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The Prodigal

[PDF] Download ã The Prodigal : by Nicky Black [PDF] Download ã The Prodigal : by Nicky Black - The Prodigal, The Prodigal He s back But at what cost Exiled from his beloved Newcastle sixteen years ago Detective Lee Jamieson is returning home in search of the teenage daughter he s never met The last thing he expects is t

  • Title: The Prodigal
  • Author: Nicky Black
  • ISBN: 9781514816691
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download ã The Prodigal : by Nicky Black, The Prodigal, Nicky Black, The Prodigal He s back But at what cost Exiled from his beloved Newcastle sixteen years ago Detective Lee Jamieson is returning home in search of the teenage daughter he s never met The last thing he expects is to fall in love with the wife of notorious villain Micky Kelly Lee s new job takes him to Valley Park an urban sink estate riddled with crime and drugs the place he grewHe s back But at

The Prodigal

[PDF] Download ã The Prodigal : by Nicky Black [PDF] Download ã The Prodigal : by Nicky Black - The Prodigal, The Prodigal He s back But at what cost Exiled from his beloved Newcastle sixteen years ago Detective Lee Jamieson is returning home in search of the teenage daughter he s never met The last thing he expects is t The Prodigal

  • [PDF] Download ã The Prodigal : by Nicky Black
    482Nicky Black
The Prodigal

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  1. An outstanding book that s now in my favourites list I finished this book last night with that satisfied feeling you get when you ve had hours of your life blessed with a darn good read This one exceeded expectations Can anything shine out of the darkest of places Sqeeee I loved that this book is set in my home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England, us locals are called Geordies and we affectionately call our city The Toon which is Geordie slang for The Town Newcastle is the eighth most popular [...]

  2. This is an unconventional love story, with the backdrop of a gritty run down Northern housing estate.The story takes us into the life of Lee, a police officer moving back to his roots Lee wants to trace his daughter, a product of a teenage love affair Lee lived briefly on the Valley Park Estate, a very run down crime ridden area of Newcastle Now he finds himself back there working as a police officer Lee runs into Nicola, the wife of a local criminal and an attraction grows Nicola is married to [...]

  3. An outstanding debut novel from Nicky Black This is a gritty, believable crime fiction set on a downtrodden estate in Newcastle Crime levels are rife and the underground gangs are running the show DS Lee Jamieson returns to the borough after 16 years from London with the task of sorting the estate, Valley Park Things have changed in these years and this proves to be a challenging assignment.The characters are very strong with realistic depth Beautifully written and the realism is quite breathtak [...]

  4. This was a fantastic debut novel As a blogger I love to read debut novels and join the authors journey These authors did a super job with this story Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson finds himself back in his home town of Newcastle His first assignment is in the estate he was brought up in He finds himself falling in love with a local called Nicola Unfortunately she s married to the local bad guy Micky I thought the authors did a great job of portraying the storyline as real The characters came ac [...]

  5. Love amidst loss Originally written for the screen, The Prodigal Son is a cleverly woven, fast paced, gripping story Lee Jamieson has returned to Newcastle after a very long absence He s back in the role of Detective Sergeant, to assist in the regenaration of a very rundown estate Valley Park, the very place where he grew up The area is poor, neglected and blighted by crime, robberies and drugs The residents live in constant fear and the authorities are resolute to take action But Lee is also ba [...]

  6. The Prodigal was originally written for the screen but never made it on there and was then given to the author to be turned into a novel instead.The Prodigal I have to say is just screaming out to be featured on the screen and I am so surprised it never happened but luckily for us readers the author has done a fantastic job in turning it into a novel instead so that we don t miss out on this gripping story.After years away from the area in which he grew up, Lee Jamieson returns back to Valley pa [...]

  7. I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review so here it is bookjunkies First can I say that despite my huge TBR pile I booted this book up as I had read some good reviews and feared I was missing out on something good I was wrongI was missing out on something GREAT I adored this book It was a mixture of grit, suspense, mayhem, murder, lust and love The plot was cleverly written full of twists and turns which had me speechless at timesd that is no mean feat I also found th [...]

