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Trident's Forge

[PDF] Trident's Forge | by ☆ Patrick S. Tomlinson [PDF] Trident's Forge | by ☆ Patrick S. Tomlinson - Trident's Forge, Trident s Forge The Ark and her thirty thousand survivors have reached Tau Ceti G and begun the long arduous task of building their new colony by the sea Meanwhile on the other side of the world Tau Ceti G s nativ

  • Title: Trident's Forge
  • Author: Patrick S. Tomlinson
  • ISBN: 9780857664877
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Trident's Forge | by ☆ Patrick S. Tomlinson, Trident's Forge, Patrick S. Tomlinson, Trident s Forge The Ark and her thirty thousand survivors have reached Tau Ceti G and begun the long arduous task of building their new colony by the sea Meanwhile on the other side of the world Tau Ceti G s natives the G tel are coming to grips with the sudden appearance of what many believe are their long lost Gods But the first official greeting ceremony between humans and g telThe Ark and

Trident's Forge

[PDF] Trident's Forge | by ☆ Patrick S. Tomlinson [PDF] Trident's Forge | by ☆ Patrick S. Tomlinson - Trident's Forge, Trident s Forge The Ark and her thirty thousand survivors have reached Tau Ceti G and begun the long arduous task of building their new colony by the sea Meanwhile on the other side of the world Tau Ceti G s nativ Trident's Forge

  • [PDF] Trident's Forge | by ☆ Patrick S. Tomlinson
    447Patrick S. Tomlinson
Trident's Forge

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  1. This is the second book in The Children of the Dead Earth series I really loved the first book, The Ark because it was a fast paced, funny mash up of mystery thriller and post apocalyptic science fiction It s sequel Trident s Forge is a very different book, but with several familiar characters from the first book Bryan Benson, his wife Teresa, their former nemesis Chao Feng, and Bryan s sidekick Pavel Korolev Trident s Forge is set three years after the events of The Ark and now humanity is sett [...]

  2. Trident s Forge eBook was published in 2016 April and was written by Patrick S Tomlinson patrickstomlinson This is the second in his Children of a Dead Earth series I received a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I categorize this novel as R because it contains scenes of Violence and Mature Language This Science Fiction novel is set in a far future Humanity has had to flee Earth and have voyaged for generations to reach their new home around Tau Ceti It has been three years since [...]

  3. copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review Trident s Forge is the second in Patrick S Tomlinson s Children of a Dead Earth series The first, The Ark, was a rather clever murder mystery, with some decent characterisation and a top notch setting, so the sequel had a fair amount to live up to Despite, or perhaps due to, being distinct from its predecessor in many ways, Trident s Forge does rather well.Where The Ark was set in the tight confines of a generation ship, this sequel takes place on the [...]

  4. Trident s Forge is the second novel in the Children of a Dead Earth series by American author and stand up comedian Patrick S Tomlinson While I once again didn t realise an Angry Robot Books novel was a sequel and not a first book, I had no trouble picking up and following this interesting and engaging action mystery While it was just tropey enough to occasionally make me shake my head, the interesting world, the well paced plot and engaging protagonist than made up for it A solid read, and one [...]

  5. Another amazing story with all the twists and turns I ve come to expect from Patrick S Tomlinson With a great mix of science fiction, action and mystery it is wonderfully written and it s not world building but as the author said it s race building , so don t miss out on the turbulent ups and downs that had me undeniably hooked throughout the entire thing This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

  6. Full disclosure I was able to read an electronic advance reader s copy of this through Netgalley I don t think it affected my review.Humanity has finally arrived at its new home for than two centuries, after Earth was destroyed by a black hole, all of humanity was aboard a generation ship that managed to escape Now that they ve arrived, they can start rebuilding and some of the old rules fall away but humanity isn t alone on this world, it s also inhabited by the G Tel, a humanoid race at a li [...]

  7. Received via Angry Robot Books in exchange for an completely unbiased review.Also posted on Silk SerifThe Ark, a massive space shuttle outfitted to harbor thirty thousands souls away from a dying Earth in the hopes of finding a new home world, has arrived at a suitable planet The residents of the Ark have begun to build a new colony by the sea on this strange planet inhabited by strange creatures called the G tel The G tel have called the Tau Ceti G home for generations and have a primitive soci [...]

  8. I received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Angry Robot Books.Yahoo, all you lovers of space opera escapism gather round May I present the second book in the Children of a Dead Earth series, Trident s Forge I don t know how many of you will have the slightest concept of what I m talking about, but this book is pure Buck Rogers On Saturday afternoons we oldsters who were then youngsters would take our allowance money and walk by ourselves even to the movie If we were very fortunate we [...]

  9. Humans may have discovered how to live together in peace during their time on the Ark but that doesn t mean that human vices, particularly greed, have been extinguished Bryan Benson saved humanity once already Now the denizens of the Ark are settling on Tau Ceti G, building a colony which will hopefully thrive The natives of the planet, the G tel are sentient and have their own civilization When circumstance mandates first contact between the humans and the g tel, the situation goes drastically [...]

  10. This book is set a few years after the first book but for the most part if you pick this one up in error and start first you will pick up the background without any problems Benson is no longer a police officer but since he is a hero to many he is drafted to go with several other people to deal with a first contact with the natives of Atlantis that wasn t supposed to happen but did thanks to the separatists that snuck away and made a village near them Most people are worried about the one group [...]

