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The Anti-Cool Girl

[PDF] The Anti-Cool Girl | by ↠ Rosie Waterland [PDF] The Anti-Cool Girl | by ↠ Rosie Waterland - The Anti-Cool Girl, The Anti Cool Girl Brutal brave hilarious a full frontal memoir about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you Rosie Waterland has never been cool Growing up in housing commission Rosie was cursed with a n

  • Title: The Anti-Cool Girl
  • Author: Rosie Waterland
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Anti-Cool Girl | by ↠ Rosie Waterland, The Anti-Cool Girl, Rosie Waterland, The Anti Cool Girl Brutal brave hilarious a full frontal memoir about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you Rosie Waterland has never been cool Growing up in housing commission Rosie was cursed with a near perfect beautiful older sister who dressed like Mariah Carey on a Best Less budget while Rosie was still struggling with various toilet mishaps She soon realisBrutal brave hi

The Anti-Cool Girl

[PDF] The Anti-Cool Girl | by ↠ Rosie Waterland [PDF] The Anti-Cool Girl | by ↠ Rosie Waterland - The Anti-Cool Girl, The Anti Cool Girl Brutal brave hilarious a full frontal memoir about surviving the very worst that life can throw at you Rosie Waterland has never been cool Growing up in housing commission Rosie was cursed with a n The Anti-Cool Girl

  • [PDF] The Anti-Cool Girl | by ↠ Rosie Waterland
    417Rosie Waterland
The Anti-Cool Girl

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  1. I can barely find the right words to say just how awesome this memoir is, but I will give it a go I had never heard of Rosie Waterland before reading her memoir I bought the book because a it sounded like an interesting read b I am studying social work and work in mental health so I am attracted to stories that are about overcoming adversity c we have the same name Rosie is such a brave and gutsy woman and I am really grateful for her sharing her story From a very young age Rosie always felt lik [...]

  2. I read in the mornings At 6.30am I take my naturopath approved muesli out of the fridge, add yoghurt and half a grapefruit, sit down in front of my book and forget the day s obligations The morning I decided to start The Anti Cool Girl was no different My mouth was full and my brain was ready My stomach, however, was not Rosie Waterland is candid And by candid I mean fantastically descriptive with a complete no shame policy This girl tells you exactly what she did, how she did it, and the conseq [...]

  3. This review contains occasional coarse language and crudity 100% honesty up front Rosie Waterland s humour isn t really my style.I ve read bits and pieces of her work on Mamamia, including a few of the Bachelorette recaps note thisdoes notmean I admit to ever watchingThe Bachelorette shifty eyes , but it s just not my cup of tea I m not particularly prudish, and I have zero issues with frequent coarse language , but the crudity wears on me a bit I like a bit of toilet humour as much as the next [...]

  4. Far out This is such a ballsy book There are few people in the world who would dare to lay it all out there like Rosie has in this novel It feels like nothing is left out except bits to protect others privacy it s all there, without shame, for the world to see Poo, vomit, blood, other bodily fluids and all Those expecting this book to be packed full of bachie esque snark and peen NISSAN peen references have another think coming but hopefully not in a bad way.Likewise those who may be quietly poo [...]

  5. Brutally honest almost painfully so, so many cringe worthy moments a few too many I could relate to An easily digestible read that kept me turning the pages almost anticipating the next disaster but also rooting for Rosie as the underdog, with a great moral to adhere to, this made me feel freeer to just be me Warts and all A memoir that lives up to its name A great shameless read

  6. I enjoyed reading this book, but I have to say that it despite the heart felt subject matter it didn t touch many deep chords in me Waterland is a great blogger and humourous writer for Mamamia, but I don t think the heights of her writing were reached in this book either in terms of humour or emotion, despite the autobiographical nature of her material and her honesty It is almost like she has been rushed into writing her autobiography way too early in life, before she has any real chance of in [...]

  7. A great man once said, Life is pain Anyone who says differently is selling something Rosie Waterland could probably vouch for the accuracy in that statement.If there s one dominant thread consistently running through Rosie s first and highly excellent book, it s that pain, hardship and adversity create growth The better life is not one filled with perfection, money and success, but one in which a hell of a lot of hard work, and the ability to survive a plethora of ridiculously adverse situations [...]

  8. Rosie Waterland, I m so glad you wrote this book I know you are the Anti Cool Girl, but another alternative would be to redefine the word cool, and place it back where it belongs, with the awesome people, who know how to be themselves, like you.Thanks for being so brutally honest about your life it is good for all our souls And I m trying to think about The College and how we can make your book a compulsory handbook for all staff They d love it, and they need it I think my most favourite part of [...]

  9. I used to know Rosie We worked at the same cinema for a few months in 2008, when we were teenagers I never got to know her very well but she was always lovely to everyone I had her on Facebook but unfriended her a couple years back just because we had nothing to do with each other any It just goes to show You never know who s got a great book in them I would never have guessed that her life was this fucked up, that there was this much trauma going on beneath the very pleasant surface, and that s [...]

  10. The most hilarious book I ve ever read But it also made me cry at times So you can t really argue with that Perfect, Rosie Thanks for this awesome book I m so happy to know there s someone else out there who likes wearing their flannelette pyjama pants up really high.

