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Free Download Hard - by Sosie Frost Free Download Hard - by Sosie Frost - Hard, Hard Too HARD to resist Zach HARD Harden was a perfectly sinful one night stand a gorgeous bad boy Navy SEAL totally deserving of his nickname He wasn t a bad decision at the time but I ve never made a g

  • Title: Hard
  • Author: Sosie Frost
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Hard - by Sosie Frost, Hard, Sosie Frost, Hard Too HARD to resist Zach HARD Harden was a perfectly sinful one night stand a gorgeous bad boy Navy SEAL totally deserving of his nickname He wasn t a bad decision at the time but I ve never made a good mistake even a toe curling one He didn t tell me who he was He didn t tell me why he found me And he sure as hell didn t tell me he was my step brother in town t Too HARD to resistZach HARD H


Free Download Hard - by Sosie Frost Free Download Hard - by Sosie Frost - Hard, Hard Too HARD to resist Zach HARD Harden was a perfectly sinful one night stand a gorgeous bad boy Navy SEAL totally deserving of his nickname He wasn t a bad decision at the time but I ve never made a g Hard

  • Free Download Hard - by Sosie Frost
    278Sosie Frost

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  1. Shay was a bitch I caught what she felt but she went on and on and on Zach s head did not explode or his he maintained attraction to Shayeze.

  2. Zach Harden is a man on a mission, the mission is to get back in to the SEALS after a terrible injure has sent him home on medical His whole life has been about the SEALS and nothing else matter until her saw her sitting alone at her sitting alone at the bar Shay Franklin has not had the best week, she was suppose to give a speech at a fathers wedding when the unthinkable happens, he and his fiance die suddenly in a car crash , now the wedding is turned into a funeral Shay barley knew her father [...]

  3. I received an ARC for an honest review.Shay and Zach meet at bar, both seem to be drowning their sorrow neither looking for company, but they re attracted to one and other One thing leads to another and they have a one night stand.Zach, knows exactly who Shay is, but can t be attracted to her When Shay s father will is read Shay find out exactly who Zach is and hate the fact Zach knew they were step sibling even if was only for a short time Shay tries to push Zach away even though she s falling [...]

  4. It was a great book It had all the elements a good book should have, the story was well set, emotions were nicely weaved into words The characters were great and i pretty much liked reading them I loved the chemistry and relation between them It was sassy, hot, erotic and heart breaking at the same time.Overall i enjoyed reading it.

  5. Shay was a pain in ass.All this back and forth was exhausting between Shay and Zach.I did like Zach but I just wish he could ve had a better female lead.

  6. A really great book that shares Shay s emotional journey Can she forgive Zach Will some time spent together heal past disappointments, fears and loneliness

  7. Hard A Step Brother Romance by Sosie FrostShay Franklin is preparing to attend the wedding of her father a father who abandoned the family when she was a child and whose sole support was strictly financial when a car accident took the lives of both her father and his new bride She is now in charge of converting all the arrangements of a happy celebration into two separate funerals As she is nursing her mixed feelings at the bar, she encounters the handsome Zach Harden, a Navy SEAL now on leave, [...]

  8. Hot and surprising Sometimes, you start with a story that makes you smile, then it bothers you a little, and then it grabs your heart and spins your mind with the sheer beauty of it That is HARD for me.The premise is quite appealing and original Two stepsiblings that inherit a fortune that binds them in lust and shared space until they can sort out their lives It s a very entertaining read with two characters that clash on all levels, and they make fun and fire explode all over the pages A SEAL [...]

  9. Received a copy for an honest review Do you enjoy a book that has sass, laughter and is sexy This is a great debut for Sosie Frost Hard starts out with a great conversation in a bar Shay is having a pretty rough day What should have been a wedding turned into a funeral Shay is independent, sassy and oh so stubborn Enter the hot Navy Seal Zach that has charm, sex appeal and lives up to his nickname These two have a night that could make fireworks go off Will it stay as a one night stand Things ta [...]

  10. This is my first step brother romance book and I was disappointed I feel like if I liked the heroine then maybe I would of liked this I m not going to bash it, because that s what this review would turn to Before getting into what I dislike about this book mainly the heroine , I tell you why this is a 2 star instead of a 1 The whole how she finds out that Zach is her step brother and what happened after was good, I enjoyed the parts when she wasn t being annoying Okay now onto Shay, mmm Man was [...]

  11. this book is annoying me, I got it as an add on to another book that I really liked it started out really good but as I got deeper into the book, shay really began to bug the crap out of me she whined through the whole damn book about how much of a worthless father she had, but all of the money and assets should be hers and only hers then she feels guilty about getting the inheritance because, yet again, he was a crappy father and they had no relationship God forbid Zach, who actually spoke with [...]

  12. I loved the premise of the book, that Shay and Zach inherit a fortune and must share the mansion while waiting for the money It was a nice twist on the traditional stepbrother theme And of course, the book was hot with a side of chemistry I loved how they would argue and banter all the time It kept me chuckling I also loved that Zach is a SEAL I m a sucker for SEAL books and it s always nice when two of your favorite themes are combined In most of the stepbrother books I ve read And I ve read a [...]

  13. Sosie s stolen my heart Read this book This author s writing is so full of compassion, awareness of people and their many complexities, and passion I so appreciate her building strong and well thought out story backgrounds and story lines I particularly appreciate you honoring the work and sacrifice of the our military folks I love Zach s humor, confidence And how he was a junkie for Shay s mocha beauty didn t hurt that he could bake a pecan pie from scratch I love that Shay had a heart for help [...]