  11. Well done sequel to The Ark I was looking forward to seeing how Patrick S Tomlinson handled the new species on Atlantis They were complex, unique beings different from humans in diverse ways while still maintaining the capacity for empathy and compassion as an intelligent species Humans and Atlanteans had their strengths and weaknesses without one dominating the other and still able to teach and learn from each other to be a stronger whole living symbiotically on Atlantis.Even though humans chos [...]

  12. The only disappointment I have is that I have now finished the book and the third one isn t out yet This story kept me up well into the night with all the the exiting action, but spoiler, ended on a little bit of a cheesy note I mean, I giggled and loved it and it was the perfect ending, but I hope Patrick realizes that he needs to write a book about the newly formed Benson family now, because I need to know How do Atlantians grow up What do they eat Oh, and a chapter or two on those transitions [...]

  13. i was the lucky winner of a copy of this book as a win i loved the storyline a sci fi action adventure between humans and aliens with a bit of romance thrown in it is well written and easy to follow and quite detailed the characters are very real and the story ties together nicely i recommend reading the ark which is part one first, although it is not necessary to understand trident s forge just indepth for the background of the story i look forward to a part three syndi

  14. In my totally not biased by the fact I wrote it opinion, this one is even better than THE ARK I m really glad I had another chance to dig deeply into characters that I ve grown to know and appreciate over the last couple years, and to add in some new and exciting names as well Also, the chance to create an alien race from scratch was pretty awesome, so there s that.

  15. This 2nd story starts several years after the children of Earth have made planet fall and are well into building their new home Once I started it, I found it hard to put down and had to finish it to see who was guilty and how the rebels against the established government of the new city were going to fare.

  16. This book is as awesome as the first one I got sucked in and just couldn t put it down Very well written The added short story was a great addition I hope to see books in this series in the future

  17. At first, this sequel felt a lot less promising than the first book, but once it got going it was just as enjoyable Curious where it ll go from here Slightly better cover, thank the almighty.

  18. An excellent follow up to The Ark Now down on the planet, Humanity faces another problem Itself.

  19. Book 1 spoilers included in this review Like the first book in the series, this sequel blew me away I m always afraid of the sequel slump, but in this case, there s nothing to worry about It s as if the author introduced us to a completely different world, and in a way, he did In the first book, The Ark, we travel along with the last of the human race on a large ship, headed for a new planet In this sequel, the human race has begun colonizing a new planet and making first contact with the native [...]

  20. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 4.25 of 5The last humans from a dead planet Earth have been traveling through space for centuries on an ark but now they ve finally arrived at their destination Tau Ceti A planet that can support human life But it also supports the life forms indigenous to the planet and despite trying to live out of sight of the native life it comes as than a little surprise when one of the natives, Kexx, can speak to them in their own language [...]

  21. As good as The Ark but different This starts 3 years after the Ark arrived at their new home While The Ark was a locked room mystery this is a first contact story with interesting natives and trouble for our main characters Some humans just cannot seem to stop showing their worst behavior and greed and greed is at the heart of the story I loved seeing how Bryan and others were operating in their new home The natives showed some of the same characteristics as humans but did have their own culture [...]

  22. Comme je l ai dit pendant la lecture, je suis un peu d u Je n ai pas compl tement retrouv l atmosph re caract ristique de The Ark Peut tre en attendais je plus de l auteur ses ET ont des r actions et des caract res trop semblables aux humains Il ne nous parle pas des difficult s rencontr es pour coloniser une plan te m me 3 ans apr s Dans le fond, cela ressemble plus la confrontation indiens espagnols lors de la d couverte des Am riques.a part j aime beaucoup les histoires de first contact fa on [...]

  23. The sequel to The Ark finds Bryan Benson in another pickle but this time on the surface of the planet Gaia, where he and the survivors of the attempted genocide on The Ark have finally settled.First contact with the native sentient species has taken place surviving members of the Unbound the faction led by would be destroyer of humanity took up residence on the continent which had been named Atlantis and made contact to the benefit of both species.While part of a diplomatic mission from the main [...]

  24. This is a very different book from the first one but in many ways, it is better The protagonist is still fighting the good fight, taking on political corruption and the worst excesses of colonialism on the new planet Ultimately, this book works not only because its a fun sci fi action thriller but because the protagonist is such a fascinating character An over the hill athlete first given a sinecure as a police officer first book and then acting as a manager of a sports team this book who keeps [...]

  25. I love old school outer space science fiction, especially when it contains a twist I devoured Patrick S Tomlinson s The Ark, Book 1 in the Children of a Dead Earth series It not only combined two of my favorite genres, scifi and detective fiction a locked room mystery , but the writing style was completely addictive A link to that review is at the end of this review I couldn t wait to find out what would happen in Book 2, Trident s Forge There s always a fear that an author will suffer from seco [...]

  26. I have so far really enjoyed the Children of a Dead Earth series It did not realllly suffer from the middle book slump most trilogies have, Mr Tomlinson nailed in the first book the setting of a mystery on a ship, even though it was a spaceship However, although I felt the characters on the new world were interesting, I don t feel the actual world was fleshed out enough, and YOU GOT BUILD the world for me All that nonsense aside, it was a good read, and the series is fun Grab both books and thro [...]

  27. This is book 2 in a trilogy The ark has reached it s destination and the inhabitants are rebuilding human civilization and doing reasonable things like having a mandatory retirement age for irreplaceable people and eating anything alien that they find growing around Aliens talk like college students with pithy phrases like No shit and No fucking way So, you know, not a great book.

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