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[PDF] Aced | by ☆ K. Bromberg [PDF] Aced | by ☆ K. Bromberg - Aced, Aced Rylee and Colton s ride continues One moment Six years ago The night she made the world around me so much than just a blur Now it s the catalyst that threatens to tear us apart Our happily was suppose

  • Title: Aced
  • Author: K. Bromberg
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Aced | by ☆ K. Bromberg, Aced, K. Bromberg, Aced Rylee and Colton s ride continues One moment Six years ago The night she made the world around me so much than just a blur Now it s the catalyst that threatens to tear us apart Our happily was supposed to be ever after So why do I feel like it s slipping through my fingers How can one moment when our world seemed so right resurface and cause our perfect lRylee and Colton s ride continues On


[PDF] Aced | by ☆ K. Bromberg [PDF] Aced | by ☆ K. Bromberg - Aced, Aced Rylee and Colton s ride continues One moment Six years ago The night she made the world around me so much than just a blur Now it s the catalyst that threatens to tear us apart Our happily was suppose Aced

  • [PDF] Aced | by ☆ K. Bromberg
    454K. Bromberg

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  1. A spellbinding and soul searing story of epic and ever lasting love, Aced reignites a slow burn of bleeding passion that started with Driven and continues to scorch, rendering a deep and dominant connection It s the click A forever love The kind of awe for a book that makes you giddy, nervous, and full of butterflies a sweet ache That book or series that shakes your soul, grabs your guts, and hits your heart so hard that you feel your emotions oozing out of you long after the book is finished Dr [...]

  2. Aced is a story about what happens after you get the girl You know the ending already as ACED takes place in a 5 6 month time span between the last chapter of Crashed and its dual epiloguebut you don t know what happened in that ten year gap nor have you heard anything about this story per se.The chase is over The cocky racer already has the girl So what is he like as a married man What happens when they face the unexpected and the consequences of it cause a butterfly effect greater than ever im [...]

  3. I love you Her voice is soft as her lips move against mine, and something about her tone makes my heart beat a bit faster Like head over heels, butterflies in my stomach kind of love you that s all Her words dig deep down into the places that rarely get paid attention to these days the goddamn abyss where the demons from my childhood live The ones that used to rule my life until Rylee came along using her fucking perfection and selfless love to help brighten that darkness, and chase away the do [...]

  4. Colton will make you SWOON like you ve never SWOONED before This is the happily ever afterAFTERe happily ever after.There won t be a dry eye in the house folks I m not talking a stray tear here and a stray tear there I m talking full blown sobbing that you have to try to cover up so your family doesn t think you are crazy Tissueslots and lots of tissues is a must before you pick this book up Happy tears, sad tears, angry tears Your heart will break and it will mend, but the journey to get there [...]

  5. Gahhh of this super favorite couple and K Bromberg did NOT disappoint Colton and Riley Donovan have been ACED ACED by K Bromberg is now LIVE US amzn 1YY51Kg UK amzn 1PEMyg7 CA amzn 1NX9mb5 AU bit 1OVtIjsiBooks apple 1hML059BN bit 1NqDlFfKobo bit 1EkCboqBut its not all hearts and flowers but with a story like Colton s and Riley s that probably expected We thought they found their happily ever after at the end of Crashed but ACED will show you the ins and outs and how, after six years together, t [...]

  6. O.M.G here s the cover and blurb ACED is the 10 year gap book that will continue Rylee and Colton s story between the last chapter and the epilogue in Crashed So excited to read of these amazing characters over the years Release day 11 January 2016 Purchase US UKBlurb Rylee and Colton s ride continues One moment Six years ago The night she made the world around me so much than just a blur Now it s the catalyst that threatens to tear us apart Our happily was supposed to be ever after So why do [...]

  7. 5 Framing memories Stars I was so excited to read Aced because the Driven series is one of my favourites of all time I fell in love with Colton and Rylee s love story and how these two grow so much and stay strong throughout all the situations in their path Of course, K Bromberg did not disappoint Aced is the fourth novel in this series and it is obviously related to the previous ones Driven, Fueled, Crashed and Raced so I recommend you to read the whole thing before this novel PLEASE, do not re [...]

  8. Just one word breathtaking Aced Driven 5 by K Bromberg was one of my most anticipated book this year And it was most definitely worth the wait There are no words to accurately describe the feelings and emotions that were constantly in my heart all the way to my toes, while reading this book Driven series is one of my all time favorite series and one of the best I ever read I love Rylee and Colton to pieces Once , their connection captivated me their unconditional love, their unbreakable bond and [...]

  9. 4,5 Only Sheets Stars In the book that we were all waiting for I know I was , we have the events that took place between the end of Raced and the epilogue Despite their HEA the road still wasn t the easiest one for them, especially when the past keeps on haunting them and Rylee s miraculous pregnancy brings unexpected problems But the thing about couples that healed together is that they re used to fight for them I know I may biased, because there will never be such thing as too much Rylee and C [...]

  10. So we have a vague blurb, so this review is following suit to avoid any chance of spoilers First thing you have to know is this is not a standalone This bridges the gap in Crashed from the ending to the epilogue, so new readers do not start here, but please start What I loved the most about this series has always been how tragically broken Colton was His transformation over the trilogy was my favorite experience to be a part of, especially the moments in Crashed when it all came to a head The wa [...]

  11. 5 ACED IT STARSBromberg just keeps giving and giving better.Aced is like an unexpected gift Of course we all know that Colton Donavan has already claimed the checkered flag for life but what was unknown was that the path to that victory lane was even rougher than previously thought.Aced brings a happily married Colton and Rylee A married couple who are each other s everything So many demons have been battled but some are still hard to keep at bay With the knowledge of a new life on the horizon, [...]

