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In Bitter Chill

Free Read In Bitter Chill - by SarahWard Free Read In Bitter Chill - by SarahWard - In Bitter Chill, In Bitter Chill In a small town in Derbyshire England is traumatised by the kidnapping of two young schoolgirls One girl Rachel is later found unharmed but unable to remember anything except that her abducto

  • Title: In Bitter Chill
  • Author: SarahWard
  • ISBN: 9781466878082
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook

Free Read In Bitter Chill - by SarahWard, In Bitter Chill, SarahWard, In Bitter Chill In a small town in Derbyshire England is traumatised by the kidnapping of two young schoolgirls One girl Rachel is later found unharmed but unable to remember anything except that her abductor was a woman Over thirty years later the mother of the still missing Sophie commits suicide Superintendent Llewellyn who was a young constable on the case asks DI FrIn a

In Bitter Chill

Free Read In Bitter Chill - by SarahWard Free Read In Bitter Chill - by SarahWard - In Bitter Chill, In Bitter Chill In a small town in Derbyshire England is traumatised by the kidnapping of two young schoolgirls One girl Rachel is later found unharmed but unable to remember anything except that her abducto In Bitter Chill

  • Free Read In Bitter Chill - by SarahWard
In Bitter Chill

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  1. In Bitter Chill is one of the type of novels I love when done really well, where the past invades the present and old secrets come to light in the case of this, Sarah Ward s debut it was really beautifully atmospheric, with some well drawn characters and a terribly compelling story.Mostly I identified with Rachel, she has a sharp edgy feel to her as a character, I connected to her emotionally very quickly She also provided a fascinating theme running through the narrative that of family tree, fa [...]

  2. This is an impressive debut novel by Sarah Ward, who puts a new delicious spin on a missing child case.The story takes us to 1978, where two eight year old girls are kidnapped in broad daylight Only one child manages to escape, with Sophie remaining missing presumed dead Rachel, now in her forties, has managed to move on from the past and is a genealogist She has fragmented memories about the kidnapping Sophie s mother commits suicide, which triggers Rachel s search for answers DI Sadler and DC [...]

  3. This is Sarah Ward s debut novel, you wouldn t believe it if you read it, its so well written I found the first bit hard going, but that isn t any reflection on the author because sometimes the very best of the best books I have come across have been slow picking up and thenWHAMthis one is the same.Two girls kidnapped, one escapes The one that escaped is now many years older, but she still reflects on what happened and wonder where her friend was, no one knew, did she live did she die The mother [...]

  4. Two young girls are kidnapped, one returns unharmed, the other presumed dead I found the beginning a little slow but once it got going it is an incredible read The main characters Sandler and Connie were very believable and had a great working relationship and complemented each other There are many family secrets contained in this book and this just adds to the suspense, a very good psychological thriller.

  5. Two young children are kidnapped, only one comes home Many years later the mother of the missing child is found dead and the police try to find what happened not only to the mother but by using different techniques take another crack at solving the abduction An interesting start to what is hopefully a long lived series.

  6. In Bitter Chill turned out to be a terrific debut from Sarah Ward.Based on a kidnapping that took place in 1978 it flips between present day and 1978 which was easy to follow A kidnapping of two young girls on their way to school, one was discovered walking the road sometime after, the other disappeared.Cut to present day, a suicide takes place which then triggers an investigation into the events of 1978 How are the cases linked, indeed, are they And that really sums up the premise of the story [...]

  7. Two eight year old girls go missing one morning on their way to school One returns, while the other is never seen again This book held such great potential, but it never quite measured up I was 100 150 pages in and still wondering when things were going to start happening It s only a 311 page book, and it isn t until the last 30 40 pages that things start to come together, but by then, I was so confused, I didn t really care any, and the grand reveal did not have the jaw dropping effect I m sure [...]

  8. With a thought provoking and atmospheric blend of police procedural and psychological thriller, Sarah Ward will quickly establish herself as a name to watch in the crime fiction genre Drawing on her experience as a seasoned crime reviewer, Ward has carefully crafted a thriller that will appeal to fans of the British and Scandinavian crime genre, with an extremely character driven novel, that pivots between an historic child abduction case in the 70 s, and the ramifications of this thirty years o [...]

