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Revenge Best Read || [Lisa Jackson] Revenge Best Read || [Lisa Jackson] - Revenge, Revenge Dear Reader In the early s I visited eastern Oregon for the first time Inspired by its breathtaking scenery I wrote Love Letters a trilogy about a town called Rimrock whose secrets come to ligh

  • Title: Revenge
  • Author: Lisa Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781420136036
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback

Revenge Best Read || [Lisa Jackson], Revenge, Lisa Jackson, Revenge Dear Reader In the early s I visited eastern Oregon for the first time Inspired by its breathtaking scenery I wrote Love Letters a trilogy about a town called Rimrock whose secrets come to light when the patriarch of its wealthiest family is murdered Now here it is collected in one volume with a new cover and a new title Revenge Over the years Jonah McKee acDear Reader In the e


Revenge Best Read || [Lisa Jackson] Revenge Best Read || [Lisa Jackson] - Revenge, Revenge Dear Reader In the early s I visited eastern Oregon for the first time Inspired by its breathtaking scenery I wrote Love Letters a trilogy about a town called Rimrock whose secrets come to ligh Revenge

  • Revenge Best Read || [Lisa Jackson]
    225Lisa Jackson

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  1. I ve been reading Lisa Jackson for years d she is one of my favourite romantic suspense authors.I have enjoyed most of her bookse my reviews of a lot of her novelsd as I hadn t read The Love Letters Trilogy when they were first published in the 90 s, decided to delve into yet another of her well written stories.Sadly, the repackaged 3 books into one, Revenge, was a bit of a letdown The trilogy is about the rich McKee family who live in and control the small town of Rimrock, Oregon and how the de [...]

  2. I ve just finished reading Revenge Love Letters 1 3 by Lisa Jackson The book is a re issue of Love Letters published by Harlequin in January of 2000 Since I hadn t read that book, I can t say if any material has been added or deleted from the original work Revenge is a series of 3 stories following the McKee family of Rimrock Oregon The patriarch, Jonah McKee was a domineering controlling chauvinist with an unsavory reputation After Jonah s death, his children discover how he had manipulated the [...]

  3. ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When I love an authors later romantic suspense books generally I love an authors early work too Tami Hoag and Suzanne Brockmann are excellent examples of this I love Lisa Jackson s later books and we shall see if that holds true for this trilogy from the 1990 s.What will an iron handed parent do to his children to insure they do what he feels is best for them When Jonah dies his three children, Max, Jenner and Casey mus [...]

  4. After the death of Jonah McKee his wife is convinced it was not an accident but that he was murdered Now she has hired a private investigator to prove it Max, his first son, Jenner, the second born and Casey their baby sister do not want to believe that is true As each part of the book revolves around one of Jonah s children and how he has manipulated their lives ending with Casey and a threat to her life Not as much of a mystery as I would have liked but all in all a good read I would like to t [...]

  5. I am not a fan of repackaged books.If I have already read it, or its been on the market before and it is reintroduced like a brand new book, forget it Romantic suspense with heavy petting, breaking up, getting back together, I can honestly say I found it quite tedious to read I did stay with it, but I was definitely glad when I finished them.I love Lisa Jackson s books, but not this earlier editionThank you for my copy from Kensington Books via Net Galley

  6. I grabbed this book at the airport thinking it was a Lisa Gardner book Big mistake Now I m stuck with it for five plus hours A man dies, and a lot of heavy petting ensues I had to slog through hundreds of pages of the same parting of lips, etc intermingled with a lot of breaking up and getting back together, just to find out whodunnit By the time I found out, I really didn t care any.

  7. Kensington Books and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.An early trilogy of Lisa Jackson s originally called Love letters, Revenge is the collection repackaged under a new title Max always knew that his father, Jonas Phineas McKee, was a manipulator, but the evidence he finds after his father s fatal car accident astonishes him Jonas drove away the love of Max s life, Skye Donahue Now she is back, taking over Doctor Fletcher s practice as [...]

