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Khirbet Khizeh

Khirbet Khizeh Best Read || [S. Yizhar] Khirbet Khizeh Best Read || [S. Yizhar] - Khirbet Khizeh, Khirbet Khizeh Fiction Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange and Yaacob Dweck Afterword by David Shulman This classic novella about the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army h

  • Title: Khirbet Khizeh
  • Author: S. Yizhar
  • ISBN: 9789659012596
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback

Khirbet Khizeh Best Read || [S. Yizhar], Khirbet Khizeh, S. Yizhar, Khirbet Khizeh Fiction Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange and Yaacob Dweck Afterword by David Shulman This classic novella about the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army has long been considered a high point in Hebrew literature as it has also given rise to fierce controversy over the years Published just months after the end of the wFiction Transl

Khirbet Khizeh

Khirbet Khizeh Best Read || [S. Yizhar] Khirbet Khizeh Best Read || [S. Yizhar] - Khirbet Khizeh, Khirbet Khizeh Fiction Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange and Yaacob Dweck Afterword by David Shulman This classic novella about the violent expulsion of Palestinian villagers by the Israeli army h Khirbet Khizeh

  • Khirbet Khizeh Best Read || [S. Yizhar]
    292S. Yizhar
Khirbet Khizeh

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  1. LA PULIZIA ETNICA DELLA PALESTINALa nascita dello Stato d Israele , secondo me, uno dei fatti storici pi affascinanti del XX secolo.Sicuramente uno di quelli dalle maggiori conseguenze.Carico di aspettative, di significato, anche di simbolismo, nato sulla ripetizione dell orrore di quello che lo aveva preceduto Perseguitati ovunque e sempre, gli ebrei hanno ripetuto esattamente quello che hanno imparato a temere nei secoli la pulizia etnica.Che un modo meno aspro di definire il genocidio.Nel 194 [...]

  2. About two weeks ago, there was a review of this republished novella on the back page of the NYTimes book review that I couldn t resist I immediately got the novella and wasn t disappointed It was published in May 1949 and describes the feelings and moral dilemma of the soldier narrator who is part of an Israeli detail sent to destroy a Palestinian village As he watches the villagers driven into exile, he becomes and outraged, but ultimately remains an observer, not an activist The sensitivity [...]

  3. This is a beautifully written book that poetically delivers the tragedy of dispossession and exile, told by one of whom are forced to carry out this crime Nothing speaks of the terrible nature of these events like Yizhar s description of empty homes, discarded housewares, and confused livestock You cannot but feel the agony of the author and share in his frustration as he helplessly comes to terms with what is going on before him The Arab is this novel is mostly a passive victim of almost childl [...]

  4. Extraordinary S Yizhar real name Yizhar Smilansky published this short book in 1949 The plot takes place during the expulsions and operations of 1948, when soldiers were forcing Palestinian occupants of villages and reshaping the human geography of the territory under their control Khirbet Khizeh is the name of one such village which the protagonist visits with his military unit and expels its inhabitants The book is short, but packs an incredible punch It s remarkable, over, that Yizhar manages [...]

  5. A must read Khirbet Khizeh is a short novel written by a former Israeli intelligence officer, personalizing the expulsion of the residents of a Palestinian village in 1948 Timely, in part for its ability to dramatize the rationalizations individuals contrive in order to allow them to perform acts of brutality and violence.Ibis Editions continues to set a high standard for publishing with moral urgency.

  6. A review from the Guardian Newspaper guardian books 2011 Rereading Khirbet Khizeh by S YizharIn his novella of the 1948 war, the Israeli writer S Yizhar sought to preserve the memory of the Palestinian nakba Jacqueline Rose on a haunting tale that still stirs intense controversyShare5 Jacqueline Rose The Guardian, Saturday 12 March 2011 Article history Israeli soldiers, 1948 Photograph Hulton Deutsch Collection CORBNear the beginning of Khirbet Khizeh, the extraordinary 1949 novella by S Yizhar, [...]

