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Undeath & Taxes

✓ Undeath & Taxes æ DrewHayes ✓ Undeath & Taxes æ DrewHayes - Undeath & Taxes, Undeath Taxes The sequel to the bestseller THE UTTERLY UNINTERESTING AND UNADVENTUROUS TALES OF FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT After discovering just how filled with magic intrigue and adventure the parahuman world

  • Title: Undeath & Taxes
  • Author: DrewHayes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Undeath & Taxes æ DrewHayes, Undeath & Taxes, DrewHayes, Undeath Taxes The sequel to the bestseller THE UTTERLY UNINTERESTING AND UNADVENTUROUS TALES OF FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT After discovering just how filled with magic intrigue and adventure the parahuman world of being an Undead American can be Fredrick Frankford Fletcher did exactly what was expected he became a certified parahuman accountant Myths and legends as it tuThe sequel to the b

Undeath & Taxes

✓ Undeath & Taxes æ DrewHayes ✓ Undeath & Taxes æ DrewHayes - Undeath & Taxes, Undeath Taxes The sequel to the bestseller THE UTTERLY UNINTERESTING AND UNADVENTUROUS TALES OF FRED THE VAMPIRE ACCOUNTANT After discovering just how filled with magic intrigue and adventure the parahuman world Undeath & Taxes

  • ✓ Undeath & Taxes æ DrewHayes
Undeath & Taxes

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  1. Fred has come a long way since becoming a vampire He s gone into business for himself as an accountant, found a girlfriend and has made a circle of dependable friends That s not bad for a socially awkward person who used to spend most of his time alone Now if only he could stop finding himself in positions which force him to brave something Fred most certainly is not, then things could be perfect.Just like The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant, Undeath [...]

  2. My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.An Accountant in the WarehouseFred has gotten certified as a Certified Public Parahuman Accountant He is now your official guy to find you all of those paranormal tax deductions His first client with his new credentials is king of the therians were creatures in the area We met Richard and his daughter Sally in the first book There is also Gideon, who is a very old, very powerful dragon who likes to disguise as a playmate [...]

  3. Undeath and Taxes Fred, the Vampire Accountant Book 2 by Drew HayesFred, the Vampire Accountant, is back with his friends, Bubba, the werehorse, Neil, the budding necromancer, Amy, the weird but wonderful mage and Neil s current tutor, Albert, Fred s Zombie assistant and Neil s best friend, and, of course, Krystal, the demon agent of The Agency, Fred s former high school friend and his current girlfriend Add into the mix Richard, the head therian were folk of his area, his daughter, Sally, and, [...]

  4. I received an eARC of Undeath Taxes from REUTS Publications, in exchange for an honest review Undeath Taxes was a hilarious sequel to the first book What s even better, is that you don t really need to read the first Fred book to understand what s happening in Undeath Taxes While I thought this book might end up being really cheesy, or similar to something you d find in a bargain bin, I was pleasently surprised The character s were funny, courageous in their own ways, and amazingly written Since [...]

  5. I like Fred, he is such a fun character I also like how this is another collection of his adventures, good choice to keep them short and in diary style.Also listening to the audiobook was a pleasure Kirby Heyborne does a marvelous job at narrating it.

  6. I adore this series Told as a series of memoirs, Fred recounts his adventures not that he was looking for any of his not so mundane, undead life The narration is wonderful, the cast of characters continue to grow as we get to know about Fred and his friends who have become his family.

  7. Best part about finishing this book Realizing by stalking the authors blog that I could stalk his Facebook, and discovering that book 3 is going to exist WOOOOOOOOOO Also, omg gloriously awesome.

  8. We re back with Fred and the gang He and Krystal are still going strong We get about Amy and Neil in this Fred has learned a lot about himself in the first book, he learned that he has what it takes to be a hero, even if it is reluctant That doesn t change in this book, only he s willing to put himself out there than he was before In this book, Krystal doesn t really get him into trouble Fred does that mostly on his own, but Albert seems to get himself into a pickle as well But I d say the big [...]

