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Antiques Fate

Unlimited Antiques Fate - by Barbara Allan Unlimited Antiques Fate - by Barbara Allan - Antiques Fate, Antiques Fate Well drawn characters fun to read BooklistBrandy Borne s exceedingly eccentric mother Vivian has been invited to perform her one woman interpretation of the Scottish play sometimes called Macbeth wi

  • Title: Antiques Fate
  • Author: Barbara Allan
  • ISBN: 9780758293084
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Antiques Fate - by Barbara Allan, Antiques Fate, Barbara Allan, Antiques Fate Well drawn characters fun to read BooklistBrandy Borne s exceedingly eccentric mother Vivian has been invited to perform her one woman interpretation of the Scottish play sometimes called Macbeth with different hats for different characters at the neighboring town of Old York s annual f te The weekend festival celebrates the quaint village s English flavor B Well drawn characters f

Antiques Fate

Unlimited Antiques Fate - by Barbara Allan Unlimited Antiques Fate - by Barbara Allan - Antiques Fate, Antiques Fate Well drawn characters fun to read BooklistBrandy Borne s exceedingly eccentric mother Vivian has been invited to perform her one woman interpretation of the Scottish play sometimes called Macbeth wi Antiques Fate

  • Unlimited Antiques Fate - by Barbara Allan
    462Barbara Allan
Antiques Fate

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  1. Brandy Borne and her mother Vivian are co owners of an antique shop They are also involved in putting on a Scottish Play Millicent Marlowe, theater owner was showing Vivian around her theater when Millicent suddenly collapsed and died Believing her death to be suspicious, Vivian and Brandy decide to investigate along with Brandys boyfriend Tony Cassato, who is a chief of police, and chief Rudder who believe an autopsy would be prudent Was it an accidental overdose, a heart attack or was it murde [...]

  2. When I need a break from non fiction and fiction that addresses issues, I like to read a cozy mystery This series is good because it throws in tidbits about antiques, which I adore.

  3. Antiques Fate by Barbara Allan is the tenth book in the Trash n Treasure Mystery series Brandy Borne is enjoying some quiet time with her boyfriend, Tony Cassato Chief of Police in Serenity when they are interrupted by Brandy s mother, Vivian Vivian is excited because she was just hired to perform her one woman MacBeth with hats at the Old York annual fete the play is as ridiculous as it sounds Vivian will perform at the New Vic Theater replica of Old Victorian Theater in England in Old York Of [...]

  4. The Borne ladies are at it again and this time they are deep in the middle of a bizarre murder spree.Vivian Borne has been invited to perform her one man one lady act at the neighboring town of Old York s annual f te Of course Vivian is thrilled beyond belief to have been invited, in her humble opinion, it is about time someone has seen her for the true drama queen she truly is.Brandy and her pooch Sushi are tagging along, after all someone has to keep things somewhat normal and this time Soosh [...]

  5. Perfect CombinationAn exciting multiple murder mystery set in a quaint and intriguing little English village themed town The mother daughter heroines and their cute and insightful dog kept me wanting to read by their funny dialogue and colorful vocabulary To top it all off they have thespian roots and antique dealer know how For the cherry on the cake this story offers simple yet delectable recipes you can actually try at home Since this book has everything it came as no surprise the love inter [...]

  6. I checked this book out on a whim I love Shih Tzu s cover picture tempted me I thought I had read a Barbara Allan several years ago and thought I liked it I was in the Trash n Treasures business However, I think this is one of the silliest stories to which I have subjected myself What s really irritating is that I finished reading it Arg Not recommending.

  7. Brandy and her eccentric mother Vivian each write chapters of this book with notes from their editor in it so it makes a different kind of story In this one Vivian has been invited to reform a one woman show of Macbeth an the annual fete There is an unexpected death on stage and later a second victim so Brandy and her mother set out to find the murderer.

  8. love the characters, the story was fun and unique witty and charmingnitely one I will share m with friends.

  9. I won this as a giveaway 3.5 stars This book was light and fun Just a simple mystery to solve with some wacky characters and antics It was an excellent pallette cleanser It took me a couple of chapters to get used to the casual writing style and fourth wall breaking and self awareness But once I accepted that that s how this book is meant to be, the fun really came out I wouldn t seek the others in the series, but I d read them if they fell into my lap.

  10. This is the first book I listened to from this series Very unique writing style, with each chapter written by either the daughter or the mother I d like to read another one from the series.

  11. Title Antiques Fate Trash n Treasure Mystery Book 10 Author Barbara Allan Published 4 26 2016 Publisher Kensington Books Pages 256 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre Women Sleuths Cozy Mystery Private Investigators Animals ISBN 13 9780758293084 ASIN B0138NH8OG Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalleyRating 4.25 Stars I received a copy of Antiques Fate from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Description From The Publisher Brandy Borne s exceedingly eccentric moth [...]

  12. If you are looking for a fun mystery where murder and comic hijinks abound look no further The Trash n Treasures mysteries are a delight But be warned, if reading in public you may not be able to avoid frequent groans and bursts of laughter that will lead observers to wonder Antiques Fate is one of the funniest books in the series so far.The writers take a unique approach, as if Brandy Borne and her mother are real individuals who chronicle their experiences for their fans While Brandy has her f [...]

