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The Red Battle Flyer

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Red Battle Flyer : by Manfred von Richthofen [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Red Battle Flyer : by Manfred von Richthofen - The Red Battle Flyer, The Red Battle Flyer Myths and reality of the Red Baron

  • Title: The Red Battle Flyer
  • Author: Manfred von Richthofen
  • ISBN: 1920414630
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Red Battle Flyer : by Manfred von Richthofen, The Red Battle Flyer, Manfred von Richthofen, The Red Battle Flyer Myths and reality of the Red Baron

The Red Battle Flyer

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Red Battle Flyer : by Manfred von Richthofen [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Red Battle Flyer : by Manfred von Richthofen - The Red Battle Flyer, The Red Battle Flyer Myths and reality of the Red Baron The Red Battle Flyer

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ The Red Battle Flyer : by Manfred von Richthofen
    438Manfred von Richthofen
The Red Battle Flyer

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  1. I ve never had much of a fascination for this guy, the red baron I could never figure out what the big deal about him was Alright, he was a flying ace and he painted his plane red I can see how that might make him a recognizable figure in pop culture, but I don t see why he is still considered to be a great hero of some kind However, I do have a mild interest for early aviation and this historical period, so I figured, why not give this a read I didn t expect much of this book The author himself [...]

  2. The average man on the street may not know the first thing about the Great War, but he ll have heard of the Red Baron Attribute that to a silly song, or a Peanuts comic trip, but in the Great War Germany had no hero like Baron Manfred von Richthofen, a true knight of the air Beginning as a cavalry captain, von Richthofen joined the air service and soon proved a frightful natural The Red Baron constitutes his memoir through the war, and what cannot be told by his death is told by others, namely h [...]

  3. Der rote Kampfflieger Part One In ze beginning I was in ze cavalry, but zere was no Schwung on ze ground so I cried my way to being a navigator and pilot I have received many medals because I am ze best Ze best of ze best Even ze Kaiser told me so All ze ozers were also very good, but not as good as me Once I painted my Fokker red to get attention It was a great, great publicity stunt I have a fantastic dog I named him Moritz It s ze best name For ze best dog so it goes The first 2 3 or so of t [...]

  4. Publicado en lecturaylocura el avion roEn este a o en el que nos encontramos, conmemoraci n del comienzo de la primera Guerra Mundial o Gran Guerra , estamos viviendo, en lo literario, una total Granguerraexploitation es tal la cantidad de libros sobre el tema o que tratan aspectos de ella que las librer as se est n inundando de voluminosos ensayos en su mayor a y, a veces, de otra obras m s perif ricas que ofrecen otras visiones.Tal es el caso de la peque a editorial granadina Macad n libros qu [...]

  5. There is something always incredibly useful about reading the thoughts of someone who has achieved greatness When reading Julius Caesar s Civil War or Gallic War, one knows one is reading, to a certain extent, propaganda Still, tactics, strategy, and the overall worldview of Caesar inevitably leaks into those books, making those reads worthwhile In the same way, The Red Fighter Pilot, the autobiography of the Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, published in 1917 during WWI, a year before he died, [...]

  6. I believe everyone has heard of Manfred Von Richthofen the fabled German ace who flew a bright red Fokker triplane into battle and who shot down an astonishing 80 enemy aircraft between 1916 and 1918.The book does a very good job of accurately portraying the conditions and attitudes of the day not to mention the terrible danger facing those pioneering airmen of warfare among the clouds The dogfights of the second world war are famous and have been well documented but I always felt the risks take [...]

  7. An interesting historical artifact if nothing else, these memoirs of the Red Baron written in the middle of the war combine first hand accounts of dogfights, bombing runs, and calvary action with heavy doses of propaganda.Richthofen is not much of a storyteller and his plain, cocky, and often coolly detached voice does much to dispel the mystique of the Red Baron, or as he is called here Le Diable Rouge Everything is a fine time or a beautiful time He says they never cared much for records, yet [...]

  8. Hated every minute of this book War is fun, rah rah is the general message One wonders if he would have rewritten that sentiment if he could have after dying in the war himself Probably not, because he was clearly brainwashed into the mentality that nothing is better than to die for your country while out killing people with the latest technology Rubbish writing in general Bogged down in technicalities while mentioning in passing that experiences were impressive without taking the time to actual [...]

  9. I think the title translates better as The Red Battle Flyer , which fits better in that era.I caught myself thinking, I hope this guy has a day job other than writing, and then I remembered, oh yes, he is the Red Baron Also, through the filters of translation, German censorship, and British censorship, who knows what the guy originally said Nevertheless, it s hard to not be entertaining when telling stories about fighter triplanes.

  10. To the German Flying Corps Rittmeister Baron Manfred von Richthofen was killed in aerial combat on April 21st 1918 He was buried with full military honours , lautete die Nachricht, die von einem Flugzeug der Entente einst ber seinem Heimatflugplatz abgeworfen worden ist.Der erfolgreichste deutsche Jagdflieger des ersten Weltkrieges, the Red Baron , le Diable Rouge , f hrt in der Luft einen anderen, ritterlichen Krieg als den der Soldaten unten auf der Erde Die Urkatastrophe , die Europas Unterga [...]

  11. The famous german combat pilot of the first world war tells the story of his life focussing mainly on his education and what he and his brother experienced during the times at war He wrote this about a year before he was shot in an air combat at the age of 26 The book is nicely written and I tended to like him, his tone reminds me of a twitter friend of mine who is about the same age as von Richthofen was then What I didn t like was that he was also a hunter and did shoot a wisent european bison [...]

  12. El diario de uno de los grandes personajes del siglo XX, con tan solo 26 a os pas a la inmortalidad por su valent a en el aire Corto pero muy ameno, interesante cuando relata con todo detalle sus aventuras en la primera guerra mundial.

