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Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing

Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing Best Read || [Walter Simonson] Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing Best Read || [Walter Simonson] - Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing, Ragnarok Volume Last God Standing Ragnarok the Twilight of the Gods in Norse mythology the destruction of the Nine Worlds And now three hundred years later the birth of vengeance Collects issues Walter Simonson returns to comics

  • Title: Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing
  • Author: Walter Simonson
  • ISBN: 9781631400681
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover

Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing Best Read || [Walter Simonson], Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing, Walter Simonson, Ragnarok Volume Last God Standing Ragnarok the Twilight of the Gods in Norse mythology the destruction of the Nine Worlds And now three hundred years later the birth of vengeance Collects issues Walter Simonson returns to comics in a BIG way with an all new series

Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing

Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing Best Read || [Walter Simonson] Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing Best Read || [Walter Simonson] - Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing, Ragnarok Volume Last God Standing Ragnarok the Twilight of the Gods in Norse mythology the destruction of the Nine Worlds And now three hundred years later the birth of vengeance Collects issues Walter Simonson returns to comics Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing

  • Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing Best Read || [Walter Simonson]
    118Walter Simonson
Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing

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  1. For anyone who, like me, is primarily familiar with Walter Simonson from his run on Marvel s Thor many years ago, the thought of him doing a non Marvel Thor book might make you think, Let the glory days go, man those ideas you had in a box that you were never able to use for that blond haired icon of masculine masculinity Ain t happening Move on and do other stuff And, wait, what s this You resurrected him from the dead and he is missing the lower half of his jaw now Ooh Chris Hemsworth s not go [...]

  2. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.Everyone of us has one a favorite writer Someone whose creative works we run out and buy whenever something new comes along Many of us me included also seem to add any new edition of this writer s previous works to our collection And we do this because this writer never fails to deliver pulse pounding excitement, heart rending terror, or whatever floats our personal boat.For me, one of my favorite creators is Walter Simonson his creative runs on Marvel Star War [...]

  3. Wow Just wow.Not that I m old or anything but I read Walt Simonson s run on Thor for Marvel in the 80s and it was amazing totally unlike any other comicbook being published at the time or anything that had gone before.Fast forward quarter of a century and Walt is writing and drawing Thor again, this time for IDW rather than Marvel Marvel can t copyright Thor, you see, what with him being an already existing character long before even Lee and Kirby were born but this version is as different from [...]

  4. If you loved Simonson s run on Marvel s Thor like me, you are really going to enjoy this Post Ragnarok jawless Undead God of Thunder awesome tale too.A very nice surprise.

  5. melissa413readsalotThis graphic novel is awesome I loved the main characters Regn, Brynja and their daughter Drifta One sets out on a quest to kill The Stone God with a group of assassins they hire The assassins were a bunch of idiots let me tell you now The reason the person sets out on this quest is because their daughter was threatened, so what else would you do Unfortunately, that person doesn t make itor do they The Stone God is awoken and trying to figure what he is doing in this strange l [...]

  6. So in this tale of the Gods, Ragnarok has happened the end of the world and all the Gods are dead, but are they

  7. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This was great A new tale set in the post Ragnarok world of Asgard, something that I ve never even considered, much less read I really enjoyed seeing the Stone God revived, the battle scenes were portrayed very well, and the story a quest was developed well Of course, it ends on a cliffhanger Now I m waiting for volume 2 Highly recommended for fans of Norse mythology, as well as fans of swords and sorcery.

  8. Well this was pretty rad Walt Mr Saved Thor in the 80s has a whole new take on the Odinson, this time as a post apocalyptic resurrected zombie.So very Jesus like, and apt for just after Ishtar Not much bunnies or eggs, though there was a cool squirrel.Everyone is dead, and Thor wakes up awful pissed off centuries latere fights, thunder, need for mead, and vengeance OK, I ll bite, gimme Mad Max Thunder God.

