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Point Blank

[PDF] Point Blank | by ☆ Cheyenne McCray [PDF] Point Blank | by ☆ Cheyenne McCray - Point Blank, Point Blank Stories in the Lawmen Series Book Hidden Prey Book No Mercy Book Slow Burn short contemporary Book Point Blank A free spirit with a zest for life Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in th

  • Title: Point Blank
  • Author: Cheyenne McCray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Point Blank | by ☆ Cheyenne McCray, Point Blank, Cheyenne McCray, Point Blank Stories in the Lawmen Series Book Hidden Prey Book No Mercy Book Slow Burn short contemporary Book Point Blank A free spirit with a zest for life Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in the small town of Bisbee Arizona She has family friends and owns a popular small art gallery She does a little traveling to tradeshows around the country where herStories in the Lawmen S

Point Blank

[PDF] Point Blank | by ☆ Cheyenne McCray [PDF] Point Blank | by ☆ Cheyenne McCray - Point Blank, Point Blank Stories in the Lawmen Series Book Hidden Prey Book No Mercy Book Slow Burn short contemporary Book Point Blank A free spirit with a zest for life Natasha Simpson loves her new beginning in th Point Blank

  • [PDF] Point Blank | by ☆ Cheyenne McCray
    305Cheyenne McCray
Point Blank

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  1. I really couldn t get into the book I wasn t sure if it was authors writing style where is goes into so much detail it becomes distracting to the story or the fact the author tells you everything that is going on with very little showing.I found the characters to be flat, uninteresting and boring The female lead drove me nuts because she didn t seem to have any smarts even though she has friends in law enforcement The Twist and Turns in the story are basic almost bring the story to a halt Nothin [...]

  2. The fourth book in Cheyenne McCray s Lawmen series Natasha Simpson is suspected of being part of the drug trade and Special Agent Brooks Allen is sent to get the proof But things are not always what they seem and Brooks is learning that Natasha may be as innocent as she seems.A good continuation of the series I liked it but maybe not quite as much as the previous books in the series Still it had all the requirements I love in a book.

  3. I loved this book The characters were amazing and vibrant The action was great It contains angst and love, strength and laughter.This is Brooks and Natasha s book Brooks is handed an undercover case and it in involves none other than his best friend s cousin, Natasha She is suspected of trafficking drugs through her shop and trade shows.Natasha loves her life, her family, her friends, and her little shop She is packing for a trade show in Denver and gets a call from her supplier that he s doubli [...]

  4. In classic McCray fashion, Point Blank is an intense, emotional, fast paced drama and romance The plot and storyline are riveting and grab the reader from the first page with twists and turns you won t see coming The characters are multidimensional, strong, fascinating and endearing with wonderful chemistry between Brooks and Natasha I can t wait to read in the series and highly recommend this book

  5. This is the 4th in a series of Lawmen.who are all tall, dark and deadly, willing to do whatever it takes to keep loved ones safe.Special Agent Brooks Allen is one such man And he is not a happy camper when he learns that someone in his friend s family is suspected of drug trafficking Natasha Simpson owns an art gallery that is very popular and requires her to do a lot of travlling where her art pieces sell like to drug dealers.When she discovers accidentally that she is being used to [...]

  6. I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is an action packed story of a federal officer in pursuit of a drug cartel and the woman he suspects is trafficking drugs for the cartel.Brooks is a fairly typical leading man federal agent alpha male He has all the typical urges to protect the women in his life and as often happens in similar stories, he finds himself attracted to the woman he has under surveillance Brooks is clever and strong and fiercely protective When [...]

  7. I loved this book Each book in this series just keeps getting better and better Natasha Hamilton was such a fun loving vibrant person that never let herself get down Until the world as she knew it took a terrible turn and nothing would be the same Brooks Allen saw the beautiful woman Natasha was and knew he needed to get to know her It was a damn shame she was the target of his new investigation and now it s hands off The chemistry between Brooks and Natasha was off the charts and hot enough to [...]

