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Death in the Tunnel

[PDF] Read Ï Death in the Tunnel : by Miles Burton [PDF] Read Ï Death in the Tunnel : by Miles Burton - Death in the Tunnel, Death in the Tunnel On a dark November evening Sir Wilfred Saxonby is travelling alone in the o clock train from Cannon Street in a locked compartment The train slows and stops inside a tunnel and by the time it emer

  • Title: Death in the Tunnel
  • Author: Miles Burton
  • ISBN: 9781464205811
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read Ï Death in the Tunnel : by Miles Burton, Death in the Tunnel, Miles Burton, Death in the Tunnel On a dark November evening Sir Wilfred Saxonby is travelling alone in the o clock train from Cannon Street in a locked compartment The train slows and stops inside a tunnel and by the time it emerges again minutes later Sir Wilfred has been shot dead his heart pierced by a single bullet Suicide seems to be the answer even though no reason can be found InspectorOn a dark

Death in the Tunnel

[PDF] Read Ï Death in the Tunnel : by Miles Burton [PDF] Read Ï Death in the Tunnel : by Miles Burton - Death in the Tunnel, Death in the Tunnel On a dark November evening Sir Wilfred Saxonby is travelling alone in the o clock train from Cannon Street in a locked compartment The train slows and stops inside a tunnel and by the time it emer Death in the Tunnel

  • [PDF] Read Ï Death in the Tunnel : by Miles Burton
    353Miles Burton
Death in the Tunnel

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  1. Originally published in 1936, Death in the Tunnel is one of the mystery novels that was re issued as part of the British Library Crime Classics series I was really looking forward to this, not just because it satisfied a task in this year s holiday scavenger hunt, but also because I was hoping to discover great writers from the golden age of mystery writing.Sadly, for me Death in the Tunnel fell short of that mark The story started out great with a mysterious death on a train that seemed to occ [...]

  2. One dark November evening Sir Wilfred Saxonby was found dead on the train he used regularly to travel from his London office to his country home He was alone in his carriage the door locked on his request A gun, engraved with his initials lay close to his body His son and daughter were both away, traveling abroad at his suggestion As the local police worked, slowly and methodically, so many things suggested that Sir Wilfred had died by his own hand.There were unanswered questions though, and so [...]

  3. Ha I love a good whodunnit, and that big smile when all is revealed is why This was a very complicated murder with lots of moving parts Desmond Merrion, Inspector Arnold s brainy friend, reminded me a little bit of Nero Wolfe for some reason.There aren t very many frills on this narrative the book is very puzzle focused But Inspector Arnold is one of those laconic, stiff upper lip British policemen, and I enjoyed it a lot.I had no idea whodunnit BTW.

  4. This was an enjoyable puzzle, but it was very dense with information like a detailed report I couldn t read too much at once Recommended for people who like Sherlock Holmes style mysteries.

  5. A light and fun read with a totally bonkers plot at its heart Definitely one for those of us who enjoy a good puzzle at the heart of crime fiction Remember those old Enid Blyton books where the Famous Five explore old railway tunnels This reminded me of them, with one of the maddest and most ingenious ways of committing murder ever

  6. Sir Wilfred Saxonby is found shot dead alone in his compartment on the train from London to his home in the country As the door of the compartment was locked and the gun is close to the body was it suicide The police are not satisfied that it was and Scotland Yard are called in and Inspector Arnold gets to work with the help of his friend Desmond Merrion a criminologist and amateur detective Gradually they piece together what happened.I found this totally fascinating reading I loved the way the [...]

  7. 3.5 StarsLike many other readers, I often find myself drawn to stories that take place on trains There is something very appealing about this type of setting for a novel Perhaps it s the relatively intimate, self contained nature of train compartments, an environment conducive to chance encounters and secret assignations Maybe it s the mix of people we brush up against during the journey, a disparate group of individuals, each with their own characteristics and idiosyncrasies Or could it be the [...]

  8. Four and a half stars.This is just the sort of murder mystery that I enjoy most The murder happened right at the beginning and all the story is unfolded to the reader by the detection process A fiendishly clever and intricate plot with red herrings galore I can t imagine how the author dreamed it all up.Super example of British Golden Age Murder Mystery Very highly recommended.

  9. 3.5 starsSir Wilfred Saxonby sits alone in his locked compartment as the train he is travelling on enters a tunnel When the train emerges from the other side of the tunnel, Sir Wilfred is dead All evidence indicates suicide but Inspector Arnold and his friend Desmond Merrion believe that murder is likely Can they outwit the seemingly perfect perpetrators A traditional locked room mystery, Death in the Tunnel was the first of the British Library crime series I have read The series features re is [...]

