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[PDF] Download ☆ Reign : by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams [PDF] Download ☆ Reign : by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams - Reign, Reign Long ago the betrothal of a beautiful princess to a young powerful king was set to unite kingdoms for centuries Mina and Troy from the moment they touch fall into a love that will eventually ignit

  • Title: Reign
  • Author: Kimberly Stedronsky Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Ebook

[PDF] Download ☆ Reign : by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams, Reign, Kimberly Stedronsky Adams, Reign Long ago the betrothal of a beautiful princess to a young powerful king was set to unite kingdoms for centuries Mina and Troy from the moment they touch fall into a love that will eventually ignite a timeless vengeance between two worlds Roam now a wife mother and warrior with memories never forgotten is thrust into her ancient life with Troy West first knight tLong ago the betroth


[PDF] Download ☆ Reign : by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams [PDF] Download ☆ Reign : by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams - Reign, Reign Long ago the betrothal of a beautiful princess to a young powerful king was set to unite kingdoms for centuries Mina and Troy from the moment they touch fall into a love that will eventually ignit Reign

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Reign : by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams
    243Kimberly Stedronsky Adams

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  1. I m really sad this series is over but it was a perfect end to a fantastic series Roam and West are one of my top favourites couples.

  2. Kimberly gave me the opportunity to read the ARC copy of this book and I was so delighted and honoured to do so I did not want to see the end of this series so I decided to read the book ssslllllooooooowwwwwllllly WHAT A JOKE before I even finished the first chapter I had locked the door to my room and only allowed my husband entry to go to sleep Eleven hours later, at 5am I had finished the book and had already decided to re read it again, after sleeping of course.In this book you see a new per [...]

  3. I truly enjoyed Reign and wished it could have been longer and wished it weren t the last book of the series I was lucky enough to get an arc of this book and read it as soon as I opened it The story is told from the main characters point of view in real time and everything blends and meshes together so well There were questions that I had wondered about during the previous books and they were answered in Reign Before reading this, I d try and imagine what would become of everyone and how the lo [...]

  4. I m not sure about all of the other women out there, but I m pretty sure I m dead in love with all of the men in these books This conclusion gave such a fantastic view into the main characters minds as things happen And even for the villian in the book, you see from his point of view, and I found myself almost completely forgiving him of all he had done before If you are waiting to read this, be sure to read all of the other books of the series, beginning with Roam Kimberly weaves such a tale o [...]

  5. This book reveals everything you want to know about the prophesy How it began and why All the why questions are answered but it takes time to experience each one to see the truth and to see the truth as it unfolds in Troy s eyes is even powerful than expected All the stories told about the first life and the love affairs, the reasons for them are played out and fulfilled It brings you back to the very beginning of when it all began so that you understand You see the true meaning behind Asher s [...]

  6. Wow, the intricacy of this series plot I got an ARC of this book from the author and was planning to save it for the weekend but of course, ended up reading it Friday night my weekend begins saturday pm and finished it in one sitting Couldn t put it down Great ending to this very exciting series Many questions were answered in this book I actually felt bad for Troy after finding out what actually happened He has reason for that rage Kind of reminds me of the King Arthur Guinevere Sir Lancelot lo [...]

  7. This book was amazing It answer s all the questions of what led to the prophecy and you also get a better understanding of why Troy was the way he was.You get to experience all the feelings of each character in Reign I finished this book in a day and am so grateful i was able to get an ARC Copy Very happy with the conclusion of this this story.

  8. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this book If you love the Roam series, this book will not disappoint It s well written and brings everything together to give the reader a conclusion they will love My only complaint is that it s sad to see the series end I m looking forward to fantastic books from this bright new author.

  9. Can there be a satisfactory conclusion to the prophecy or is everyone destined to die to satisfy the fates Only time will tell.Every path has led to this moment in time Every unanswered question would find the truth that it had been seeking Every emotion,infidelity and betrayal would be examined in minute detail But what would they find Death or life Revenge Peace Release The reasons for this ultimate showdown were varied and on everyone s mind Meredith and Eric wanted cold, merciless, and cruel [...]

  10. Every ending had a beginning and we finally get to see the beginning of these amazing characters I can t give too much away so this will be short and sweet We see the characters fight, fight for everything that they love You will feel emotions that you didn t think you could ever feel on this book I felt sympathy for the first time in this book I thought compassion for the characters I finally got a sense of understanding of things that had happened and why they had happened I was thrown for so [...]

