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The Viscount Needs a Wife

[PDF] The Viscount Needs a Wife | by ↠ Jo Beverley [PDF] The Viscount Needs a Wife | by ↠ Jo Beverley - The Viscount Needs a Wife, The Viscount Needs a Wife The New York Times bestselling author of Too Dangerous for a Lady returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romance Since being widowed two years ago Kitty Cateril has been trapped in her late

  • Title: The Viscount Needs a Wife
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9780451471901
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Viscount Needs a Wife | by ↠ Jo Beverley, The Viscount Needs a Wife, Jo Beverley, The Viscount Needs a Wife The New York Times bestselling author of Too Dangerous for a Lady returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romance Since being widowed two years ago Kitty Cateril has been trapped in her late husband s home where she is expected to mourn forever Desperate to escape Kitty will consider any option even a hasty marriage to a stranger with no intention of abandoThe

The Viscount Needs a Wife

[PDF] The Viscount Needs a Wife | by ↠ Jo Beverley [PDF] The Viscount Needs a Wife | by ↠ Jo Beverley - The Viscount Needs a Wife, The Viscount Needs a Wife The New York Times bestselling author of Too Dangerous for a Lady returns with another roguishly delicious Regency romance Since being widowed two years ago Kitty Cateril has been trapped in her late The Viscount Needs a Wife

  • [PDF] The Viscount Needs a Wife | by ↠ Jo Beverley
    174Jo Beverley
The Viscount Needs a Wife

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  1. Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyJo Beverley is one of the writers I think of as the heirs to Georgette Heyer She has internalized Heyer s distinctive style of Regency language thoroughly, skillfully blending it with modern speech so that it s immediately accessible to today s reader unused to actual period style Take the title, The Viscount Needs a Wife in period, the word want meant need But that would change the meaning for modern readers unaware of that.Beverley has also modernized the Reg [...]

  2. A delightful regency romance with an unusual hero and a great heroine I liked both immensely, but once again, work commitments have kept me from reviewing it for a week I ll note two things and be content.First, while the 17th in a series, there s really no intrusion on the story, here I had no trouble being fully engaged and while there are hints of interesting characters on the fringe, I didn t feel the lack of having their complete stories.Second, this totally piqued my interest in Jo Beverly [...]

  3. I ve given this a C at AAR, so 3.5 stars.Although set within her Company of Rogues universe, Jo Beverley s most recent novels have introduced new characters who are not part of the Rogues inner circle , even though some of the Rogues have made cameo appearances or been mentioned This latest story, The Viscount Needs a Wife features a character who appeared in the previous book in the series, Too Dangerous For a Lady, when he appeared as a friend and colleague of the hero and was instrumental in [...]

  4. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup amzn 1s20dW6 Okay, okay I know It s Book 17 I know Do Not Panic It works totally fine as a stand alone Promise The Viscount Needs a Wife was a hefty book at over 400 pages but I flew through them and was completely wrapped up in the lives of Kitty and Braydon as the two come to an arrangement She s in need of an escape from her deceased husband s very controlling family and he s in need of a wife to help him handle his newly acquired title as a Viscount and [...]

  5. I did not finish this one I didn t have the heart Jo Beverley is gone I met her once, you know Back in 1998 I was on my way home from my teaching year in Japan and I had a stopover in Victoria When I ran into her at a local bookstore I recognized her right away It was unbelievably gracious of her to sit down and have tea with me at a nearby cafe While we were eating we started talking about my favorite characters and scenes in TEMPTING FORTUNE, and I started describing all the stuff I imagined c [...]

  6. Once again the author tackles difficult subjects while offering an engaging romance and a teaser of a problem for the hero and heroine to solve It was captivating, thought provoking, and sigh worthy.This book can standalone easily For those who have read the older Company of Rogues books there will be familiar faces, but for those who have not, the story won t feel like the reader is missing something The author added a note at the back that she is most definitely veering into new territory from [...]

  7. I love that all the story lines wrapped up sensibly and without true malice Though the tension was certainly present at the start The main relationship was beautifully portrayed and had such surprising depth that I find it hard to conceive that the timeframe was a little over a week, and I do wish that that had been conveyed as quite a bit longer Overall a soothing, sensible and balanced work, with endearing characters, who confront issues before they grow out of proportion and who had actual, i [...]

