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After the Hurt

[PDF] Read à After the Hurt : by Shana Gray [PDF] Read à After the Hurt : by Shana Gray - After the Hurt, After the Hurt Shana Gray s provocative novel features a resilient fighter going round for tantalizing round with the one that got away a headstrong woman bent on seduction Pepper Chapman refuses to throw in the tow

  • Title: After the Hurt
  • Author: Shana Gray
  • ISBN: 9781101965153
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read à After the Hurt : by Shana Gray, After the Hurt, Shana Gray, After the Hurt Shana Gray s provocative novel features a resilient fighter going round for tantalizing round with the one that got away a headstrong woman bent on seduction Pepper Chapman refuses to throw in the towel Six months ago she made the biggest mistake of her life Blinded by grief after her mom s death Pepper abandoned the man she loves Now she wants a second chance at evShana Gray s pr

After the Hurt

[PDF] Read à After the Hurt : by Shana Gray [PDF] Read à After the Hurt : by Shana Gray - After the Hurt, After the Hurt Shana Gray s provocative novel features a resilient fighter going round for tantalizing round with the one that got away a headstrong woman bent on seduction Pepper Chapman refuses to throw in the tow After the Hurt

  • [PDF] Read à After the Hurt : by Shana Gray
    312Shana Gray
After the Hurt

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  1. DNF 25%This is becoming a habit for me this week I gave it my all with this one but it s just not working for me Lately my biggest pet peeve as a reader is having to suffer through an abundance of inner monologue without the actual character dialogue and interactions to back it up.Basically, I need than just the deep thoughts and ruminations.When I have to flip back several pages to try and figure out what the hell the characters were talking about in the first place, it s an issueC provided by [...]

  2. 1 Did I offend Star.DNF 23%I tried I really did, but as a reader I personally enjoy a bit of story development with my inner monologue By the point I stopped reading Pepper and Tank had said about 30 sentences to each other, most of them no than a few words long, and I was still struggling to understand what was going on apart from the fact she s returned unexpectedly to Toronto from a six month trip to Bali after the untimely death of her mother.Add in another completely random woman by the na [...]

  3. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review She held his hands firmly in case he tried to pull away It broke her heart that he seemed completely unaware of the fact that she was almost dying inside He d known her so well how could he not see she d never lost her love for him Pepper organized her thoughts, shielding her true feelings At least for now Her fragile heart depended on it I am a big fan of second chance romance and so when I read the blurb of After The Hurt by Shana Gra [...]

  4. 2.5 StarsThe offer of second chance romance sucked me in again with the story of Pepper and Tank, old lovers with 6 months of distance between them after Pepper ran off without a word I love the idea that these two had so many years behind them and were willing to give each other a chance to right the wrongs While the characters had this intense chemistry between them, there was a lack of dialogue and the inner monologue skipped around a lot, so I never felt connected to either character The boo [...]

  5. This story was so boring There was hardly any dialogue It has alternating POV s from Pepper and Tank but we just get pages and pages of their internal thoughts.There is hardly any plot The small mystery plot in the story was ridiculous and over in a page or so using tell not show This was like a debut self published attempt It was direC provided by Netgalley.

  6. After the Hurt Was a hard read for me only garnering three stars I had higher hopes since I enjoy second chance romances which this was, but what hurt the story for me was the excessive inner dialogue with both main characters, Pepper Chapman and Tank Sherman the storyline could of used communication and time between the two I will give the author five stars for steam factor she write some steamy scenes most though only memories of the characters or daydream sequences.The story is told in a dua [...]

  7. 3 just not that great for me stars I like messed up stories that ultimately lead to happy endings It works for me because it s realistic than getting together and everything being sunshine and rainbows I expected this book to get me emotional, which it didn t I also expected to really get involved in the story, which I didn t It was just an okay read for me and that s why it just gets 3 stars.