  8. Nicola thought marrying Mickey would be a safe bet She loved him and with him she was protected Protected from those on the estate who wouldn t mess with Mickey Kelly When things change she realises that leaving him isn t safe either Meanwhile Lee has returned to the area after over a decade Things have changed, as has he He wants to uphold the law and serve and protect the area he grew up in except things are different, very different to how they were Two stories alternate until they entwine A [...]

  9. This story was initially written for TV and Nicky transformed it into a novel I have to say I simply loved it Frank dies and leaves Lee and his mum homeless Lee eventually gets himself out of Newcastle and comes back 20 years as a DS He s the man that they hope will turn around crime on the tough Valley Estate He also forges a relationship with the daughter he never knew he had who is a funny typical teen He meets Nicola Kelly, wife of local hard man Micky and is drawn to her We also meet Nicola [...]

  10. About half way through this book I discovered that Nicky Black is actually a combination of two friends called Nicky and Julie Julie originally wrote this as a screenplay for Granada TV, though it was never shown, and then she passed it to Nicky to turn it into a novel Shame it never became a TV series, it would have been terrific Nicky might have been given a readymade, extremely good plot to work with, but the writing of this novel is surely down to her own skill in the wrong hands it could ha [...]

  11. Set in Newcastle, The Prodigal tells the story of Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson Having been kicked out of his home after a fight with his father at the age of sixteen, Lee has now returned to the place where he grew up, only to find that, Valley Park, is now home to some of the worse socially deprived people in the United Kingdom But, there is another reason, Lee has decoded to return to Valley Park, he is in search of his sixteen year old daughter, whom he has never met before Then Lee falls [...]

  12. A fabulously dark ,gritty book filled with richly written characters, the good, the bad and the broken Nicky Black takes us on an educational tour into one of the roughest estates where drug money rules, the police are bent or powerless and grassers must face the consequences The weak are easy targets for the drug pushers and once loving parents can neglect their babies when all hope is lost and the drugs take hold.Despite the bleakness of their surroundings and the daily fear of domestic violen [...]

  13. I had read so many positive things about this book, and had it recommended to me a number of times, that I thought it was about time I read it I wasn t disappointed.There a quite a lot of characters and relationships introduced early in the book I found that this slowed down my reading a little as I was trying to remember who was who The story develops nicely though, and both the characters and location mix well together I liked how the author used just enough Geordie to sound authentic without [...]

  14. A gritty, warm and engrossing book, which is so much than a crime novel The characters are real and rounded people, and even those with flaws are likable, human The central love relationship is tenderly portrayed, and the overall tension keeps you turning those pages Just great, and highly recommended.

  15. An entertaining book Once I d started, I couldn t wait to read The story is full of twists and turns and never flags My only gripe is that the prose is often riddled with excess words The Prodigal would benefit from some pruning Otherwise, a great read.

  16. The Prodigal takes you on a hard hitting journey littered with poverty, deprivation, domestic abuse, drugs and gangland warfare There is just something so intrinsically real about reading Northern based crime novels, the cities lend themselves so well to the plots and as a reader I found myself transported to the streets of Newcastle and firmly entrenched in the lives of the characters as the story unfolded.Lee is a man with a past firmly rooted in the community he has now been assigned to serve [...]

  17. It s only taken me how how long to read this book after winning a copy on Crime Book Junkie s giveaway last year Now I wish that I had read it sooner.The Prodigal is Nicky Black s debut novel and the first book which is a brilliant start in a gritty crime drama the Valley Park Series.Set in Newcastle upon tyne The story starts off in 1977 when Lee was nine years old with a prologue that will leave you wanting Then we are transported to 1999 Detective Lee Jamieson who returns home in search for [...]

  18. AmazingExcellent book I was hooked from the beginning Loved the Geordie phrases throughout and a great ending Would recommend to Roberta Kray Martina Cole fans.

  19. The Prodigal is a brilliant read from start to finish I read it slowly, as I didn t want it to end.I loved the opening chapter, which introduces the reader to the characters, setting the scene beautifully It really grabbed my attention and pulled me straight into the plot, desperate to read .Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson has returned to his roots, following a promotion at work He was banished by his father 16 years earlier, after his girlfriend became pregnant, and is now determined to find hi [...]

