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Forgotten Promises

Free Read Forgotten Promises - by Jessica Lemmon Free Read Forgotten Promises - by Jessica Lemmon - Forgotten Promises, Forgotten Promises In an edgy seductive novel hailed by Rachel Van Dyken as unique and gripping Jessica Lemmon introduces the ultimate bad boy and a love that crosses all boundaries Morgan Young had a perfect upbringi

  • Title: Forgotten Promises
  • Author: Jessica Lemmon
  • ISBN: 9781101968574
  • Page: 128
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Forgotten Promises - by Jessica Lemmon, Forgotten Promises, Jessica Lemmon, Forgotten Promises In an edgy seductive novel hailed by Rachel Van Dyken as unique and gripping Jessica Lemmon introduces the ultimate bad boy and a love that crosses all boundaries Morgan Young had a perfect upbringing and now she s got a perfect boyfriend and a perfect future until her twenty first birthday changes everything First Morgan finds out in the most painful way poIn an edgy seduc

Forgotten Promises

Free Read Forgotten Promises - by Jessica Lemmon Free Read Forgotten Promises - by Jessica Lemmon - Forgotten Promises, Forgotten Promises In an edgy seductive novel hailed by Rachel Van Dyken as unique and gripping Jessica Lemmon introduces the ultimate bad boy and a love that crosses all boundaries Morgan Young had a perfect upbringi Forgotten Promises

  • Free Read Forgotten Promises - by Jessica Lemmon
    128Jessica Lemmon
Forgotten Promises

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  1. 4 Angel stars I have to admit that i wasn t imagine that this book would be so interesting Yep, everything got out of hand really quickly and the emotions were built equal fast, but the story was captivatingI liked both characters very much and i enjoyed their unique connection This was my first reading from Jessica Lemmon but i guarantee you that it won t be the lastWell, Morgan Young was a priviledged girl who had everything in her perfect lifeOn her birthday, she discovered her boyfriend s be [...]

  2. Currently 05 10 2016 99cents A plethora of touching emotions Forgotten Promises is an intense, poignant and hopeful romance encased in a gritty and captivating story about the quintessential good girl and an unmistakable bad boy She s light I m darkness I have no way to hide with her near Morgan Young was thrilled and looking forward to celebrating her twenty first birthday with a surprise from her boyfriend She just wasn t prepared for it to be of the horribly unpleasant kind But Morgan s hella [...]

  3. 4 Heartbreaking StarsAn idyllic setting can hide the ugliest of lies I know that better than anyone.Morgan Young s twenty first birthday isn t turning out quite like she d planned After finding out her boyfriend and BFF have been sneaking around behind her back, all she wants is a bottle of wine and her bathtub.Tucker Noscalo is on a mission After being released from prison, his only goal is to bring down the chief of police that set him up and sent him there Did I mention the chief is Tucker s [...]

  4. ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I just finished reading this amazing and heartbreaking story, and all I can think of is poor Tucker What that men went through is simply put horrific and no child should ever experience such betrayal by the one person, who they love the most and look up to The story is exactly as described in blub It starts with Tucker just getting out of prison, with the plan to bring down his father, the towns crooked chief of police and get some just [...]

  5. 2 Quick StarsForgotten Promises is a short read about an ex con and a slightly spoiled sweet girl Having known each other for years, they ve not really ever interacted but once in school Now that Tucker is out of prison he s set on righting the wrongs done to him Running into Morgan on her 21st birthday at an out of the way, run down gas station wasn t what he expected But he takes advantage of the situation and essentially kidnaps her so that he can try and convince her lawyer father that he s [...]

  6. Dear Reader, UPDATE Video trailer Watch HERE Super excited about this new book coming out in January 2016 Those of you familiar with Jessica Lemmon will recognize my voice in this book, but the subject matter might be darker than you re used to No worries, though, you can expect the same rich, emotional payoff, a romance, and a happy ever after I wouldn t let you down on that front Here is a look at the book page on my website click HERE.Happy intense reading,Jess

  7. This was an amazing I wasn t expecting such an emotional and heartbreaking story This was told in dual POV and learning about Tucker and everything he went through was just devastating Forgotten Promises is fast paced even with a lot of internal monologue and I didn t want to put it down once I started Even with such a heart breaking story, this author still managed to make a sexy, sweet and somewhat suspenseful romance I really loved this book and look forward to reading by this author ARC pro [...]

