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Shintarou's Way

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Shintarou's Way : by Eve [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Shintarou's Way : by Eve - Shintarou's Way, Shintarou s Way Dear Author In a city full of real monsters it s easier to be invisible overlooked than to draw attention to myself Especially since I was alone with no family or friends I won t trust anyone not

  • Title: Shintarou's Way
  • Author: Eve
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Shintarou's Way : by Eve, Shintarou's Way, Eve, Shintarou s Way Dear Author In a city full of real monsters it s easier to be invisible overlooked than to draw attention to myself Especially since I was alone with no family or friends I won t trust anyone not ever again That s why I spend my days by myself impersonating a lost dog My plan was perfect At the very least it made survival easy But lately a vampire has been comiDear Author In

Shintarou's Way

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Shintarou's Way : by Eve [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Shintarou's Way : by Eve - Shintarou's Way, Shintarou s Way Dear Author In a city full of real monsters it s easier to be invisible overlooked than to draw attention to myself Especially since I was alone with no family or friends I won t trust anyone not Shintarou's Way

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Shintarou's Way : by Eve
Shintarou's Way

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  1. Great short story that plays like a movie in my mind.Creative prompt use with a tangible setting, flushed out characters that intrigue, and a developed relationship How it managed to convey all that in the amount of space was impressive I loved that Aiko took pleasure in both of his forms and that Shintarou indulged both The transition from meeting to Master pet was organic, believable and really quite sweet It made me smile Overall, a pleasurable diversion.Thanks to the author for taking part i [...]

  2. 3.5 What a spicy little story This one stayed true to the prompt and image I liked the Feudal Japan setting and being able to see the world from a dog s perspective Aiko is a shifter, but he s puppy than man Both Aiko and Shin, the lonely vampire to whom we re introduced in the prologue, are well sketched characters, considering the story is fewer than 6,000 words I wish Aiko had spent time in his human form I m not much into puppy play, but I was glad that the play in this story is very much [...]

  3. That s canine for Sweet Puppy Play Excitement Going to try to keep this short and sweet like Shintarou s Way , wonderful prompt that fell into the right pair of hands Clever writing.Light with a teeny tiny drop of angst, I finished with a smile on my face Dog shifter Aiko s kicked out of his pack for being gay and lives on his on the streets while shifted Shintarou, a lonely vampire noticed him, befriends him, gains his trust and gives him an offer Aiko can t refuse.And the puppy play was awesom [...]

  4. This is by my friend Eve, and I beta d it so I can t review it, but you could try it if you re looking for a sweet read It s her very first solo story, yay flaily Kermit hands

  5. Aiko is a homeless dog shifter who longs for a master and spends most of the time in his canine form Even though he fears vampires, he can t seem to stay away from the one that brings him food and tries to gain his trust He didn t know what he felt for the vampire, but it was too heady to give up This is a cute and lovely short story with fun puppy play I only wish it was longer

  6. Japanese True Blood Shintarou came to be steeped in pain, violence and blood, or so the legend goes He s been isolated for years following the death of his lover When he reemerges he finds that vampires are now legal citizens He s also finds himself feeling lonesome.Someone needs a puppy makes ridiculous kissing noises insert some super gushy baby talk AWWWWWWWW Akio is a dog shifter who s been expelled from his pack for being gayOOOOOO Look at those faces lip quiver Aiko has taken to staying in [...]

  7. Very sweet short story Aiko is a homeless outcast shifter who lives mostly in his dog form because it keeps him warmer and its easier to find food, he was such a cute dog I just wanted to cuddle him He s remains a dog for most of the story, but becomes human for the lovely man on man action I love puppy play so i enjoyed Aikos human side just as much, lots of nuzzling, licking and whining Very mild D S, but mainly due to the length not the content and a HEA Would LOVE though.I also really loved [...]

  8. What a delicious short story Loved it so much I m a total dog person own six, show dogs, pet sitter, dog portrait artist uh, heck, yeah this was RIGHT up my alley The beginning sucked me in and it was a fun ride all the way Bravo.

