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Twenty Questions for Gloria

Free Read Twenty Questions for Gloria - by Martyn Bedford Free Read Twenty Questions for Gloria - by Martyn Bedford - Twenty Questions for Gloria, Twenty Questions for Gloria It started with an appearance not a disappearance Gloria is tired of her ordinary life An unadventurous teenager she barely remembers the free spirited child she used to be So when a mysterious new

  • Title: Twenty Questions for Gloria
  • Author: Martyn Bedford
  • ISBN: 9780553539394
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Twenty Questions for Gloria - by Martyn Bedford, Twenty Questions for Gloria, Martyn Bedford, Twenty Questions for Gloria It started with an appearance not a disappearance Gloria is tired of her ordinary life An unadventurous teenager she barely remembers the free spirited child she used to be So when a mysterious new boy strolls into school bent on breaking all the rules Gloria is ready to fall under his spell Uman is funny confident and smart He does what he wants without a care fo

Twenty Questions for Gloria

Free Read Twenty Questions for Gloria - by Martyn Bedford Free Read Twenty Questions for Gloria - by Martyn Bedford - Twenty Questions for Gloria, Twenty Questions for Gloria It started with an appearance not a disappearance Gloria is tired of her ordinary life An unadventurous teenager she barely remembers the free spirited child she used to be So when a mysterious new Twenty Questions for Gloria

  • Free Read Twenty Questions for Gloria - by Martyn Bedford
    482Martyn Bedford
Twenty Questions for Gloria

480 Comment Twenty Questions for Gloria

  1. This is one of those books where I find myself wondering, So what s the point Spoilers ahead MaybeOh wait That was all Soooo, that was literally what I just read This was a book about a fifteen year old tired of her oh so unadventurous life So when she meets a boy who doesn t give two shits about anything, she goes off with him and realizes what it s like to live the life of adventure The whole book is literally about a stupid MC named Gloria who travels around and lives life with a boy named Um [...]

  2. The synopsis for 20 Questions for Gloria reads as a teenage version of Gone Girl teenager goes missing, suddenly reappears, and in bits and pieces we discover what has happened to her on this journey But where Gone Girl was a psychological thriller, 20 Questions is a discovery into the teenage mind Gloria is bored of being the teenager, of having to be unique whilst trying to fit in Of doing the same thing day in and day out Of having to finish school, get a degree, get married, buy a house, and [...]

  3. Le uniche persone che esistono per me sono i pazzi, i pazzi di voglia di vivere, di parole, di salvezza, i pazzi del tutto e subito, quelli che non sbadigliano mai e non dicono mai banalit ma bruciano, bruciano, bruciano Tutta la verit su Gloria Ellis un titolo sbagliato, Venti domande per Gloria sicuramente meglio dato che il libro raccontato principalmente a interrogatorio e ogni capitolo una domanda fondamentale per Gloria.Ha solo quindici anni questa ragazzina, ma sveglia e non ama la sua vi [...]

  4. E ese es mi resumen.Pintaba muy bien, ten a una trama interesante, con una reflexiones muy bonitas y puesda.El final me ha dejado fr a e indiferente.

  5. Veinte preguntas para Gloria es una novela que me ha gustado pero tampoco ha sido del todo lo que yo esperaba Me ha gustado ese misterio y suspense que rodeaba a la trama pero me ha faltado agilidad y un poco ritmo en la novela Creo que no se llegan dar todas las respuestas a las inc gnitas que se presentan a lo largo de la novela y me ha dado la sensaci n de que he acabado el libro sin conocer a Gloria y a Uman pr cticamente Me llevo un sabor de boca un poco agridulce porque no voy a negar que [...]

  6. I m giving this a 1.5 star rating I usually don t have a problem with girls with special snowflake syndrome but I really hated this one Gloria was thoughtless and selfish for what she did to her parents, running off with a guy she barely knew And she s 15 And this was horribly paced I mean it went by at a snail s pace only for you to discover that this giant secret was not that great Quite lame actually So yeah, I did not enjoy this

  7. No es una mala historia, pinta interesante y realmente est llena de misterio, pero noto en ella ciertas incoherencias y a un personaje femenino con una falta de personalidad tremenda l, sin embargo, me ha gustado No est mal, pero tampoco va a pasar a la historia como una gran novela.Rese a arte literario 2016 08

  8. Esperaba algo m s para ser la versi n adolescente de perdida Me pareci m s el diario de un viaje.

  9. Gloria is a 15 year old girl suffering from an early onslaught of ennui from life Her parents didn t seem to care one way or another about her And though they would protest otherwise, their actions speak to the contrary Some days, Gloria didn t care But lately, she s been having a difficult time ignoring the resounding loneliness that echoed in the hallways of their home.Then Uman showed up a mysterious specimen of a boy Tall, lanky, and handsome in an effeminate way Intelligent with charisma th [...]

  10. I was sent this book by Walker Books after requesting it as an arc I didn t have huge expectations for it, but decided to give it a try and I m so glad that I did The main characters were written so beautifully Gloria is such a naive 15 year old who fell in love within a couple days I loved being able to read her perspective on the story including her thoughts and life experiences Uman is perceived as a kidnapper and manipulator by Gloria s mum and police interviewer, but Gloria sees him as noth [...]

  11. Aimed at young readers aged 14 and over, this new novel from Martyn Bedford is less high octane thriller and a sensitively written, contemplative account of the trials and tribulations of teenage life Gloria is sick and tired of her mundane life, each day blending into the other but along comes Uman, this exotic creature whose clothes, vocabulary and general demeanour are unlike anything she s experienced before He s a breath of fresh air, no, make that a hurricane and Gloria lets herself get s [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this book It is told over the course of a series of interviews given by Gloria after a series of events You know something had gone wrong but you re not quite sure what especially as Gloria strikes as a fairly unreliable narrator I was hooked from the get go wanting to know Parts of it reminded me of that tv show that was on recently called hunted where ordinary people when on the run with the goal of staying off the grid for as long as possible whilst a team of experts tried t [...]

