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Death Do Us Part

Ñ Death Do Us Part ✓ Steven Dunne Ñ Death Do Us Part ✓ Steven Dunne - Death Do Us Part, Death Do Us Part Even death cannot part these couplesDI Damen Brook is on a rare period of leave and determined to make the most of it by re connecting with his daughter Terri But with her heavy drinking proving a cha

  • Title: Death Do Us Part
  • Author: Steven Dunne
  • ISBN: 9781472214959
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

Ñ Death Do Us Part ✓ Steven Dunne, Death Do Us Part, Steven Dunne, Death Do Us Part Even death cannot part these couplesDI Damen Brook is on a rare period of leave and determined to make the most of it by re connecting with his daughter Terri But with her heavy drinking proving a challenge Brook takes the opportunity to visit a local murder scene when his help is requested An elderly couple have each been executed with a single shot to the heart andEven death ca

Death Do Us Part

Ñ Death Do Us Part ✓ Steven Dunne Ñ Death Do Us Part ✓ Steven Dunne - Death Do Us Part, Death Do Us Part Even death cannot part these couplesDI Damen Brook is on a rare period of leave and determined to make the most of it by re connecting with his daughter Terri But with her heavy drinking proving a cha Death Do Us Part

  • Ñ Death Do Us Part ✓ Steven Dunne
    282Steven Dunne
Death Do Us Part

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  1. Firstly, my thanks go out to all those for my review copy.I have to say after the previous book I was glad to see that book six in the series is back on form DI Brook continues to be his irascible self in his quest to solve the mystery of two couples being shot in their home Together with his team, and the ever present sergeant Noble, Brook approaches the case with his usual levels of diligence Brook is also drawn to what should be now a cold case of the Black Farm murders Terri, his daughter is [...]

  2. I received this book from Netgalley the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.Where the hell have I been bookjunkies Some one needs to slap me upside the head as I cannot believe it has taken me so long to read one of Steven Dunne s books And in typical CrimeBookJunkie fashion, I have started from the latest Book 6 in the DIDamenBrook series but luckily, they in the main can be read as a standalone MyBad Set in Derby, I was immediately hooked from the very first few pages This author reall [...]

  3. You can read lots of books but in the end quality trumps quantity every time If you don t read a book like this during the year you haven y read enough books yet.At last a complicated thriller with twists and turns than the winner of strictly come dancing Firmly based in the countryside around Derby it is a novel with a heart and a rich grittiness that fully absorbs your mind, spirit and very being This is the 6th outing for DI Damen Brook and DS John Noble and is a a police procedural that nee [...]

  4. This is a secondhand bought book but the inscription by its writer was kind of unsettling To Mark.Hope you enjoy the book, Mate Steven DunneThanks mate I never met you but the inscription was kind of nice and Yes I did enjoy your book The book started of being quite exceptional with this personal little message for a certain other Mark, I am not sure I could do away a book with such a message for me Not even a poor book But it was kind of fun, as my wife asked me when I met Mr Dunne, which I nev [...]

  5. Always been a fan of the Brook series me, this one was a corker I m liking them and with each passing book Bang on crime fiction is what this is.Anyway, theres probably not an awful lot I can say that I havent said before on these, Death Do Us Part was pretty much what I ve come to expect from this author good solid beautiful writing, plots with cohesive and addictive quality and a bunch of realistically flawed characters both heroes and villains.The two elements that go into the making of a b [...]

  6. I love this series and from the first book, The Reaper, I have wrongly thought that each one cannot be topped, the last book A Killing Moon was phenomenal and I worried that Steven Dunne simply couldn t raise his game higher than that I was, I am delighted to say, very wrong Death Do Us Part has the usual skillful writing and brilliantly paced, twisty plot which led me to identifying and re assessing who the killer was time and time again The characters are vivid and realistic I love the partner [...]

  7. Well this book was LITERALLY too hot to handle for me As I was sitting reading it in the garden, I got to 94% and my kindle switched itself off as it was overheating Thankfully a nice cool down indoors did the trick and an hour later I was able to finish, what is in my opinion, the best in the DI Damon Brook series so far Well, as if Brook doesn t have enough to worry about trying to establish a reconnection with his daughter Terri, he is called upon to solve the murder of an elderly couple in t [...]