  8. 4 4 1 2 stars Point Blank is the fourth book in the exciting Lawman Deadly Intent series, and it s definitely not a book that you want to miss With the intriguing storyline, complex characters, secrets, lies, betrayal, intense situations, danger, and surprise twists, this story will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end A hot sexy special agent, a beautiful strong woman, firey romance, and suspensewhat s not to love Special agent Brooks Allen and Natasha Simpson met briefly at [...]

  9. ARC provided via NetGalley for honest review review on my blog ellsbookshelf.wordpress 2 This book was previously published in 2015 by another publisher but I received the copy that will be released in August 2017.I overall enjoyed reading this book I liked the action, the suspense and the characters.Although I really liked the storyline one of the main reasons it s not a five stars for me is the insta love It happens quite often when reading a contemporary romance and I still find it quite not [...]

  10. I have to point out that even though the story was stand alone, that you ll understand the whole story without reading the previous books, the characters were introduced in one I for one, had read previous books, and I think Natasha s character, the heroine, had been introduced quite broad So I began this book by believing that she was used by the real villain, while even the hero, Brooks, didn t really quite believe her innocence I don t know which one would be the better experience though Prev [...]

  11. Came across Cheyenne McCray a while back and loved her Riding Tall Series and has been a while since I caught up on her other works Her stories of alpha men and their protectiveness, their women and their happiness, are always emotional reads as they explore the turbulent path to love and a future.Book four of the Deadly Intent Series, Point Blank takes you into the world of narcotics and how innocent can be lured and blackmailed into a life of danger and evil Quirky and accident prone Natasha S [...]

  12. Brooks and Natasha meet in passing at her cousin Christie s wedding but it s months later before they cross paths again Brooks works for ICE and when it looks like Natasha may be involved moving illegal drugs for the Jimenez cartel, Brooks is assigned to investigate her He manages to bump into her when she s out of town at a trade show peddling her wares and finagles his way into her life It doesn t hurt that Natasha s cousin is married to Brooks fellow ICE agent, but when Natasha gets threats a [...]

  13. This series by Cheyenne McCray is fast becoming one of my favorite law enforcement romance series Ms McCray writes her heroes so sexy and uber alpha, just when I think she can t write a hotter story in this series, she proves me wrong Brooks Allen is a special agent for Homeland Security He s none too happy that the sister in law of one of his friends is under suspicion for drug trafficking So his job is to go undercover and investigate her and bring her in if necessary Natasha Simpson loves the [...]

  14. The story was okay I was disappointed because I usually like her books I gave it a 3 because you can t give half stars and besides it wasn t horrible I didn t much care for Natasha I felt that she was pretty clueless She gets scammed into being a drug mule by selling statuettes, that she thought were ugly to begin with, that are all bought all at once by one person EVERY single trade show This also includes numbered and framed prints She never seems to question it She also goes to a party and ma [...]

  15. ARC I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest Natasha believes the good in people.She does not want to live her life distrusting everybody.Soon enough, that belief will be tested.Natasha doesn t know, but her distributor, Mark, has been using her art pieces to transport drugs.Brooks Allen was assigned to Natasha s case.His job is to determined how guilty is Natasha.When they meet, he is memorized by her.For sure, she cannot be involved w the cartel. [...]

  16. It was hard for me to put this one down because I liked the characters so much Natasha was such a quirky fun individual, and Brooks was very sexy in a western sort of way They certainly made an odd pair, but it was easy to see the sparks that flew between them from the start Brooks is unfortunately investigating Natasha, so while she honestly likes him, he had a hidden agenda He knows he should tell her once he develops feelings for her, but will he do so in time I was familiar with Cheyenne McC [...]