  13. Manfred von Richthofen, better known nowadays as the Red Baron, started out in the cavalry It wasn t long before he found himself in an airplane, though, and his descriptions of the first time flying, areal battles, and different funny and exciting things that happened to him are just plain fun to read I laughed out loud several times For as short as his life was, he certainly packed in some adventure.Richthofen makes no pretense at philosophical musings he simply tells a story He is quite cocky [...]

  14. An interesting little book, demonstrating what eccentrics aviators were during the period War is basically a game for these people, who see themselves as modern knights There s a fair bit of killing an Englishman before breakfast I most enjoyed an English prisoner revealing that the Allies thought the Red Baron s distinctive plane was flown by a woman, because it s too narrow for a man The Englishman is saddened that Richthofen really isn t the alluring and lethal figure that is developing in th [...]

  15. This book is an interesting curiosity piece It was written while the famed Red Baron was on leave after his fifty second kill, sent East to meet a bevy of dignitaries The memoir itself was heavily worked over by propaganda editors, and so readers should read very far between the lines.As a piece of writing, it is unremarkable As a collection of war stories, it s quite something I was most taken by the juxtaposition of elegant savagery and genteel chivalry exhibited by members of Richthofen s roy [...]

  16. I acquired this book at a used book store shortly after my visit to the National Museum of American History The Smithsonian chose to immortalize the infamous WW1 ace through nostalgia in an exhibit entitled Nostalgia Sells The immortalized Charles Shultz rendition lives on in our hearts as the ace of dogfighting in Charlie Brown s backyard This autobiography was written in a style that most heroes have and that is humility and compassion Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron as he is commonly k [...]

  17. I really, really enjoyed reading The Red Baron The whole actual style of the writing made it rather journal ish which it kind of is and I loved the way everything was put It was all so real.I have read tons of Biggles books so I am naturally biased to the RFC, but Von Richtofen is such an interesting personality and he was always so modest I mean, he never mentioned the fact that he was the best flying ace of the whole war That was just great The way he recounts his adventures was enthralling an [...]

  18. La autobiograf a del mayor as de los cielos de la Primera Guerra Mundial Una edici n cuidada, esta de Macadan, para este peque o librito R stica, con unos bonitos colores en su portada y una buena impresi n en un buen papel.Una lectura r pida, el libro ocupa menos de 200 p ginas, completamente distinta a otros pesados y abstrusos tratados sobre combates, estrategias o razones de y sobre las guerras y las batallas El propio protagonista nos cuenta sus vivencias de una manera excesivamente concisa [...]

  19. Just a brief forewarning anything In this review will be extremely biased Why is that Well Manfred Von Richthofen is one of my favorite historical figures in history I think the legacy he left and for what he is known for now a days is truly remarkable Now about the book Often times in history we become biased and used to hearing one side of history from the perspective of where you where from and what you read The Red Barron gives insight to his point of view of WWI in many major battles You tr [...]

  20. Whether highly censored or not there were a few episodes relayed in this book by Richthofen I find highly fascinating Although sometime after this book was published he was quoted to have said about the book, I find it insolent, I am no longer that person I was glad to hear this as his attitude toward killing was getting a bit tiresome The gems of this book are the very human moments I can identify with For example he says before his first solo fight which is always a relative surprise he writes [...]

  21. You can ask people if they know what year The Great War started and ended and they may say no,but if you ask them if they heard about The Red Baron they will most probably say yes.If you ask them about his real name they will,again,most probably have no idea,but still,the name of The Red Baron is to this day known by many.This book is a collection of Manfred von Richthofen s memoirs during the war,from the time he was a cavalryman all the way to his last memoirs before his death.The book is real [...]

  22. The Red Baron was an amazing adventure in the eyes of being a supreme airfighter named Richthofen He was the best pilot in WWI and he fought for the Germans During the war he becomes very fond of his skills that very few men ever have and his childhood with loving to fly also gives him an edge Further, he becomes Germany s symbol of a great flying god who can swiftly take out any enemy However, the young flying ace Richthofen discovers how he is only being used for propoganda use and battle.As a [...]

  23. This book was recommended to me by my father after viewing the Motion Picture However, it took me some time to find an an actual copy of the book since it was rather difficult to find one It was a quite fast read and very entertaining You have the opportunity to get a little glimpse of how they fought in WW1 I was really surprised by the fact that they did not kill the enemy pilots, in this case the French and British immediately upon crashing to the ground I m not no History Expert but this kin [...]

  24. Until I read this, I knew very little about the Red Baron I probably still thought he had that silly mustache from the pizza box After, I was completely in love with him I love how he didn t dwell on how awesome he is, and how genuine he seems He knew he was good, but he really attributes most of that to how he used tactics that other pilots didn t very risky tactics He doesn t glamorize war, and there is part of the book after a nasty crash where he starts to doubt his position view spoiler He [...]

  25. Enjoyable autobio account by the Red Baron himself The WWI ace shot down over 50 British planes by the time he was 25 years old, and writes about it in a very jolly, sportsmanlike way The whole thing is a game to him, a jollygood sport, and his attitude is clearly a window on another age, entirely Weapons were not as accurate or destructive he refers to the planes as crates and apple carts , and flying was an art His respect and his braggadacio seem suited to a game of cricket or darts This is [...]

  26. A good book Would be better if it hadn t been edited by the Germans ahead odd time but it was published during wartime Read this with Fighting the Flying Circus by Eddie Rickenbacker America s great ace to get a good balance and see the many similarities It would have been great if Richtofen had survived the war and written afterwards as Rickenbacker had so as to avoid propaganda editing A short book.

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