  10. This is the second book I have read in as many days published by the british Library in its Crime Classics series, and this is much the better book than the previous I read It starts as a traditional murder in a locked room, although in this case it s a murder in a locked railway carriage compartment Initially, the death is thought to be ssuicide, but the Scotland Yard Inspector called in to investigate quickly dismisses that I m sure that if it were a modern crime story there would have been a [...]

  11. Though I may not have loved, loved, loved Death in the Tunnel by Miles Burton, I did find it a thoroughly enjoyable read The murder in this murder mystery happens early on in the first few page And this murder occurs on a train in a train tunnel Two men set about solving this mystery, Desmond Merrion who has his own series, this is 13 and Inspector Arnold from Scotland Yard The victim is a businessman, Sir Wilfred Saxonby The murder was made to look like a suicide a gun with the victim s initial [...]

  12. As a puzzle, it was excellent As a mystery, it was lacking Part of the problem with the mystery aspect was that an entire secondary plot was introduced toward the end, and part of the problem was that the murder plot was ridiculously complicated and view spoiler the victim s theft plan seemed a little over the top, even with the hints that he felt the law didn t apply to him Also, it rendered him such an asshole that it was hard to feel properly glad that the murderers were caught and executed h [...]

  13. This is another of the British Library Crime Classic series which originally was published in 1936 It has aged well but was obviously old in places Sir Wilfred Saxonby asks for a private first class compartment on the train to his home The conductor notices him sleeping as they enter a two mile long tunnel The train slows almost to a stop and, on his way back through, the conductor sees Sir Wilfred has not moved When he enters the compartment, the man is dead, shot through the heart When questio [...]

  14. This is quite a fascinating puzzler from the Golden Age of British crime fiction It is a variant on the classic locked room mystery a man is murdered in a closed compartment on a train as it is traversing a long, dark tunnel in the British countryside At first the murder is assumed a suicide, as nobody on the train could have committed the act From that point we follow Inspector Arnold of Scotland Yard and, importantly, his friend Desmond Merrion, as they deduce what actually occurred At times [...]

  15. Sir Wilfred Saxonby is well known He s a wealthy financier who has little patience for people who want to live outside of what he thinks is right This includes his niece who has come to live with him, the daughter who is fighting with her husband, and any number of the people who have applied for charity from the fund that Saxonby oversaw.It s still a surprise to find him dead in a railroad carriage Yes, it was his normal day to ride that train but today was different, today the train slowed in [...]

  16. A fun 1930 s classic whodunnit era murder mystery However, the plot is clever but too overly complex for its own good, while the characters are all that little bit wooden And it seemed to me that the detective and his chum seemed to spend forever mulling over and discussing the case, most of which could have been condensed down to less than half of the pages taken up.But having said that, I enjoyed it Half the fun of these books are the pictures they paint of 1930 s England, and the attitudes pr [...]

  17. Since this book was written in the 1930s, it has a very different writing style which I found to be refreshing Even though early on I had a good idea of how the man on the train was murdered, I couldn t wait to see how the investigators went about solving the case If you are interested in something that doesn t fall into today s typical murder mystery genre and want to go back to a simpler time try this book.

  18. Maybe the best humdrum mystery I ve read by which I mean, I finished it These type of mysteries have characters, but no one really cares what motivations these characters have, except to make the plot go In this one, the plot doesn t flag much except in the complicated checkbook saga near the end , and the puzzle is truly puzzling Plus, what a great cover

  19. Classic British crime mystery apparently is not my genre This book was painful to get through, and after 221 pages I didn t care who done itI just wished it was over No character development, confusing lines of mystery solving No emotion, no suspense Quite possibly the worst book I have forced myself to finish.

  20. This book is solely a crime novel what was done and how they did it If your looking for character development this is not the book for you This is for puzzle solvers.

  21. Of its time but a devilishly complicated conspiracy solved and satisfactorily concluded for the era They were duly hanged.

  22. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though there was little action and most of the investigation was cerebral This book is 13 but since there s no personal story I don t think the order matters.

  23. BookNot bad like this type of book There is no bad language such as swearingAn interesting plot Do not know what else to write.

  24. Sir Wilfred Saxonby is riding alone in a locked train compartment when the train suddenly stops in the tunnel When the train emerges from the tunnel, Sir Wilfred is dead shot in the heart with a gun that is found in the compartment Suicide It certainly seems like it, but Inspector Arnold of Scotland Yard has some nagging doubts about that verdict For one thing, the train stopped due some mysterious red and green lights in the tunnel, lights that should not have been there Sir Wilfred is also an [...]

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