  9. Two young girls are abducted in 1978 one returns, the other remains missing Rachel Jones, the one who came back, still bears the psychological scars from her ordeal over 30 years before She doesn t trust people and doesn t let anyone get too close When a suicide and then a murder follow in quick succession, it doesn t take long before there is speculation as to whether these events are connected to the abduction.The present day story is set in a cold and wintry Derbyshire village, the snow and i [...]

  10. In Bitter Chill A Superb DebutSarah Ward has written one of the best debuts novels in the thriller genre of 2015 that delivers on all levels for the reader The feeling that you get from In Bitter Chill is that if it were not based in Derbyshire it could easily pass as Nordic Noir, there are certainly influences there In Bitter Chill is dark with a mixture of disturbing love, loss as well as a personal trauma , the characterisation is sympathetic but there is a stunning mix of suspense, mystery a [...]

  11. n Bitter Chill is the debut novel of crime blogger Sarah Ward She runs the very active Crimepieces blog where she reviews crime novels She is also one of the judges for the Petrona Award for the best Scandinavian Crime Novel All this gives her a very good grounding to write her own novel, and it has.In Bitter Chill is a solid Debut It is set in two timelines, the here and now and back in 1978 when the two girls were abducted.What I liked about reading the 1978 timeline was should I say this reme [...]

  12. Many thanks to NetGalley and publisher for advancing me a copy of In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward in exchange for an honest review.Is it possible to like the plot and characters, yet find same to be mundane This is a novel that took me a while to get into as it was a bit slow I love a good mystery and this one definitely intrigued me From the start when a body is discovered in a hotel, a plethora of events begin to unravel with a slew of characters emerging that are all interwoven While I thought [...]

  13. What a cracking debut from Sarah Ward This is a really engrossing read that cleverly draws you into the lives of the main characters You are soon absorbed in their investigations to solve the puzzle of what really took place This is an easy book to recommend if you love a good British police crime investigation.We are in Bampton a small town in Derbyshire In the cold of January 1978 two eight year old schoolgirls were kidnapped by a stranger in a car Rachel escapes and is found a few hours later [...]

  14. Although I did finish this one, it was a bit of a forced march There was a mystery, but one of an intellectual variety, where the reading sleuth was to untangle the bodies and the motives However I was comfortably detached, and found I didn t really care a whole lot Perhaps my preference tends toward mysteries that are compelling, and somewhat character driven, where urgency is in play Favorites include Sister, by Rosamund Lipton, Whatever you Love, by Louise Doughty, I Let you Go, by Claire Mac [...]

  15. In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward is a 2015 publication This review is the copyrighted property of Night Owl Reviews I love British mysteries, cold cases, and dark family secrets, so this book is just my kind of read There is nothing here, however, that follows the familiar police procedural formula In fact, the story sucked me in very quietly, hypnotically pulling me into the tangled web so expertly and intricately woven over time I was so utterly absorbed in this story, I was shocked to discover I [...]

  16. This was a decent English police procedural debut set in Derbyshire but not without some problems The plot was actually quite compelling up until the end which was marred a bit by some actions that were not very bright The characters though were a bit hit and miss with the women being better drawn and interesting while the men police officers were fairly bland and hard to differentiate.

  17. I can t praise this enough, a hugely accomplished and thoroughly successful debut novel from Sarah Ward A corker

  18. Flawlessly combining the best elements of a police procedural with a psychological thriller, Sarah Ward has pulled off a stunning achievement with her debut novel In Bitter Chill Managing to seamlessly combine an initial investigation left unsolved in 1978 with the events of the present day, Ward delivers a clever portrayal of just how the secrets and lies that families hold dear can impact upon the present day.When DI Francis Sadler of Derbyshire CID is called to the apparent suicide of a woman [...]