  9. Cute This is super cute Aiko is a dog shifter who is homeless after being forced out of his pack for being gay He chooses to spend his time in his dog form to keep warm during the cold and hungry nights, but salvation comes from an unlikely source when a vampire stars seducing his dog with food each night Trust slowly starts to form and when given the opportunity to go home with the vampire, Shin, Aiko pounces on it.This was just too frickin cute I loved the way Aiko maintained a playful persona [...]

  10. Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieA lovely little fic perhaps so because I was going to skip until reviews convinced me to give it a try.Puppy play doesn t appeal to me but here, where the character is a dog shifter, it was actually pretty adorable.The story follows the prompt and yet takes it somewhere unexpected, this felt a deeper story then I d expected from both the prompt and length of the fic There s a little history fable woven in, and done so well that the [...]

  11. 3.5 starsI thought Eve done a GREAT job of staying true to the prompt But the best thing of this little short freebie was the vivid descriptions The way that Eve painted the painful past of Shintarou s and Aiko s way of seeing the world in his dog form was impressive I felt like I could see hear taste what Aiko was seeing hearing tasting I wasn t into puppy play though, and I wasn t that eager with Master sub storyline in my romance porn, on the other hand oops But the puppy play had a drop of t [...]

  12. This was a very cute short story Normally I give a wide berth to things marked BDSM, but when I skimmed it I found nothing objectionable Reading it the only thing I didn t like was the reference to someone being tied up all day.A young man, who is also a dog shifter, is living on the street, forced to steal food to survive He meets a vampire who feeds him, and eventually the dog follows the vampire home There they develop a dominant submissive relationship,The introduction spends a good long tim [...]

  13. Very short, very delicious.This is not what I usually read, so the surprise was even better The descriptions were clear, the setting was clear, the emotions were clear.Loved it from beginning to end.

  14. Clever short paranormal story with some alternative D s puppy playShin is a Japanese vampire, centuries old and alone In the city during a hard winter he meets Aiko, a stray dog, who he hand feeds What Aiko doesn t realise is that Shin is aware that he isn t just a dog, but a canine shifter, and Shin wants him as a pet both human and dog This is essentially the story of their start as Master and pup The puppy play is defined by the fact that Aiko is a dog, with natural canine behaviours, rather [...]

  15. I very much enjoyed this story from the dog shifter s point of view The first half of the story had great sense of place and characterization.Further in, when the location changed, it lost a bit of that.I liked the interaction twixt Aiko and his Vamp and it feels like there s there to explore.I liked the ending scene but it felt like the story was uncertain about what direction to take next.I like the mix of shifter and vamp, the writing is evenhanded, if a bit stilted here and there, and I thi [...]

  16. Yay It s out I m completely biased because a friend wrote it and I beta d it, but this debut solo effort is awesome and sweet and original and FREE So you should read it Now

  17. Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group s Love Is An Open Road event Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated 2.75 stars Sweet little story that fit the prompt and picture well, just wasn t what I was expecting I guess When we were getting to know Aiko in the first half, I wish it had been clear what he wanted and that his personality even as a human was very puppyish with related wants That wasn t what I was anticipating so I just wasn t feeling the emotional connection.

  18. Adorable A very realistic version of the puppy play, which I would not even call it as such, but it is adorable because of it Finally a story that manages to appreciate the shapeshifters as such too often, the human form is present for 99% of the book.Well done

  19. This novella felt unfinished The relationship felt unfinished I usually don t care for human puppy play, but this was shifter puppy play which I interpreted as D s lifestyle or maybe shifter Daddy kink I loved it because it felt right to me in this context I loved Shin s acceptance of Aiko I would like to have seen development in the relationship just a little conversation so that they can share their history background feelings, a enriched sex scene further along in their relationship and th [...]

  20. A lovely short story with so much depth it felt longer The prologue was beautifully written and the story itself was concise but meaty.I loved this, and would very much like to see of these characters and from this author.

  21. would have been so amazing, if only it wasn t BDSM I know, I shouldn t have started to read it, it was right there in the prompt, right there in the tags, but I started to read it anywaye I hoped I would like it this time But I didn t, and the moment Aiko was on all fours in front of his new master who then said come here pup , I knew that I would not enjoy BDSM, the same way I never enjoy BDSM.

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