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Submitting to the Darkness

Submitting to the Darkness Best Read || [K.C. Wells] Submitting to the Darkness Best Read || [K.C. Wells] - Submitting to the Darkness, Submitting to the Darkness Three weeks after being diagnosed with acute glaucoma Adam Kent lost his vision Two months down the line and he s left behind his life in London as an author of political history books and retreated

  • Title: Submitting to the Darkness
  • Author: K.C. Wells
  • ISBN: 9781310586507
  • Page: 407
  • Format: ebook

Submitting to the Darkness Best Read || [K.C. Wells], Submitting to the Darkness, K.C. Wells, Submitting to the Darkness Three weeks after being diagnosed with acute glaucoma Adam Kent lost his vision Two months down the line and he s left behind his life in London as an author of political history books and retreated to the Isle of Wight to live in the house he inherited in Steephill Cove But that s not all Adam s left behind him the trappings of his life as a Dom are packed away intoT

Submitting to the Darkness

Submitting to the Darkness Best Read || [K.C. Wells] Submitting to the Darkness Best Read || [K.C. Wells] - Submitting to the Darkness, Submitting to the Darkness Three weeks after being diagnosed with acute glaucoma Adam Kent lost his vision Two months down the line and he s left behind his life in London as an author of political history books and retreated Submitting to the Darkness

  • Submitting to the Darkness Best Read || [K.C. Wells]
    407K.C. Wells
Submitting to the Darkness

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  1. 4.5 This book is so my cuppa hurt comfort, age gap, light kink with D s overtones, friendship, steam in spades, and the sweetest HEA I love books with imperfect MCs, and Adam Kent is definitely one At 40, Adam, a best selling author of political books and a Dom, has to readjust to living without his sight Once vibrant and independent, Adam has become a near recluse, angry at the world, hiding behind dark glasses Adam does not want a caretaker He resents the implication that he can t take care of [...]

  2. Woo hoo This was my favorite K.C.Wells book to date It really ticked all my boxes An imperfect hero with disability, living like a recluse and acting like an asshole Check Adam lost his vision and is having a hard time adapting to his current situation Very well sketched character and the stages he went through were very realistically portrayed I really felt for him every time he had a break down The caretaker theme Check I like this trope a lot And although Adam kept denying he needed any help, [...]

  3. What the fucking fuck WHAT THE FUCK So now going blind is an opportune plot device for crappy romance books How fucking ableist and appropriating How fucking inconsiderate to stack everything in favour of the wooby domly Dom, who is capable of changing where he lives, from one lap of luxury to the next Who also is able to adapt his profession and income at the drop of a hat As if How fucking convenient to have him have a sexy personal 24 7 helper just when he becomes helpless How bloody idiotic [...]

  4. I had the pleasure of beta reading this story and I say pleasure because it didn t take long before I realized Paul and Adam were going to be one of my favorite K.C Wells couples.In a few short months 40 year old Adam, has gone from a vibrant, active, man in control, to a blind, depressed recluse He is convinced that along with his eyesight, everything he had a passion for is lost to him now, from sailing, to his career as an author, not to mention his ability to be a Dom He has cut himself off [...]

  5. DNF for casting adult men as ingenues, being weird about virginity, and committing crimes against italics.

  6. I love this series, and this time I had the pleasure to beta read this particular story too 4.5 stars from me.For fans of this series, do not fearMark and Sam from book 1 Waiting for a Prince make several appearances as do Taylor and David from book 2 September s Tide, and most if not all of the action takes place in around Steephill Cove This time we meet Paul Vaughan, a Caulkhead born on the island and who s a friend of Mark, Sam and Taylor and Adam Kent, a relative newcomer to Steephill but w [...]

  7. I love KC Wells s Island Tales They are set on an island that she loves among people based on individuals that she either knows or imagines with her terrific creativity Submitting to the Darkness is one of her best Adam has been stricken blind, quite suddenly It is a tragedy of immense proportions for a man who loved his job as a writer and reader who loved sailing and other outdoor activities Crushingly, Adam is a Dom who takes his responsibilities to a sub very seriously He must be able to wat [...]

  8. This book is the reason I like KC Wells Her work not only only includes passion but all the feelings one associates with a good romance novel.Imagine being at the stage in your life when you have found critical and financial success, you have served your country in the military, and had adventures sailing from the US to the UK OH and you are a Dom Suddenly life changes You find yourself blind, lost and frightened at the age of 40 You are wallowing in self pity and ready to give up Wells does a g [...]

  9. I absolutely loved this book It has everything that twists my trigger in a good romance Imperfect MC s, age gap, well understood kink, sexual tension, interesting location, relationship building, and above all, great writing Their love for each is real and wholly believable I enjoyed this immensely, a great escape You read a KC book and it soothes the mind, nothing that makes your brain hurt Lovely.

  10. forse non perfetto ma poco ci manca,ha tutto trama buona,personaggi interessanti e molto hotla parte sensuale non prevarica la storia,la parte romantica ha la sua importanza in una giusta amalgama

  11. From the moment I read the blurb for this novel, I was fascinated with the characters and what sounded like a long, hard road to the happy ending I always hope for And K.C certainly made me wait Adam is in such a bad place after going blind and who could blame him , that he barely makes it out of bed each morning, and definitely is not in the mood for civil behavior Combine this with Paul, who has a big heart, is extremely considerate, and wants nothing but to help Adam and that is before he fal [...]

