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Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious)

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious) : by Mary Karr [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious) : by Mary Karr - Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious), Now Go Out There and Get Curious A celebration of curiosity compassion and the surprising power of fear based on the New York Times bestselling author and renowned professor s commencement address at Syracuse University Being

  • Title: Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious)
  • Author: Mary Karr
  • ISBN: 9780062442109
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious) : by Mary Karr, Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious), Mary Karr, Now Go Out There and Get Curious A celebration of curiosity compassion and the surprising power of fear based on the New York Times bestselling author and renowned professor s commencement address at Syracuse University Being smart and rich are lucky but being curious compassionate will save your ass Every year there are one or two commencement speeches that strike a chord with audienc

Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious)

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious) : by Mary Karr [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious) : by Mary Karr - Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious), Now Go Out There and Get Curious A celebration of curiosity compassion and the surprising power of fear based on the New York Times bestselling author and renowned professor s commencement address at Syracuse University Being Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious)

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious) : by Mary Karr
    224Mary Karr
Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious)

201 Comment Now Go Out There: (and Get Curious)

  1. There s not much to this Syracuse University commencement speech Leftovers of sob story autobiography and clich d advice cobbled together Disappointing given how much I loved Karr s recent The Art of Memoir For a truly inspirational graduation address, I recommend David Foster Wallace s This Is Water.

  2. This is a book version of a commencement speech Mary Karr gave at Syracuse in 2015 Similar to reading This Is Water Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life by David Foster Wallace, it is slightly tweaked, lightly illustrated, and largely intended for graduation present fare.I ve read a lot of Mary Karr in the last few years, in fact she includes a poem about her son from the most recent book of poetry I read Sinners Welcome She makes reference to her [...]

  3. It is easy to see why Mary Karr s commencement speech to the graduating class at Syracuse University May 10, 2015 went viral This is a perfect quick read for anyone that needs insight, inspiration, advice, or a young student looking for answers, or perhaps to realize that there are others in life who overcome tremendous adversity, become educated and avoid doing time in the penitentiary Karr s poem A Blessing From My Sixteen Years Son was an added bonus with many good and amusing quotes.I was a [...]

  4. This is a quick read as it s edited from a commencement speech delivered by Mary Karr in 2015 One of my favourite quotes is this one The loony bin is where I learned that as deep as a wound is, that s how deep the healing can be It s a pithy, irreverent and heart some read.

  5. Though I m no fan of commencement speeches, and commencement speech books are often about revenue generation, not enlightenment, nevertheless I wanted to read Now Go Out There because I enjoyed five stars worth of pleasure from Mary Karr s The Art of Memoir My verdict Her memoir is still great, but Now Go Out There is not for me Though the speech s personal revelations are interesting and the advice is good, the structure is too free flowing for my taste The speech s personal revelations are the [...]

  6. I love graduation speeches hello Conan O Brien, Stephen Colbert, J.K Rowling, Jim Carrey, and Ali G and apparently I m not the only one, because the one given by Mary Karr, famed memoirist and professor I read and enjoyed her memoir The Liar s Club many years back was so good that it was made into a book A quick and easy read, Now Go Out There is full of inspirational quotes, heart, and humour Kind of like Chicken Soup for the Soul, except for eager graduates Karr shares her wisdom with endearin [...]

  7. When I saw this book on Edelweiss I was attracted by the cover art then when I read the synopsis for it I knew I had to request it because I have never read any speeches but need to start doing so Therefore I was really pleased that the Publisher approved my request and downloaded it immediately.This book caught my attention immediately so much so that I read the first 40% of it within 20 minutes of starting it Mary s writing was almost lyrical in places and I was able to understand the message [...]

  8. Not much new here A talk given at a graduation about how life is hard but we overcome, blah, blah, blah I m giving it three stars though because of this particularly interesting point that I will be thinking about for a while Every major religion tells you the solution to your fear is loving other people, and they re not wrong But few religions talk about how truly nerve racking other people can be when they re sucking up your subway air or getting your job or stealing your boyfriend Or just sta [...]

  9. Book on the commencement speech of Mary Karr At the start , I didn t understand why this book is famous , it seemed quite ordinary until the point where Mary Karr started to tell about her life One of the best thing she said was about being curious compassionate.I knew Mary Karr as an English professor but I never knew what she had to go through in her life , thanks to this book It s a short novel , and one should definitely read it.Happy Reading

  10. A charming little read that found me on a morning when I needed it most I borrowed this from the library but will be buying it to flip through on days when I m feeling down Lovely and inspiring, not unlike Karr herself.

