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[PDF] Ryker | by ↠ Geri Glenn [PDF] Ryker | by ↠ Geri Glenn - Ryker, Ryker Charlotte Ever since I was a little girl I ve taken care of everyone around me including my self centered older sister Anna When her poor choices make us targets of the Devil s Rejects Motorcycle C

  • Title: Ryker
  • Author: Geri Glenn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Ryker | by ↠ Geri Glenn, Ryker, Geri Glenn, Ryker Charlotte Ever since I was a little girl I ve taken care of everyone around me including my self centered older sister Anna When her poor choices make us targets of the Devil s Rejects Motorcycle Club I grab her and we run like hell A new city a new job a new life It s almost perfect and then I meet Ryker He s gorgeous rugged and too cocky for his own damned gCharlotte Ever since I wa


[PDF] Ryker | by ↠ Geri Glenn [PDF] Ryker | by ↠ Geri Glenn - Ryker, Ryker Charlotte Ever since I was a little girl I ve taken care of everyone around me including my self centered older sister Anna When her poor choices make us targets of the Devil s Rejects Motorcycle C Ryker

  • [PDF] Ryker | by ↠ Geri Glenn
    485Geri Glenn

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  1. 3 3.5 StarsThis was a pretty decent little MC storybut I just wanted a little .More interaction between Ryker and Charlotte.More characterization.More of the MC life.More SEX.More story, period Sing it, Brit Brit Other than that, I liked the writing and the direction of the story series and I definitely think this author has the potential to be really great.

  2. I had a hard time finishing this one I didn t feel the connection between Ryker and Charlie I pretty much started skimming around 55% Will I be reading Teases book next Not sure I am curious though lol

  3. 3 StarsCharlotte and her sister are on the run from the Devil s Rejects MC Moving away from their home they start their lives over in a new place Charlotte takes a job doing what she loves, nursing for those towards the end of their lives She gets a new patient who is a member of the Kings of Korruption MC but it nervous about being around another MC Then she meets Ryker who instantly grabs her attention, even though he also makes her nervous.Ryker isn t dealing well with one of his closest frie [...]

  4. Geri Glenn has a masterful talent She gives off this spin of the story being light, and slowly draws you in, captures your attention, then wham smack you right in the kisser Is there darknesss What about intensity Like with any good sex scene the buildup is sure and steady Nicely written hahahahah Now onto the review No spoilers given.poor baby better luck next time As a nurse you see all kinds of people Normal looking, the strange, shit in your pants scary and then you meet him RykerYeah, yeah [...]

  5. 3.5 RATING I ve been in a bit of a reading funk lately and this book kept my interest while several others did not That being said, while I liked it and found it an easy read, I didn t love it It just never got to that next level of being really good I do think this series has potential though I m already looking forward to the next book in the series which this book leads into I think the heroine may be blind Blind heroine, bad ass biker Works for me Note At the time this review was posted, thi [...]

  6. I really enjoyed this book Anytime there is a debut novel I m a bit apprehensive, however Geri Glenn did an awesome job I can t wait for the rest of the series to come out There is some grit in the book but nothing too dark This book is about Ryker, VP for Kings Korruption MC and Charlotte Daniels, RN Ryker grew up with a shit dad who did something awful it s taints him He never wants a close relationship, love or any sort of family Charlotte Charlie is a nurse helping patients in the palliative [...]

  7. I like the start to what looks like a promising MC read.Nothing too heavy except for the moment when the bad guy had kiddnapped the heroine and begin to physically assualt her,thank goodness the hero shows up This book had a great heroine,she works in a palliative care nursing home as a nurse and this brought back such sad memories for me.I started out my hospital nursing career working on a cancer unit and finished up working in hospice care,so the emotions and situations hit close to home.The [...]

  8. This story had a lot of potential Unfortunately, there was too much of story telling and time skipping, over story showing and fleshing the story out I really wish the author had taken the time to delve into the story and given us details Basically, drawing it out and giving us information and a connection to the couple.With skipping over major parts, with time jumps, and just summarizing and telling us what happened with the couple, it makes the reader unable to make a connection to the char [...]

  9. Ryker is an alpha biker every woman wants as her manHe s charming, sexy, gorgeous , protective and bad ass all combined into one hunk of burning love I definitely think everyone that likes mc books should read this one

  10. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was a cute mc romance about a biker and a civilian giving love a chance It was sweet for a biker romance and there were some parts that frustrated me and made me want to hit Ryker upside his head It was an enjoyable read It was kind of predictable at times and probably won t go down as one of my favorites making it a lower rating 3.5 stars.Storyline This is Charlotte Charlie and Ryker s story The meet when one of Rykers brothers from his mc is put into palliative ca [...]

  11. Good start to series 3.5 stars.Charlotte and her sister Anna are starting afresh, they re moved from Toronto to Ottawa after Anna got into trouble with the Devil s Rejects MC While Anna is wild, selfish and spoilt Charlotte is kind and compassionate and terrified of bikers, her sister is the only family she has left and she d do anything for her.Ryker is the VP of the Kings of Korruption MC in fact the MC is all he knows, he s grown up in the club and while he s instantly attracted to Charlotte [...]

  12. 3.5 starsHeroine was at times too meek Then she was brave and strong But she was definitely soft than anything else Ryker was nice, then a total ass, then sweet, but always protective Her sister was a total selfish bitch I could not believe Charlie defended her Safety Gang view spoiler This is an MC book so not safe for most But not hard core MC either Ryker thinks he will never see Charlie again since they live in two different worlds so he picks up a random OW at a bar and goes to back room S [...]

