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To Lure a Proper Lady

[PDF] To Lure a Proper Lady | by ✓ Ashlyn Macnamara [PDF] To Lure a Proper Lady | by ✓ Ashlyn Macnamara - To Lure a Proper Lady, To Lure a Proper Lady When Lady Elizabeth Wilde and her sisters are summoned once again to their chronically anxious father s deathbed she s shocked to find that his worries are at last justified He s terribly ill and Li

  • Title: To Lure a Proper Lady
  • Author: Ashlyn Macnamara
  • ISBN: 9781101967843
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] To Lure a Proper Lady | by ✓ Ashlyn Macnamara, To Lure a Proper Lady, Ashlyn Macnamara, To Lure a Proper Lady When Lady Elizabeth Wilde and her sisters are summoned once again to their chronically anxious father s deathbed she s shocked to find that his worries are at last justified He s terribly ill and Lizzie suspects poison But when she seeks help from the Bow Street Runners her request is answered by a rough hewn rogue known only as Dysart Though his irreverent charm byWhen La

To Lure a Proper Lady

[PDF] To Lure a Proper Lady | by ✓ Ashlyn Macnamara [PDF] To Lure a Proper Lady | by ✓ Ashlyn Macnamara - To Lure a Proper Lady, To Lure a Proper Lady When Lady Elizabeth Wilde and her sisters are summoned once again to their chronically anxious father s deathbed she s shocked to find that his worries are at last justified He s terribly ill and Li To Lure a Proper Lady

  • [PDF] To Lure a Proper Lady | by ✓ Ashlyn Macnamara
    486Ashlyn Macnamara
To Lure a Proper Lady

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  1. 4.3 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Lady Elizabeth Wilde is the eldest of three girls and the daughter of duke, so when she begins to suspect that someone may be poisoning her father it s up to her to take action Hiring a Bow Street Runner to investigate sounds like the best idea but when she meets Dysart, her life really starts to take a different turn Dysart knows all about polite societ [...]

  2. To Lure a Proper Lady is the delightful story of Lady Elizabeth Wylde and Dysart And yes, we get to the story of his name eventually, and also his real name.Lady Elizabeth, or Lizzie, oversees the management of her father s estate, the Duke of Sherrington, since he s a bit of a hypochondriac who spends most of his days in bed Being the eldest of three sisters, she s also the most level headed of them who feels the burden of duty the most When her father genuinely seems to become ill, she suspect [...]

  3. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 because I liked Dysart so much The Duke of Sherrington is a valetudinarian that s Regency speak for hypochondriac who wants to see his three daughters wed before he shuffles off this mortal coil Hence, his insistence that their annual house party take place, in hopes that some eligible gentlemen will help fulfill his wish.Lady Elizabeth Wilde, Lizzie the eldest daughter, is shocked by her father s sudden change in condition and begins to suspect that someone may be poi [...]

  4. This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsTo Lure a Proper Lady is a quick, humorous and sexy read I loved Lizzie, she was definitely a proper lady in many ways, but quite forward in othersTo Lure a Proper Lady is an amazing mix of family obligations, mystery and forbidden romance, with a main character who is much stronger than she thinks When Lizzie thinks someone is trying to poison her father, the Duke, she goes on her own to Bow Street to hire a runner, and ends up with [...]

  5. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a daughter of a duke is raised to believe she can do as she dashed well pleases, which may lead her into all manner of difficulty.Lady Elizabeth Wilde is the proper, well behaved, level headed eldest daughter of the Duke of Sherrington She has known for a long time that at some point she will have to marry her odious, dim witted cousin Snowley yes, that s really his name because, as her father puts it No one but her will be able to run the estate as we [...]

  6. 3 stars for Dysart Elizabeth was alright, she was what one would expect as a noble lady But Dysart as a bow street runner was a lot cooler than Elizabeth.I thought the writing is not bad but found the story a little bland The mystery element played a strong role and Dysart and Elizabeth got their stolen moments together I skim read the last 30% The book as a whole was a 2 stars read but I am adding one star for Dysart.I also feel that the characters aren t very well developed Both have potenti [...]

  7. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review This is book one in the Duke Defying Daughters series Ashlyn Macnamara books are really good, passionate must reads So I was glad to see this book and the new series Lady Elizabeth Wilde seems to be the responsible one out of the sisters Lizzie seems to oversea everything and tries to take charge and find out if someone is actually hurting her father Their father has a sometimes not been truthful with his ill [...]

