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Among the Wicked

[PDF] Read Ü Among the Wicked : by Linda Castillo [PDF] Read Ü Among the Wicked : by Linda Castillo - Among the Wicked, Among the Wicked Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called upon by the sheriff s department in rural upstate New York to assist on a developing situation that involves a reclusive Amish settlement and the death of a

  • Title: Among the Wicked
  • Author: Linda Castillo
  • ISBN: 9781250061577
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read Ü Among the Wicked : by Linda Castillo, Among the Wicked, Linda Castillo, Among the Wicked Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called upon by the sheriff s department in rural upstate New York to assist on a developing situation that involves a reclusive Amish settlement and the death of a young girl Unable to penetrate the wall of silence between the Amish and English communities the sheriff asks Kate to travel to New York pose as an Amish woman and infilChief of Po

Among the Wicked

[PDF] Read Ü Among the Wicked : by Linda Castillo [PDF] Read Ü Among the Wicked : by Linda Castillo - Among the Wicked, Among the Wicked Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called upon by the sheriff s department in rural upstate New York to assist on a developing situation that involves a reclusive Amish settlement and the death of a Among the Wicked

  • [PDF] Read Ü Among the Wicked : by Linda Castillo
    209Linda Castillo
Among the Wicked

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  1. Police chief Kate Burkholder of Painter Mills, Ohio grew up Amish She left the community years ago to live a secular English life Now a young 15 year old girl is found frozen to death near a pond in an Amish community in upstate New York Kate is asked to infiltrate that familiar community to find if there s to her death than what appears.Are people being held against their will Allegations of child abuse Exactly what is going on in this secretive society Kate hopes to find the truth before anyo [...]

  2. Five Shiny StarsThis author has done it again I just love this series and I just couldn t put the book down and finished it in two days It was a powerful, intriguing, heart pounding non stop adrenaline rush I love it when a book does that to me I just love Kate I just love her character.Kate Burkholder is a tough as nails Chief of Police She gets a call to go undercover by the sheriff s department in a rural community in New York There is something strange going on in an Amish community and Kate [...]

  3. I have loved this series from the beginning, but in the last few years have been able to identify personally My son having moved into the heart of the Amish, in Goshen, Indiana They have Amish neighbors on both sides of their houses, even have an Amish telephone booth on their property Made the acquaintance of these wonderful people, have tasted their food and their delicious homemade ice cream In this one Chief Katie Burkholder may have gotten over her head, when she is asked to go undercover [...]

  4. This book is set in a fictional village, which in reality is located near Malone, NY, about 170 miles north of me The story takes place in the winter One thing you do not want to do here when the temperature is 18 F and the windchill is below zero is fall through the ice How the Amish survive in these conditions without electricity is a wonder to me I was chilled just reading about the outdoor adventures Kate Burkholder experiences in this book.Kate agrees to go undercover in an Amish community [...]

  5. Ich will Band 9 Jetzt Sofort Dieser achte Teil war soooo so so gut, ich konnte gar nicht mehr aufh ren zu lesen Spannend von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite und dass es diesmal nicht nur mit einer Amishen Gemeinde etwas zu tun hat, sondern sogar in dieser spielt fand ich super Nach meinem Geschmack h tte es ruhig noch mehr dazu geben k nnen.Definitiv eines der besten B cher der Reihe

  6. With the 8th in the series, Kate goes undercover in a NY State Amish order She s trying to determine the real reason for a young woman freezing to death The premise is questionable It didn t quite seem plausible that a widow would uproot herself from family to find a different order There are other parts of the story that don t ring true This is the first of the Burkholder series that I noticed this Credit though, a big twist at the end I never saw coming Given that I read Down a Dark Road throu [...]

  7. I am never disappointed when I get my hands on a Kate Burkholder story by Linda Castillo Among The Wicked is the eighth book and there are three novellas It is as strong as the first in the series Ms Castillo s writing style pulls me in and keeps me reading as Kate suffers the trials and tribulations of solving another crime involving the Amish The climax had me stunned with a great plot twist Police Chief Kate Burkholder is asked to go on leave in Painters Mill, OH and go undercover as a plain [...]

