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Free Read SheHeWe - by Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch Free Read SheHeWe - by Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch - SheHeWe, SheHeWe Alex hosts a tea party and makes new friends Drew soars through the sky searching for adventure Two kids play in a park imagining they re somewhere else In one afternoon the worlds of imagination a

  • Title: SheHeWe
  • Author: Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch
  • ISBN: 9781467745741
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read SheHeWe - by Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch, SheHeWe, Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch, SheHeWe Alex hosts a tea party and makes new friends Drew soars through the sky searching for adventure Two kids play in a park imagining they re somewhere else In one afternoon the worlds of imagination and reality collide In this clever wordless comic Lee Nordling s simple storytelling engages young readers and provides a gateway into understanding multiple perspectives aAlex hosts a tea par


Free Read SheHeWe - by Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch Free Read SheHeWe - by Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch - SheHeWe, SheHeWe Alex hosts a tea party and makes new friends Drew soars through the sky searching for adventure Two kids play in a park imagining they re somewhere else In one afternoon the worlds of imagination a SheHeWe

  • Free Read SheHeWe - by Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch
    293Lee Nordling Meritxell Bosch

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  1. I think this is my favorite of the series so far Seems layered than the others Especially interesting is the subtle way gender is addressed We learn on the back that our characters names are Drew and Alex, both unisex names On the front, the word SHE is associated with the tea party and the word HE is associated with the dragon adventure But on the third to last page we discover that the kid in the dragon adventure has long hair Nordling seems to be intentionally obscuring the gender of both ki [...]

  2. Were will YOU go with YOUR imagination Children will learn that you can share the same space yet travel to different destinations through imagination.

  3. Concept story line 4 starsIllustrations 4 starsThe format is the most interesting part of this full color wordless children s graphic novel The three rows of panels on each page can be read through separately and each represent a different POV But the pages can also be read sequentially in the ordinary fashion, providing the full story.Each of the three stories have a full arc, but they are very similar to one another, and all are repetitive However, the blending of reality with fantasy is handl [...]

  4. This book will be released tomorrow Nov 1, 2015 I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Shehewe is an interesting take on a wordless comic in which three stories happen parallel and intertwine Each page contains three rows of three panels each The top row, in pink, shows the story from the perspective of a young child wandering happily through an enchanted park and having a tea party with a stuffed animal The middle row, in purple, focuses on anothe [...]

  5. Wordless comics are fantastic for engaging young, reluctant readers Years ago I gave my youngest niece a reluctant reader at the time Owly, Vol 1 The Way Home The Bittersweet Summer and had great fun as she went through articulating her own version of the story, which she pulled from the visuals, as well as her own imagination SheHeWe offers the same opportunity of interpretation and imagination.SheHeWe has the added benefit of encouraging the reader to think about the ways in which they employ [...]

  6. A stuffed bunny a girl a boy and his dog This is a GN told in three different story format that can be read across for each full story or page by page for multiple perspectives throughout the book Each story has a different color hue to differentiate the separate panels The little girl is having a tea party with a friend while the boy is off to deal with dangerous dragons and sinister things Sounds stereotypical, but in the story at the bottom we see they re playtime fuse together Many ways to r [...]

  7. A fun little book It s a good introduction to not standard comic design for younger readers It also very subtly asks some good questions about gender stereotype assumptions Despite all those syllables ironic since the book is nearly wordless , it keeps a light tone with vibrant art.

  8. SheHeWe tells three different but interwoven stories in three different sequential panels It s an inventive look at children s imaginations with respect for the diversity of how kids dream.

  9. I struggle to enjoy graphic novels, and this one is no different The story of child interactions in the park include playing alone, and then playing with others, and learning to get along with those who are different than us.

  10. 2.5 The three different stories in one is clever, but could potentially be problematic challenging for new younger readers.

  11. A graphic novel without words, She He We , by Lee Nordling told a story about a boy and a girl s world colliding Starting out with a girl and a boy showing up at the same park, they started playing in their own fantasy game The girl s containing her pet unicorn in a pink, orange, and purple princess world The boy creates a purple, blue and black fantasy world with his pet dragon that he flies around As the story goes on, the boy s world and the girl s world collides The dragon interrupts the uni [...]

  12. This graphic novel tells three stories one of a girl, one of a boy, and the boy and girl together The girl enjoys having tea parties in her own make believe world with her her rabbit and unicorn The boy enjoys to chase dragons and fly through dark, menacing skies While the two are both in their own worlds of imagination, the two play side by side in a community park The novel is split horizontally into three different stories the story of the girl, the boy, and the two together The two top panel [...]

  13. Wow was SheHeWe an interesting and different comic I really liked how the story was constructed We have these two kids who have their own fantasy world and then the real world Basically there are three different story lines happening at the same time on their own lines or so to speak The first two show what the children imagine what is happening when they play and the third shows how it looks in the real world Dragons end up being dogs and whatnot An amazing idea The imagination is great and how [...]

  14. very cool concept you can either read each of 3 stories individually, or you can read them together to get the whole picture in this book, the first 2 stories focus on the imaginary adventures of alex and drew in the third story, readers see how their adventures in a park translated into imaginary tea parties and dragon riding adventures the art was kind of giving me Jim Woodring, but like off brand jim woodring ie i wasn t super impressed by it but i LOVED how the characters are very ambiguous, [...]

  15. The cover is very eye catching and, overall, I liked it The feel of the book is fun and light and definitely brings to mind summer days full of day dreams as a kid The art is lovely, though I would have preferred it be bigger But I think that s just my problem I read it on my ipad.The whole story, however, could have been about three panels Maybe nine if you wanted to really drive the point home I was expecting some sort of conflict and resolution, but that never came The book encapsulates the w [...]

  16. I genuinely don t know what to make of this book I know what it is, I understand what it s trying to do, I just don t know that the written book is the proper medium for it You re basically reading a book in three four dimensions, and it feels like interactive electronic may have been the sensible route As it was, this wordless tale of children playing in the park was extremely difficult to follow and track, even with the great pains taken to make it as linear as possible A for effort and conce [...]

  17. I never liked the Choose Your Own Adventure series when I was a kid, because I did not like the idea of skipping around and the idea that you would never read the WHOLE book SheHeWe gave me that same type of stress, because I just felt like there was too much to keep track of Do I think kids might like it Yes Did I like it Meh.

  18. I like the concept of this book and the others in the series like it with three separate stories going on, but the book just doesn t work for me If a young reader decides to read the book vertically, things don t appear to be happening simultaneously or always from each character s point of view Maybe it wouldn t be confusing to a young reader, but it s confusing to me.

  19. WHAT in the WORLD was that My apathy for his graphic novels in this particular format 3 ongoing storylines is growing with each book Was anyone else confused with the end Was the boy a girl Was the girl a boy deep sigh I want my 5 minutes back that I spent reading this nonsense.

  20. Netgally ARCA unique wordless graphic novel offering readers three different storylines Great for reluctant readers.

  21. Imagination and reality collides in this graphic story that can be read as three different storylines or one.

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