  8. 3.5 stars.Elizabeth Wilde was the eldest of Duke Sherrington s daughters and all three of them were unmarried She has had to become lady of the house as her father had been sick and bedridden for some time After noticing some strange concoctions masquerading as medicine in her father s arsenal, Lizzie suspected someone poisoning the Duke, her father.Lizzie decided to hire a Bow Street runner to find out what was going on and who was a fault Her meeting ended with Dysart as her helper While Dysar [...]

  9. Lizzie is the oldest and must think of her family With her father ill and strange incidents with the local villagers, she is expected to hostess a party so that her and her sisters can find husbands to secure their futures Suspecting something dire, Lizzie hires a Bow Street Runner Dysart takes her job, keeping his own secrets, and the two become entangled Because of differences in social standing, will they be able to give into their love and have a life together I enjoyed this story and highl [...]

  10. I had an ARC of this book in return for my honest review This was a new author for me and I enjoyed her work.Our hero, Dysart, is likeable throughout the book he s not one of those dastardly types who comes to redemption through love I think he was a very brash and unwise young man who could have made a decision that would have served both himself and the other involved person much better in life Anyway lots of very young men make unwise decisions So, he gave up everything for the sake of anothe [...]

  11. This is a new author for me having read only a novella of hers that was in the anthology All I Want for Christmas is a Duke I saw the ARC on netgalley and liked the cover The clip made me want to read it No plot spoilers follow Lady Elizabeth Wilde Lizzie , eldest daughter of the Duke of Sherrington, fears someone may be poisoning her father As he insists on having a house party, she travels to London to hire a Bow Street Runner to protect her father and find the culprit.Bow Street Runner, Dysar [...]

  12. Originally reviewed at The Book Adventures.To Lure a Proper Lady is the first of a new series from historical romance author Ashlyn Macnamara This book had me as soon as it was revealed that the hero would be a Bow Street Runner Class conflict Count me in Lady Elizabeth Wilde has sought out the assistance of the famed Bow Street Runners when she suspects that her father is being poisoned Unfortunately, her first meeting of Dysart doesn t exactly demonstrate his competence Despite her first impre [...]

  13. n from the Runner Just rereading this after having read To Tame a Wild Lady Still enjoying it.Dysart is all that one could wish for as a hero A gentleman who s turned his back on society and has taken up the unusual livelihood of being a Bow Street Runner When Lady Elizabeth Wilde confronts him at headquarters from fear that her severely incapacitated father is being slowly poisoned he accepts the case To Lizzie he s an enigma and she finds herself drawn to him than is seemly Dysart is focused, [...]

  14. A great start to a new series To Lure A Proper Lady mixes intrigue with a mystery and adds a large splash of spice between Lady Elizabeth and Dysart.Not your typical historical romance this story was interesting from the page one The reader will especially enjoy the first meeting between Lady Elizabeth and the Bow Street Runner Dysart, which is delivered with perfect antagonistic dialog This dialog continues through most of the story and adds a special twist to this story.There is a house party [...]

  15. Ashlyn Macnamara has been an auto buy author for me ever since her debut a few years ago I had my ups and downs with her last series but fortunately she s returned to form with her latest release To Lure a Proper Lady, bringing to life a hero who makes quite the impression Full of humor, intelligence and heart this book was a winner for me.The Duke of Sherrington has always been a bit of a hypochondriac but this time his illness seems all too real to his daughter, Lady Elizabeth Wilde Seeing her [...]

  16. To Lure A Proper Lady written by Ashlynn MacNamarra When Lady Elizabeth Wilde suspects her hypochondriac father is really dying perhaps by poison she swings into action She sets off to London to hire a Bow Street detective to aid her Lizzie s encounter with Dysart a runner is quite unnerving She has never quite met a person like him Dysart agrees to accompany her back to her estate to investigate.Lizzie sees Dysart as a master of disguises He changes his mannerism to a gentleman the minute he ta [...]

  17. To Lure a Proper Lady by Ashlyn Macnamara has kind of a slow start but you ll love it It s not my first Macnamara novel and I am sure it will not be my last one I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review And this one is the first in a series called Duke Defying Daughters In the beginning we meet three daughters, all about 20 years old, living outside of London with their sick father The Duke of Sherrington lay on his deathbed Again this line shows wonderfully how the girls de [...]