  8. I felt as if this entire book was a gossiping conversation among friends The dialogue felt so natural, and flowed in such a similar way to a personal chat, that I just slipped right in and felt as if I were there The way the topics ran, the way it gave you the information you needed to understand the relationship between the characters It was funny, it was real, it was just so lovely The scenes were so well set as well Never over the top, each included sensory descriptions than physical ones Th [...]

  9. Full disclosure the author is a friend and colleague and I m a fan of hers.Truly one of the most delightful Regencies I ve read in a long time As always, Jo Beverley smoothly lays down historical detail as a carpet for her protagonists to dance across The history is unobtrusive but a solid foundation for plot and character She takes a favorite romance meme of the ice king and fiery queen and turns them into , bringing them to life and love and surrounding them with real people to encourage them [...]

  10. Good book Kitty and Braydon are both trapped in lives they don t want Kitty had been married to a wounded war hero who has since died His mother has made grieving an art form and, with no place else to go, Kitty is stuck mourning a man long gone She is desperate to find a way out, even if it means finding a position as a governess Then a good friend tells her of a man who is in need of a wife to care for his home and family members.Braydon never expected to inherit a title He was quite happy wit [...]

  11. This is the first Jo Beverley title that I have read, but I have heard many positive reviews of her work, so I decided to read The Viscount Needs a Wife I enjoy historical fiction, and have strong opinions about historical romance Happily for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this book The writing style was smooth and confident, with no noticeable inconsistencies The characters were realistic and very likable There were two separate mysterious story lines which were resolved in a very satisfying manner T [...]

  12. 3 StarsThe storyline was decent and I did enjoy the strong characters However, the time span between marriage and love was soooo short They married and the next day Braydon had to return to London Kitty went with him Upon getting ready to return to the Abbey she gives him a 1 week anniversary of marriage gift1 week between their I do s and oozing love After that point Jo Beverly had us tripping over so much information in the epilogue to achieve a speedy ending The one wrinkle I felt as I was re [...]

  13. This is a standalone regency romance filled with historic lore The author takes us on a journey through a difficult time in England when the country was in mourning and vulnerable, she weaves a timeless romance with intriguing characters for all to enjoy.Kitty Cateril has been a widow for several years and is currently living with her in laws Her mother in law is still mourning her son and expects the same from Kitty, but Kitty is ready to live again She met her husband after he was injured in t [...]

  14. Whenever I read a historical romance by Jo Beverley, I know I m going to get a well written, well plotted story peopled by likeable characters, and this book is no exception.The plot in this novel revolves around a marriage of convenience Kitty Cateril has been trapped in the role of mourning widow by her grieving mother in law for almost two years after her ex soldier husband s death She desperately wants a change, and so when an opportunity to marry offers itself, she decides she must grab at [...]

  15. Kitty Cateril s husband died two years ago and since then she has been living with her in laws in a state of perpetual mourning When her best friend writes to say that a local nobleman is looking for a wife to manage his country estates, Kitty feels that anything is better than her current life.has been trapped in her late husband s home, where she is expected to mourn forever Desperate to escape, Kitty will consider any option even a hasty marriage to a stranger with no intention of abandoning [...]

  16. Reviewed for NetGalley I am a sucker for the Marriage of Convenience trope, I love how everyone figures out how they re going to be in the situation, and I especially love it when people communicate and figure it out So, I enjoyed this book The main characters did have a somewhat rocky start, but that just added to the tensions between them I really liked how the problems in this book were solved.It s been a while since I had read any of the Company of Rogues books, so I was a little worried how [...]

  17. I really liked Braydon he could be sweet, then we will certainly go to the theater He came around the table, raised her hand , and kissed it He didn t press his lips, but they touched and perhaps lingered Please forgive a neglectful husband, Kitty I hope to do better I really enjoyed this book.

  18. I hadn t realised Jo Beverley passed away last year She wrote some good romances.This was a middling romance, with very slow pacing The storyline is a little contrived and I was honestly a bit inclined to skim read it by the end.That said, it has a remarkable character.Kitty, our heroine, is someone I don t think I ve come across in a romance before Or at least if I ve read women like her, I didn t realise what I was looking at.I think my level of impressed ness comes from holding her in contras [...]

