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The Empress Game

The Empress Game Best Download || [Rhonda Mason] The Empress Game Best Download || [Rhonda Mason] - The Empress Game, The Empress Game Power grace deadliness defined Always cunning endlessly victorious One seat on the intergalactic Sakien Empire s supreme ruling body the Council of Seven remains unfilled that of the Empress Appa

  • Title: The Empress Game
  • Author: Rhonda Mason
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Empress Game Best Download || [Rhonda Mason], The Empress Game, Rhonda Mason, The Empress Game Power grace deadliness defined Always cunning endlessly victorious One seat on the intergalactic Sakien Empire s supreme ruling body the Council of Seven remains unfilled that of the Empress Apparent The seat isn t won by votes or marriage It s won in a tournament of ritualized combat Now the tournament the Empress Game has been called and the women of the em Power grace

The Empress Game

The Empress Game Best Download || [Rhonda Mason] The Empress Game Best Download || [Rhonda Mason] - The Empress Game, The Empress Game Power grace deadliness defined Always cunning endlessly victorious One seat on the intergalactic Sakien Empire s supreme ruling body the Council of Seven remains unfilled that of the Empress Appa The Empress Game

  • The Empress Game Best Download || [Rhonda Mason]
    483Rhonda Mason
The Empress Game

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  1. Okay, seriously, this took a long time for me to start caring about the characters, but it finally happened well after the half way point of the book That s a real shame, because I was frankly bored out of my skull by most of it.Best Space Opera Please.We got ourselves a bit of knife fighting in a tournament and then a road trip with blackmailing spies and a con job to put an empress on the throne of a multi planet empire If that isn t bad enough, we ve got the old trope of princess in disguise [...]

  2. A preview of the next Disney animation where they get all their movie princesses together and make them fight with kris knives in gladiatorial combat My money is on Mu Lan.Ok, it s not that That would be cool This is also cool, and does feature princesses fighting in gladiatorial combat, but we also get politics, psionic powers, spy agency intrigue and a romantic subplot.Kayla is a princess from one of the Wyrd worlds Populated by psychics and where the women are much stronger and larger physica [...]

  3. This debut novel was written by one of Seton Hill University s MFA graduates and I bought a copy during our annual Super Mega Book Signing in June Rhonda and I were in the program together, but she was a few semesters ahead of me and she hung out with the cool kids The book is science fiction with romantic elements some might call that space opera I really liked the main protagonist Kayla is a kickass heroines but she s not obnoxious about it I like strong independent characters, but those that [...]

  4. Delicious page turning badassery is that a word This book has action, deception, drama, evil mind control experiments, a devastating nanite plague, and high ranking ladies kicking butt in gladiatorial style games to determine who will be the next Empress What s not to like Nothing This book was awesome.

  5. 4.5 Extremely readable, densely packed start to what will hopefully be a very exciting series There s so much in here that it is hard to know where to start pit fighting nanobite virus an empire at war with a race of psychic, crazily advanced technological people factions within the diplomatic corps And I haven t even mentioned the main event the gladiatorial fights to select the next empress, wherein our intrepid heroine, Kayla, must impersonate a princess and win her the hand of the prince Kay [...]

  6. There is so much happening in this that it s difficult to decide what to say We have a fighter and her kid brother desperately trying to stay alive, gladiator style games to choose a bride empress, major bad guys and regular ones Betrayal, loyalty and romance Sigh, that kissBasically read it

  7. In the intergalatic empire at the center of THE EMPRESS GAME, the new empress is chosen through a tournament As this is obviously a cracked way to determine a political ruler, cheating is rampant Isonde, a political mover and shaker who is also the beloved of the emperor, enlists help to find a body double who can fight Her man Malkor finds Shadow Panthe, whose true name is Kayla Reunimon She is, of course, secretly the princess of a conquered world.Despite being in the title, I found the games [...]

  8. This space opera has it all It s gut wrenching It s thoughtful It has strong science fiction elements, and it s full of seriously kick ass fighting scenes.Kayla Reinumon is an exiled Wyrd princess forced to hide her identity and fight in the Blood Pit to keep herself and her young brother alive IDC agent Malkor Rua finds her there and, ignorant of her true identity, convinces her to play the starring role in the biggest con in the empire the fixing of the Empress Game, a martial contest whose wi [...]