  17. Brooks is incensed at the thought of Natasha, cousin of his best friend, as a drug trafficker He will ensure that if she is guilty, she will go down in flames Natasha loves her little art shop gallery She still can t understand why the fugly statues she was given on consignment to sell are flying off the shelf She can t abide the things Little does she know that she is being used by a drugs kingpin to shuttle drugs via the various trade shows she attends But when Brooks appears in her life she s [...]

  18. This is the first book that I have read in the Deadly Intent Series but I will definitely get the other 3 I definitely recommend this book as it is a great stand alone storyBrooks is an agent who is given the assignment to find out whether or not Natasha is part of the Cartel A she is a family member of a close friend he really hopes that the evidence is wrong.Natasha is bright sunny and owns her own business, unbeknownst to her she is also a mule for the cartel When she accidentally finds out w [...]

  19. Brooks could not believe one of his closest friends could be accused of trafficking drugs He was filled with disbelief and shock He knew Natasha and was hesitant of taking the case he had been assigned since it would tear him apart if she was guilty of what she had been accused of Natasha sells her wares at different craft shows around the country She is unknowing victim in someone s quest to peddle their drugs When she finds out the truth she is paralyzed with fear and is desperate to maintain [...]

  20. Point Blank, is all about details Some were pretty graphic Since I close my eyes during horror movies, I just skipped a few sentences Natasha is really very accident prone Unfortunately it gets her in a heap of trouble Lucky for her, Brooks is on the case He is like a Knight in shining armor, the way he s always rescuing women There is a lot of suspense and a great amount of romance in Point Blank.

  21. This was another good book in the series I liked Natasha when she was first introduced so I m glad the author chose to write a story around her She was pretty funny to Brooks serious nature I felt they both balanced each other out It also had a great ending with a what would you do moment if pushed to the breaking point I really enjoyed reading this book.Good story loved the romance I would recommend this book.

  22. A fast paced suspense that will draw you in to the end A unknowing pawn in drug trafficking or a willing participant Special Agent Allen must answer that question The plot is full of twists, believable characters and love at first sight An amazing ride from start to finish.Book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

  23. This is the 4th book in the Lawmen series and this is Natasha Brooks story In this story, Natasha Simpson owns an art gallery and she is required to do some traveling to sell her art pieces where they seem to sell like candy She then seems to find out by accident that she is being used to traffic drugs, she is terrified that she will be murdered to prevent from telling the truth She turns and runs to Brooks for help Special Agent Brooks Allen is a good friend who would protect those he cares abo [...]

  24. Seriously who wouldn t want a man like Brooks Ok sorry I had to get that out When his boss tells him that he ll be keeping an eye on the woman who s been on his mind he has trouble believing that she could possibly be involved, but he needs to prove his gut instinct is right.Natasha was hoping that she would have a chance to get to know Brooks, better after her cousin married one of his friends and fellow ICE agent, but now that she knows what she s truly gotten herself into she doesn t want to [...]

  25. Miss McCray does it again She knows exactly how to take a strong, competent woman and match her with a hot, strong, capable lawman Natasha and Brooks are a couple that bring excitement to your life There is never a dull moment when reading their story, whether it is them being chased or them fighting or giving in to their attraction.This is one story that will keep you up late on a work night wanting to read just one page And I have to mention her wonderfully accurate descriptions of the beauti [...]

  26. Cheyenne McCray may be known as a romance author, but this book she is way than just that This book is action, suspense, and romance rolled into one If you don t like reading about law enforcement, or torture this book is not for you Cheyenne not only gets you into the two main characters, but also into the mind of the bad guy This book is part of a series, but could be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the series in order This will be a series that I will defiantly read then once. [...]

  27. Another great read in this series This one is slightly different though, as it isn t as full of action But it did keep me hooked, and the suspense really built as the story progressed Plus It was very well paced, and there was a little action towards the end Which certainly made it worth reading.

  28. Loved this installment of the Lawmen series The author brings on the romance hot and heavy but it does not detract from the story line, and adds much to it I ve enjoyed the previous books in this series and am looking forward to future books I love how the author keeps you updated on characters from the other books.

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