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Something Dangerous

☆ Something Dangerous × Penny Vincenzi ☆ Something Dangerous × Penny Vincenzi - Something Dangerous, Something Dangerous Something Dangerous is a riveting drama about an embattled dynasty and a passionate multi layered tale of love and politics The dazzling Lytton twins Adele and Venetia are born into the great Lytt

  • Title: Something Dangerous
  • Author: Penny Vincenzi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Something Dangerous × Penny Vincenzi, Something Dangerous, Penny Vincenzi, Something Dangerous Something Dangerous is a riveting drama about an embattled dynasty and a passionate multi layered tale of love and politics The dazzling Lytton twins Adele and Venetia are born into the great Lytton publishing empire In on their eighteenth birthday they are rich and admired with a confidence verging on arrogance But the specter of Nazi Germany is growing GradSomethi

Something Dangerous

☆ Something Dangerous × Penny Vincenzi ☆ Something Dangerous × Penny Vincenzi - Something Dangerous, Something Dangerous Something Dangerous is a riveting drama about an embattled dynasty and a passionate multi layered tale of love and politics The dazzling Lytton twins Adele and Venetia are born into the great Lytt Something Dangerous

  • ☆ Something Dangerous × Penny Vincenzi
    243Penny Vincenzi
Something Dangerous

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  1. The second book in the Spoils of Time Trilogy, and by far the best in my opinion I m not saying this is classic literature, but an excellent easy beach read ABSOLUTELY I was actually hooked on this book to the point of doing nothing else, hiding in the bathroom, just to keep reading while the kids entertained themselvesactically all day It was a long, 700 book and I read it in about four and a half days I was nursing the flu and a cold, and this book couldn t have come at a better time for me.Th [...]

  2. This is the second book in the Spoils of Time trilogy and if I had to pick a favorite of the three books, this would it This is an epic saga about the Lytton family that spans several decades and starts before WWI This has lots of family drama and romance and told with superb writing This series is a must read

  3. I really enjoyed the first Lytton book, No Angel Something Dangerous is fun to read, and the plot certainly moves along At some point, however, I thought I would hurl if one woman fell violently and eternally in love with a man at a social event Falling in love in this book is a sharp reaction in the stomach, and if a woman has that symptom, the affair is forever Better or worse remains to be seen, but you know the woman won t walk away If, however, one slowly comes to appreciate the qualities [...]

  4. Absolutely loved this book Oh had no idea it was part of a trilogy it was fabulous written, and super easy to read think I ll have to start from the beginning now

  5. Something Dangerous is a sprawling, soapy family saga, not my usual sort of thing at all, but I stumbled upon it when looking for novels set in World War II This book turns out to be the middle book in a trilogy about a family running a publishing house in London It spans the years from the late 20s to the late 40s, going through the Depression, the war and the aftermath of the war It s mostly about the relationships and loves of the huge cast of characters associated with this family, and I qui [...]

  6. The second book in the Lytton trilogy I love Penny Vincenzi Her books are filled with strong women, relationships, secrets, and wealth This type of book can go either way, but because Vincenzi s writing is so strong, this is a really good book This book concentrates on the late 1920 s and the 1930 s It s themes include WWII, Hitler, the Depression, the book publishing business, Paris during the war, etc Something she does really well is tie her many characters and locations together seamlessly S [...]

  7. I read this novel years ago but re read it because I happened to find the other 2 books in the trilogy And today I think it s worth an extra star The second novel of the epic Lytton family saga it s a very long book is set against WW2 and was a can t put downer, even though it was occasionally rather predictable and I would have liked to slap a few female characters now and again.Some people have described this as girlcrack , but I think that s probably a bit too disparaging Penny Vincenzi conju [...]

  8. 3.5 I gave the first in the trilogy, No Angel, three stars, I liked this one a little I would have LOVED these books when I was a teenager, and less able to predict various plot points They are pure soap opera, and I roll my eyes quite a bit, yet I read them And over 700 pages of tiny print no less Maybe their Britishness gives them a little validity, I don t know It s the same thing as watching Downton Abbey how many, many times did I scream Oh come ON at the TV, yet I ve seen every episode T [...]

  9. Second in her spoils of time series, this was my first penny vincenzi What I like about penny is how she places her characters in a historical context and then follows up their fortunes The first of the series NO Angel traces the fortunes of the lytton publishing empire through the first war and then Something Dangerous which is the second one is set against the backdrop of the second world war I am looking to get my hands on the 3rd volume which i hope will be a befitting end to the riveting se [...]

