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The Heart of Hannen

[PDF] The Heart of Hannen | by ✓ Fawn Bonning [PDF] The Heart of Hannen | by ✓ Fawn Bonning - The Heart of Hannen, The Heart of Hannen Christine a troubled teen with a dark past is miserable in her small town Shadowed in shame she feels destined to live her lonely life as an outcast She has no idea that her true destiny lies in a

  • Title: The Heart of Hannen
  • Author: Fawn Bonning
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Heart of Hannen | by ✓ Fawn Bonning, The Heart of Hannen, Fawn Bonning, The Heart of Hannen Christine a troubled teen with a dark past is miserable in her small town Shadowed in shame she feels destined to live her lonely life as an outcast She has no idea that her true destiny lies in a different town in a different world a most brutal world called Atriia There she learns the true meaning of misery the true meaning of loneliness the true meaning of shaChristine

The Heart of Hannen

[PDF] The Heart of Hannen | by ✓ Fawn Bonning [PDF] The Heart of Hannen | by ✓ Fawn Bonning - The Heart of Hannen, The Heart of Hannen Christine a troubled teen with a dark past is miserable in her small town Shadowed in shame she feels destined to live her lonely life as an outcast She has no idea that her true destiny lies in a The Heart of Hannen

  • [PDF] The Heart of Hannen | by ✓ Fawn Bonning
    200Fawn Bonning
The Heart of Hannen

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  1. The Heart of Hannen is billed as an adult Fantasy Romance Adult as in 18 , not Adult as in XXX I think it falls in the Horror category The last thing I read that was this twisted was my last Stephen King novel Seventeen year old Christine is the town psycho and can t find a way to fit in with her family or her classmates When she finds herself quite literally in another world Atriia , she realizes that her life was actually pretty good and she didn t appreciate what she had She then risks every [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this book I must say I first judged it by its cover, thinking it might not be so well written, but I was very mistaken It was fantastic I loved the story and the characters I was a bit confused at first with the new language , but then I got the hang of it Afterwards I noticed there was a glossary at the end It was dark, dramatic and sad, but also very touching Of course, I wish I could have changed the ending and maybe have see a bit of a couple of characters, but it was still [...]

  3. Many thanks to the author, who provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review First thing I need to tell you about Heart of Hannen Don t judge this book by the cover Once you get into the story, you will notice that the current cover does fit the characters to a T I would still suggest a snazzier cover, just for selling power A lot of people do judge books by their covers, and they would be missing a great story if they passed this one over just because of the cover.Heart of [...]

  4. I won a copy of this book from a giveaway posted on I really enjoyed this book It s fantasy, action, suspense, romance and so much all rolled into a really good book story Christine is so afraid to be happy whether she is in our world or Atriia She is so fragile, yet so strong at the same time The world of Atriia and all her characters was so well written that I could picture all of it clearly in my mind This is a great story with wonderful characters I started reading very late in the evening [...]

  5. Wow This book is so totally cool I wasn t sure I would like it because the beginning seemed really dark but the story built from there and it sure was great I never thought it dragged or was boring Christine Crista is much stronger than she thinks and she gets thru all the difficulties that appear in her life I was a little put off when I had to keep refering to the dictionary to understand what was going on but I couldn t believe how quickly I became accustomed to the new language It sure gave [...]

  6. While I think the language barrier will be an issue for many readers, I have to say, I m blown away Very reminiscent of early Stephen King and possibly Peter Straub, this is fantasy and horror and romance and adventure, all beautifully intermingled.Don t be put off by the cartoonish cover this was stunningly, beautifully executed, effed up twists and all 5 5, full review to follow, and I pray, PRAY, that there is to be a sequel.

  7. The Heart of Hannen is one of the better adult Fantasy Romance I have read in recent years Reading this book page by page has brought much thrill and passion to my somewhat casual life Kudos to Fawn Bonning for such a dark yet exciting novel.

