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Shopping for a CEO

Shopping for a CEO Best Read || [Julia Kent] Shopping for a CEO Best Read || [Julia Kent] - Shopping for a CEO, Shopping for a CEO I m thrilled to be the maid of honor in my friend s wedding but the best man Andrew McCormick is a chauvinistic pig with a God complex And I can t stop kissing him in closets Don t ask He s the bro

  • Title: Shopping for a CEO
  • Author: Julia Kent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook

Shopping for a CEO Best Read || [Julia Kent], Shopping for a CEO, Julia Kent, Shopping for a CEO I m thrilled to be the maid of honor in my friend s wedding but the best man Andrew McCormick is a chauvinistic pig with a God complex And I can t stop kissing him in closets Don t ask He s the brother of the groom and the CEO of my biggest mystery shopping account but suddenly he s refusing to be in the wedding He won t talk about it Won t see reason He s such a mI m thrill

Shopping for a CEO

Shopping for a CEO Best Read || [Julia Kent] Shopping for a CEO Best Read || [Julia Kent] - Shopping for a CEO, Shopping for a CEO I m thrilled to be the maid of honor in my friend s wedding but the best man Andrew McCormick is a chauvinistic pig with a God complex And I can t stop kissing him in closets Don t ask He s the bro Shopping for a CEO

  • Shopping for a CEO Best Read || [Julia Kent]
    312Julia Kent
Shopping for a CEO

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  1. My patience with this book wavered a lot throughout my reading I was excited for this book because I really liked the previous books I wanted of Shannon and Declan of course but I was really interested in Andrew and Amanda s story This book had all the elements that you d expect from this series in terms of the humour, wit, WTF moments and Marie However while reading it felt to clustered There were too many things going on in this story that it didn t feel like Amanda and Andrew s story got a c [...]

  2. I loved Amanda and Andrew I knew their story would have relationship ups and downs Considering Andrew s family s traumatic past and what we learn about Amanda s past, you know there are going to be bumps in the road But I was okay with that I didn t want their complicated problems easily solved I liked seeing them work for their love But it s not all difficulty Not even close Amanda and Andrew are a wonderful couple, with humor and consideration and sweetness and loads of sexiness all over the p [...]

  3. I always wanted to read Amanda and Andrew s story Mandy and Andy as Marie calls them This author writes so beautifully She already proved that in the previous book by displaying Declans emotions about his mother artistically I myself am wondering is it possible to reincarnate Elena back I just want her alive That was the height of the writing she delivered.I am blown away It seems she has a lot of things in store for us I am so so so glad of that ending Marie sometimes Okay Okay All the bloody t [...]

  4. Every time i read a book in this series i know im going to spend the next few hours laughing Just when i think Ms Kent cant possibly have any hilarious storylines up her sleeve out comes another book to prove me wrong Andrew and Amanda finally get their HEA but not without Alot of bumps and omg moments along the way This series is one i know ill always enjoy no matter how many times i re read it or how many books there are I cant wait for the next installment and to re visit Declan and Shannon.B [...]

  5. Andrew McCormick and Amanda Warrick have been kissing and dodging each other for far too long It was time for things to come to a head Now it was time for them to have their chance in full view But was at his brother s and her best friend s wedding the time and place for them to have it all out I am not sure there was a right answer to this one but I sure did have a blast watching it all play out Then there was Shannon and Declan.

  6. Another recommended addition in a phenomenal series Shopping for a CEO by Julia Kent 7 in the series Unlike all the others in this series this novel was told purely from Amanda s perspective It is a reflection of her journey with Andrew McCormick and their ups and downs and upsIt is her reflection of Marie and how she is planning Shannon s wedding.Her reflection of her current and past relationship with her mother who suffers from severe OCD, fibromyalgia, and was and still is a helicopter paren [...]

  7. 3.75 stars I love romantic comedy There are so few good ones out there I do think this author is very funny But she is also kinda long winded The dialogue and monologuing for that matter are all really funny and original but at the same time I kinda want to skip ahead during some parts That s what I mean about being long winded Even though it s funny and not dull or boring at all, it s just too much so I lose a little interest you know I like Amanda I like that she isn t rude or bitchy or uptigh [...]

  8. I guess I m not the target audience for this series I can see how this book in particular has a high rating here but it did nothing for me, honestly Actually, it irritated the fuck out of me I guess I don t like when the situations get too absurd I m seriously thinking if I want to know the rest of the story because I can t stand Marie She s just over the top now And no one ever puts her in her place That wedding was tacky as fuck and people just went with it The McCormicks are supposed to be so [...]

