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Last Light

Last Light Best Read || [Dean Koontz] Last Light Best Read || [Dean Koontz] - Last Light, Last Light With just a touch Makani Hisoka O Brien can see the deepest secrets that others conceal and it frightens her There s danger in the terrible knowledge that floods her mind and haunts her conscience Wi

  • Title: Last Light
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Last Light Best Read || [Dean Koontz], Last Light, Dean Koontz, Last Light With just a touch Makani Hisoka O Brien can see the deepest secrets that others conceal and it frightens her There s danger in the terrible knowledge that floods her mind and haunts her conscience With just a touch Rainer Sparks can learn the biggest problems that others bear and it thrills him There s profit to be made making problems go away by any means incluWith just a touch Mak

Last Light

Last Light Best Read || [Dean Koontz] Last Light Best Read || [Dean Koontz] - Last Light, Last Light With just a touch Makani Hisoka O Brien can see the deepest secrets that others conceal and it frightens her There s danger in the terrible knowledge that floods her mind and haunts her conscience Wi Last Light

  • Last Light Best Read || [Dean Koontz]
    290Dean Koontz
Last Light

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  1. Part of me cringes at the thought of giving anything by Dean Koontz only three stars But although I truly enjoyed every single second of this story, the most I could summon at the end was fun and cute Fun and cute do not a four star story make Sigh.The idea behind the story, other than to give us a teaser to get us to buy Ashley Bell A Novel in Dec, is that there are these two people who have an ability to read certain things when they touch other people Makani can read their ugly thoughts and R [...]

  2. Hands down, this is my favorite novella of the master wordsmith, Dean Koontz I completely fell for Makani, Pogo and beloved Bob I m diving right into Final Hour Short Story next This is vintage Dean Koontz

  3. Nailed it againIt should no longer surprise me that Dean Koontz has a gift for finding they are too real to be invented characters to people his stories His people feel to me like I should know them We spoke at the grocery store or gas station Maybe they like my jewelry and told me so either off line or in person There is just enough out of the mundane to make his tales work Or is it just enough truth I believe he knows something

  4. This was a fun, quick read in the world of Ashley Bell, and to be honest I liked it than the longer novel It centers around Makani, a surfer who can sense someone s darkest secret with a single touch What seems to be a chance meeting with handsome and charismatic Ranier Sparks quickly spirals into a nightmare Pogo, my favorite supporting character from Ashley Bell figures prominently It was pretty intense along the lines of some of Koontz s earlier works and I read pretty much the entire thing [...]

  5. Page turnerVery good book Easy to read It is a short book so it could be read in a single session if you have that kind of time In the scope of villains this books villain is at the top of the chart Their is nothing graphic in this novel It s all implied That s what makes him so scary.

  6. It s good vs evil, surfer style Only the good girl and the bad guy both have a supernatural ability to read minds by simply touching other people It s Dean Koontz, so of course it s imaginative and well written But at the same time, I didn t read it straight through which I normally would do for a Dean Koontz novella It s good, I enjoyed reading it, and I will definitely read the follow up titled FINAL HOUR but it doesn t stand out for me like so many other novellas that Dean Koontz has written. [...]

  7. I really am not fond of novellas They always leave me wanting I did enjoy this one somewhat It s a prequel of sorts to the author s new novel, which is coming out in December I understand that there is another novella being released in Oct I find that many authors are doing this now, release a couple of short stories and stir up interest for the novel I don t get it and personally don t think it s necessary Oh well, I bought this one, but I probably won t buy the next I will wait for the actual [...]

  8. Short, sweet, but good Much like King just knows how to write kids, Koontz just knows how to write dogs I absolutely love when a dog plays a big role in his books he s that good This is a precursor to Koontz s next book and we are introduced to only one character who will play a role in that new book.My only complaint about this novella is that the ending came way too fast after so much build up It was quick, clean, and out Done A good story that ended too quickly.Still excited for Koontz s next [...]

  9. The novella was a short 90 pages While I found some of the descriptions to be way too flowery, I liked the book This is one of two prequels to his next book, Ashley Belle I was sorry to discover that only one of the characters in this story will be in the book I have the second novella downloaded, but now I am wondering who will be in that one

  10. I loved this It s certainly the best novella I ve read this year My favorite character is the lovable black Labrador, Bob, who plays an important role in the story, and surfer girl Makani and surfer dude Pogo are also excellent I was happy to find out that there s a sequel novella, Final Hour, with the same characters.

  11. ahhh i LOVE this man gotta say, im still in love with my nook and these little novellas are one of the reasons why soo, this novella is just a random little story that will have a 2nd part released on 10 27 2015 but im starting to wonder what it could be about since it was resolved in this one so, this book, its based on Makani a young native Hawaiian living in CA who has some sort of supernatural power DK has this amazing writing style that doesn t it could even possibly come to light anywayse [...]