  8. It was an interesting switch to traditional in a few ways and very tactful with a sensitive subject Tucker is desperate to protect others from an evil he is all too familiar with He met Morgan a long time ago and now that he s back, needs her help Desperately Morgan has had a bad day Really bad Now she s stuck with Tucker and he didn t necessarily ask The story is written well and quite emotional Once Tucker comes out of his shell, it s definitely sexy ARC received in exchange for an honest revi [...]

  9. Sometimes when I review a book, I wish I could just say This story is absolutely amazing Please, just go buy the book and that would be enough said Why Because I don t want to give away any spoilers I just want to stress how much I loved it And with a story like this, it s easy to do I love this story so,so very much So, less is going to be with this review And the is Tucker Noscalo OMG, this guy is beautiful Readers are used to the norm when it comes to a bad boy Like the bad boy player, the [...]

  10. For reviews, please follow my blog alysenovakOn the night of her twenty first birthday, Morgan Young s perfect little life takes a turn She discovers that her boyfriend and her best friend have been cheating on her Morgan decides to get drunk to cover up the pain of losing her ex best friend and ex boyfriend She goes to the first convenience store on her long walk home to get some cheap wine when she runs into someone she remembers from school.Tucker Noscalo is fresh off of serving a eighteen m [...]

  11. 3.5 Unbroken PromisesMorgan never expected her day to get any worse Finding out on your 21st birthday that your boyfriend is cheating on you with your best friend, would take the cake What made it even worse was being kidnapped by the one person you didn t expect And finding out the reason behind her kidnapping leaves her becoming a different, but same person at the end With a bit to loose Tucker just wants vengeance and the truth to be free His past continues to haunt him and he cannot forgive [...]

  12. Forgotten Promises Unexpectedly intense read with an unexpected hero.The story has a storyline that s just heart breaking Tucker is an escape artist of sorts His escapes haven t been from the prison cell he d been sitting in Nor was it from an after hours bank heist Tucker spent his young life escaping from a nightmare that happened to be his father So, Tucker the antihero is the only cape worthy figure of this semi dark tale Even though he s reluctantly wearing his cape that heavy mantle of pas [...]

  13. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS I am torn between 4 and 5 stars but I think I will settle for 4, even though the book was very good and worth of 5 Tucker, the hero, reminded me of Flame Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole , he had to endure an abusive and violent childhood as well, he struggled with self hate and felt not worthy enough to being loved by Morgan, the heroine Jessica Lemmon did a wonderful job and the book had everything what I wish for a good and satisfying read but I m sorry to say, i [...]

  14. 4 emotional starsForgotten Promises was so much than I expected The storyline was emotional, heartbreaking and very entertaining My interest was captured from the first page, I didn t want to put it down I needed to know how were these two people ever going to get their HEA, I couldn t see an out for them.Both Tucker and Morgan were likable characters, I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold.While I liked Morgan my heart went out to Tucker, I really felt for him, so many times I wanted to [...]

  15. This story was so much It was dark, sad and emotional, yet at the same time, it was light, full of redemption and full of love I couldn t get enough of it I m sorry I say to him, not the least bit sorry You have needs involving your penis in Shayna s vagina In my mouth, actually, she interjects and it s such a skanky thing to say I feel my mouth drop open.This is how Morgan spends her twenty first birthday finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend However, she couldn t ha [...]

  16. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Reviewer s note This book deals with past sexual abuse, and interrupted sexual assault and some self harm There are also a couple of intense scenes of kidnapping and being held against will From the first book I read by Jessica Lemmon I was a fan and I have enjoyed everything she s written, some I ve loved beyond reason and I did love this book, but this is not a happy and fun book Forgotten Promises is dark, a bit twisted, gut wrenching and [...]

  17. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 4,5 intense stars from meThat was a very dark emotional storybut also a story with a meaning about people like Tucker and his brother, i don t want to dig into that subject not only for not spoiling but also because is a sensitive subject.Now about the story Morgan celebrates her twenty first birthday but she didn t expect that today her simple and in order life to turn upside down, not only by her boyfriend s news but also seeing Tucker after [...]

