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Sunset Mantle

Ç Sunset Mantle ↠ Alter S. Reiss Ç Sunset Mantle ↠ Alter S. Reiss - Sunset Mantle, Sunset Mantle With a single blow Cete won both honor and exile from his last commander Since then he has wandered looking for a place to call home The distant holdings of the Reach Antach offer shelter but that

  • Title: Sunset Mantle
  • Author: Alter S. Reiss
  • ISBN: 9780765385215
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback

Ç Sunset Mantle ↠ Alter S. Reiss, Sunset Mantle, Alter S. Reiss, Sunset Mantle With a single blow Cete won both honor and exile from his last commander Since then he has wandered looking for a place to call home The distant holdings of the Reach Antach offer shelter but that promise has a price The Reach Antach is doomed Barbarians traitors and scheming investors conspire to destroy the burgeoning settlement A wise man would move on but CeteWith a single

Sunset Mantle

Ç Sunset Mantle ↠ Alter S. Reiss Ç Sunset Mantle ↠ Alter S. Reiss - Sunset Mantle, Sunset Mantle With a single blow Cete won both honor and exile from his last commander Since then he has wandered looking for a place to call home The distant holdings of the Reach Antach offer shelter but that Sunset Mantle

  • Ç Sunset Mantle ↠ Alter S. Reiss
    497Alter S. Reiss
Sunset Mantle

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  1. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 10 04 nSunset Mantle is my first venture into Tor s impressive line up of novellas from their brand spanking new publishing arm It wasn t originally on my to read list, but after hearing it described as a pocket sized epic fantasy, I decided I had to take a look after all The idea of a story like that, packed into just over 190 print copy pages really intrigued me.The book s protagonist is Cete, a former hero now in exile Dismissed from his [...]

  2. Sunset Mantle is an epic fantasy novel written in novella form.Also, Sunset Mantle is a high decibel reminder how, when it comes to epic fantasy, writer doesn t need 800 pages to tell a captivating story, build a magnificent world and develop a society eager to play politics, wars, intrigues and mysteries, while showing all advantages and flaws one can face in honoring his duty.All of which written with incredibly gifted prose in less than 200 pages long book.We re not introduced with character [...]

  3. I ve always enjoyed epic fantasy as a genre, anyway there are probably individual stories I ve disliked , so I was excited to see Sunset Mantle in Tor s novella lineup described as such and doubly encouraged by Jo Walton s endorsement on the cover Epic fantasy has such a problem of scope sometimes you need the world to feel huge, while also giving intimacy with a handful of characters, to make both the setting and the plot work together Sometimes that makes a book balloon out into multi volume e [...]

  4. So sad, so beautiful.There is no treachery in death, there is no honor, just the long silence of the underworld, and the judgment of the true judge.

  5. Very competently written book, done in a style that reminded me of Gemmell However, it s just not the sort of book that grips me too much focus on military manoeuvres so despite several solid characters and interesting world building I didn t truly enjoy this one No fault of the book, there

  6. A wonderful little military fantasy story worthy of comparison to Gemmell.Cete comes to the Reach Antach at a mercenary in perilous times The Reach is going to be acted against because it s an upstart military power and it has made unwise allies An early encounter with a blind seamstress sparks unexpected loyalty to the Reach though, and Cete performs a feat of honor that leaves him an outcast That doesn t stop him fighting though, and with his blind love s support he can do the impossible.A tal [...]

  7. Really kind of stunningly good.Cete, professional soldier forced from his last position because he had to do the right thing, comes to Reach Antach a recently established settlement currently under obligation to the founding cities, and menaced by tribal nations and, because he sees a particularly lovely cloak, joins the Reach s military briefly and has to try to defend the Reach and his mantle from enemies both external and internal, while navigating a very narrow and tricksy course between wha [...]

  8. Very well done, a meaty sword story no sorcery, none of the usual motivations of SS outside a thirst for fighting, a love of war this is a story with heft, with weight, with beauty reminiscent of a Gemmell tale and character, well worth the two to three hours to read, filled with honor and nobleness and sacrifice and love and hope and blood a long time ago in a galaxy far away, I almost published an Alter S Reiss tale I would have been thrilled to publish this one.

  9. 3.5 5 Rating Originally posted at mylifemybooksmyescape.wordpreA tale of a legendary warrior Disclaimer I was provided with a review copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion This story should have been called, Sunset Mantle The Legend of Cete , because that who this story is about, Cete, and that s what he is a legend a warrior turned both hero and outcast, and this novella tells the tale of the days for which he will become known a legend.Cete has come to the Reach Antach as a [...]