  20. Frank died on his birthday, leaving behind Lee and his wife Jackie, they in turn lose their home due to the fact Frank had been drinking at work and fell 35 ft to his death as a consequence They were entitled to no compensation.20 years later Lee is a beat officer and sees Nicky Kelly in a bar A fight breaks out and Lee somehow gets involved.Set in Newcastle The Prodigal sums up life perfectly in the North East Nicky Black has written an extraordinary novel, raw and full of life.Living near Newc [...]

  21. Lee a police detective returns to Newcastle after 16 years self imposed exile in London He is given the task of trying to turn round one of the worse estates where crime rules and in particular one man Micky who is the person you don t mess with Unfortunately Lee falls for Micky s wife Nicola There is so much to this book I loved it.

  22. A fab debut novel by Nicky Black The book was very well written and kept true to life with the gang culture on a council estate in Newcastle Sergeant Jamieson was a trooper 5 stars from me More please Nicky

  23. The idea for this book was originally commissioned as a two part tv drama but it never made it to screen To be honest, it is unlikely I would have watched it as it would probably have been too violent for me But as a novel, although it s much darker that I would normally read, I thought it was excellent.Lee is the Prodigal of the title, a policeman returning to his native Newcastle to sort out the problems on the Valley Park estate Valley Park sounds like it should be a lovely place to stay but [...]

  24. D.S Lee Jamieson moves from London back to Newcastle, and specifically Valley Park, his place of birth He has a new job trying to turn around the Valley Park Estate, from the crime ridden, drug infested, violent place it has become into somewhere people will want to live Unfortunately there is no relationship between the residents and the police and the worst crime to commit, is not being a drug dealer or a murderer, but being a grass lee has his work cut out.He also wants to find the teenage da [...]

  25. I really enjoyed this book, I was hooked from the start and read it in two sittings WIth so much going on it was really hard to put it down The characters were true to life and likeable or in some cases detestable Lee, the boy done good, moving back to Newcastle from London as a police detective Nicola married to Micky but feeling the force of his fists if another man so much as looks at her Margy, Nicola s friend who looks out for her as well as being a one woman citizens advice bureau for the [...]

  26. I was lucky enough to receive a copy free of charge, in return for an honest review All opinions are my own.After many years away, Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson is about to return to Valley Park in Newcastle where he grew up, to help tackle crime in the local area and to meet his daughter for the very first time Life in Valley Park has been on the decline over recent years, with the area vast becoming a bit of a crime capital It s not helped by the unemployment rate and unruly kids out pinchin [...]

  27. The Prodigal Nicky BlackBlurb Exiled from his beloved Newcastle sixteen years ago, Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson is returning home in search of the teenage daughter he s never met With a good promotion under his belt and his parents gone, he s ready to return to his roots and the warm Geordie spirit he has missed so much Much to his surprise, his first assignment is in Valley Park, a forgotten sink estate and home to some of the worst social deprivation in the country the estate where he grew [...]

  28. I really enjoyed this book It probably helps that I am an exiled Geordie so the locations were familiar, but it was really the dialogue that had me smiling to myself as it was so recognisable and familiar.I found out after reading it, that this was originally a screenplay that was then written as a book, so definitely a joint effort by the two writers I found the dialogue brilliant, but the writing around it was also excellent and I was thinking as I read it that it would make a really good scri [...]

  29. I must admit I was becoming a bit bored with the books I was reading so decided to have a look at my ever growing to be read list I came across a fairly new addition,The Prodigal At first I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy this book as I thought it s just going to be one of those gangster types of books with loads of violence and shooting scenes It wasn t far from it as a matter of fact and I m pleased to say I started reading a cracker of a story Really, it has everything you want from a boo [...]

  30. I really liked this book.The Prodigal a good story with interesting characters Lee and Nicola are strong personalities with a lot to lose as they begin to fall in love For Nicola it might be her life given she s married to a local gangster, Micky For Lee, his job as he takes greater and greater risks to try and be with Nicola.Lee s teenage daughter, who he s never met, and his relationship with her mother, his former girlfriend, give the story another angle and show another side to Lee s persona [...]

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