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The Rosetta Man

[PDF] The Rosetta Man | by ½ Claire McCague [PDF] The Rosetta Man | by ½ Claire McCague - The Rosetta Man, The Rosetta Man Wanted Translator for first contact Immediate opening Danger pay allowanceEstlin Hume lives in Twin Butte Alberta surrounded by a horde of affectionate squirrels His involuntary squirrel attracting t

  • Title: The Rosetta Man
  • Author: Claire McCague
  • ISBN: 9781770530942
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Rosetta Man | by ½ Claire McCague, The Rosetta Man, Claire McCague, The Rosetta Man Wanted Translator for first contact Immediate opening Danger pay allowanceEstlin Hume lives in Twin Butte Alberta surrounded by a horde of affectionate squirrels His involuntary squirrel attracting talent leaves him evicted expelled fired and near penniless until two aliens arrive and adopt him as their translator Yanked around the world at the center of the firstWanted Translat

The Rosetta Man

[PDF] The Rosetta Man | by ½ Claire McCague [PDF] The Rosetta Man | by ½ Claire McCague - The Rosetta Man, The Rosetta Man Wanted Translator for first contact Immediate opening Danger pay allowanceEstlin Hume lives in Twin Butte Alberta surrounded by a horde of affectionate squirrels His involuntary squirrel attracting t The Rosetta Man

  • [PDF] The Rosetta Man | by ½ Claire McCague
    300Claire McCague
The Rosetta Man

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  1. Much than expected The cover and synopsis had me expecting a light hearted comedy I didn t realize I was getting a geopolitical first contact thriller that somehow still managed to be a light hearted comedy.I really enjoyed this book The characters are rich and diverse Estlin and Harry are great, Beth and Bomani made me cry The story is fast paced and engaging and again, completely unexpected Great book for fans of first contact scifi, but also fans of thrillers and mysteries And so well execut [...]

  2. si le th me 1er contact a pu m int resser, l criture et la fin m ont d u Les sc nes se suivent sans s encha ner au point que souvent on doit relire pour comprendre o on en est et avec qui les personnages tr s nombreux sont peu diff renci s diff renciables M me si the Rosetta Man est plut t un anti h ros sympathique, les ET et leurs motivations sont vagues, les militaires, les politiques, les scientifiques assez caricaturaux et la fin franchement ridicule AMHA

  3. Good premise, interesting characters, and a good book up until about the 90% mark Then it takes a sharp left turn out of nowhere and is a bit baffling The ending made me think there was a sequel, it s so open ended I was surprised to learn there isn t Also, it s kind of hard to tell when things are happening right after one another and when there s big jumps in time All of a sudden someone is way over there and you just have to guess that okay, they ve apparently been traveling for a day and now [...]

  4. So recently I was looking at the Sci Fi best seller list trying to find a new Sci Fi book that actually paints the future in a bright light I downloaded a few samples and this was one of them.Holy cow I was not expecting this to grab me like it did I hadn t even finished the sample when I decided I would pay whatever the author was asking for to read the rest of the story Thankfully, she didn t want much, but I would have paid it This story grabbed me and didn t let go, rarely does this happen a [...]

  5. Fascinating This book goes into way likely first contact scenarios than any book I ve ever read Not a somewhere in space first contact This one happens on Earth, as the countries vie for possession of the aliens The US and Russia are the most ruthless, of course.When a possum trapping professor in New Zealand finds a couple of what are clearly not possums in the open cage in the back of his truck, he pulls in a man he s known as someone who can communicate with other species on a psychic telepa [...]

  6. Grade A Clever, clever story Aliens make themselves known to Earth but they seem like animals than people They re inexplicable to everyone except Estlin He keeps losing jobs and getting kicked out of countries because animals gravitate to him especially squirrels He can communicate mostly with animals with his mind using pictures, colors and feelings The Aliens though are a hot commodity and everyone wants a piece of them as well as Estlin since he seems to be the only one who can understand wh [...]

  7. A bit of a wacky sci fi read, very inconclusive Something about the main character and hoping to see what came of this first encounter kept me reading the novel but it didn t deliver It wandered to a very inconclusive end It felt like the author got tired of her own recurring scenarios with coercion of her main character and unreadable intentions of the off world visitors and then abruptly brought the story to an end without resolution The book labelling was a bit misleading, could not call it h [...]

  8. A good romp through miscommunicationThere are a lot of characters popping through this little gem of a sci fi read Hard to keep track of, even But not as hard as those rascally little aliens all two of them that is Armed forces from various countries converge on a tiny island in the South Pacific Two aliens with the ability to cause humans to see what they want them to see may or may not be contained and under control A mentally fragile man, adored by squirrels but not so much by people, is task [...]