  8. After the hurt by Shana Gray was an addicting read I couldn t put down Every page is wonderful than the other This is my first book by Shana Gray , and I enjoyed it I liked the main couple as well as the side characters She has written an amazing read full of twists, emotions, and steam This story was told in first and third person points of view of Tank and Pepper Pepper Chapman refuses to throw in the towel Six months ago, she made the biggest mistake of her life Blinded by grief after her mo [...]

  9. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 22.5 stars I received an advanced readers copy from Random House Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you This book was just OK for me I struggled through parts of it and found myself skimming the pages on than one occassion.Pepper came back in the hopes of rekindling her relationship with Tank after leaving without a word six months earlier Her mother passed away and she blamed herself and fled in order to try and heal [...]

  10. So, what happens when run away from the love of your life and then suddenly reappear Don t know Well, don t worry because its a head scratcher for me to I love a book that have both lead characters on equal footing Pepper the reformed spitfire abruptly returns to the wintry cold of Canada from the soothing tropics of Bali with the hopes of winning back her true love Francis aka Tank After six months of no communication Tank may not be so open to Pepper.The lead characters were well thought out f [...]

  11. At the time of a loved one s death, we are so consumed with their passing that we can t seem to celebrate their life or be with those offering us comfort Then when you find out a simple act of your kindness like bringing a sandwich and splitting it with your mom caused her the infection that killed her you distraught When in reality the chemo that lowers her immune system along with the contaminated tomato, along with her body fighting itself was what killed her Her body just couldn t fight it a [...]

  12. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review and honestly I don t know what I expected, but definitely not this I found the story line was lacking and didn t flow smoothly There were too many pages of inner thoughts that were quite repetitive and you lost interest This book was not for me.I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

  13. After the Hurt shows how a single event can throw lives into a tail spin making people question who they are and their purpose in life When the event is tragic the weight of grief, regret and guilt whether deserved or not can cloud a persons judgement to the point they feel as if they have nothing to offer anyone else and leaving is the best for everyone, unable to consider for a second the hurt their departure may cause.Following the death of her mother, this is exactly what happens to Pepper, [...]

  14. 2.5 Stars, 2.5 FlamesPepper thought that returning home after 6 months would be hard but she did not expect the cold shoulder from her first and only love, Tank Heart broken and admittedly a bit mean, retired MMA fighter Tank gets a wake up call when his long lost love returns on a busy night at the bar they co own The premise and synopsis of the book is what drew me in Well, the cover was not too shabby either Sadly, this book fell short for me Tank and Pepper could have been great characters b [...]

  15. I received an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review and here it is 2 stars.I ve always been a fan of second chance romances, which is why I requested an ARC of this novel, but it certainly failed to meet my expectations and here are some of the reasons why 1 As a grammar nerd, the writing was a hot mess of mixed metaphors, incorrectly conjugated verbs, sentences starting and ending with conjunctions and prepositions, dangling participles, split infinitives, and that s just for start [...]

  16. This was a pretty boring read I m usually a pretty big fan of second chance romances especially when they re written in dual POV but there was hardly any dialogue, it s all just their thoughts I found myself skimming most of it.Pepper left 6 months prior after the death of her mother She s returned 6 months later in the hopes of rekindling her relationship with high school sweetheart, Tank Tank is mad that Pepper up and left after her mother s death instead of staying and seeking comfort in him [...]

  17. Tank and Pepper were in a serious committed relationship since high school up until she abruptly left him six months ago, now she s back and she wants what they once had again This story had great potential but for me just didn t live up to it Shana Gray is a new to me author so I am not sure if this is how she normally writes or not but the constant inner dialogue just didn t do it for me I would have love to have dialogue between the characters, even crazy Olivia, but that didn t happen until [...]

  18. So, I need to take responsibility for this one Yup, you read that right, I m taking responsibility for not enjoying this book You see, I love stories where characters were married and get back together, I love stories where characters end relationships and find their way back to each other, but it clearly states in the blurb for this book that the characters are still married So this is entirely on me It s just not my cup of tea I m a girl who likes to fantasise about the happily ever after, rat [...]

