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Free Download Unearthed - by Lauren Stewart Free Download Unearthed - by Lauren Stewart - Unearthed, Unearthed What would you give up for freedom Everything Even if it wasn t yours For three years Keira lived in hell on earth kept and tortured by a psychopath He should ve killed her Because now she s looking

  • Title: Unearthed
  • Author: Lauren Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780990334033
  • Page: 317
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Unearthed - by Lauren Stewart, Unearthed, Lauren Stewart, Unearthed What would you give up for freedom Everything Even if it wasn t yours For three years Keira lived in hell on earth kept and tortured by a psychopath He should ve killed her Because now she s looking for payback to see his face when she shoves a stake into his chest to feel his dust under her boot Then she ll finally be free of everything but the memories scar What would you give up


Free Download Unearthed - by Lauren Stewart Free Download Unearthed - by Lauren Stewart - Unearthed, Unearthed What would you give up for freedom Everything Even if it wasn t yours For three years Keira lived in hell on earth kept and tortured by a psychopath He should ve killed her Because now she s looking Unearthed

  • Free Download Unearthed - by Lauren Stewart
    317Lauren Stewart

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  1. I m in love with this demon, people And this world and all the other characters in the book Thank you for your patience and support with this project I hope you love it like I do 3Oh, and in the back, make sure you look for the link to receive the extras They re part of a secondary series scenes and shorts that run concurrently with the main series and will let you know what other characters are up to And they re free.

  2. Just Released Book 2 of The Heights Series by Lauren Stewart Here s YOUR chance to WIN an eCopies of the entire series so far Click on Banner to Enter Ends September 7, 2015 InternationalThe rebellion of the seers is building, supernatural against supernatural, the downtrodden vs the superpowers Kiera, a hunter has seen and felt Hell on Earth and she wants paybacks for the pain she endured at the hands of a psychotic vampire Guess this vamp is pretty unpopular he is also being hunted by a demon, [...]

  3. I loved the first book and bought this as soon as it came out, but it s been sitting, unopened, on my kindle for a year Shame on me Hence, I m adding it to my reading shelf NOW so I have no excuses

  4. Unearthed by Lauren Stewart made the impossible happen I fell in love with a demon irrevocably, passionately, forever And just to make it clear before you try to claim him for yourself I called dibs on him He s mine But you can read about him, get to know him, Keira and their awesome story Unearthed picks up where Unseen left off in the middle of the Rising, a rebellious seer movement planning to overthrow the power of superbeings In the middle of it is Keira, a young hunter who has on her agen [...]

  5. If you liked Unseen you re going to like Unearthed It starts off with a glimpse of what Addison has been up to for the past couple of months since Unseen ended We quickly move on to our main characters Keira and Davyn Keira is a seer who is out for revenge She was captured by a vampire an held captive for three years, he abused and tortured her She wants him dead and she wants to do the killing But Davyn, a Demon who only has a couple of weeks left on earth is after the same vampire At first he [...]

  6. Unearthed starts off with a peek at Addison the heroine from Unseen and the Rising an underground group of Seers in the midst of a battle The timeline then jumps forward three months and we meet Keira She s had a tortured past and is on a mission to stake a vamp, Lamere Davyn, a level one Fosfer demon, is also on the hunt for Lamere When the pair s paths cross he should ve killed the human hunter, that would ve been very demonly of him And, yet, he chooses to make a deal with her instead.The sto [...]

  7. Davyn was AWESOME His antics were spot on The writing was better this time around but the author writes weak lead females This is the second book I ve read from this author and I just don t like the female leads They re wishy washy and don t know what they want And wth is up with the bad guy not dying I mean his head was cut off and he was set on fire How the hell does he come back from that Guess what He did At that point, I was like REALLY Also, this author likes to leave loose ends Dude, fini [...]

  8. I would give this a 5 star but I am peeved that I have to wait until the next book to see what happens next One problem is solved and another continues If you like to have the endings all neat and perfect, then this is not the series for you I love the strong and passionate women in this story as well as their star crossed lovers, nut I am frustrated that I have to be patient.