  9. Always a pleasant surprise when a book exceeds your expectations I feared this one would be a cheap Hunger Games knock off, but that couldn t have been farther from the truth It s way interesting and the world is far fleshed out than that comparison would imply.Kayla Reunimon is not someone you want to mess with Her family is dead, killed in a coup orchestrated by treacherous agents of the Sekian Empire in an attempt to bend the advanced technological expertise of the Wyrds to their own ends N [...]

  10. One review recommendation of this book said if you like Jack Campbell then you might like this I scoffed at that since Jack Campbell is, in my opinion, of the finest hard SF authors But I was intrigued, so I requested the book from the library I downloaded it,put off starting it for a few days then finally started reading I could not put it down until I finished the book.This book is not hard SF It is,however,a finely crafted book with a plausible world view and characters that have a good deal [...]

  11. Very solid SciFi Adventure I enjoyed this story, I liked and felt with most of the characters some very likable and some were complex, like Isonda The pace was good and the world building was done with some creativity, though it reminded me a bit of Star Wars Episodes I to III with the old fashioned traditions and customs combined with fantastical high tech I deducted a point for the bit lackluster romance part I didn t feel the love The feelings between Corinth, her little brother, and the pro [...]

  12. I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.Lately, I ve had this really bad habit of receiving fantastic looking books, making plans to read them as soon as possible, and then ignoring said plans And almost every single time, when I finally get round to the books, I wonder why it took me so long The Empress Game was another fine example of this.The focus of the story is the Empress Game itself, but it was so muc [...]

  13. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WHAT JUST HAPPENED DID IT SERIOUSLY JUST END LIKE THAT CAN T BELIEVE IT I NEED THE NEXT BOOK RIGHT NOW This book was amazing It managed to got me on board the train from the very first page, and by the end of the ride, I was left in a daze Wow I will definitely be reading the next book of the series once it comes out Really enjoyed the setting of the romance in the book It was not rushed It proceeds slowly and actually get a chance to develop, unlike some books that just left [...]

  14. This was a pretty good story that was on its way to a solid 4 stars until the end An unknown pit fighter is recruited to impersonate a princess in the Empress Game to crown the new ruler I liked the background of our protagonist, Kayla and the tech that was used to allow her to pull off this con was interesting This is a good popcorn type book with good action and some interesting political intrigue But there was a flip flop with some decisions by Kayla at the end that I just couldn t get past 6 [...]

  15. Think The Hunger Games meets Double Star with a dash of Tristan and Isolde.The wonder is not that I rated this book so low, but that I finished it The setup is hokey, plot is derivative, and characters are cardboard But I did read it all because Mason s storytelling is wonderful Her prose is compelling and just when you re starting to wonder why you re still reading this, she throws a curve.Probably the only worse way to choose a ruler than heredity is combat Oh, and all the contestants for The [...]

  16. The centre of the cover and the absolute star of the book is Kayla Reunimon a.k.a Shadow Panthe I adored Kayla She is a fantastic character, both as Kayla and in her persona of Shadow Panthe Much of what defines Kayla and by extension Shadow, is her family past and her fierce protectiveness of her little brother, Corinth Kayla fled her home world with Corinth after seeing most of her family killed by a traitorous scientist from her home system of Wyrd space I loved the setup of the Ordochian Emp [...]

  17. Disclaimer I attended Seton Hill University s Writing Popular Fiction graduate program with the author and consider her a friend I purchased this book for full price, though I had the luck to snag it at a book signing a few days before the official release.I read space opera, but I mostly read space opera by one particular author Catherine Asaro s Skolian Empire series , because I measure all else by that standard.Now I read space opera by two authors.Despite the use of game in the title and the [...]

  18. Visitors to this blog will most definitely have realised by now that I love a good ol bit of science fiction Book, movie, television show, I m not fussed which form of media it takes as long as it grips me.Well The Empress Game by Rhonda Mason is a book that falls in to that genre and comes with a fair bit of talk and hype around it I must admit that I wasn t familiar with her work so I came in to this book with a fairly open mind.Apparently this is going to be the first novel in a trilogy and i [...]