  9. 4.5 Shopping for a CEOOk, Ok if you re thinking you won t read this book because it s not Shannon and Declan I am here to tell you READ IT Declan s brother Andrew is this book and boy howdy if you were at all intrigued by him in other books you re going to want to read about him and his life and falling in love and oh so, so many things 3 I will admit Amanda was not my favorite character in any other books but this book she made me a believer She wasn t looking for love and isn t that when it sm [...]

  10. I received this ARC from the author for an honest review Oh myJulia has done it again Shannon Declans wedding is in the final planning stages in this book and is told from her best friend and Maid of Honor Amanda.She is the perfect best friend who is always there for you and wants to fix everything for everyone She and Andrew will have to work together since he is Declan s Best Man Oh, then there s Mariee is one over the top mom, but I sure do love her.I was laughing out loud so many times and s [...]

  11. This series gets better with each book, and book 1 was GREAT, so book 7 is like words can t describe it s GREATNESS Will Declan and Shannon s wedding happen or will MOMZILLA cause them to use the one word that cause her have a breakdown, ELOPE Will 2 years post kiss in the closet lead to Amanda Shannon s best friend and Andrew Declan s brother finally admitting their feelings for each other and them having their story told SPOILER Yes this is their book Their journey is full of emotional stories [...]

  12. Freaking awesome Completely hilarious I love this series Lots of great plot lines A hot romance Everyone loves Declan and Shannon, but man, wait til you read Andrew Declan s little brother and Amanda Shannon s bestie The romance is hot And the humor is freaky awesome It s a side splitting, tears inducing, laughter There are sweet spots, and emotional spots A great love that teaches you to endure the rough spots in life, and laugh while you re at it.

  13. This book is very funny, had me laughing out loud Andrew Amanda are a match made in closets you will gave to read it to find out.

  14. I read Shopping For A CEO as a stand alone not knowing it was part of a series and I loved it The characters were great, there was plenty of detail and I fell in love with all of them well maybe except for MOMZILLA I loved seeing Julia tackle Amanda s mom having Fibromyalgia, as I myself suffer from it She hit on so many things that are true when trying to live your life with a chronic illness and you re in pain daily These characters reminded me of my own dysfunctional family if one of us would [...]

  15. I love this series I really do Why did I give it 2 stars FUCKING MARIE pardon my French I just couldn t focus on Andrew, Amanda or even Declan and Shannon because of her.I think I hate her than I hate Jessica Coffinhold onYES, I DO.Her behaviour was absolutely disguisting I thought I would rip apart my laptop in the end Friggin jerk I am sorry to focus on her and not on amazing pair that is Andrew and Amanda.I kinda thought she was a quirky, cray cray mom in the first 6 books But this is terrib [...]

  16. Loved it I ve had a blast reading this series and this book was one of the best by far Laugh out loud is an understatement.

  17. The entire series is awesome, so much fun and and a page turner Hard to put any of them down Deffo recommend

  18. Fun Fun Fun As much fun and LOL pleasure as books 1 7 are Happily on to 8 Yay Julia Kent rocks Thank you

  19. Absolutely the most hilarious rom com ever Well written stories with awesome characters LOVE JULIA KENT

  20. Cute A friend said I should read something frivolous for a change and she recommended this It was cute.

  21. I wasn t sure that I would love Amanda s narrative as much as Shannon s Turns out, I was wrong This was a great book

  22. FantasticThis book has many laugh out loud moments along with tender moments Definitely add this book and series in your library

  23. Fun read, funny conversations between characters who obviously know each other well I do have to wonder why Shannon wouldn t have stood up to her mother long before.

  24. Loving This Series Finally getting Andrew and Amanda s story amid Declan and Shannon s wedding prep If you haven t read this series do Marie is a crazy Momzilla

  25. Nothing but, a fun beach read but, yet what s needed to escape the world of crazy You can t help but, laugh at even the momzilla of the bride along with cats and dogs.

  26. Didn t require me to hand in my feminist badge or lose self respect for my reading principles based on abusive male characters, but definitely wasn t quality writing Entertaining fluff.

  27. This was an amazing book, it really added alot of depth to the series It brought back the upbeat feeling, fun, and laughter I have come to expect from this series, Well done

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