  8. 4 starsThis was an enjoyable, fast paced read I finished at midnight last night, unable to stop reading It is book 8 in the series, but worked ok for me as a stand alone Kate Burkholder grew up in an Amish community, but left as a teenager, earned a GED, and got a part time job answering the phone at a police substation She went to community college at night and got a 2 year degree in criminal justice She has worked her way up to homicide detective in the Columbus PD , when she is offered the jo [...]

  9. As this eighth book in the series opens Kate Burkholder Chief of Police in Painters Mill, Ohio gets a visit from two law enforcement officers from New York State Sheriff Dan Suggs and Investigator Frank Betancourt are concerned about the suspicious death of Rachel Esh, a 15 year old Amish girl from Roaring Springs, New York An autopsy showed that Rachel had drugs in her system and had undergone an abortionry unusual for an Amish girl Moreover there are rumors of bad things going on among the Roa [...]

  10. One of my reservations about Linda Castillo s Kate Burkholder series has been that there seem to be an inordinate number of murders occurring among the Amish in the area around the small town of Painters Mill, Ohio In Among the Wicked, the eighth of the series, Castillo skirts that issue when Chief Burkholder agrees to go undercover in upstate New York to investigate the suspicious death of a teenage Amish girl Local law enforcement personnel have been unable to make any headway in the case due [...]

  11. This was my first Kate Burkholder story, her 8th I breezed through it fairly quickly and I enjoyed it There is a certain coziness to her writing, Kate s relationship to her boyfriend, her everyday comments about the world and how things work, all done in a way that draws you into her world, like a long time friend that you know and can trust.Having grown up as Amish and as an experienced police officer, she is the prefect choice to go into an Amish village undercover, to see what is going on I e [...]

  12. Spannend, wie Kate Burkholder die b sen Buben wieder einmal zur Strecke gebracht hat Mir war es jedoch ein bisschen zu vorhersehbar Trotzdem h lt der Schluss noch eine berraschung bereit Wer sich f r das Amisch Setting interessiert, ist mit diesem Buch ebenfalls gut beraten 3,5 St.

  13. When Chief of Police Kate Burkholder was called into a meeting in her office at the Painters Mill police station, she had no idea her life was about to change in a way she had never envisioned The rural community of Roaring Springs had had some strange happenings in their Amish community with the latest being the death of a young fifteen year old girl under suspicious circumstances Agent Betancourt s idea was for Kate to go undercover as an Amish woman and infiltrate the community Kate hadn t be [...]

  14. Linda Castillo s suspense series set in Amish country has been a favourite of mine Among the Wicked 8, her latest novel, is compulsively readable as Chief of Police Officer Kate Burkholder goes undercover to sniff out the rotten doings in a secluded Amish community far from her home in Painters Mill Always, Castillo s novels retain immense respect for the faith and culture of the Amish while addressing the human frailties which either create susceptibilities or dark traits, to criminal acts In t [...]

  15. This was my first read by Linda Castillo and surely not my last I was completely engrossed in this story even though it was not at all gory, it was just so interesting I needed to keep reading I like my thrillers graphic and gory so I am amazed how the story kept my attention, it was just great writing I started out with 8 in the series as it was a new release, but I am definitely going to go back and start from book one I had no trouble reading this as a standalone, though.Kate Burkholder, Chie [...]

  16. This is the 8th installment of the Kate Burkholder series.Kate Burkholder, chief of police of Painter Mill OH, is asked to assist in a case in upstate NY in which a young Amish girl is found dead As Kate was raised in the Painter Mill Amish community, the NY state sheriff asks her to assist in the case posing undercover as an Amish widow As a new widow to the community, Kate will have to insinuate herself into a society that keeps itself separate from it s English neighbors.This book kept me on [...]

  17. Linda Castillo s Kate Burkholder novels never disappoint They re emotionally intense, sometimes disturbing stories And, in each one, we get to know Kate a little The latest book, Among the Wicked, takes her into her own emotions by putting her in a role she never expected to be in again, that of an Amish woman.For four years, Kate Burkholder has been police chief of Painters Mill, Ohio, a small community of 5,300, half of whom are Amish She herself was from an Amish family, but she left when sh [...]

  18. Among the Wicked by Linda Castillo is a 2016 Minotaur publication I ve read several of Linda Castillo s novels back in the day, but I haven t read any books from this series I noticed several of my friends reading this one a few weeks back and decided to check it out Now, I have yet another series I have to play catch up with, but for those who have not read the previous installments, I m thinking you can just jump in anywhere along the way, because this one read just fine as a stand alone Kate [...]