  9. Original and epicThe main characters are simplistic and complex all at the same time The story answers the question what would happen if a normal person was the first to make alien contact Then it goes on to show extraordinary diversity and creativity in the plot and the character development I would recommend this for people who like sci fi and first contact stories because it is amazing to read It is just a really great story it really comes together and works I would recommend the story to pe [...]

  10. A fun read This is a bizarre story with both science fiction and fantasy elements a protagonist who is often not on stage but is almost always being talked about by a large cast of supporting characters There are aliens, squirrels, bats the flying kind , snails, birds, scientists, spies, soldiers, Canadiens, Americans, Samoans, New Zealanders, Russians, Greenpeace, and , lots A fun read that begs for a sequel.

  11. Wonderful character study of us humans Such great story telling The first half of the book can t be beat The main protagonist, Estlin, is a sandle wearing Will Rogers of the Space Age, not an anti hero but so humble as to be loveable The aliens and the author put us in our place Thought twisting science, politics that explain where Trumpism comes from just terrific storytelling I m envious.

  12. First contact, with aliens that are truly alien and not funny shaped humans Everybody is floundering around without a solid clue for why the aliens showed up or what they want, but the scientists, military, and diplomats are all trying to call the shots and every nation wants a bigger piece of the pie Well thought out hard SF with a few items of hand waving thrown in Human characterizations were distinct and believable Recommended.

  13. 3.5 stars I liked it but not sure I d recommend it to others I enjoyed the humor, the characters and the story but there were points where I felt a little lost but this was due to characters trying to convey in words communications which were non verbal This is worth a re read sometime and I ll keep my eye out for other books by this author.

  14. A fun read Very unique in it s zany approach to first contact through our hero Lindey Estlin Estlin has had a long life of attracting squirrels he call s himself shiny , why not try that skill on Aliens Well, it wasn t his first choice, but he was tempted by the adventure Well, not really, he was tempted by the money.

  15. I enjoyed this, which included a lot of cross species communication and behavior, which I found quite engaging The whole alien encounter construction was original and engrossing Character development was minimal, and sometimes the story was a bit of a challenge to follow, but overall a satisfying read.

  16. A cheeky look at first contact threaded through with humor while remaining very serious at heart Refreshingly scientific, and still very human at heart, I would gladly return to this world again.The ending was a little soft it snuck up on me and I am still unpacking some of the details so a four star book instead of a five, still very much worth the read.

  17. Creature WhispererAliens come to the South Pacific, and Lindie is asked by a New Zealand friend to come and and translate.This story is rambling and has a lot of technical discussions that might distract readers There is no ending, so maybe the author is planning future books in a series I won t be reading them.

  18. Very fun and entertaining McCague writes like Neal Stephenson without the need to show us how smart she is Very fast paced almost too fast with clever plot turns Frequent low key humor Lots of interesting characters My only complaint was that the book ended before the story did Maybe there s a sequel

  19. This was great I enjoyed it immensely The story moved right along and kept you wondering what would happen next.The story was not complete at the end of the book It did end at a good breaking point in the story.

  20. Clever, fascinating, wry, contemporary sci fiI loved everything about this book The story is exciting and immersive, the characters are distinct and interesting and the concepts are compelling.I can t wait to see from this author and I hope this novel gains great plaudits

  21. Wowser what a read This is a find A wonderfully original first contact novel.Who knows what lurks in the Canadian outback I do not wish to spoil the fun by giving away too much Bring on McCague

  22. Very interesting until the abrupt endObviously a second book is coming but the end here is abrupt as missing a step in the dark Great aliens for once and nice conflict But the unresolved ending is a 2 stars

  23. An entertaining story, but it just kind of stops, doesn t really finish, and it s not clear if there is a sequel planned or not.

  24. Well written, great concepts, well thought out I look forward to her next book I give it an enthusiastic five stars.

  25. It was a good read Seemed to be set up for a sequel If so, I ll be looking out fro it to see how the story develops.

  26. Good crazy.Crazy enough to be entertaining, though i didn t like the way it ended It s waiting for the next book Fun read.

  27. Genius.Loved the characters They were brave and adventurous Even when the technical stuff seemed like mumbo jumbo, I was fascinated Would recommend this book.

  28. Great story line but filled with way too much scientific gibberish Story jumped around like a flea on a hot skillet making it hard to stay with what was happening.

  29. Confused Unsure about the focus or theme of the bookDidn t help that the main character was referred to by different names.

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