spade I like him as a comedian and a comic actor I like his brand of snarkiness I ve always had the gut feeling that behind that rapier tongue and wicked wit, lies a heart of pure gold He has had several long term friendships with people who on the surface would seem to be out of his league Heather Locklear comes to mind I suspect the real David Spade likes women, is loyal and obviously is fun to be around I like his personal and professional relationship with Chris Farley This book [...]

  20. Really interesting to hear the origin story SNL downs and ups of Spade Always a favorite of mine, I found it an easy read listen He spends a lot of time where you d expect him to growing up, SNL, Time with Farley Other periods get a cursory mention one line about Just Shoot Me references to Joe Dirt peppered throughout, but not much about the making of it Where as some biographies focus on craft struggle this one is mostly about the struggle insecurities along Spade s path The first half is much [...]

  21. I have been a fan of David Spade for many years and this book did not disappoint I listened to the audio which was read by David and was an extra treat This book brought back many memories and made me watch Tommy Boy to see how it has held up after all these years it held up very well by the way I found his memoir very entertaining and much than just almost interesting.

  22. I ve been a fan of David Spade for many years, so naturally my interest was piqued when I saw that he had written a memoir about his life and career I ve taken a liking to celebrity biographies lately, and there seems to have been a big surge in their being written over the past few years for whatever reason I almost always opt for the audiobook version because it adds a lot to the experience to be able to hear the author read his her work in his her own voice.If memory serves, this was the four [...]

  23. Spade has had the kind of life to produce a fascinating memoir This isn t it He jumps between snarky comments, unfunny half jokes, way too much profanity, constant self deprecation, and some great stories It makes for a real mess and is incredibly incomplete, so much so that in the end the reader will say, That s it He starts talking about his mess of a childhood, with a dad that abandons the family which Spade is bitter about throughout the book and explains a lot of the comedian s problems The [...]

  24. I love celebrity memoirs Over the past few years I ve read than ten celebrity memoirs and I can say that the majority of them I have enjoyed, David Spade s Almost Interesting is definitely one of those This memoir is everything you want from a comedian The way he wrote this book is how I expected Bob Saget s memoir to be Unlike Saget s I thoroughly enjoyed getting into Davids life and seeing his struggles of becoming a comedian and actor I also enjoyed all the stories about his personal experie [...]

  25. I don t know if I would have liked this book as much if I had tried to read it Spade does a really great job reading performing this book It was almost like listening to 6 hours of stand up He doesn t go much into the tragedies in his life he just touches on them, which is good enough for me, because I m not listening to a book by a comedian so I can cry After he leaves college and focuses on being a comedian full time, there is very little about his personal life It s mostly starting out, SNL, [...]

  26. I have been a long fan of SNL I remember when I was a kid and watching Murray, Radner and Belushi work their magic late at night most likely I shouldn t have been up this later either I have continued watching even through the slumps Spade does a good job writing about his journey to stardom He doesn t come from a family in show biz, so he definitely has an interesting story He writes in the same way you imagine him doing stand up lots of asides and lots of self deprecation typical Spade Spade d [...]

  27. I wouldn t call myself a hardcore David Space fan I still quote Tommy Boy , I have a soft spot for Emperor s New Groove and I remember watching Just Shoot Me on a regular basis but I couldn t tell you much about his career Still, my friend recommended listening to his memoirs because Spade reads them and YES it was a fun experience.I ve read listened to Amy Poehler s and Tina Fey s books that also include their SNL experiences, but Spade was from the era before these two and his stories are ver [...]

  28. Ok you may not know this about me, but I freaking love David Spade I have seen loved everything he has ever been in If you don t like David Spade, you won t enjoy this book I love him, so I loved this book I read it with his voice in my head and honestly has so many laugh out loud parts The bittersweet stories about Chris Farley really hit me, especially when he ends the chapter with I miss the guy every day 3 anyway, my love for David Spade has honestly been going on since the 90s with SNL and [...]

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