  12. You re only alive if you bruise WOW I finished ACED a while back, but it has taken me some time to write a review because of the raw emotion in this book and the feelings it awakened in me Although I connected with Colton and Rylee from the very first book in this series, this time around the couple are experiencing real life trials and tribulations that I think almost anyone can relate to.Rylee s experience in this book touched me so deeply that I had to distance myself from this book for a bit [...]

  13. An absolute 5StarMustRead for fans of Colton Donovan I LOVED IT Lots of cute, funny, sexy moments, and many exciting and suspensy and verrrry moving moments I couldn t put it down For new readers it might even be possible to read this without having read any of the books in the Driven series BUT pfff why would you want to miss those amazing books I suggest reading ACED as book 8 because we meet almost all other characters in this book Even my darling Rockstar Hawkin shows up for a second

  14. 4.5 stars this was a wonderful look at marriage and all it take to keep your happily ever after amzn 1O6pd5GiBooks apple 1mczxOP

  15. Driven fans better buckle up Bromberg delivers this missing piece hard fast, making for a deliberately bumpy ride.One thing was certain my eyes were glued to the page, I ignored all life responsibilities while reading and I was engrossed engaged in all things Colton Rylee.This sequel can I call it that gives you all the little links and pieces you want without diluting your love for either character I adored Colton s ability to step up when needed and his desire to protect his family a family he [...]

  16. 5 starsThis book was so emotionally beautiful I loved every moment of it Really Really OMG I CAN T WAIT SO EXCITED.

  17. 5 stars Ok, so if you haven t read Driven series before, do yourself a favor and do that.Have in mind that this is not a standalone Driven is one of my favorite series ever If you like this genre, Rylee and Colton are probably on your list of best romance couples I always wanted to know what happened in the gap between the end of Crashed and epilogue.K.Bromberg just knows how to do it, and she nailed it again This was a great conclusion to the series Loved it

  18. This was so honest and raw and achingly beautiful I love Rylee and Colton s perfectly imperfect love story My whole fucking world My Rylee My son My everything My boys My family My husband My everything.

  19. Oh, hell yeah, Colton is back Although the beginning was a bit annoying for me I get, I would be mad too if this happened I really liked Aced I loved to read about Colton trying to make sense between his feelings and what his mind thinks that should happen heck, he is the notorious bad boy after all I especially loved his inner monologue Having something very private become public makes Rylee very panicky Colton becomes the fierce protector of his family with his sexiness but quirky attitude I l [...]

  20. I while reading Down Shift I realized I never read Aced even though I bought it on release day Since I was curious about Zander s adoption I went for it Well, I loved it for the most part, Colton definitely makes the book I still don t like the fact that this is just a snippet of few months of those 10 years and that i still have tons of questions But overall, this is pretty good.

  21. Waiting for this book felt like being at the airport waiting for a beloved family member s flight to land You kept on checking that you had the information right, wringing your hands with anticipation of what you knew for sure will be an awesome reunion Regardless of the long passage of time not seeing each other and meeting other people whom you ve come to love, you knew without a doubt said family member is different He will always stand out, he will remain in your thoughts and nothing will gi [...]

  22. Aced Driven 5 by K Bromberg4.5 stars You can t control this, son The only thing you can do is to turn your words into wisdom Aced was a book that I had been eagerly anticipating since K Bromberg first hinted that it could be on the cards This was the book that the fans begged for and demanded and K Bromberg was willing to write This was a book for the fans and K Bromberg delivered We re far from perfect We re perfectly imperfect Colton and Rylee have their very own place in my heart, since the d [...]

  23. Wow I was so flippin excited about Aced and it was even amazing than I expected I couldn t read it fast enough We get to see the time between Rylee s pregnancy and Ace s birth so make sure that you read the Driven Trilogy first before you read Aced And if you haven t, what are you waiting for Colton, still one of my all time favorite book boyfriends, continues to make me swoon Fucking Rylee My breath My life My kryptonite And sweet, sweet Rylee, there could never be a perfect woman for Colton [...]

  24. Loved the book It s a snapshot of a marriage.e highs and lows and everything in between I laughed and cried with Rylee and Colton And as a mother, I felt Rylee s stress and doubts A great finish to the series

  25. Where do I even begin I ve loved Colton since I first opened the pages of Driven and he caught Rylee falling out of that closet What a happenstance beginning for those two Arrogant Rogue Rebel Not to mention the dirty talking playboy who met his match with Rylee Thomas We know from Crashed that these two get their Happy Ever After but do we know what they had to go through to get there ACED will answer this question and many that we ve had in our thoughts Kristy feeds us with a golden spoon and [...]

  26. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceAced is the final conclusion to Colton and Rylee s beautiful tale.a story of struggles and triumphs.of challenges both physical and mental and learning to overcome them in the midst of your happy ever after This was such a heartbreaking and emotional book for me Not what I expected for the finale to be honest but I was riveted in this story I wouldn t say that this book is my favorite but there were many aspects of the story that I really e [...]

  27. Audio book review.It s been a few years since I read the original Driven trilogy K Bromberg has expanded the series since then, but Colton and Riley remain my favorite couple Aced is a nice way to fill in the gap between the end of their story and the epilogue I suspect I might have enjoyed Aced had I read the book instead of listened to the audio Tatiana Sokolov s voice is too nasally for my taste, and her delivery leaves something to be desired With the exception of his imitations of female c [...]

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