  8. Im usually not a fan of romance type novels, but this was pretty good It had a good flow I would recommend as a good, quick read firstreads winner

  9. I am a bit conflicted about what rating to give this book because of my preconceived notions about what this book might be about, and.well, I was half right and half wrong.I wasn t really put off by the different language as there was a handy dictionary at the back to help me out and I did notice that it is not very extensive missing words and this made me a bit frustrated at that However, after getting used to itI sort of figured out the gist of it anyway I also don t really get the nightmares [...]

  10. Book Title The Heart of HannenAuthor Fawn BonningPublished By Old Line PublishingGenre Horror Paranormal RomanceRecommended Age 18 Reviewed By Emily Tuley AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating 5 RavensI won this book from library thing after trying repeatedly on their previous two giveaways When I could not get a copy that way I was about ready to buy the book when finally I won a copy So thanks first to library thing and the author for picking me and g [...]

  11. Wow Not what I expected With The Heart of Hannen, Fawn Bonning created quite a fantasy adventure I was enthralled the whole way through I wish I could have read it faster, but as a mother that s not always possible.Our main MC, Christa, after a swim in her pond out back, ends up in a different world, one that they call Atriia It differs from our world, with it s language and animals They also seem like the people from back in the day without technology They don t have phones and stuff, but the [...]

  12. What the hell happened here This book had such an original sounding premise but it was a hot, hot, steaming mess.Christine Christa, the main character, is at best a girl with Major Issues and at worst certifiably insane I can go along with going a little crazy at, um, transferring dimensions no other way to put it, I guess into a radically patriarchal society, but Christine s episodes were like psychotic breaks than difficulty adjusting She would be fine if a little mouthy one minute, and hallu [...]

  13. This is a boo a bout s girl named Christine stuck in the past by a traumatized experience Her friends and family didn t really help either However, while swimming in a lake, she is transported into a whole new world Heart of Hannen is a fascinating story with many powerful intriguing characters Christine is a strong heroine though it s not apparent at first because of the many scars she carries I must admit that, in the beginning, I had a bit of trouble staying interested There was a lot of Chri [...]

  14. I got this book as from as a giveaway.For the most part, I really enjoyed this book I read it in just two days and once I got used to the Astriian language, I really loved that as well The storyline is great, I really liked reading about this new world and came to wanting to turn page after page even though I should have been asleep hours ago.There are just a few things that bothered me a bit however There are so many dream sequences with little difference in text between them, so that you canno [...]

  15. I have been hesitating for almost a week between 3 and 4 stars Actually, I still am, but I am feeling guilty for posting this review so late Just thought I should write it, and then, I can take a few days and decide The book is the story of Christine, 17, small, sad and angry She does not like her life with some reasons, no friends, no ideas about her future, meaning what college to go to, and she was assaulted a few years ago and killed the aggressor She wants to escape her small town where eve [...]

  16. I received this book from GoodReads giveaways along with The Leader of Lors Usually, this is not my type of literature so it took me almost 1 2 way through until I could really get into it Once 1 2 way through the novel I got really into it along with the characters and could not put it down It also took me awhile to grasp the language until I realized the dictionary for it was at the end of the novel Would recommend for Young Adults if they are interested in the fantasy romance.

  17. I received this book as a First Reads book from GoodReads This is not my usual genre and I wasn t certain how I would like it It needs a new cover, but does prove the old axiom about judging a book by its cover It s a complex storyline with many twists I was surprised by the ending, and am very glad there are books to the series as it was not completely tied up at the end All on all, I m happy that I gave it a chance and would definitely recommend this author.

  18. Heart StoppingThe story you can t put down It s well written fantasy How often have you wished to be somewhere else Christine gets her wish but, it s nothing she could ever imagine From danger to danger, lives lost and found, betrayal after betrayal everything and everyone is suspect The characters are rich and vivid Deception abound through devastating circumstances and greater love in the mix This book will make your heart race and break Excellent read.

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