  8. Three chapters in and I now understand why this book was 80% off Lisa Jackson can t write, and apparently no one s been honest enough to tell her to find a different job The inane dialogue made me want to hang myself I actually had to check that a I hadn t mistakenly downloaded something from the YA genre and b Lisa Jackson wasn t also the author of The Babysitters Club which I also never read because the title is grammatically incorrect, as it s missing an apostrophe I digress The point is, Jac [...]

  9. 3.5 stars.I have been a fan of Jackson s for years Revenge is a repackaged edition of her Harlequin Love Letters books I enjoyed the revisit to Jackson s earlier books They are shorter in length and the suspense may not be as complex as her current mainstream suspense, but they still are an good way to fit some good romantic suspense into a few evenings I liked the way the siblings joined together to find their father s killer as well as find their happily ever after That s why Jackson s writing [...]

  10. I thought this was a mystery mistakenly but it was a romance I m not a fan of romance but even given that, I gave it a try Wish I had not Very cheesy and trite.

  11. Always great.Lisa s books are always great I love her characters and all her stories Her books always leave me wanting .

  12. Repitive, poorly edited too much soft pornRevenge is 3 distinct yet related romance novels made into one book Each new section focuses on a love starved stubborn sibling with a murder mystery spanning all three Each section rehashes the love and temper of the preceding sections as if they were separate books, making for redundant yet often erroneous text Frequently the book contradicts itself stating one brother is undone by the one love in his life but in the next section he has no recollection [...]

  13. I was disappointed with this book as I read it I couldn t help but think it read like a Harlequin Romance No wonder it was originally published as three Love Letters for Harlequin I did like the setting of Rimrock having been to Oregon and Washington, I enjoyed the scenery and some of the descriptions of the rural small town life Briefly this is the story of the rich McKee family and the difficult to believe plot of revenge against the family First story is about Max, the eldest son second story [...]

  14. It s actually 3 books and they are like Harlequin Romances A is for Always Skye has returned to town as a full fledged Doctor and without his Father in the way Max is free to court her, apparently the fact she can t have kids doesn t bother him at all Too bad Jonah chases her out of town all those years ago B is for Baby Jenner who was injured in a barn fire finds a reason to live when a woman he doesn t remember Beth returns to town with his son in tow C is for Cowboy when Casey is kidnapped J [...]

  15. Didn t realize it was a trilogy at first, but overall good story I really like how although it is technically 3 different stories with 3 different viewpoints, they all end up weaving together to be happening at the same time, just from different perspectives with details as you read each separate story.

  16. Enjoyable reading Not initially knowing this was a reissue of a series of three books to onee length was intimidating I m glad I stuck with it as it was an unforgettable story of two brothers and their sister on a ranch in Oregon Well worth the read.

  17. A Very good read I enjoyed the continuing story among the three book sections I would have preferred a little resolution on the motives if the criminal, but still liked the book overall Perhaps, there could be another book of the McKees Rocking M Ranch

  18. I thought it would be intriguing than it was I gues if I had read each book by itself then it might have kept my attention than it did Put together it was just too long and love story than I like

  19. In the early 1990s a higher matriarch is murdered this story is about who did it and why Great read.

  20. This one has just the right amount of romance with page turning suspense It will keep you reading well in to the night.

  21. Not my favorite book, mostly because I didn t know it was three books in one, with a lot of repeat info in the chapters Might not read any of this author.

  22. Three books, One family.Too many friends, One enemy.Romance, suspense,affection and most importantly revenge Suspense will eat you up readers

  23. As usual, there was a multi generational dysfunctional wealthy family in this book Unfortunately, the romances of 3 couples took up a good deal of the pages I would prefer to not have that.

  24. It was good.I liked the book but it was predictable But I finished it anyway I knew what was basically going to happen.

  25. I liked the three different stories aboutthe family members enjoyed the book couldn t put it down thank youfive stare loved it the family was very intresting Lisa Jackson can tell a great story loved it thanks I love

  26. I enjoy Lisa Jackson s works, but have never read anything as early in her writing as this combined and renamed trilogy from the 1990 s This early work shows the promise that she has developed and finely honed in the years since.Each section of the trilogy book is about the impact an iron willed parent, Jonah McKee, a man well known, both loved and hated, but always a force to be reckoned with in the town of Rimrock, Oregon, had on the life of one of his children Jonah was a master manipulator o [...]

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