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The Seer

The Seer Best Download || [Jordan Reece] The Seer Best Download || [Jordan Reece] - The Seer, The Seer Detective Laeric Scoth is good at his job but he s also an ass And Jesco Currane has just gotten stuck with him on the most frustrating case of their careers When the body of a courier is discovered

  • Title: The Seer
  • Author: Jordan Reece
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Seer Best Download || [Jordan Reece], The Seer, Jordan Reece, The Seer Detective Laeric Scoth is good at his job but he s also an ass And Jesco Currane has just gotten stuck with him on the most frustrating case of their careers When the body of a courier is discovered in an alley Jesco is called in to assist with his seer skills All he has to do is touch the clothing of the deceased to identify the killer But the victim has been strippeDetective Laeric Sc

The Seer

The Seer Best Download || [Jordan Reece] The Seer Best Download || [Jordan Reece] - The Seer, The Seer Detective Laeric Scoth is good at his job but he s also an ass And Jesco Currane has just gotten stuck with him on the most frustrating case of their careers When the body of a courier is discovered The Seer

  • The Seer Best Download || [Jordan Reece]
    371Jordan Reece
The Seer

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  1. 3.5This story is an example of why people shouldn t avoid something labelled romance To think of all those who usually avoid romance like a plague and who are going to miss out on a really good mystery set in an interesting world Add zero info dumps and you get a well rounded story with likeable and some less so characters.The lack of info dumps left me knowing enough to love the story, but at the same time wishing there was of it othelins like Jesco and their different abilities, the badlands [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this book The mystery is a bit plodding, but it actually builds nicely The romance is barely there but I liked all the characters, and the steam punky backdrop was pretty cool I could see this becoming a series, and I d definitely read on.

  3. I liked this story I truly did Why three stars Here is a good piece of info for anyone starting the book Last name Scoth is pronounced same as both , not moth BUT busy with the ramblings the author only gets a chance to mentioning it 30% into the book What You didn t know The romance is almost non existent The MCs get together together while intoxicated They are cute while doing it, but really I don t mind the lack of romance, however this clumsy attempt at it was nearly a turn off for me There [...]

  4. We are in the country of Ainscote, in the city of Cantercaster Our hero is an othelin in his mid twenties, Jesco Currane Periodically he is asked to leave the security of the asylum where s lived since he was a boy to help out the Cantercaster police with particularly difficult murder cases One detective he often works with is Laeric Scoth Scoth seems distant and dismissive of Jesco s talents, but Jesco knows that they share at least one common interest When Jesco and Laeric are thrown together [...]

  5. Great story and great writing Difficult to know what genre to place this story into M M romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Paranormal The novel is set in an imaginary world, similar to 19th century America but cleverly up to date If I were trying to describe the setting, Widdershins by Jordan L Hawk immediately springs to mind, in fact the style of writing story telling is reminiscent of Ms Hawk s series.The reader needs to keep their wits about them with this novel, people s names and place names are [...]

  6. 4.5 starsFantastic world building I got sucked into this story so quickly It was a great mystery with an enjoyable slow burn, enemies to lovers romance I especially adored Jesco I ve never seen a character quite like him before and I so wanted him to get his HEA I feel like the ending was HFN and I m wondering whether actually, hoping that the author has a sequel planned.

  7. I know them as I know myself, and I want to bring them justice just as much as you do If not , because for a short time, I am them Jesco Currane is a seer who s on retainer with the Cantercaster Police Department Jesco is othelin and it s his ability to see that makes him an integral asset at the scene of a murder investigation where the killer leaves no clues he need only touch the clothing or a personal item of the deceased and he becomes them, even at the moment of their death, and it s this [...]

  8. Good but slow TW Misogyny, mention of drug use and abuse of minor characters.3.5 starsThis was well written and the world building was paced so you had the information you needed when you needed it without info dumping on you, except at the very beginning The mystery was intricate and complex, which I appreciated There was no obvious answer but there were enough hints scattered throughout that it wasn t out of nowhere too It was also oddly slow for a murder mystery, and the romance between Scoth [...]

  9. 4.5 Stars Captivating I really loved the very imaginative and descriptive world building The murder mystery is intricate and it s slow but that s what I like, so I didn t mind The romantic relationship isn t the main focus but it s definitely there, you ll just have to be patient it s a very slow burn romance I was a bit confused with all theses fantasy names and places at the beginning but I always have or less the same problem with the fantasy genre.