  14. Sometimes it s Hard to resist I actually enjoyed this story Zach and Shay were step siblings that came together in a not so conventional way Shay had some abandonment and trust issues that she just couldn t let go of until it was too late Zach was holding on to a secret that will cost him his life.

  15. Love itWow first book that I read from this author, and I have to say that I love it, love the characters and love how the book turned out to be, can t wait to read of this author

  16. I really enjoyed this read It was cute, funny, sad, and erotic It was very well written , and the characters were wonderful I would love to read from this author Congrats Ms Frost on a home run Review by Justabooklovinjunkie

  17. 4 Stars I believe this is a debut novel for this author and I fell she came out swinging This a stepbrother romance and while I haven t read any before and know there is quite a few out there, I really enjoyed this real steamy story.

  18. Some books I borrow and take back Others, I can t bear to part with.They say your library is an expansion of your mind and Ms Frost have once again seduce my reading pleasure and has put me on such a high that I can t get off that drug HARD is by far one of the best books I ve read thus far, that s given me one of the best reading experience in a long time Ms Frost writing is extremely addictive and she always gives you such a thrill that it s hard to escape that feeling Her storyline and struct [...]

  19. Good read I really enjoyed this one This was a good step brother romance Zach was hot Shay was real She has horrible friends, I don t think I would ve forgiven them Zach was dealing with some serious stuff Being the typical male, not owning up to the pain It could have been worst I will definitely read something else by this author.

  20. Shay Franklin has had a bad week She was supposed to go to her fathers wedding and planned on making a speech about how great a father he wasn t only for him and his fiance to pass away and the wedding be replaced with a funeral While drowning her sorrows about not confronting dear old Dad she meets a man at a bar His name is Zach Hard Harden and she was hard up for him She decides to go home with him and has an amazing night of sex What a surprise it is to her when she goes to the lawyers offic [...]

  21. A gifted copy was provided by the author for my honest review This book starts out with such passion, fire and with a hidden agenda Loved it What can you ask for between step siblings Shay is fixing to burying her father and was going thru the mourning of a man she really wasn t able to know and runs into a handsome man at a bar, named Zach Hard Harden One thing leads to another and they had an intense night of passion to which she loved She wished she had gotten the SEAL s phone number but wit [...]

  22. What a great debut novel from Sosie Frost This book was written from both Shay and Zach s POV This was hot and sexy From the beginning it had you drawn in Shay was supposed to be at her dads wedding, she was supposed to be meeting his new family But that didn t work out instead she was planning the funeral of her dad She finds herself in a bar looking to numb the feelings she wasn t sure of Her dad wasn t around he sent money, paid for college, sent her a car Whereas she wanted a dad who was alw [...]

  23. This book is HOT Shay has just endured tragedy when she was supposed to be celebrating She lost her father and new stepmother tragically right after their marriage While she is drowning her sorrows, she meets a hot stranger, Zach They have a hot and dirty night then go their separate ways.Shay later learns that this stranger is her new step brother, whom she had never met The kicker is that he knew who she was all along Now she must deal with him, as they must deal with their parent s estate The [...]

  24. I received a free copy from the author for an honest review So here goes Not only is it Hard, but this book is really hot The story is good, too Some step stories are just an excuse for steamy sex but have little story involved,Hard has it all.I received a copy that hadn t gone through the final proofreading so I had to grit my teeth over the errors Hopefully they ve been taken care of since.Shay has no one left Supposed to be attending her father s wedding to his new love interest, but the wedd [...]

  25. Feeding the kids tonight, or keep readingm This was my first time reading anything by this author, and I have absolutely fell in love I feel like I made out like a bandit with this book because it also contained another book Harder at the end In both books, she built up the characters and details of each story line until they were living breathing walking talking storylines Great flow to both stories, not so fast where details are left out and you re still lost after you put down the book Not so [...]

  26. I have to say a Sexy hot SEAL and one night of passion and then some Only to have him come back and tell me that he was my step brother I think that I personally would have tried to give him a beat down Then again I may have asked for another night or two This was where I was having issues Not with the writing but the characters actions Shay was just a young woman filled with lots of pain, hurt, and resentment I enjoyed the complexity of this character She was emotional and confused Now on to th [...]

  27. I was given an ARC for an honest review I was given the book prior to editing and it did have a few editing issues that needed to be ironed out, but I am sure that this is now resolved Ok so this book does have a slightly different slant on the stepbrother theme not going to spoil it if you want to know what this is read the book.I am not sure that I empathised with the female lead in this book, I felt ok with the male lead other than his name I felt that was a bit silly.I would have liked some [...]

  28. This was a great read It has a great story line and great characters Couldn t ask from a book.Shay and Zach are brought together by the death of their parents They were supposed to be attending their wedding but instead they were attending their funerals What they didn t know was that their parents secretly married a month prior to their death Zach knew who Shay was but that didn t stop them from spending the night together When Shay finds out, she finds out from when the will was being finaliz [...]

  29. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review I enjoyed this book It s different from the other step brother books out there because they meet after the deaths of their parents The interaction between Shay and Zach was funny, hot and explosive I really like Zach as a hero He s sweet, funny, sexy, cocky and not afraid to admit his feelings for Shay Shay was an OK heroine but honestly she held on to the step sibling thing too long To me that was a non issue since she didn t even [...]

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