  9. Undeath and Taxes by Drew HayesHayes second in his fantastic Fred the Vampire accountant Urban Fantasy series is just as funny and just as inventive as the first Readers know Fred and his cohorts a bit better but the action and the antics are still fresh and funny and still very unique The 5 stories novellas chapters are still told from Fred s front seat, 1st person a Point of View that really works for his diary like plot line If you re looking for something new in a overrun genre Fred is just [...]

  10. A continuation of what came before.The second installment continues on the same track as the first novel Fred Friends slowly make their way into the world of the parahumans You learn a bit about each character and see them develop, reveal strengths and weaknesses while remaining well written fun to read If you liked the first book, Read the second book and you won t be dissapointed

  11. Just as fun as the firstI have to sayI am quickly becoming a fan of Drew Hayes His stories are written in such a way as to keep you both interested and entertained even when the action is chapters away Another success

  12. More of Fred s adventuresThis one leaves us with a few puzzles, but still a rip roaring good tale We learn of why 1 is so interested in 2, that 3 and 4 have A Destiny, and we meet 5 who scares and impresses everyone.

  13. This book was just as entertaining as the first one The plot is thickening, with things that were hinted at in the first book clarified, new characters introduced, and new complications arising.

  14. So, I had to take a break during Death s End and read something a little lighter The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant was a shockingly funny book when I read it a year or two back and despite never seeing it advertised, or reviewed, or talked about anywhere since then I checked to see if there was another one in the series And there is Three so far, in fact I m going to read Bloody Acquisitions next The premise of these books is very simple what if a [...]

  15. Speaking as a Drew Hayes fan I can say that this is not one of his stronger works While he does improve on the first installment of this series by providing fewer I m not sure that word means what you think it means moments, and not continually restating what just happened a few pages earlier, I find myself wishing for one long story rather than three short ones for each Fred novel Nevertheless this is an entertaining story that i m sure that table top RPGers will appreciate due to the large num [...]

  16. An interesting series I do enjoy them they read like short stories rather than a novel which isn t a bad thing when you are looking for something to pass the time I am going to roll my eyes at the just testing you bro thing I HATE that in real life, like legit think that it s the shittiest thing you can do to someone It s bullshit drama that just feeds into someone s narcissism I m too busy of a person to actually talk to you and learn about you It enraged me how passive he was about this test [...]

  17. If you ve got a geeky streak running through your undead self this book if for you Part action, part humor, part urban fantasy and 100% tons of fun Fred and his group of para humans get in and out of trouble all while just trying to provide the top notch service expected by a CPPA If you re looking for something to get you in the Halloween spirit with something that s not too heavy this is just the book for you I can t get enough of this series

  18. More good funAnother nice, easy and fun read about Fred and his gang of off beat friends The story is clever and the writing witty and funny if you have a sense of humour that s a little dark and a little nerdy A nice way to pass a few hours with a few laughs and quirky stories.

  19. A blastThere maybe better fantasy novels but I can t imagine others that are fun The synopsis does a good job summarizing the story idea but all I would add is that it s just fun with an endearing cast of characters Fred is the hero we need a sweet heart with some fun friends

  20. Surprisingly wonderfullReally great fun read big fan of Mr Hayes other works kind of avoided the Fred series not really my thing boy was I wrong caught up with super powereds for the umpteenth time decided to try them out wonderful decision keep writing Mr Hayes and I ll keep reading

  21. A strange mix of paranormal and accounting Never thought I d say that I suppose if I were in the field it would seem even better It s funny Quite a few short stories Certainly not my favorite Drew Hayes but it s still quirky and cute I don t regret reading it.

  22. With every book with Fred, I just adore him and Besides just being completely charmed by Fred, I like the episodic format though it s not for everyone and how well Hayes builds on his episodes s stories from previous episodes Reading a book with such clear events really helps me manage my reading time and working time as I found it is like a welcome treat at the end of a rough day I found this book tied closely together because of overarching themes, characters, and events Whereas in book 1, [...]

  23. I LOVE THIS SERIESe characters are dynamic and diverse, the stories are fun and even the bad guys are relatable.I just wanna hug Fred, who is a humble, loveable, sweet, idiot.

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