  19. Over thirty years ago, the small town of Bampton in Derbyshire in the English Midlands was shocked by the abduction of two small girls, Rachel and Sophie, on their way to school Rachel was discovered by the roadside a few hours later, unharmed, but Sophie never reappeared All the traumatized Rachel could remember was that their abductor was a woman.In the present, for no apparent reason, Sophie s mother has booked herself a room in a local hotel and there committed suicide.Can the two cases be r [...]

  20. I loved everything about this book The setting of Bampton in Derbyshire is vividly drawn, in the grip of cold weather that almost freezes your fingers to the pages as you read The characterisation is quite superb the police team at its centre are wonderfully real, and I m looking forward immensely to getting to know them further Because there will be won t there Sarah Please I loved the sharing of thoughts and feelings with the reader Connie s feelings about Palmer and Sadler, Sadler s thoughts [...]

  21. anaslair.wordpress 2017 0In Bitter Chill engaged me from the beginning I don t usually enjoy crime novels because I either don t have the patience for the procedural aspect or find it lacking, but in this case there was a great balance between story, procedure and characters I actually found myself shivering when reading this because the cold truly travelled across the pages and I enjoyed meeting all characters They each had their particularities and they were obviously much better constructed a [...]

  22. In Bitter Chill really is a fantastic crime novel and links recent deaths in the Derbyshire town of Brampton to an unsolved case dating back to the late 1970s Rachel Jones lives quietly in Brampton, she s single, a little overweight and although she s quiet and fairly subdued, everyone in the town knows who she is Rachel is the girl who returned Her friend Sophie was the girl who stayed missing.The death of Sophie s mother, all these years later, quickly followed by the murder of a retired schoo [...]

  23. This book is a wonderfully intelligent and intricately detailed debut novel by Sarah Ward set in Derbyshire It tells the story of Rachel who was kidnapped with her fellow schoolgirl and friend Sophie when she was 8 years old Rachel was returned unharmed but with no memories of her ordeal but Sophie was never seen again Years later, the suicide of Sophies mother sets in motion a chain of events that may lead Rachel to the truth about what happened that day but will also put her in grave danger on [...]

  24. 3.0 StarsI was initially intrigued by the premise of this novel, but the characters and story were average Not a bad novel, but ultimately very forgettable.

  25. A stunning debut Cleverly plotted twists with well built tensions between the three parallel concluding threads I couldn t put it down until I d finished

  26. I d say this novel grabbed my attention and kept it through great pacing and tension throughout the length of the novel The characters and the story had me engaged, I really wanted to know what happened to Rachel and Sophie as children and why one of them came home and the other never did.The unwinding of the story and all the clues is really well done There are enough hints for you to ascertain the ending and it is tragic for all involved The theme of secrets and their repercussions, especially [...]

  27. This was an exciting crime novel that kept me guessing whodunnit The story was fantastically unnerving, albeit a little slow in places, and has definitely made me want to read by this author.

  28. Two Derbyshire school girls are abducted and only one escapes More than 30 years later and dark secrets from the past look set to be revealed For the book s locations Booktrail of In Bitter Chill Bampton may be a fictional town in Derbyshire but the descriptions of woodland and the bitter chill of winter are enough to place you right at the heart of the rugged landscape.Bampton is rural and considered a nice safe place to live so when two young girls go missing, kidnapped by someone in a car, th [...]

  29. In 1978, Rachel Jones and Sophie Jenkins were abducted The girls were 8 years old Rachel came home, Sophie didn t In the present day, Rachel, now a family historian, is still living in her home town of Bampton and is trying to get on with her life This proves fairly easy until the body of someone connected to the kidnapping case turns up twice.DI Francis Sadler and DC Connie Childs are assigned to the investigation, they must look at the 1978 case again and try to figure out why the deaths occur [...]

  30. 1978 Two girls are kidnapped on their way to school Only one returns Rachel Jones can t remember much of what happened that January morning but over 30 years later it has shaped her life in often unseen ways The past comes back to haunt her when the mother of the other girl, Sophie Jenkins, commits suicide in a local hotel Rachel realises the only way to move on from the events of the past is to find out what really happened.I received a copy of this book from the publisher and this is my honest [...]

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