  8. My sincere thanks to NetGalley, Headline and Steven Dunne for an advanced review copy of Death Do Us Part in exchange for an honest review This book blew me away, metaphorically speaking From the high octane yes I m actually using that phrase to describe the opening of this particular novel first couple of chapters, the action is relentless and is one of the best police procedurals I have read in a good while I ll be completely honest here I wasn t overly impressed with the previous book in this [...]

  9. This should be a series, that every crime fan knows and loves This is my alert to you all Discover Damen Brook I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brook Death Do Us Part is the sixth book in this excellent series We have come a long way, since the Reaper killings DI Brook is much stable these days and his relationship with his sidekick, Noble, has grown beautifully He is less of an outsider and seems to be tolerated for his eccentricities He is sharp as a knife and lovable as ever in my eyes We see his daughter, [...]

  10. DI Brook is on annual leave and enjoying spending time with his daughter, Terri, who is drinking heavily to help her deal with past trauma However, Brook s assistance is required at a murder scene An elderly couple have been shot in the heart killed This case shares similarities with another murder case involving a gay couple as the lead detective is nearing retirement, Brook is forced to take the lead and cut short his leave Brook believes he can catch the murderer but as he keeps being distrac [...]

  11. I would like to thank Netgalley and Headline for an advance copy of Death Do Us Part, a police procedural set in Derby and the 6th outing for DI Damen Brooke Brooke is on holiday spending time with his troubled daughter when he is called in to replace DI Ford who is due for retirement and investigate the murder of an elderly couple, which appears to have links to Ford s investigation into the murder of a gay couple the previous month Ford and his team aren t happy, Terri, Brooke s daughter, isn [...]

  12. I read a lot of crime fiction, and I m quite picky about what I like In my eyes, Steven Dunne can do no wrong, His writing is precise and his plotting is utterly compelling, believable and incredibly fine tuned However, it is his characters and how they develop and grow throughout the story that really excel DI Damen Brook is a damaged, troubled individual who faces his own demons throughout this book, yet manages to care about his colleagues and the victims of the crimes he is investigating th [...]

  13. I am a huge fan of Steven Dunne s writing and have been waiting for the 6th of the DI Damen Brook series to arrive I opened the first chapter with a lot of excitement, a little nervousness and two questions in my head Firstly, would the 6th book be as good as the others And secondly, books one The Reaper to five A Killing Moon just got better and better as the series went along, so could the author sustain the improvement The answer A big, fat, resounding YES on both counts This is crime fiction [...]

  14. Just when you think an author can t get any better they knock you flying Just put down Death Do Us Part by the fantastic Steven Dunne and five stars just does not do this justice I m awarding it 7 stars out of 5 What an awesome roller coaster of a ride that book was so many twists and turns that my head was spinning The relationship between Brook and Noble strengthens with every book in the series and they compliment each other so well, Brook leads his team and although he s a damaged detective [...]

  15. I shockingly only read my first Steven Dunne book last year and that was the brilliant A Killing Moon and the paperback version has my quote inside, which excited me greatly when I stumbled across it at the library I therefore couldn t wait to read Death Do Us Part when I requested it on NetGalley For me the bar was set very high by Steven with his previous book but I think had I read all of his previous work, then I would probably be calling this book his best one yet because it kept me thoroug [...]

  16. Reaper and Disciple were two of the first books I read when I got a Kindle and I loved them so much that I have avidly followed the series ever since I am always of the mind that series of books should be read in order to get the best as there are the usual back stories as well as character development but the story contained within this book is complete and, as such, will work as a stand alone novel.We start this book with Damen Brook trying to take time off to bond with daughter Terri They hav [...]

  17. DI Damen Brook gets his 6th outing in this brilliant new thriller set in and around Derby He is on leave spending some time with his daughter Terri His relationship with her has been difficult over the years and this time is no exception She is drinking a lot and Brook s lack of social skills make it hard for him to connect with her.Whilst on leave he is called in to assist on a murder investigation involving an elderly couple who have both been slain in their own home Brook helps his team inves [...]

  18. DI Brook is supposed to be on leave and using the time to mend bridges with his daughter This is far from easy given both their histories But he doesn t spend long away from work, because he is called to help out with a local murder where an elderly couple has been killed with a single shot It is a murder that has a familiar ring to it because a gay couple has been killed under similar circumstances in the previous month.Death Do Us Part begins in the thick of the action and tension, with the af [...]