  18. This book was provided by netgalley.DNF 56%Where to begin Let s see We have Morgan who is our heroine who is out celebrating her birthday, she is 21 Then we have Tucker who just got out of jail I think he is around the same age Tucker and Morgan went to school together Morgan s dad is a criminal defense attorney and Tucker s dad is the chief of police So Morgan runs into Tucker at a 7 11 and he kidnapped her because he needs her dads help Tucker takes Morgan to a cabin in the woods to tell her h [...]

  19. Well well well well well.This is a book that has indeed surprised me.I am trying to catch up on some past books I missed that had fallen down my Kindle and this is one of them.I probably wouldn t have selected this one to read from Net Galley due to the cover I always think that these guys are about sex, sex and erotica sex Nothing wrong in that But its not the kind I want to personally keep reading, so I tend to vary my reading material to make each genre new again, if you know what I mean Its [...]

  20. I was so moved by this book Rarely am I left feeling so complete after reading a romance book but Forgotten Promises did just that A desperate man A kidnapping A villain A slow and reluctant friendship then romance begins and progresses to a powerful love between two people who will touch your heart and then crush it when they separate Ms Lemmon develops her characters beautifully I felt like I was there with them and I got to know them She has written one of the most romantic love stories that [...]

  21. Link collectorofbookboyfriends Whatever I say about Jessica Lemmon s books will be little Even if Forgotten Promises is the second book I read by her, I can see clear as day that she knows how to pull gems out of her pockets Or accurately out of her gorgeous imagination I can t describe how much I loved every single second I spent reading this amazing story.In Forgotten Promises, Lemmon make us witnesses of not only and amazing love story, but also of a very special moment for these two charact [...]

  22. Tucker has some issues, he s been through some things but damn if the boy ain t sexy, that s not it, trust me His voice is low and husky when he says, I want you to touch me This book was heartfelt and it wasn t hard to fall in love with Tucker.

  23. So, I think this is going to be one of those books that you re either going to love or you re going to hate For me, I thought that it was just an ok read The story started off really promising When we first meet Morgan, it s her 21st birthday and her boyfriend has dumped her If that doesn t sound bad enough, she finds out that he s been cheating on her with her best friend She doesn t think the day could possibly get any worse Well, she s about to find out how much worse her day can get.Tucker [...]

  24. Caffeinated Aspects of Forgotten PromisesLove um or hate um Lemmon writes characters that get the reader emotionally invested Tucker Noscalo is one such character At first glance, he is a rebel and criminal who turned his back on his middle class upbringing, but as Lemmon peeled back his layers, she melted my heart He will make mistakes that will anger you, but he is redeemable and worthy so read on.Morgan Young is celebrating her twenty first birthday and everything that can go wrong does I imm [...]

  25. Arc kindly provided in exchange of an honest review This is my first book from Jessica Lemmon and I loved it She s light I m darkness I have no way to hide with her near Tucker is a broken man, and I rooted for him throughout the book I think if we didn t have his perspective, it would have been a different story I fell in love with Tucker I mean come on who doesn t love a tortured hero or anti hero I never earned you Oh I swooned like a love sick puppy Tucker has a horrific childhood, and he wa [...]

  26. This is a different book from Lemmon of what I become to expect from her but I loved it In this book Lemmon pushes the boundaries of a hero that I loved, hated and wanted to rescue The story starts off with Tucker being released from prison and looking to finally make his dad pay for the horrible past he and his bother endured What Tucker doesn t plan is to run in Morgan Morgan is having the worst birthday She finds out her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend After walking to get wine [...]

  27. NetGalley provided a copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Morgan Young has plans for her twenty first birthday Little does she realize that her life is far from perfect Her boyfriend is a disappointment to say the least Tucker Noscalo is a bad boy by reputation and has just been released from prison He is on a mission to settle a score and does not need or want any distractions.Morgan escapes her birthday party and ends up at a convenience store Tucker is at the store as well This is [...]

  28. Wow This was an intense read and I could not put it down once I finally got into it At first I was like this is just not my book and then it picked up after chapter 2 and there was no stopping This is a very intense story and deals with some very dark issues Abuse to a child is a horrible thing and I can t even imaging the horror and lasting scars it leaves Travis has a great deal of mental and physical scars and he wants to put an end to it ever happening to others He is a dark hero, but his in [...]

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