  7. Eindelijk weer eens 5 sterrenIn n naar adem happende ruk uitgelezen Gruwelijke daden adembenemend mooi beschrijven, het is weinigen gegeven Van een onwerkelijke schoonheid, die lang zal nazinderen, en tot herlezen dwingt

  8. Published in Hebrew in 1949, just months after the events it describes, this was the first novel to as the author himself put it lay bare the original sin of the State of Israel the forcible, violent expulsion, killing, and razing of the homes of Palestinian villagers whose ancestral lands happened to be on the Israeli side of the 1948 partition line what Palestinians remember as the Nakba or Catastrophe Yizhar Yizhar Smilansky, 1916 2006 was a Sabra, i.e a Jew born in Eretz Yisrael in Rehovot , [...]

  9. 1948, een groep jonge Isra lische soldaten vertrekt op missie De soldaten kletsen, grappen en zingen De sfeer is er n van een schooluitstap De jongens zijn uitgelaten De missie laat nochtans geen twijfel mogelijk De soldaten moeten de bewoners van punt x tot aan punt y verzamelen, hen op wagens laden en hen voorbij de eigen linies transporteren, de stenen huizen opblazen en de lemen hutten verbranden, de jongeren en de verdachten gevangen nemen, het gebied zuiveren van vijandige elementen De opd [...]

  10. Painstaking and painful story describing the forced removal of Palestinians from their land in Israel s War of Independence Reminiscent of Tim O Brien in its humanization of the enemy Protagonist is Israeli soldier who consistently questions and only briefly and unsuccessfully tries to rationalize official policy Author unflinchingly describes brutality of dispossession and like all good war stories makes clear the dehumanization that occurs to oppressor and oppressed alike Brave account that pr [...]

  11. A novella written by one of those involved in the 48 ethnic cleansing of Palestine Poignant reading, particularly in the light of what has subsequently happened to the moral conscience of Israel.

  12. S Yizhar s prose lyricism made this book a defining start to my year The portrait of Israeli soldiers before and during an expulsion of Palestinians might have fallen to political idealism and moralistic preaching, but the way in which this tale is written presents a fleshier, pained experience Yizhar is able to make that which is dust into flesh, with landscapes that reflect the pain and destruction inflicted upon its inhabitants The torment of the inhabitants is understood through the rote me [...]

  13. Khirbet Khizeh is the All Quiet on the Western Front of the Israeli Palestinian conflict It could also be a chapter in The Things They Carried by Tim O Brien had that book taken place in the Levant in that it does not glorify war and paints a dim picture of the consequences of conflict I won t delve in to the muddy waters of the issues of territory and settlements in this review, but I will say that I believe that the book and its afterward portray the tragedy of conflict, war, and displacement [...]

  14. Written in May 1949, one year after the Nakba, this account by an Israeli soldier is a truly remarkable account It details some of the horrors that took place, but I find it remarkable for the reflections of S Yizhar Perhaps one of the most profound reflections comes late in the book, when he says Something struck me like lightning All at once everything seemed to mean something different, precisely exile This was exile This was what exile was like This was what exile looked like There is some [...]

  15. I appreciate that this novel created a lot of fuzz when it came out in 1949, but in 2017 it didn t have a lot of effect on me It could be the complicated poetic language, or the page long sentences that threw me, the result is that it just didn t move me Maybe it s too short I didn t get to know anybody enough to really care about them War is bad, and soldiers grow callused I already knew that.

  16. Non sono mai stato in esilio , non l ho mai conosciuto per me ne hanno parlato, mi hanno raccontato, l ho studiato a scuola, me l hanno ripetuto a ogni angolo, nei libri e nei giornali, ovunque l esilio Hanno suonato tutte le mie corde Il grido del nostro popolo contro il mondo l esilio Era dentro di me probabilmente, l avevo succhiato col latte di mia madre E cosa stavamo facendo noi qui oggi pp 78, 79

  17. Quanta attualit in questo breve libro di 40 anni fa Un soldato israeliano che con la propria truppa ha l ordine di evacuare un villaggio palestinese e di farne saltare le case manifesta qualche timido dubbio sul senso di queste operazioni Ma forse l unico a porsi domande.