  13. Antiques Fate a delightfully entertaining and cheeky murder mystery which I won through Giveaways opens when Millicent Marlowe, the owner of the new Old Vic in the quaint village of Old York where Vivian Borne is to perform a one woman interpretation of Macbeth falls dead on stage Swept up in the possibility that she was murdered Vivian and her daughter Brandy begin an investigation that not only puts their lives in danger but leads to other hapless victims of a murderous scheme.In a humorous an [...]

  14. In this book Vivian takes Brandy to a small town where she is performing a version of Macbeth when they arrive in this sleepy town very quickly they find the theater owner killed while Brandy and Vivian are meeting with her Now it s up to the antique duo to find out what is going on in this small town but not everything is as it appears The town council seems to be fighting everything with it always a deadlock with some who want to move up in the times to those who want to keep the town looking [...]

  15. This latest entry into Brandy and Vivian s adventures is very much like the previous ones Vivian is hired to do a one woman show in a nearby tourist town set like an old English Village, so she s been given free range to be her uber thespian self There s less antique mentioning, but it s still there as well as several bodies for Brandy and Vivian to stumble across.If you enjoyed the earlier books, you should enjoy this one as well There s a bit speaking directly to the reader by Vivian and Bran [...]

  16. This is a great book this is the tenth book in the A Trash n Treasures Mystery series by Barbara Allan Brandy Borne s eccentric mother, Vivian, has been invited to perform at the neighboring town of Old York s annual fete As soon as they arrive the theater owner drops dead onstage while giving Vivian the grand tour When a second victim turns up murdered, Brandy and Vivian puts their sleuthing skills to the test to find the killer before they strike again This book has a wonderful story and well [...]

  17. Antiques Fate by Barbara Allan is the 10th book in the Trash n Treasure Mystery series, and my first book by this author To be honest it took me awhile to get into this book, I even thought about stopping, but I m glad I kept reading Vivian Borne is hired to perform her one women show of Macbeth and her daughter Brandy comes along to help with her props Vivian is way over the top, but she becomes enduring and funny the I read When Millie gives Vivian a tour of the theater, she falls over dead [...]

  18. Warning do not read on subway or the bus, or in waiting rooms, as sudden bursts of barely concealed hilarity will cause others to look at you rather oddly.Vivian is a widowed antiques dealer with her divorced daughter, Brandy, who are rather accustomed to solving murders with the assistance of her canine, Sushi This time they are in the town of Old York where Vivian is slated to perform a one woman play with hats Hats Let the mayhem begin And the humor, both subtle and overt Like Father Cumberba [...]

  19. Another wonderful title in this series I throughly enjoy the antics of mother and daughter duo, Vivian and Brandy Borne The setting is always a town you can see yourself vacationing in and enjoying, whether it be the town they live in or a nearby town, as this book has them traveling to Vivian has been requested to participate in Old York s town fete performing her one woman show of MacBeth , AKA the Scottish play Once again their paths cross with new murders and suspicions of townspeople they m [...]

  20. ARC honest review for Kensington Books via NetGalley.This book had me laughing from start to finish Love the back and forth banter between Brandy Borne and her mother Viviand the refereeing from the editor And the tongue in cheek humour Barbara Allan injects throughout.A well crafted and funny mystery The first one in the Trash n Treasure mysteries that I have read And loved it so much, that I have brought Antiques Roadkill.If you like the review and would like to read reviews on other books I h [...]

  21. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review Oh, wow I m not really sure how to describe this book I found it absolutely hilarious, but I think the writing style might not be something everyone would love It is written by Mother and Brandy, and they have two completely different writing styles Add into that random tangents and arguments with the editor, and you have one of the most unique writing styles I have ever seen It worked for me, but I m not sure it would work for [...]

  22. This is a nice little cozy series that combines a love for antiques, theater and murder Tony and Brandi are happily dating and she s happy not to be investigating any murders When Brandi, her lovely shih tzu Sushi, and her mother Vivian go to Olde York s fete folks begin to die Half the town wants to become modern, the rest want to keep the tourist trade as a traditional English village Part of the Trash to Treasures series, this is funnier than some of the previous books Barbara Allan is a gre [...]

  23. This is the fifth Antiques book I have read and I must say it s a good one Both Brandy and her crime solving mother Vivian are back and as good as ever They both have been invited to be part of a theatrical production in the neighboring town of Old York, but as soon as they show up on the scene, a body is found And then murder after murder happens Can Brandy and her mother solve the crime before the curtain rises or will the show go on without a few key players I guess you ll have to read it to [...]

  24. This is the story of Brandy s and Vivian s visits to the neighboring town of Old York, where Vivian performs, and getting involved in solving murder mysteries during their stay there The story has quirky characters and their complicated relationships since the town trustees have different ideas about the future of the town The book has a fast pace and ever evolving story, but I found Vivian s antics, that are supposed to be cute and funny, over the top and trying my patients at times, just like [...]

  25. Brandy s mother, Vivian, is invited to put on her one woman version of Macbeth at the Old York fete, near their Iowa home Old York is a little tourist town totally controlled by a board of directors, which is evenly divided into pro and anti development forces A sudden death lets Vivian assume her favorite role, that of detective, and as usual Brandy must chase after her mother to keep her from getting into even trouble.

  26. I listened to this book through audio in my car It was mainly for a book group and I didn t realize how many I miss So starting off with this one wasn t a great idea I think I was just confused at certain parts especially since some of the characters were well develop As I am writing this review I cannot even remember their names other than their mother and daughter I think I need to reread the series again and repost the review once I do

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