  19. AMAZING I m in a space opera romance phase and to find female pov are pretty rare Kayla is a badass,loyal,strong,thoughtful,smart,rational,real character who have to deal with overwhelming situations and she makes wise choices Malkon is a great character with his own disputes and hard choices and his growth to understand where his loyalty should lay is amazing.The book is action packed, so many different situations the bloody pit, the empress game,political alliances,rescues,betrayals and of cou [...]

  20. A space opera fantasy in which our heroine, Kayla, is a deposed Princess whose family was killed in a coup sponsored by the nasty Galactic Empire, and who s currently hiding with her psionic little brother among a wretched hive of scum and villainy, making a living by gladiatorial combat Improbably, those combat skillz get her recruited to impersonate another Princess in the Hunger For Power Games of Royalty to determine the new Empress This is space fantasty the way Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote i [...]

  21. I ll try to describe this novel without using the done to death term kick ass There s action, for sure, intrigue, adventure, and a dash of romance But not that swoony, hearts flowers mushy stuff Characters especially Kayla are vivid and just off center enough to be unique Although it s space opera, most of the action takes place planetside, but there s so much going on you won t miss it The most refreshing thing I found about this novel is the subtle world building No info dumps, every little ti [...]

  22. Mason revives the space opera genre with a compelling, heart wrenching, character driven plot that will keep you on your seat s edge, turning every page long into the night From the very first page we re committed to Kayla Reinumon s struggles to hide from a hostile galactic empire that had slaughtered her royal family Barely eking out a life as a pit fighter on the fringes of the empire, her efforts to stay out of sight come into jeopardy when she s unwillingly drafted by a government faction t [...]

  23. Quite enjoyed this, read it pretty quickly.Despite other reviews, this is not about a fight to the death of the contestants it s point based sparring, with the best two out of three winning the match , and the winner of the contest does not become the ruler of the Empire The winner marries the heir to the Emperor, and will become the Empress apparent, but in the very complex political system of this empire, she will only be one member of a Council with 7 members A lot of personal wealth and poli [...]

  24. OMG This is the space opera I have been waiting for ever since I finished Elizabeth Moon s Familias Serrano Suiza series This is a shining example of everything right about my favorite genre.

  25. Loved this book It has been a while since I ve read a proper story filled with enough twists and turns to keep me on my toes Can t wait for the next one.

  26. Okay so a surprising amount of insta love, which I didn t see coming For all the complaining grown up readers do about YA love triangles and Insta love, I keep thinking I ll get nuanced approaches to forgiveness and romance than I do Cool world, I care deeply about the characters some of the characters , I want to know what happens next I m just grumpy about the victory conditions of the ending.

  27. Bookworm Speaks The Empress Game The Empress Game Trilogy Book 1by Rhonda MasonAcquired Barnes and Nobel BooksellersSeries The Empress Game Trilogy Paperback 352 PagesPublisher Titan BooksLanguage EnglishSubject Fiction The Story One seat on the intergalactic Sakien Empire s supreme ruling body, the Council of Seven, remains unfilled that of the Empress Apparent The seat isn t won by votes or marriage It s won in a tournament of ritualized combat Now the tournament, the Empress Game, has been ca [...]

  28. 3.5 stars I went into The Empress Game expecting a space opera While this is being classified as one, and in some aspects it is, it didn t feel like one when I was reading it It read like an other world fantasy one that wasn t all that original However, I was immediately drawn into the story and I liked it even if it lacked some depth and originality The Empress Game is a tournament where the winner gets to be well, the Empress I did not think this to be a very plausible way for an Emperor to c [...]

  29. The Empress Game is a space opera featuring an all lady combat tournament, a group of outsiders who possess mental powers, and a massive political conspiracy several, actually If that doesn t make you want to read this book, just dive into the first chapter and within a few minutes, you ll be hooked.The Empress Game starts out with a punch, introducing us to our badass main character Kayla in the most awesome way possible I absolutely love that opening fight scene There are plenty after that a [...]

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