  9. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Ragnarok volume 1, collecting comic single issues 1 6, is an interesting take on Thor and the world after Asgaard fell I didn t know much about the title or author going into the read and so was pleasantly surprised to find an interesting, nuanced, and unique story with solid, rich artwork Ragnarok exceeding my expectations and keep me riveted to the end.Story The Asgaard Gods have fallen and the world has become home to Draugrs, troll [...]

  10. Well here we are in a post apocalyptic world , where supposedly all the gods are dead, but Thor is re awoken and must travel back in search of his family, home and the gods The story took a bit to get started, but found a pace after the first issue Illustration was solid I m hoping that this story will have depth as time goes on, as it does have potential.

  11. Not as compelling as I thought it would be Didn t care much for the dark elves arc that served to eventually intro us to Thor but after that things got rolling I like the stripped down God of Thunder in his vastly reduced but no less awesome post Ragnarok form Will agree with one other review regarding the Runic font though Tch Readability is important in comic book enjoyment.

  12. As a once avid comic book collector, I was eager to start reviewing the graphic novels offered at NetGalley This story begins unknown years after the fall of the Aesir and Vanir The gods have fallen and all is despair and death The Sun and Moon are gone Creatures, men, demons and the dead co exist not so peacefully The book is well drawn and colored The shading and greys in the twilight forests of the Fetch counterpointed with the vibrancy of the flames of Surtr are a great visual representation [...]

  13. Rating 1.5 starsAh, I have to say that this was not for me, which I m super shocked about, seeing as I adore all myths and legends, but perhaps maybe I just didn t know enough about Norse mythology to appreciate this comic fully.In all honestly I found this volume particularly difficult to follow and it didn t seem to have a strong plot, that was comprehensible to me so in the beginning and was not something you would expect for a first volume.I wanted action, of course, but I felt like I was t [...]

  14. Ragnarok Vol 1 Last God Standing reunites Walter Simonson with Norse mythology, and it s a welcome reunion.Ragnarok has happened The battle of the Nine Worlds is over and there is destruction everywhere The gods are dead, supposedly But one crawls from the wreckage, basically a skeleton with a missing jaw He is an unstoppable force and he seeks answers to where his family is When he calls forth his mighty hammer Mjolnir, we know who this is Any who stand in his path had best beware, because this [...]

  15. Thematically this series might be considered a final act to Walter Simonson s visionary run on Marvel s Mighty Thor although this is not the same Thor from the pages of Marvel Comics, this is a Thor unlike any we have previously seen This is Thor which has little to nothing to do with superhero and has everything to do with the old Norse mythology Simonson s is as gorgeous as ever and to have him working on Thor again is a thrill, even if this isn t the same Thor I am eagerly awaiting the start [...]

  16. What if you had Thor from myth in a post apocalyptic world awakening many years after the fall of all the gods That is essentially the premise here though we still have multiple races, worlds dimensions, and villains Lots of plot points begun and nearly none of them answered A fun read and I am looking forward to the next volume Love that IDW printed this in oversize format.

  17. Walter Simonson s 1980 s run on Marvel s Thor is my platonic ideal of a mainline superhero comic It s fun and frequently very silly, but there s a sense of grandeur to it, stemming from Simonson s bold art and his understanding of Norse mythology Simonson s new take on Thor for IDW is leaner and less campy, but it still has that same sense of grandeur to it In this version, Thor slept through the onset of Ragnarok, and awakens as a decomposing skeleton to find his family and the rest of the Gods [...]

  18. Walt Simonson s sort of return to Thor leans into the criticism you might have of such an idea this is a story about the impossibility of returning to past glories Simonson s action scenes and figure work are as majestically brutal as ever, but the light hearted joy and swagger that made his Marvel THOR run definitive is replaced by post apocalyptic dust and shadow The vibe is less Kirby and Lee, Moorcock and Leone but that s what makes Ragnarok a strong work in its own right, rather than just [...]