  18. powerful and key themes exile, occupation are still relevant today in the Israel Palestinian debate The afterward by David Shulman helps with a deeper understanding of this novella

  19. Liked it, in a disturbing way Because the story is disturbing, hard to understand in a way and scary could have been from todays world

  20. This novella feels new, yet familiar It invites one into it and draws them along into a story that is living, breathing, and still young as it marches forward It is very hard to believe that this story was penned in 1949 The characters, setting, and conflict all so vividly portray the world in which we currently live The atrocity of war, the fine line between obedience and conscience, and the ethical conundrums of nationalistic pride juxtaposed with the trouble with nationalistic superiority are [...]

  21. Khirbet Khizah was published right after the war of 1948 49 It is about a group of soldiers who are sent out on a clean up operation towards the end of the war And as long as we wage war and kill each other it will keep its relevance we could also see how something was happening in the heart of the boy, something that, when he grew up, could only become a viper inside him, the same thing that was now the weeping of a helpless child The book starts out with a handful of young soldiers who are sen [...]

  22. What can I say First of all, I absolutely loved the beautiful writing of the book and much preferred it over the frivolities of Amos Oz my only point of reference so far Second of all, my expectations were high The hype was high The braveness of writing it in 1949, the controversy, the self reflective classic status, yappa da, yappa do, yappa di In some respects, I wasn t disappointed the writing conveys the spirit of the troops and the disillusionment of any war effort in a way that really pull [...]

  23. Khirbet Khizeh is S Yizhar s fictionalized account of life as a soldier in the Israeli army during the 1948 49 war, and was published shortly after the war s end In this new translation by Nicholas de Lange and Yaacob Dweck, Khirbet Khizeh takes on a renewed poetic significance, instilling the novellas enduring relevance for contemporary culture.The narrator starts his account by noting that the event he is about to describe happened a long time ago, but it has haunted him ever since He talks of [...]

  24. Steengoed, pijnlijk verhaal Het verscheen al in 1949, nu voor het eerst in het Nederlands vertaald Het heeft niets aan kracht verloren en is helaas nog steeds actueel Alleen hebben we nu al meer over dergelijke gebeurtenissen gehoord maar je kunt je voorstellen dat het in 1949 in Israel insloeg als een bom De eerste helft van de novelle is een soort van universeel verhaal over militairen Wachten, wachten op wat komen gaat Het deed me soms denken aan The Yellow Birds of The People of Forever Are [...]

  25. S Yizhar s novella describes an Israeli soldier narrator s account of the 1948 expulsion of Arab villagers of Khirbet Khizeh Published in May 1949 but only recently published in an English translation, the young soldier is tortured by his conscience, raising issues of occupation today At the time of this tragedy for Palestinian villagers being expelled, Israel was readying the country for Holocaust survivors, newly made immigrants by Hitler Jews have a long and horrific history of being expelled [...]

  26. Jews being killed Europe We were the masters now , 15 February 2015This review is from Khirbet Khizeh A Novel Paperback I didn t think I was going to get into this work, with its sometimes meandering sentences, but made a determined effort and read it in one sitting 120 p and it s absolutely brilliant.First published in 1949, it s narrated by a young Israeli soldier out with his platoon, carrying out orders to clear out the eponymous Arab village, remove the occupants and blow up the houses Yizh [...]

  27. S Yizhar served in the Israeli Military in late forties during the expulsion of the Palestinians from their land.The book is a tense description of his memory of the day they cleared the village Khirbet Khizeh of its inhabitants.The relation of how boredom, and frustration can lead to anger and acts unwarranted in violence is communicated so well in this novella.The Protagonist s inner struggle with what he s been told is right and with what is becoming apparently wrong is powerfully illustrated [...]

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