  19. Review is also on The Coffee and Kindle Book Review Blog Death Do Us Part by Steven Dunne Kindle EditionCost NetgalleryPublisher HeadlineRelease date 05 05 16The Blurb Even death cannot part these couples DI Damen Brook is on a rare period of leave and determined to make the most of it by re connecting with his daughter Terri But with her heavy drinking proving a challenge, Brook takes the opportunity to visit a local murder scene when his help is requested An elderly couple have each been exec [...]

  20. WOW Steven Dunne has done it again Yet another gripping novel in the DI Damen Brook series.I ve read and enjoyed all the books in this series and this really is a brilliantly clever crime series.I love Brook He has his issues but he still gives his all to his job, mainly going above and beyond his call of duty I don t know what it is about him in this novel but he seems to have changed slightly For the better.He has a failed marriage as well as a struggling relationship with his daughter, Terri [...]

  21. I actually won a signed copy of this book from the author via The Book Club so was a little apprehensive about reading and reviewing this book just in case I really didn t like it All I can say my worries were groundless.This is the first book I have read by Steven Dunne but will definitely not be my last All I can say is why on earth haven t I read anything by him before.This book held me from the beginning, drawing me into the story and carrying me along with the adventure as the pages turned [...]

  22. This is the 6th book in the fabulous DI Brook series DI Brook is on leave spending time with his daughter Terri Brook is called and asked to assist on the murder of a elderly couple in there own home Brook quickly realises this could be linked to another murder of a gay couple earlier in the year What follows is a fantastic twisting turning fast paced gripping story that ll have you on the edge of your seat I love the characters they re so believable beautifully written with great banter and cam [...]

  23. Wow Wow Wow The DI Damen Brook series has just hit a new high point This was an outstanding, fast paced story An elderly couple shot through the heart in what is a baffling case and DI Brook is called back from leave to investigate It initially appears to be an assisted suicide case but soon it becomes clear it isn t Brook and his team soon link this to another killing which, although involves a couple shot, has some differences The investigations begin in earnest but Brook is also trying to mai [...]

  24. I received my copy of this book via Netgalley.Detective Damen Brook is called back from a well deserved holiday when an elderly couple are found murdered under strange circumsyances Lying hand in hand they appear to have drank a glass of champange and played a favourite piece of music prior to their deaths from gunshot wounds.It bears some resemblance to a recent gay couple homicide which was invesigated by another police detective who is nearing retirement who had put the crime down as a gay cr [...]

  25. Thank you Steven Dunne for another fantastic read Finished this last night and I loved every minute I ve been a massive fan of Steven and DI Brook since I discovered the first book in the series The Reaper, and this one did not disappoint I found the story a bittersweet poignant tale, touching on sensitive subjects like grief after the loss of the love of your life, and living with PTSD, and I will admit that I found myself with an ache in my chest at a certain part of the story Both the style o [...]

  26. The latest in the series, Mr Dunne never disappoints There is enough information to help the reader understand the characters history so this book could work as a stand alone but for an OCD reader like myself you would always want the full story The lead, ongoing characters and their relationship to each other continues to engage in this complex story The reader is tantalised by a plot with many strands but in a way that logic allows one to follow I KNEW who had done what several times until I d [...]

  27. Another complex, perfectly written thriller from the ever brilliant Steven Dunne Damon Brook is rapidly becoming one of my favourite detectives, who is unlike any others you may read about This guy is a very unlikely hero Addictive, compelling reading at its best Dunne is always a step ahead in originality and likeable yet flawed with realism characters I m not sure if it s just me, but each book gets better than his last, seeing as his first Damen Brook novel was utterly fantastic, that s the h [...]

  28. This is the 6th instalment of The Reaper series featuring DI Damen Brook I seriously thought this series could not get any better, but how wrong I was In Death Do Us Part superbly written by Steven Dunne, DI Damen Brook is at his absolute best in this superior UK crime thriller series The intricate plot and great partnership with Detective John Noblein this well written book is an absolute gem to read Can t wait for book 7

  29. I ve inched this up to 4 stars as I liked how it ended Really well written, great character development, you really get a sense of each person involved.This is ideal for this who like a who dunnit, police procedural story.

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