  11. It will take you ten minutes to read this book graduation speech, and you ll put it down feeling inspired.

  12. Like Pema Chodron, who told the graduating students of Naropa University in 2014 to get curious about their mistakes as mistakes can be a portal to creativity, so said Mary Karr in her 2015 commencement address to the graduating students of Syracuse University.Mary Karr, the author of three award winning, bestselling memoirs and the Peck Professor of Literature at Syracuse Univeristy, exhorts the graduating students to banish any fear of misfortune and face their lives with optimism Like any goo [...]

  13. Speaking to the University of Syracuse graduating class in 2015, Mary Karr is thrilled to be receiving an honorary PhD she speaks eloquently of fear Getting what you want often scares you than not getting it As a young graduate student, I worried like hell that I looked like a bimbo now I am an old maid schoolteacher, I worry that I don t My point being that almost everytime I was super afraid, it was of the wrong thing Karr humor and ability to look at herself and her life and provide motivati [...]

  14. I found this little volume after reading some of Mary Karr s poetry, and wanting to read other things by her I did listen to some of this commencement address online, but found the book much precise and impactfule formatting, with Gregg Kulick s artwork, is great Overall, her musings on what college graduates might have ahead of them, and how to approach life in all its scariness, really apply to all of us My favorite quote and there are lots of great ones far as I can tell, a dysfunctional fam [...]

  15. This seems to be one of a whole new genre being published the essay graduation speech So, essentially, an essay about what to expect from life now that you are an adult, invested with the best our society has to offer And, as always, Mary Karr has an honest and truthful reminder to be human and to be grateful for what you ve gotten, but to also search out As always, she writes well and manages to connect the mundane and flawed to the infinite and ideal A good quick read if you like the genre.

  16. Reading Mary Karr is never a waste of time Her work is always funny, wise and insightful But, shelling out ten bucks for an abridged version of a commencement speech she gave at Syracuse University may feel like a waste of money to the frugal cheap amongst us Having said that, this is definitely a worthwhile and quick read Maybe buy a copy and then re gift it It would make a great graduation gift.

  17. I like beginning my year with a bit of inspiration, and Ms Karr delivers in spades in this print edition of a 2015 commencement address It reminded me a bit of Pema Chodron s Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better, and I mean that in the best way possible But Now Go Out There is a book that only Ms Karr could have written, and in talking about her own life she creates universal lessons for everyone Highly recommended.

  18. This is a college commencement speech so it isn t long and it didn t take much time to read I can understand why it got so much attention and is hailed as a great commencement speech accepting, understanding and growing from fear is a great lesson, for us all.

  19. This was a commencement speech given in 2015 read by the author I loved hearing Mary s voice as I ve read her memoirs Very, very good advice, not just for new college graduates Would love to make my kids listen to this Actually, all kids Grown ups too.

  20. It s a graduating speech that is a quick read It s inspiring as it s supposed to be Left me feeling positive after I was done.

  21. Words of wisdom in a VERY short book based on a 20 minute graduation talk given by the author The graphics are quite nice and show a progression through the book.

  22. Inspired She certainlly packs a lot of awesome into her words This book has inspired me to go out there and get curious.

  23. When I picked up this book, I didn t realize it was essentially a transcription of a year old commencement speech at Syracuse University, but was still glad I did.After the initial disappointment which passed in the first few pages, I got caught up In Karr s exquisite and clean prose and read the entire book in one quick sitting even while taking my time with many of the lines.I got exposed to Mary Karr over an NPR interview this past weekend, and that really caused me to pick this up I m still [...]

  24. Mary Karr s small book seems to be a collection of sound bites However, isn t that what graduation speeches usually are A speaker may talk for twenty minutes or longer, and somewhere in there may be a gem or two that a graduate remembers on the day they re celebrating the conclusion of a high school or college career In this case, Karr s speech for the 2015 graduation class at Syracuse University became the book Now Go Out There and Get Curious.Karr looks back at her own life, and uses that as a [...]

  25. From the best selling and life changing author of several books I haven t read yet, comes this commencement speech I have a yen for commencement speeches on paper You can remember them or reread them Also, this one, like a great number of those I ve read recently reminds all who read it, not only those who ve just graduated, that the world is full of pain They can and must do something to mitigate it I need that reminder occasionally It does reference God and the way He helped the author deal wi [...]

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