  19. I really enjoy Walt Simonson s take on the Norse gods and worlds This series lets him have a nice free rein to do whatever he wants and he delivers superbly Packed with his always amazing art and now a story to match Very recommended

  20. Marvel Comics in the early to mid eighties was undergoing a transformative time of progressive change Frank Miller was redefining Daredevil and placing the blind hero up against ninjas Denny O Neil catapulted Tony Stark into the ravings of serious alcoholism forcing James Rhodes to wear the suit in Iron Man Chris Claremont and John Byrne were deep into making the all new, all different X Men become counter culture saviors And in Thor, Walt Simonson did away with the Donald Blake identity, replac [...]

  21. Walt Simonson is the Thor artist for me His run with the Marvel iteration of the Norse God of Thunder is arguably the masterpiece reference for anybody who works with the character today.This book is Simonson s take on Thor without any regard for a Marvel or anybody else s universe It s truly a tale set in a world after Ragnar k It s a sad fantasy land and the gods are long dead The story starts as a dark elf assassin is hired to finish off the last remnant of the gods, a slumbering undead carca [...]

  22. Walt Simonson will likely always be best known for his peerless run on Marvel s Thor, and as too many examples illustrate there is great risk in a comics veteran returning to the territory on which he made his name Mercifully, this is a most satisfactory homecoming Simonson has lost none of his skills epic landscapes and kinetic battles are still leavened with flashes of dry humour And perhaps most important of all, those inimitably awe inspiring sound effects at which he always excelled have lo [...]

  23. Tebeo de aventuras enclavado despu s de Ragnarok en el cual Simonson plantea c mo ha quedado la cosmogon a n rdica tras la batalla del fin de los tiempos Desde el punto de vista argumental se desarrolla con excesiva lentitud los seis n meros aqu incluidos dedican demasiado espacio a la acci n, gr ficamente espectacular, pero se avanza muy poco en el argumento Dice mucho de estos tiempos que Simonson tambi n haya ca do presa del decompressive storytelling.

  24. A great return to form for fan favorite Simonson Although treading familiar ground Norse mythology and the god of thunder , Simonson is unburdened of established characters and continuity and is free to create and play to his hearts content Recommended for any fans of Simonson s previous workd for those wanting to discover an old master

  25. Simonson en estado puro A n es pronto para juzgar en conjunto la serie, pero en estos primeros n meros ya demuestra Simonson su poder o visual y como narrador y que est en muy buena forma Su particular revisi n de la mitolog a n rdica promete ser apasionante.The Mighty Simonson

  26. Not a graphic retelling of the Ragnarok myth but a kind of mythological sci fi in which Simonson imagines the aftermath of the apocalypse In the wake of the death of the gods, the world is overrun by trolls, demons, black elves, and some kind of walking dead that aren t zombies but draugrs While it s not pleasant to have a mummified god to look at as the main character, and some of the design feels like an homage to the cartoons and comics of the 80s, Simonson s concept is intriguing and he crea [...]

  27. 4.5 starsGreat return to form for Walt Simonson, especially for those of us who believe that his run on the Mighty Thor is the zenith for that Marvel character This is the best unofficial What if story that isn t a What if story These first six issues really show an old master at work, setting up a deliberate pace with fantastic visual clarity and draftsmanship that augers well for a helluva of a second half.Thank you Walt Simonson and IDW for bringing us back to this vision of Norse mythology.

  28. A fantastic book.What happens when one of the writers of Marvels Thor goes and writes a different kind of book about Thor You get a book about a half dead Thor being woken up from a stone sleep by assassins attempting to take his life He s been asleep long enough that Asgard has probably been destroyed and people have forgotten who he is.Can t wait to read .

  29. Really interesting take on the story of Thor For one, Thor is a kickass zombie For another, he s the last god left alive being hunted by assassins It s a great action packed story, that means if you are familiar with the Asgardian mythos.

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