  13. Mmmm Iniziato sembrava interessante, poi salito il nervoso Lo so, lo so, parliamo di protagonisti quindicenni, di fughe, di ribellioni Ci sta , si suol dire Per io non ce la posso proprio fare Per ogni dettaglio che apprezzavo mille mi irritavano e quindi non sono riuscita ad apprezzarlo fino in fondo Piccolo appunto il messaggio finale, seppur positivo, non mi ha lasciato nulla di che Anzi, mi sembrato quasi una presa in giro rispetto a tutto ci che avevo appena letto.

  14. 20 vragen voor Gloria sprak me allereerst vanwege de mooie cover aan Ook de omschrijving maakte me nieuwsgierig Bovendien las ik ergens dat het een psychologische thriller is en daar houd ik wel van Lees mijn recensie om erachter te komen of dat ook zo is bibliofem recensie 20 vrage

  15. It s a simple story yet it s not Uman is a most engaging character and the past events of his life help to explain why he behaves as he does The conversation during Gloria s interview sounds natural and realistic for a fifteen year old girl talking to adults, and is very different from the way she talks to Uman, which is what you would expect As you read on, you can feel what s happening to her Quite intense It s very clever writing and draws you in An excellent YA book which this old bird reall [...]

  16. Recensione qui ilibrisonounantidotoallatristeGloria annoiata dalla sua vita, uguale a quella di tante altre ragazze della sua et Scuola, studio, uscite con le amiche, bisticci con i genitori Nella piccola citt di provincia in cui cresciuta non sembra mai esserci nulla di nuovo e i giorni scorrono uguali, uno dopo l altro, facendola sprofondare nella noia e nell apatia Fino a che non arriva Uman Lui diverso da tutti gli altri Le basta uno sguardo per capirlo E bello, brillante, sicuro di s Sembra [...]

  17. Ever since reading Flip, I ve been a Martyn Bedford fan I must still sit still for long enough to read his second Young Adult novel, but the third, Twenty questions for Gloria kept me busy over the last week or so.Gloria Ellis 15 disappeared for a period of about 15 days with a school friend, Uman, a boy with a troubled past who came into the school shortly before the disappearance Once she comes home, the police represented by D.I Katharine Ryan interviews her thoroughly in the presence of her [...]

  18. I received a copy of Twenty Questions for Gloria from Walker Books Australia to review I saw this was a psychological thriller and was really excited to read it I love psychological thrillers.But I m not sure I d call this a psychological thriller at all The definition of a psychological thriller is a thriller story which emphasizes the unstable psychological and emotional states of its characters So okay, yes Uman is a little damaged but I think that s from what his father did I m not sure what [...]

  19. La historia engancha much simo y la cr tica tiene raz n en decir que es la versi n adolescente de Perdida de Gillian Flynn, pero con un tinte much simo menos tortuoso y psic tico con un romance entre Gloria y Uman que podr a calificarse como un Young Adult light y con un instalove camuflado por las circunstancias y por la necesidad de Gloria de contar con alguien en su vida como Uman, alguien que le anime a romper con la monoton a que la estaba matando y a buscar por s misma una aventura para re [...]

  20. Pazzi di vita e di tutto insiemeFantastico romanzo a met strada tra lo young adult e il thriller psicologico Il romanzo di Martyn Bedford narra la fuga di Gloria e Uman, partendo dalla fine della loro storia on the road La detective, che si occupa della loro misteriosa scomparsa, deve rimettere insieme tutti i tasselli per portare a galla la verit prima che sia troppo tardi un romanzo introspettivo e psicologico Le idee di Jack Kerouac, in TUTTA LA VERITA SU GLORIA ELLIS, sono ancora attualissim [...]

  21. Check out the full review here confessionsofabookgeek 201I assumed this would be a YA suspense story or thriller, and while it does have suspenseful elements, I wasn t prepared for the beauty of the writing, or for Bedford s story telling style This was a solid YA suspense novel, with a little contemporary romance, and a dash of writing that at times seemed John Green esque.Gloria s story unfolds through her answering Police interview questions, which explains both the present day scenario and a [...]

  22. I don t really know how to rate this book.It was sad and sweet and the ending was inevitable , but I wanted it to end differently All I can say is that the books Twenty Questions for Gloria is compared in the blurb are way off The Mara Dyer Trilogy is a fun , paranormal romance romp This was most definitely not that.Stolen by Lucy Christopher is a story about a girl who gets abducted in an airport terminal There was no abductions or stockholm syndrome in this novel.I read only the beginning chap [...]

  23. I enjoyed the start of the story with the mysterious new student Uman starting school and his arrogant way of dealing with teachers who tried to control him The story about two teenage runaways held my interest.

  24. 3.5 Estrellas Un libro interesante, que no cuenta como Gloria cambia su vida despu s de conocer a Uman El autor crea un aura de misterio en torno al protagonista, y nos hace dudar de sus intenciones, pero sabe mantener el inter s y a mi me gusto el final.

  25. Realistisch geschreven en je ziet hoe een meisje eigenlijk psychologisch be nvloed wordt door een jongen die laks omgaat met de wereld Einde was mij niet bevredigend, erg open en erg zwak na de opbouwende spanning.

  26. Yes it s a gripping mystery, but it also hints at bittersweet nostalgia and sadness.Lor, as narrative MC, has a clear and hopeful voice Her wistfulness butts up against her pragmatism in all sorts of interesting ways.

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