  18. Absolutely delicious Regency romance Ashlyn Macnamara begins her newest series with a bang Dangle an urgent family worry in front of the eldest of three sisters, daughters of a hypochondriac duke suddenly falling ill, and watch her scramble to find out what s what It helps to have a skilled Bow Street runner and that s where mystery and romance come together.I loved the heroine, Lady Elizabeth, and hero, Dysart, a Bow Street runner with a mysterious background They are two smart and responsible [...]

  19. First I should admit I requested this book from NetGalley by mistake I got an e mail about it that said LoveSwept, and I thought of a different line entirely Still, I read a lot of historical fiction, and it starts with a mystery, which I like, so maybe it will work out all right The story itself is solid There are plenty of suspects running around doing things that make the reader wonder about them, interpersonal relationships and revelations galore I liked the fact that the secrets run across [...]

  20. Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and FantasyWelcome to the sensual delights of Ms Ashlyn MacNamara As you can tell by her covers, Ms MacNamara sizzles Her historical romances are always both sensual and sexy To Lure a Proper Lady, Book one in her brand new series, The Duke Defying Daugthers, is no different But it s not all sex and sizzle, there is wonderful character development, great storylines and fun secondary characters, yep, something worth reading.Lady Elizabeth Wild [...]

  21. Why did I wait so long to start reading something by this author Once I started reading To Lure a Proper Lady I couldn t put it down and was finished faster than I could say it s release day I love my titled heroes and I tend to stay away from stories where the hero is not a noble man or at least a soldier But the blurb caught my eye, how will these two work it out when Lady Elizabeth Wilde is the daughter of a Duke and Dysart is only a Bow Street Runner with not much to offer I loved the intera [...]

  22. Once Lizzie gets a taste, girl just wants But there s to the act, isn t there She pushed herself off the table Her skirts swished about her ankles, her bodice still hanging about her waist Caro may have witnessed a horse breeding and mentioned something I rather expected Well He held up a hand Pray, do not explain Yes, there is , but I am not willing to take that risk with you Dysart is a good man always willing to accommodate his woman That is than I have A sigh escaped her lips I expected [...]

  23. You ve likely heard someone say of their favorite actor, They could read the phone book and keep me entertained This is the way I feel about this author Macnamara could write a story featuring the first three names in the phone book and keep me interested Her stories are so wonderfully crafted that I will often reread a sentence just for the lyrical beauty In TO LURE A PROPER LADY, I particularly liked Lady Elizabeth Lizzie Wilde s snappy intelligence when she goes up against Bow Street Runner D [...]

  24. Lady Elizabeth Lizzie is the oldest of dukes daughter and manger of her father s estate, This is her story Her father keeps getting sick for real this time and she starting to think someone is poisoning him She ask a Bow Street Runner Dysart to look into her dads problems Then the Dukes daughter and a Bow Street Runner meet and they feel a pull that they know they shouldn t act on but This is a mystery of who the villain Along the way to caught them, Lizzie and Dysart can t fight the pull of att [...]

  25. COVER Who would not want to read this book just to keep looking at the cover Okay, now for the story I love Dysart he is the ultimate gentleman but rough when needed and who does not want that in their hero Lizzie certainly does She hires Dysart to help figure out who might be poisoning her father but their quest brings them closer and closer until the inevitable happens I like the mystery and it does not overwhelm the story there are several potential suspects and made it interesting in figurin [...]

  26. This was an excellent, addictive book I enjoyed it profusely It was very fun to read, I was not expecting it to be, the way it was, It had this whole mystery going on It was also so nice watching Lizzy fall in love, she was so innocent, and curious The man she fell in love with was awesome, and a gentleman to a fault I would highly recommend this book, to anyone who love s a good romance, combined with a good mystery There was some minor language, and a couple sexual situations I think it s a bo [...]

  27. At first I didn t think I was going to enjoy this book I felt the beginning stumbled along and didn t flow well at all When I did start to flow my first thought was Im really going to like these sisters Lady Elizabeth and her sisters Caro and Pippa had great banter and sarcasm that they reminded me of my own sisters Dysart is not my favorite hero but he was likable Lady Elizabeth just had way personality and whit I would like to see where the author takes this series so I m looking forward to t [...]

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