  10. Pacing problems and lite on romance Frequently offered too much detail about things that ultimately did not move the story along Particularly frustrating at the end when extraneous information prolonged the resolution and so much was told to us Jesco.

  11. Wonderfully imaginative, beautifully conceived and perfectly executed I could not wait to finish this story, and at the same time, I never wanted it to end it is everything a brilliant story should be, and .Alp

  12. Streampunk dystopian police procedural murder mystery mm romanceYou don t get to put those words together often enough In this dystopian alt_universe, things are generally unpleasant environmental disasters, cooperate mega misdoings, crime, oppressive industrial factories, poverty, big drug problems and yet our MCs seem to wander through doing their stalwart duty without chips on their shoulders or despair in their hearts The guys weren t morose, fatalistic, morally ambiguous, or bitter as typic [...]

  13. I m giving this book a strong 3.5 stars It was pretty well written with only minor grammatical errors occasionally and quite interesting But I very much agree with M rella s review review showIt did get a bit wordy at times although a lot of fantasy is much wordy The Fellowship of the Ring, A Game of Thrones The MC s had a great relationship They got along well, they had a lot in common They made good best friends The sex kinda came out of nowhere, while they were drunk, and didn t seem needed [...]

  14. Steampunk mysteryI never give 5 stars, but I really enjoyed this story One of the other reviewers gave this story 1 star for having too many characters and that was a completely unfair review I ve read stories where there were so many characters, that I would use the highlighter excessively to keep track This wasn t one of those stories.I really enjoyed the alternative reality setting The mixture of mechanisms and psychic powers was very interesting The lead characters slow building of their rel [...]

  15. This book was unexpectedly brilliant This was a new to me author so I took a chance and ended up with a favourite that I will definitely read again I loved the slow build of the relationship between Jesco and Laeric and they were definitely worth the wait I found the truth about the murder absolutely heart breaking and at times it was difficult to read Great story, great characters and I wish there were stories about these two.

  16. Not For Me I m not going to rate this because this didn t work for me on any level Jordan Reece is a very talented writer but I never got into this story and I know most other readers will enjoy this one.

  17. This was a great book, not just a romance but a very interesting mystery not the kind where you can see the end from the start I really loved the characters and the strange little world little wordy in the beginning, i struggled a little to get into it at first but managed in the end it was the mix of modern, old and somethings all together new, like autohorses that threw me as it wasn t what i was expecting but i ended up loving it id love for this to get turned into a series personally i would [...]

  18. I loved The plot, the mystery and the protagonist ability The weakness was in the world building The chemistry between Laeric and Jesco was weak.But over all an enjoyable read.

  19. This is a really enjoyable mystery with lots of twists and turns, fascinating MCs, and some really well done world building.

  20. The book was overcrowded with irrelevant paragraphs while the important backstory world building explanation of this new world was missing The fact that I had to wade through all the mud to get to the pertinent storyline was irritating The police here seemed to have a lot of power and the people questioned were very accommodating, which made the investigation rather boring The romance barely existed, so don t expect much on that department.

  21. The book started with intrigue on the first page and continued to intrigue until the end It starts with a murder and ends with love.One of the most fascinating and intriguing things in the book is the main character, Jesco He s a seer who can t touch anything which has belonged to another person without seeing everything about that person s life In this book he is helping the police solve a murder by piecing together evidence from various visions.Josco s condition is incredibly debilitating to t [...]

  22. This was an exceptional read, very inventive and truly engaging I was completely taken with Jesco s character and his ability I thought that Reece did a great job of working out and then weaving into the story all the little implications of his ability For instance, while he gets no impressions from flesh, he can only have sex on brand new sheets because older ones will have absorbed memories and send him into a thrall , assaulting him with impressions and wiping him out, sometimes to the point [...]

  23. This was a really interesting and intriguing novel, steampunk in nature and would have earned 5 stars if it wasn t for getting lost in the setup of the scene The author started the book as if the reader new the characters, time and place the book was written about and it took a while to feel like you weren t lost at sea Otherwise the book had many twists and turns in it to keep the reader guessing who dun it There is enough danger, intrigue, treachery, murder, darkness, lies, drugs, mechanical h [...]

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