  12. Original Blog Post Review Request Submitting to the Darkness Island Tales 3 by K.C WellsReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 5 of 5 StarsOkay, I admit it When it comes to Island Tales series by K.C Wells, I just forget about life and drop for a good read It s one of my favorites after all It helps a lot the characters are so real, and their love stories are toothache worthy It is Submitting to the Darkness which I can claim as my favorite.Then again, so was Waiting for a Prince and September s T [...]

  13. This was my favorite in this series by far Paul and Adam were vivid in my mind from the very first page Somehow the author manages to have sweet, angst and kink wrapped up into a ball of fluffy goodness What happens when a man loses everything that has meaning in his life in a few short weeks I would imagine that Adam s bitterness and downright cruelty is a very true reaction He has lost his occupation, the reading for pleasure that is obviously a large part of him He has even lost his sexual id [...]

  14. Paul applies to work as a live in companion to Adam, an author of political books who has recently gone blind When he arrives at the mansion that is Adam s home he learns that none of his predecessors has managed to keep the job for longer than a few weeks and that Adam is far from accepting that he is blind instead shutting himself away from the world, rarely venturing out of the library and fighting against everything, Adam is far from ready to move on Paul is determined to keep his job and to [...]

  15. 4.5 starsI forgot about this series to be honest, and I certainly wasn t expecting a new book But guess what, this surprise was a good one, because this book is the best in this series and it hit all my buttons There s love and friendship, trust and intimacy, vulnerability and strength and the cherry on my cake kinky sex Really, this book was amazing Adam s blindness is like a stick up his butt really, he s such an asshole He tends to lash out at anyone who tries to help him, but Paul fights rig [...]

  16. It was really difficult for me to like Adam Really, really difficult I just didn t connect with him At all Paul was lovely, but I couldn t help wonder if he could do better It s tough to love a book where you spend at least half of it hating a main character Still, a great rec from Ele Thanks, hon.

  17. Nice romance with a tiny bit bdsm Yep, it does have a couple of bdsm scenes but they aren t the main focus of this story.Loved the former Dom Adam and cute Paul whose tastes are a little kinkier than expected.I enjoyes reading the story and look forward to reading the previous books of the series.

  18. It s been a while since I read the first in this series and I forgot all about this one but damn I m glad I got round to itI loved this one and I think this is my favouriteI totally understood why Adam was like he was at the start.No one is going to go through what he has and be ok with itPaul stood his ground and gave as good as he gotThese two were absolutely perfect together but really should have spoken sooner but it s an amazing read.easy and little angst.It was also good meeting up again w [...]

  19. This book gave me two characters I could relate to Paul Vaughn is kind, good hearted and not altogether sure of himself While he may be curious about submission and playing with the thought that he might to explore that, he is nobody s pushover and stands up for himself and what he knows is right just as easily as he ll push his own needs away when he feels somebody else s needs are urgent All of these qualities make him the perfect caregiver for Adam Kent.When the book starts Adam is the polar [...]

  20. Loved this book Sigh.what can I say This book is perfection Well written, great characters, a storyline filled with angst and joy and love Paul gets hired to be companion to Adam, a writer who has lost his sight Adam is snarky, angry, and hates the world He has closed himself off from the world and stays in his house, fighting against everyone and everything Paul, doesn t give up easily though and gets through to Adam and shows him he can have and live his life When Paul finds out Adam is a Dom, [...]

  21. OMG All the stars for this book I loved this had everything I want in a good booke gap, disability, some hurt comfort, a good group of characters included from previous books, hot and mildly kinky loving, slight conflict, and a wonderful HEA This is one of my favorite stories I have read from this author and I pretty much love everything I have read from her I m assuming the next story will be about their friend I hope the wait won t be too, too long for in this series

  22. 5 Exceptional writing, age gap, hurt comfort, grumpypants mc w a disability, scorching hot sex, believable and realistic progression into love, NO DOORMATS, NO ANGST, NO CHEATING, NO DUB CON Other than a bit of miscommunication that is cleared quickly, this was a perfect Sunday reading Highly recommended

  23. 4.5 Heart Review by DanielleA great new addition to the Island tales series Completely different then the other two and I really liked that.I also liked the fact that what for me was missing in the second part I found back in this part with the mentions and the connection with the main characters from the other books.They aren t present in a way that the book wouldn t work as a standalone as they just are mentioned as friends but to me it added a nice extra to the already wonderful story.Paul is [...]

  24. What a nice read I m a sucker for disabled impaired MCs so this story of a blind used to be Dom, Adam, was exactly what I m looking for to relax The story is sweet in terms of Paul s Adam s companion assistant steady and not obtrusive care of Adam, his ability to see past his boss blindness, to encourage the man to take small but persistent steps forward in his exploration of a independent lifeBut don t be fooled It s not only a sweet story There s a considerable splosh of BDSM as Adam helps Pa [...]

  25. I really enjoyed this, but for one small thing, which I will get into in a bit.I enjoyed Paul and Adam Sure, Adam was a bit of a dick in the beginning, but I totally understood why Paul gave as good as he got, though, which was great to see I also liked how they explored Paul s interest in kink, without going too far Now, the one small thing both guys wanted than just sex, but neither of them ever wanted to just come right out and say so I just wish this didn t happen so often in m m Things wou [...]

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