  19. ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley.This book pissed me off Seriously what woman leaves the love of her life and expects him to wait for her You have no form of communication with the man for 6 months while you find yourself and yet you come back thinking you can fall into his lap.And do even get me started on Tank Seriously dude hand over your man card You have lost it She left you She could have been dead in a ditch and you would have no clue GRRRR Ok aside from the choices that the charac [...]

  20. Blinded by the grief of losing her mother Pepper Chapman walks away from the man that she loves and the business that they built together After 6 months of trying to find herself the only thing that Pepper finds out is that she left her heart behind in Tank Sherman hands Tank has known his own pain and suffering and expected after all the years that Pepper and him had together they would find sanctuary in each others arms Unfortunately for him he finds out the hard way that Pepper didn t feel th [...]

  21. A moving romance with a bit of a slow start Pepper and Tank had a beautiful love, then a tragic loss changed everything Pepper had to get away Find herself Learn to heal She left a heartbroken Tank, not fully understanding that especially considering her radio silence he wouldn t just be waiting on her to return Six months later, she s back and things are much harder than she expected.I think I was most moved by Tank and the way he loves It was really beautiful to hear how much he cares for his [...]

  22. I love a good MMA book While the main character is a retired MMA fighter, the fact that he is a MMA fighter is not the main point of the book This is a love story The story of a man and woman who have been together since high school and then things happen and she runs away so when she returns she has to prove herself again to earn his trust again The story was good I read it in one night Yet, I wasn t invested in Pepper and Tank Of course, I wanted them to be happy I needed them to be okay again [...]

  23. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I love a second chance romance book The emotions, the back story, fight to make it work Unfortunately this book had none of those things for me I never felt an emotional pull between Tank or Pepper There wasn t really any dialogue it was a dual POV of inter monologues I skimmed a lot through this one Pepper comes back to try and make it work with Tank after a six month vacation to Bali Her excuse for ending the relationship [...]

  24. 4 starI was pulled right into this story The story has laughs, passion, healing, second chances, and heartbreak This is Pepper and Tank s story Pepper made choices she wished she didn t make She knows what she wants now and will fight to get it She wants a second chance but does Tank She left him without a word will he take her back This story is about forgiveness and healing This is Tank and Pepper s journey back to each other Can these two get the second chance they both want These two have be [...]

  25. This was a good story about Pepper and Tank Pepper left Tank when she suffered a loss that she couldn t deal with Now she is finally back, but Tank isn t waiting for her with open arms He was very hurt at her abandonment, and it will take much for him to be willing to open his heart back up to her.Good characters and a story that had a poignancy due to the hurt both have suffered I enjoyed this second chance at romance novel.

  26. Include introspective characters, detailed descriptions of Octagon, which seems like an original, cool place to hang out, mixed with a little stalker mystery, and you have the makings of a great story The character development is spot on, and the plot is engaging and interesting A little much on the internal dialogue and not enough actual conversation and action for me, but good nonetheless.Overall, Gray gave a predictable scorned, sexy build up, back together and happily ever after , which is f [...]

  27. DO you like reading about true loves, forgiveness, chemistry that is off the charts then this is the book for you high school sweethearts living their dream of opening a restaurant together ,then the sudden death of Peppers mother leaves her running from the comfort of the man who loves her like no other breaking his heart, returning home hoping for a second chance and Tanks forgiveness for leaving him months ago does he give it to her or does he leave her broken hearted guess you just have to r [...]

  28. This is a reunion story Pepper has known Tank a very long time and they belong together Circumstances in their lives were too much for Pepper and she disappeared without a word to anyone Her experiences have changed her basic concepts of life and living Wanting to mend fences and return to her soul mate, she comes home Tank is still very hurt and is not sure he wants her back Their struggle to find each other again is full of ups and downs, and whys I enjoyed this tale.

  29. This was a bust for me The plot was so unrealistic If you have a loss in your life you turn to the person you love the most for support If she loved him as much as she said she wouldn t have left I wouldn t have taken her back Too much inner dialogue Stop talking to yourself and talk to each other Complete snore fest

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