  10. Another thrilling tale in The Spoils of Time trilogy I was skeptical at having so much of the book center on the Lytton twins, having not cared much for their nonsense in the first book, but I quickly warmed up to them as well as the other Lytton children as they matured, faced the challenges of life, and dealt with the onslaught of WWII Once again, plenty of twists and turns in this family saga that kept me enthralled from beginning to end.

  11. The characters in this family saga are positively addicting Donna Peak and I were reading this at approximately the same time and we were both talking about the characters as if they were real Vincenzi s trilogy No Angel, Something Dangerous, and Into Temptation makes me wish for snowy days so I can curl up and read.

  12. Couldn t put it down I just kept wanting to read what was going to happen next WOuld found myself telling my husband about things from the book As if he cared lol Now to buy the third in the series.

  13. It took me a couple of chapters to get into this book but by the middle I couldn t wait to sit down to read what was going to happen next The ending left me wanting another 700 pages but this was a well written story that included love, heartbreak and sacrifices.

  14. Couldn t put this book down It s rare when the second in a series is better than the first, but that s the case here More history and character development.

  15. 2nd book in this trilogy I loved them all Strong women, betrayal and historical fiction all in this book Lady Celia Lytton s family saga.

  16. This was so good that I finished it in four days The characters are very compelling, and her descriptions of England and France during WW2 are terrific I ve already started the third in the series.

  17. A truly great read apart from some repetitive text maybe intended such as the reference to brothels pornography pornographers to express Celia s disapproval with some idea, for example She made it sound as if was a brothel , and on another page She said photographer exactly as if it were pornographer The repetition is also found when Barty expresses her feelings for John she liked him and and twice again She liked him and .However apart from this criticism I truly enjoyed this read There is a [...]

  18. Den h r tycker jag r s mre n f rsta delen Den har samma problem med ett klumpigt spr k och platta karakt rer men r ven ganska enformig Hon har n gra f olika h ndelser och uppl gg som terkommer g ng p g ng otrohet, n gon blir gravid utanf r ktenskapet, och missf rst nd som kan leda till katastrof om de inte hinner uppt ckas i tid Det blir bekv ma f rs k att bygga sp nning som ofta blir r tt f ruts gbara pga all upprepning D remot var Celias pl tsliga nazistsympatier hysteriskt roliga, ven om hon [...]

  19. What a sprawling family saga This has all the elements I love British, family saga, and historical all wrapped up by a great storyteller into the juicy package of this story I couldn t put it down as I reentered the Lytton world in London from 1928 1946 The intrigues and secrets of the past take center stage as the Lytton kids grow up and take center stage A compelling read Can t wait to finish the series.

  20. Del 2 i Lyttonserien Tid 1928 1946 Platser London, Paris, New York Jag gillar familjeromaner som str cker sig ver en l ngre tid Skildringen av dessa mycket vackra, beg vade och f rm gna personer r ytlig Boken r dock sp nnande och inneh ller en hel del r rande scener.

  21. I truly loved the book and her detail to characters and the development of the stories intertwined I think she could have eliminated about a two hundred of the 600 pages though as it gets a tad wordy at times That is the only reason I gave it three stars instead of four.

  22. These novels really are epic and long Penny packs so much in I liked that it covered WW2, but I feel there are so bits brushed overd it became about everyone, whereas No Angel was mostly about Celia.

  23. I love the book The characters are so rich and developed, and the story line so superb I love her books

  24. One of my favorite, guilty pleasure reads Felt like historcal fiction soap opera, but totally worth it Characters actually stuck with me.

  25. Not as engrossing throughout the novel as the first one The first quarter needed some severe editing as every character is described in the same exact way and it is beyond bizarre Everyone is not good looking but ridiculously attractive and sensual Every Single Character This grinded my gears like I cannot even tell you The blatant and constant observation of a character s sensuality and sexuality was aggravating and unneeded Also the constant and repetitive unfaithfulness of almost every male c [...]

  26. For an extended review of this book and , please visit fortheloveofthereadThis is the second book in the Spoils of Time trilogy by Vincenzi, and I loved it as much as the first Vincenzi is just a fabulous example of an author who knows what she s doing.This book had the backdrop of World War II, most of which didn t feel much different to me from the backdrop of World War I in the first novel One thing that does stand out is that Vincenzi used Celia as an example of how Hitler charmed people and [...]

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