  19. I finished this book July 26 and I have put off doing this review I hate doing negative reviews, especially for an author I had previously liked I gave Down a Dark Road 5 stars and I was looking forward to reading this book, Among the Wicked I was horribly disappointed.If you know Kate Burkholder, she was raised Amish but left when she turned 18 I m not sure how old she is now but she is definitely no sweet, young thing She is asked to go undercover as an Amish widow in an Amish community that h [...]

  20. One of my favorite things about this series is learning about the Amish culture Police Chief Kate Burkholder was raised Amish before she left the community In this book she is approached by New York police to go undercover in an Amish community in northern New York, 20 miles from the Canadian border A teenager turns up dead and there is concern for the children in the group Kate is uniquely qualified with her knowledge of the language and culture so she accepts the assignment The group has a new [...]

  21. Police Chief Kate Burkholder is contacted by a member of the New York State Police He told her that they are investigating the death of an Amish girl in upstate New York The girl belonged to a closed Amish community No one in the community is willing to talk to the police The police would like Kate to go undercover as an Amish woman who moves into the community Since Kate grew up Amish, she knows the language and the customs She knows there will be limited communication and no transportation for [...]

  22. I love Linda Castillo s Kate Burkholder series and last year I binged read the series and then felt some withdrawal I was very EXCITED to hear that a new book would be out this summer and it made my day when I received an ARC of Among the Wicked I didn t get a chance to get my hands on the novella, Seeds of Deception 7.5 before this book From my past experience with the novellas they do not connect to the next book They are separate storiesONG THE WICKED Kate Burkholder 8 Written by Linda Castil [...]

  23. This was my first foray into the Kate Burkholder world and I am sure that I will find the time to go back and read the previous books I have never really read any kind of books about the Amish, so that aspect really intrigued me and kept my interest I also loved that the book took place not far from where I live in areas that I may visit, which adds a touch of realism to a book of fiction.First off, don t let the fact that this is book 8 in a series put you off especially you OCD types out there [...]

  24. Thank you NetGalley and Minotaur Books for the advanced digital copy for my honest review This was one of my favorite Chief Kate Burkholder stories yet Kate leaves Painters Mill, Ohio to go undercover in upstate New Year to investigate the death of a young Amish woman but what she discovers is bigger than she ever expected Terrific story

  25. This was my first introduction to this author and to Chief of Police Kate Burkholder Because of her earlier Amish upbringing, Kate is called upon by the sheriff s department in rural upstate, New York to help investigate the death of a young Amish girl and the Amish community As she goes undercover as an Amish woman it brings back so many of the ways of life Kate thought she had left behind Her lover State Agent John Tomasetti is not thrilled that Kate will be only on limited communication and b [...]

  26. I love Linda Castillo s writing style, and when the opportunity to read her latest bool, Among the Wicked arose I jumped at it.Castillo s heroine, Chief Kate Burkholder, has been asked to go undercover in upstate New York to infiltrate a small Amish community and make sure there are no nefarious goings on Interest in the small community has formed after a young girl was found dead, presumably frozen to death, at a nearby lake after a snowstorm There is concern that other children in the small co [...]

  27. This is book eight in this series I have yet to find a book in this series that I have been disappointed about I really like the Amish aspect of this series Then there is Kate She is a strong female lead She always bring something good to the table I feel like I get to see another layer of just who Kate is every time that she visits the Amish community Although this is just part of the reason why I like these books The other reason is because the storyline is complex In the beginning I may not a [...]

  28. 4.0 StarsWith the undercover cop setup, this was easily one of the most fun stories in the Kate Burkholder series It was a nice break from Painters Mill and personal relationship subplots This book was of a suspense or a thriller rather than a police procedural, which made for a very entertaining read.

  29. A riveting overall plot, with a terrifically evil bad guy Other than a few dangling sub plot threads, one of which was so important that I went back and re read sections of the book trying to figure it out, I really liked this book I was particularly happy that Castillo gave us a strong Kate Tomasetti relationship in this book I ve been worried that they seemed a little precarious, but no .

  30. 3.5 starsMy least favorite book in the series so far I liked it that it wasn t the usual murder mystery since Kate was undercover, but it also meant most of the bad guys were known going into it It wasn t the same without all of the usual side characters they are what makes this series so enjoyable.

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