  11. 4.5 stars I was first introduced to Rosie Waterland through her Rosie Recaps of the Australian version of the Bachelor I wasn t even watching the bachelor at this stage however couldn t turn away from her hilarious satirical recaps of the show I ve also read a number of her articles on the Mamamia website mamamia , the articles were always funny and a bit of fluff to read on my train trip s home When I first heard that Rosie was releasing a book I was curious and wanted to read it as she always [...]

  12. I know everyone has gone ga ga over this book and I made a very premature, sweeping statement after reading the first chapter that this was worth the hype So let me start with the good stuff.She s quite witty, she has a great sense of humour and is very brave for putting a lot of the things that she did on paper The not so great stuff The chapter about her learning to masturbate and being obsessed with it, seemed and possibly coincidentally like a direct rip off of a chapter from the amazing Che [...]

  13. Wow What a legend I haven t read any of Waterland s columns before but can see how her writing style has such mass appeal She s blunt but funny, clever but always self deprecating Her tumultuous childhood is hard to fathom Her ability to look back on it all with a wry sense of humour is stupefyingly impressive And I love that she trumpets being anti cool I think most of us are right there with her, happily sitting in the gutter eating a food truck taco.

  14. I loved reading this, not in the least because Rosie uses the word fanny with gusto it s honest, open, shocking, funny and real and reads like a slightly inebriated but hilarious friend laying it all on the table Reading her famous Bachelor reviews did not prepare me for the gritty story of her childhood, nor the raw account of her battle with her mental health She tells it like it is and you want to hug her, slap her, help her and befriend her Bravo, Rosie, please just keep being Rosie.

  15. When I started this book I thought it was an hilarious work of fiction About half way through, I realised it was an autobiography and I was mortified With a few chapters to go, I was thinking this is a solid 3, maybe 4 star book And then the last chapter nailed it Every point I read in the last chapter just made sense, with a few leaving me to think, wow, this girl gets me Overall, such a fantastic read, with a heartfelt, very meaningful ending

  16. Oh wow this is just as good as everyone has said I have such respect for Rosie and am in awe of how brave and honest she is about LITERALLY every part of her life I laughed till I cried and learnt so much about how to get through to the other side of the crap life throws at you and be ok Now I just want to give her a huge hug and thank her for writing this gem of a memoir

  17. 3.5 stars can we get a half star rating please What I liked most about this book was Rosie s writing style She is funny self depreciating doesn t hold back at all I love woman who write openly honestly about themselves, their lives their lessons, even when it doesn t cast them in the best light Rosie s story is full of things that should make you feel sad angry but really I was just rooting for her to survive thrive And it seems like she does is doing just that.

  18. Australian writer, good read If you are interested in social work or mental health this will be an interesting read Rosie s childhood was full of traumatic experiences and her journey to the present takes many twists and turns She is best known probably for her Bachelor write ups on Mamamia Really funny girl, heartfelt piece of writing.

  19. One of the few books that has made me literally laugh out loud Rosie talks about confronting things from her life but does it with humour A great read.

  20. I honestly had not heard of Rosie Waterland until she was on Richard Glover s ABC Radio program I was driving home from work and she was making jokes about the television show The Bachelor.Having no interest in the show, I tuned out On I saw friends read her book and rated it The connection wasn t made.Richard Glover had Rosie Waterland back on his radio program again, joking that her memoir grossly out sold his Still I didn t make the connection But, this time I did note her name as she discuss [...]

  21. I m actually kind of annoyed that I finished this book within two days I raced through it and now I m genuinely sad that there are no pages left to devour.This brilliantly written memoir is sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart wrenching and sometimes cringe inducing often in an oh god that s totally me kind of way Mostly it s hilarious, though I actually had to stop reading the functioning adult part on the bus as I kept laughing out loud and having people look at me funny.Rosie Waterland has h [...]

  22. In which Rosie Recaps her life.This is a memoir from that bitchy Osher loving perve who makes The Bachelor worth watching or at least worth reading about She d advertised her new book all over her latest Bachie recaps, so I took the bait, sort of, and placed a lazy reservation at the local library.What a book This woman has been through Australia s best attempt at mainland hell We witness drunken deadbeat Dad, rehab hopping Mum, sibling abuse, state housing gangs, paedophilic foster parents, sui [...]

  23. Let me preface this review by stating I am 52 year old man and The Anti Cool Girl is not a book I would normally read.I am sure the book is aimed at a different demographic than middle aged men Sometimes you pick up a book,read the blurb on the back cover,go out of your reading comfort zone and try something differentI found Rosie s upbringing both fascinating and tragic,something that I couldn t relate to in anyway.Her relationship with her mother and father was dysfunctional at best and to ach [...]

  24. Well holy moly, I might have just found the woman who has completely inspired me to write my own memoir I tell you now people, that this novel is not for the faint hearted or the easily offended Rosie Waterland is an exceptional writer and portrays her long struggle with life growing up with a poor family living through state housing and eventually being thrown into the fostering system before barely turning ten, along with a lot heart breaking and relatable if you have gone through a similar b [...]

  25. I started reading this book on Friday and finished on Saturday it was so compelling and easy to read Rosie combines humor, emotion and wit to tell a story that, in other hands, could be overwhelmingly dark and hopeless Not that this book didn t break my heart, because it did I was shattered and brought back together again in Rosie s capable hands One of the chapters near the end particularly affected me In the chapter Rosie came to a new understanding of her mother and their similarities, follow [...]

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