  12. 83 or 84 from koontz for mejust finished that storyat i can t for the life of me remember the title ummm heh don t ya hate when that happens on the kindle, like this one, so i have an excuse not like you can spin around on the bar stool and see what paperback is on top of the pile behind you onward and upward this one and the previous i readill nothingat is not the titlehave makani and pogo, they are both novellas, and pogo figures a bit in the story coming out december 8th ashley bell 22 nov 15 [...]

  13. Dean Koontz has published two short novellas as teasers to his new book, Ashley Bell Last Light and Final Hour are available only in e book format and feature the beautiful Makani Hisoka O Brien, her surfer buddy Pogo and Bob the dog Both stories revolve around Makani s ability to read people s deepest, darkest secrets with only a slight touch She meets an evil villain in each book through her paranormal powers and then is forced to destroy them, or be destroyed The stories are vintage Koontz th [...]

  14. This book is a short story which has a character that will be featured in his upcoming novel Ashley Bell In this one, Makani is a surfer and she also has a power that has led her lead a lonely life Her power is when she touches someone she knows their darkest secret She meets another surfer who has similar powers and soon we have a conflict between good and evil.This was a quick, entertaining read and I was immediately absorbed by the material The antagonist in this short story is one of the sca [...]

  15. I find it hard to identify with a book s characters when they all resemble Greek gods and goddesses Once I got past them all being a little too perfect, I was mentally screaming when Makani decided to flee in her car after the first round C mon, after going out of the way to show that you had been preparing for contingencies and that you re good under pressure, you really need to show that you aren t stupid at the very first opportunity.The general idea was a decent one, but perhaps a longer sto [...]

  16. I often read about stories being predictable , but I never know what to expect from Dean Koontz He is an incredibly talented writer and his stories are always a little paranormal sometimes than a little The characters are what make this book Surfer girl Makani Hisoka O brien who owns a hot rod store, and cute surfer dude Pogo, plus Makani s black lab, Bob.Makani s special power is that if she touches someone she can read their bad thoughts When she touches handsome stranger Rainer Sparks, she d [...]

  17. No sleepless night with this book The lack of insomnia was simply because this was a novella As with any Koontz novel, you are snagged immediately You hunger for the meat and potatoes of the feast lain out before you but Dean has his own manner of serving his loyal guests It was thrilling to feel the anticipation rise and within an hour or so, you were well fed and sated to your hearts content I have an itch now, I need to read some Dean Koontz but am looking for that book that will make laundr [...]

  18. blood was art to him, blood his passion, blood his money This novella is the first of two novellas that are precursors to Koontz s new book ASHLEY BELL The other novella is FINAL HOUR, which I haven t read yet.I thoroughly enjoyed this story I liked the characters There were three human characters and then a Labrador named Bob And all of them were developed in as much depth as a novella allows.I was disappointed that only one of the characters will be in ASHLEY BELL.There was a definite ODD THOM [...]

  19. Good book He established very believable characters As a novella, it is not especially deep, but that is impossible I know he has a recently released full length novel, featuring some of here characters, and I can t wait to discover of their personalities, and the back story why they have their abilities.

  20. I ve been on the fence about reading ASHLEY BELL mostly because the last Koontz novel that I really loved was written about 14 15 years ago, yet I continue to read him However, I really enjoyed this novella It actually pumped me up for ASHLEY BELL if only to get Pogo.

  21. ok, I thought this could explain things that happened in ashley bell, but it doesn t it s a story on its own not a bad thing, but very disappointing as I was hoping to gain insight on the killer from ashley bell because he really wasnt explained

  22. The first of two novella s leading up to the Ashley Bell novel by Dean Koontz Just 87 pages of reading but Koontz manages to give you a good story and three likable characters along with a particularly nasty one It s all action and easy to read in one sitting if you re a fast reader I m not and made it last a few sessions and much enjoyed it as well There s not much else to say but there is a follow up to this also only 87 pages and also with the three likable characters I can t help but think t [...]

  23. The main character in this book has a lot of potential, but much of her past wasn t developed as well as it could have been by Dean Koontz especially and the ending honestly left me asking myself what the f ck just happened, that s it Lol.Still, it was a good read Thrilling at times with enough that I couldn t put it down when I should have gone to bed or done another task Maybe the point of novellas is to leave us wanting so that we ll buy a future writing to fill in some gaps If that s the ca [...]

  24. Moves fast and is entertaining, but seemed a bit awkward in places, with abrupt transitions Some things seemed unnecessarily drawn out for effect the killer s motivations, etc while other things that seemed to me to be worth drawing out were not e.g the budding relationship between Makani and Pogo This is the first of two novellas involving these characters, and I hope in the second one we see development of that relationship.

  25. Short but excitingI have read all of his books and found them all fast paced and fun This does not disappoint even if it is a short story Makes you love his characters no matter how flawed they all are

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