  9. Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook TwinsietalkTwitter TwinsietalkTsu TwinsietalkNewsletter eepurl brwkPv Unearthed by Lauren StewartI received this book from the author for an honest review.I don t even know where to begin except to say I have fallen in love with a Demon Scratch that I have fallen in love with a smart mouthed, sarcastic Demon Yeah that is along the lines of Dayvn One of my favorite things about Lauren s writing is her sense of humor She is SOOOO Sarcastic an [...]

  10. Out of all the characters of the Heights, Davyn is by far my favorite He may be a narcissist, arrogant b st rd but he s one hot narcissist, arrogant b st rd In Unseen, we were introduced to Davyn I fell in love with his character then Getting to know his smart ass mouth further in this book just carried along my love for his character It s odd to say that a demon would be your favorite character in any book, but he is And the description of Keira getting to run her fingers down his chest not goi [...]

  11. This is part II of The Heights series by Author Lauren Stewart While the first book focused on Addison and Rhyse, the second book focuses on Kiera, a hunter, and Davyn, a demon Both of them want nothing to take out a specific ancient vampire, but for their own reasons Repeatedly getting in each other s way for this task, they agree to work together, neither one knowing if they should fully trust the other one, but hearts sometimes don t see reason And demons aren t capable of love anyway, right [...]

  12. Kindle Copy for ReviewWhile Addison is feeling guilty from an attack that killed many of her seers, she relies on her fellow seers Parker and Keira a hunter to handle things.For three years she was kept and tortured living a nightmare and now she wants revenge She wants to kill Lamaze who should have killed her Unfortunately she is not the only one who wants him dead.Davyn a demon also wants to be the one to kill him He has become used to the good life on earth after three tours and knows he wil [...]

  13. After reading the first book in this series about a year ago, I think, it was a bit of a rough start trying to remember all of the characters and what was it that happened in book one that lead into this book, after the first couple of pages it all starts coming back to you though The great thing about this book is that while it does go back to Addison and Rhyse s relationship, the toy boxes, seers and all that every now and then this books main focus is the unconventional relationship between K [...]

  14. UNEARTHED is the second book in Ms Stewart s The Heights series An interesting spin and worldbuilding in an Urban Fantasy series I enjoyed the byplay between the demon, Davyn, and the seer hunter, Keira Her past and his nature pretty much guaranteed they d be enemies Onlye fiery chemistry, and I do mean burning hot While I m still slightly suspicious of the ultimate outcome where Addison and Rhyse H H of the first book , I m a bit hopeful I m an HEA kind of reader and Davyn and Keira definitely [...]

  15. I enjoyed the first one better with the vampire Demons just do not do it for me even though the character was very well drawn But the themes kind of messed with my ability to suspend belief and I just did not get there The male lead was very demony and the female lead was a broken woman in some respects The attraction moved quite quickly which I found fault with In my opinion, this would have been better with a slow burn relation than the rush I suppose that was really the problem for me with th [...]

  16. The second book in this series lost one star due to its focus on a secondary character and a main character from the first book loosing strength Kick arse becomes wishy washy She better buck up on the next book else its adios.What I liked about this series was the strong alpha characters Now in this second installment those same characters are being diluted.

  17. Wow, just wow Lauren s character depth and world building skills are evident in book two Every aspect of her overall series arc is thought out and planned This book leaves me wanting If you fell in love with Rhyse in book one, you ll burn with lust for Davyn by page 10 of book two Full review to come when book is released

  18. This book was good but I would have liked to have Addison instead of Keira Otherwise it was awesome.

  19. I love Lauren s style of writing This book was amazing I think Kiera is strong willed is a determined person.

  20. Wow Prvn d l m hodn bavil, ale ten druh jsem si zamilovala Davyn je asn postava, zbo uju ho 3 Te by to je t cht lo pokra ov n

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