  19. This standalone Regency historical within Jo Beverley s Rogues world focuses on mourning An odd focus, some might think, for a romance, but this is where the historical part comes in Historical romances with large servings of both history and romance are my favorites, and Jo Beverley always delivers on both fronts Heroine Kitty Cateril aka Kit Cat is ready to put off mourning for her late husband, Marcus, a wounded veteran whose experience was not glossed over one bit brava Ms Beverley and dista [...]

  20. An honest portrayal of a marriage of convenience standalone romance with two compelling protagonists, engaging narrative, and a strong well plotted storyline Quite enjoyable as our couple explores their new marriage with open eyes and expectations My only complaint is I wish the time frame matched the emotional development Grade C

  21. Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread I picked up this novel, not realising it was linked by chronology and background setting to sixteen of the author s previous books However, I ve enjoyed a couple of short stories of hers and am using shorts as a springboard into reading a wider range of authors, which is what prompted me to give this one a chance in the first place Plus the blurb intrigued me and gave the impression that I was going to really like the heroine.Kitty married [...]

  22. I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.I often complain when romances are too heavy on adult content and too light on plot Many women myself included love a good, juicy romance the sidelong glances, the unexpected kisses, the final moment when the couple reveals their feelings However, a lot of those novels fall short on plot It seems we must trade love for a story that sparks those synapses and raises our interest This novel is exactly the opposite In fact, classifying [...]

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kitty Cateril s and Beau Braydon s story of finding peace and love On a spontaneous whim to get away from her mother in law s insufferable mourning, Kitty decides to re marryd to the new Viscount Dauntry, who happens to be a friend of her best friend Braydon needs to marry someone who can handle Beauchamp Abbeyd the infuriating residents within Things don t go smoothly for the two and but they end up developing feelings for one anotherd a healthy dose of jealousy on [...]

  24. i refuse to tell you how many years i have been reading JB nope, no matter how much you beg but i am willing to say it s a LOT of years JB is, and always has been, an outstanding author this one is one of her best be sure to read the author s note at the end it s very interesting i enjoyed everything about this story i especially like it when i can t guess the ending surprise ending, folks a nice, full plot with good development of romance and some satisfying sex it was hard to put down there is [...]

  25. I read this a bit ago but I remember liking it a lot It s a marriage of convenience story on one of the extreme ends The widowed heroine is suffocating in her in laws home Her mother in law is distraught at her son s death, after a second year, and thinks the heroine should be too She can hardly go for a walk outside So when she gets a letter from her childhood friend, a vicar s wife, that the local lord is looking for a sensible widow to marry, the heroine jumps at the chance to escape She s no [...]

  26. I know this is Beverley s last book and it makes me sad She is was a master storyteller and was known as a stickler for Regency detail It came as a bit of a shock that there were a few anachronisms in this book Her heroine referred to London as having a million people in 1814 Doubt it I didn t care The characters were great, the story original and the plot moved along at a nice clip I don t doubt there was little editing done for such a seasoned author It happens Who would dare tell her that the [...]

  27. I am sorry to say that this book did not hold my interest The story moved at a leisurely pace which is fine if that is the story you are looking for but unfortunately I was not The conversations were like small talk going on and on and I really didn t care for the storyline as much as I initially thought I would Perhaps if there was time for me to sit and read through this slowly I d appreciate it , but unfortunately I have many books calling my name in the TBR pile so into the donation bag th [...]

  28. I reaaaalllly liked the first 85% of this Both main characters are mature, GOOD people And it got me thinking that I really need to find actual marriage of convenience historical romances Seems like they re all forced marriages these days.It s just everything wrapped up too quickly The mystery plot and the romance, too I don t care that they re married, it s still kind of instalove y to me if it s only been a week.

  29. A gentle, genuine romance whose characters spoke and felt like real people I truly enjoyed the Sensible, yet sensual couple who are surprised and flustered by their growing connection as they come together and solve a mystery or 3 and sort out what it is they truly want from life.

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