  13. 4.5 starsI hesitated about one clicking this book because it was a new author with an unknown writing style, quality, etc I m very happy I broke down and one clicked For a new author, this one shows other new authors how it should be done I love good biker mc romances with a little grit, a little angst, a really hot alpha male who can be strong but compassionate also This author met all of my requirements in spades I really liked the main characters and she drew me into the secondary characters [...]

  14. You love MC books You definitely should read this one I did have a nice time doing it Alpha ish biker, a good heroine, little drama and the perfect amount of steamy scenes To be the author s first book, I think she did a good job.I m diving into Tease s book now, I m intrigued.

  15. Charlotte has always been there for he self absorbed sister and when her latest antics has them on the run, Charlotte dug in and set about making a new life for them in a new city Charlotte works as a nurse for those suffering and towards the end of their life When she meets her new patient she is met with trepidation as he is part of the Devil s Rejects Motorcycle Club The reason they ran in the first place was because of another MC.Ryker is entranced with the hot nurse caring for his closest f [...]

  16. Ryker was your typical insta love biker book It had a little grit with the violence against the h, but the external issues happening like the mess with the sister were just too easily fixed or brushed away The sister did a pretty horrific thing and it seems she just got to apologize then get her own HEA which was disappointing to say the least.It was like a happy go lucky biker book with everything easily wrapped up Not bad but I wanted It did have a nice cover.Spice s Rating 3 I really wanted [...]

  17. What NOT to do when a biker s chasing youRyker was my introduction to this author, and I was very impressed to learn it was her debut novel I really enjoyed it and will be moving right on to Tease, because that s exactly what she did to me in this book I can t wait to get inside his head.Charlotte is the caregiver in her family Even though she s the youngest sister, she ends up caring for her older sister and their mother And let me tell you, her older sister Anna needs care than even she can g [...]

  18. This book had me in tears, 14% of the way into it Charlotte is a palliative care nurse She works with patients that are dying Smokey is from the Kings of Korruption MC She meets a bunch of his biker friends and is scared of all of them but one What is it about a guy with blue eyes and a dimple that just makes your heart soar While some of the guys that scare her are trying to do just that, getting in her face about their brother who is dying and not sounding right as he breathes, Ryker comes to [...]

  19. This was a solid 4 star read for me I enjoyed the writing and the story very much It was not a very long book, but the author packed this one full of details There was a ton of conversation and drama with very little filler It does have some violence, but not so much club violence like the h Charlotte finds herself in trouble due to something her messed up sister did The hero, Ryker comes on pretty strong with Charlotte and even so, I had a bit of trouble feeling their connection until much late [...]

  20. Oh Ryker He may be a tough biker but he s not without a heart or charm When he meets the sweet nurse caring for his MC brother, he is immediately drawn to her.Charlotte has devoted her life to taking care of others including her troubled older sister When her sister s past catches up to them in the form of The Devils MC, it s Charlotte they want Ryker and his Kings of Korruption will do whatever it takes to keep her safe But who will guard her heart Fans of Sons of Anarchy or MC romances will lo [...]

  21. I love good MC books and this one was really good I really enjoyed the characters and can t wait to read I also loved that it was based in Toronto and Ottawa Finally an author who bases their books on my home turf

  22. I really enjoyed this read Great heroine and hero The sexy times were surprisingly mild considering this is an MC book, but still a fun read.

  23. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review After a few minutes he tears his lips away from mine, stopping to place another kiss on the tip of my nose Butterflies dance in my belly That s the third time he s done that now I think those three kisses are my favorite kisses of all 5 amazing stars This was such a sexy mc novel I fell in love with Ryker and all his ruggedness Great story and great characters CharlotteEver since I was a little girl, I ve taken care of everyone around me, includin [...]

  24. What did I think HmmmmmmmI freaking LOVED IT First off let me just say that I am a virgin and what better way to pop that cherry then to write my first review with another first first MC novel I am a paranormal romance kinda girl I love me some alpha male and let me tell youRykerl alpha baby This book has everything made me laugh out loud, made me ugly cry and had me creaming my panties all while I sat on the edge of my seat I found the flow of this book nicely done and it was a fun easy read I [...]

  25. This is the first book in the Kings of Korruption MC series, as well as the author s debut novel and I loved every minute of this story I ll be honest, I m always a bit hesitant when starting a book by an author I ve never read, because I m not sure how or if I ll be able to relate to their writing style I am so glad to say that any trepidation I felt when starting this book quickly disappeared by the time I got to the end of the first page I seriously thought about enduring a book hangover once [...]

  26. Nice start to the seriesRyker was a good start to this MC series This one revolves around Charlotte Charlie , a nurse who meets up with Ryker, the VP of Kings of Korruption MC while he s spending time with an MC brother who is terminally ill Charlie s sister, Anna, puts the two girls in harms way and the MC s gonna protect them from a rival club Bad boy helps good girl I didn t understand why Charlie had any compassion for her skanky sister, who clearly cared only about herself and was willing t [...]

  27. An ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.We ve got a new MC author on the block Geri Glenn gives us an enthralling story with a sexy alpha biker and a strong female lead Charlotte and her sister are running from a past in hopes that it never catches up with them But you know what they saye past never stays in the past And when things become dangerous, Ryker is determined to be there to keep Charlotte safe Ryker is a tough and alpha biker, but he also has a soft and sweet side I love when [...]

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