  10. Sunset Mantle is a solid work of high fantasy What s most fascinating about it is that for all it s battles and political intrigue, it s less than 200 pages long That s right ya ll This is a high fantasy novella.Cete is a wandering solider for hire He knows that Reach Antach is about to be on the losing side of a war and that the smart thing to do would be to move on but somehow, he just can t bring himself to do so When he sees a beautifully embroidered mantle made by a blind craftswoman, he be [...]

  11. Engaging take on the exiled soldier taking on an impossible mission epic fantasy Well developed plot and engaging characters What s not to like The storytelling It reads almost as if English is not the author s first language Occasional awkward phrases Amateurish grammar Inconsistent punctuation Why is the placement of commas a big deal It isn t until it jerks you out of the flow of the story As it often does here Needed one proofreading by a real editor, because he s got a great voice.Sunset M [...]

  12. Imagine choosing to make a stand against hopeless odds because of an article of clothing Sounds absurd, doesn t it.but Reiss makes it work brilliantly as a metaphor for the sometimes mundane reasons people fight A rollicking fantasy adventure with epic implications, Sunset Mantle is one of my favorite books of the year.Cete is a veteran mercenary with a strict sense of honor, but that is actually part of the world building, which I ll get to in a second Cete s bravery, loyalty to his men and hon [...]

  13. I ve seen Sunset Mantle described a few places as an epic fantasy squeezed into a novella s binding, but that s not quite right There is little to no magic It is told from a single perspective and has two real characters And the story is focused on a single location.Which is not to criticize Sunset Mantle in any way It is very good at what it is It s just that that s not quite epic fantasy.Cete is a warrior without a cause, honored and exiled by his clan at the same time when he killed his own l [...]

  14. Cete is a soldier who committed an act that resulted in him simultaneously receiving a belt of merit, a very high honor, and exile from what had been his home and country He is traveling the world looking for a new place to be a soldier when he arrives in the remote Reach Antach, where at last he has a chance of employment.The downside is that the Reach Antach is doomed, for reasons of politics and economics, and one soldier or less, no matter how good, won t make much difference Yet Cete has f [...]

  15. This one is ponderously serious and sincere you know that tone I was really interested in the pseudo Old Testament culture and setting, and it s a sort of setup that I often enjoy once honored warrior now in disgrace, building a new life Unfortunately, it wasn t a well told story Aside from the poor writing style, the author had no clue about realistic timelines His hero NOT a super human was fighting off three would be assassins just three or four days after being whipped nearly to death, he tr [...]

  16. This new author, Alter Reiss, tells an epic tale how an outcast hero, Cete, becomes a leader within his adopted clan, the Antach in few words a novella Cete, Marelle, Radan Termith, the Lemist Irimin, all act within the restraints of the dominant culture that extends from cities where the established clans rule to the Reaches settlements , such as Reach Antach where the rising Antach clan, ruled by the Antach of the Antach, live The story unfolds with anthropological and political intelligence b [...]

  17. I was REALLY impressed by this little story It packs into these few hundred pages than most fantasy tomes manage in a whole trilogy of bricks.Cete is our PoV a disgraced, over the hill soldier looking for work and just when he was about to leave a city on the brink of trouble he meets a blind weaver and her beautiful handiwork and decides to stay Then he gets drawn into political machinations which are threatening his new found home.I loved this story as it was all personal everything was about [...]

  18. This was a well written story that builds on hinted back story in a way that provides depth of character The protagonist is a man who is looking to find a place, at least for a time His life has been that of a soldier, a warrior, yet he understands politics and strategy He knows the circumstances that lead to conflict, and sees them in the works even as he decides to settle down He is also someone who is willing to do the right important thing despite its negatives, and takes the consequences wi [...]

  19. ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT FANTASY LITERATUREOne of the discoveries I made this year about my reading preferences was that I really enjoy shorter reads It may have been because the behemoth volumes typical of fantasy series made me sceptical that you could, gasp, actually tell a good story that would leave me satisfied in fewer pages, but I am glad now that I am actively looking for stories that I would have otherwise neglected to take into consideration Alter S Reiss Sunset Mantle is one of those [...]

  20. For a novella, this packs a strong punch A centered and principled hero without your standard supports and who s value is found in the relationships that living a good life will bring.

  21. 3.5 starsThis is the third of the Tor novellas I ve read, and it was a very interesting one ambitious than Witches of Lychford but less successful than Sorcerer of the Wilddeeps Sunset Mantle is ambitious in the way that it s story, set in a secondary world, is very much constrained and directed by the particular laws of that world, rather than just transposing real world values into the fantasy setting This was admirable, and worked well in that it made the story unpredictable, as the reader c [...]

  22. I don t really know where to start with this review While I enjoyed some of the elements of the book, the story really fell short, which I think is an inherent trait with novellas like this Quite frankly, being short hurt this story I enjoyed the characterization and the growth of the characters given the dire situation, but I wanted More world building better chances for characters to come into their own.There were a few scenes where something just happened, where the author told me what was h [...]

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