  11. what a fabulous story this was Back to the Future meets the Time Travellers Wife It has been on my Kindle for almost a year and each book with the exception of book 6 was a free download I just didn t know what I had missed by not reading this last year.There is so much going on with this story You cant catch your breath Kimberly Stedronsky writing creates a magical story a love affair between one woman and three men reliving their lives 8 times going back and forwards to different yearsTheir pa [...]

  12. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book, it answered so many questions too I m sad this is the last book, but so much came out of this one it makes you fall in love with everyone again and even makes Troy seem a little understandable not much, but a little the everlasting love of all the couple s are put to the test and to reach the HEA it takes a lot of understanding and faith, so if you get the knot in your stomach like I did just tide out the emotional roller coaster, like any good [...]

  13. Worst part about this book is the fact that the series has ended BOO best part was that everything was wrapped up in an exciting way I love that time gets all squished up and backwards Really, it was a wonderful read Totally a girls book, but not a sappy romance It has tons and tons of action, thrillers, and fantasy I cried several times, and now I want to cry because it s over.Keep writing Kimberly, I ll be reading all of your books.

  14. EXCELLENT SERIES EXCELLENT SERIES While I haven t normally a fan of romance stories, these six books are the exception I thoroughly enjoyed reading them I would warn there is set language used that might offend some, BUT I would still recommend these books Excellent writing

  15. I am not normally a fan of paranormal romance but Kimberly Stedronsky has made a fan out of me I absolutely LOVE the Roam series and Reign is a wonderful conclusion to this series This book wraps up the story perfectly leaving the reader satisfied with all question answered This series and this book are a MUST READ

  16. I thought about not reading this book for awhile, because I didn t want this series to end Well, that didn t happen All I can say is WOW Words can t describe how much I loved this amazing, magical, original, wonderful story of unforgettable characters I cannot wait to read from this talented and gifted author She is a true storyteller

  17. Holy freaking crap Epic ending to a complicated story I m not usually one for the switching POV but it worked in this one I kind of liked hearing Troy s POV and getting a better handle on his motivation I d wish there had been an epilogue though I would have liked a glimpse at everyone s happily ever after.

  18. I received an ARC of this book It is a wonderful conclusion to the series Once I started reading it I could not put it down This book answers all those questions you may have had from the rest of the series.

  19. as always, I loved this book, and what an amazing ending to the series Kimberly is an amazing author and def knows how to write about hot men how can you not love the men of this series, well all but one great job Kimberly

  20. Not sure what to say about this book I likes the series but it got confusing as to what time they were in I also didn t like the part of the story between Logan and Roam in this book.

  21. Ehh At times I really loved this series there were just as many times that I really hated it Roam could be so weak and spineless I don t want to give away anything, but if you re trying to change history, why would you commit the same damn sins of the past Eva could really be a disgustingly impetulant spoiler brat Logan was always so full of anger And some stories just resolved themselves in completely ridiculous ways ie Cole, REALLY Yet for all those imperfections, I was hooked from the very fi [...]

  22. Ok, to start I want to say that I was addicted I couldn t put this series down I read the whole thing in 2 days, that s 6 60000 word books in 2 days because I couldn t stop With longer series I can get board and not finish the books or but it off for another time but that didn t happen with this series, I just couldn t put them down, the author was amazing enough to give me a review copy of book six so thanks for that I had had roam book1 one on my TBR list for a long time, and just never starte [...]

  23. This book, no this series is amazing I loved every minute of it and I now have a book hangover Didn t think the multiple POVs would work for me but it totally did I even enjoyed getting into Troy s mind His end was justified, but when I really think about it a lot of the things that happened to him, happened because of present day Roam, West or someone else in their family He definitely had the inclination to be an evil psychopath all along, but I wonder what he would have been like without all [...]

  24. Six wonderful booksRoam a wonderful strong petit girl, so beautiful and kind West a gorgeous specimen of a man A love that last for centuries These books make you have a trust in love and and the strength to endure anything Well written and definitely worth the time you enjoy reading them.

  25. A wild ride Sad to see the end of the series We ve been all over space and time with these characters and it was AWESOME to see there evolution through time.There was moments that it seemed I was reading a Marvel comic.Yet KS keeps it there so we don t lose focus As a reader and a fan of these book I am happy with the ending.

  26. 5 out of 5 StarsReign is the 6 and final book in the Roam series I really enjoyed Reign Reign was a wonderful end to a wonderful series I loved Roam, West, Logan, Violet, Will, Eva, Wynn, and Cole.

  27. All the loose ends were tied upbut not sure I m loving where the characters ended up After being so invested in them over the last five books, I m not sure they ended up where they should have.

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