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The Witch's Daughter

È The Witch's Daughter ✓ Laken Cane È The Witch's Daughter ✓ Laken Cane - The Witch's Daughter, The Witch s Daughter In book seven of the Rune Alexander series Rune meets new allies enters a bizarre and vaguely familiar world and realizes all over again that she can never really trust anyone Except maybe the on

  • Title: The Witch's Daughter
  • Author: Laken Cane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition

È The Witch's Daughter ✓ Laken Cane, The Witch's Daughter, Laken Cane, The Witch s Daughter In book seven of the Rune Alexander series Rune meets new allies enters a bizarre and vaguely familiar world and realizes all over again that she can never really trust anyone Except maybe the one she lost Sucked into Skyll by the echoes of Wormwood she must complete a very important task in order to return to the world in which she belongs She realizes that wheIn book s

The Witch's Daughter

È The Witch's Daughter ✓ Laken Cane È The Witch's Daughter ✓ Laken Cane - The Witch's Daughter, The Witch s Daughter In book seven of the Rune Alexander series Rune meets new allies enters a bizarre and vaguely familiar world and realizes all over again that she can never really trust anyone Except maybe the on The Witch's Daughter

  • È The Witch's Daughter ✓ Laken Cane
    437Laken Cane
The Witch's Daughter

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  1. As much as I love Z, Strad holds my heart So it is no surprise that this book didn t turn out to be a winner for me I understand Rune s love for Z, but still I am furious over the ending In fact, I m furious of the whole fucking book I am this close to just say fuck it and be done with this series who knows if I ll continue with the seriesRate 1.5 stars.

  2. BRILLIANT CAPTIVATING EPIC A HUGE thank you to Laken Cane for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.After one hell of a cliffhanger ending in Wormwood Echoes, Laken takes us into the dark world of Skyll Rune has her hands full once again, fighting the clock trying to find a cure for a dreaded disease that is killing Others and most importantly some of her crew It won t be easy, it never isultimate betrayals surface, love and loss will push Rune to her limits and in the end Rune will be faced [...]

  3. Seriously Nothing made sense everything was just chaos No planning, no strategy No development of anyone This one book was about an entirely new world and we barely explored it We met new people, but most die within pages There s some old faces, but they re all broken This book was about hope, faith, destiny, etc but was about evil, cruelty, and brutality there was forgiveness and second chances though, for like three people, soooo, good for them Nothing was logical and I don t accept magic or [...]

  4. Yet another book that you can t put down until it s over These books are so great that I want to read them as slow as possible so they last but I can put them down until I m done I will be anxiously awaiting the next book just like so many other fans out there

  5. That was just all sorts of wow The one thing I really like about this series is that you never really know what is going to happen next That goes for deaths, appearances, betrayals, and any other fun stuff the author comes up with.The ending was quite a surprise, as was the entire story, but I m excited to read what is next.Urm, now that she s left all her love interests behind she s not going to collect new ones is she That is one of the things I really didn t like about the Anita Blake series [...]

  6. Heartbreaking I rate books on how the story pulls me in or if I m surprised by the direction it s going in I ve been reading these books one after the other and they re getting better I ve been pulled in and I want

  7. Excuse my language, butGODDAMN That is one of the most fucking depressing endings I have ever read Actually, the last two books have been pretty depressing.

  8. Wormwood Echoes book 6 filled us with a lot of information, but was different from the other books I get it now We needed that information because of the epic battle Rune faces in this book The cliffhanger from that book was worth it to get this one Holy mother of all things Skyll This was an incredible read The action is there, the heart ache is high, the love, all the Z, everything that makes this series great is in this book There is nothing I found lacking in The Witch s Daughter A must read [...]

  9. How do I write a review on this amazing, epic book It has been weeks and yet I still do not have the words I couldn t write a review immediately after finishing it because I had to have time to recover from the emotional upheaval this book caused me I m still not over it So where do I begin Laken Cane is an incredible Urban Fantasy author Her ability to tell a story is extraordinary In TWD, she takes us to another realm a world where suffering, torture, and death is the norm The world building i [...]

  10. Eagerly anticipated seventh installment to a favorite series What a jaw dropping opener this one had Z Enrapturing, captivating, and um, did I miss something Shocking in the best way I m so glad that Rune finally gets called out on the fact that she calls everyone Baby A cute endearment that has grown on me, but was definitely an acquired taste This one for me goes from zero to sixty, and then to thirty It starts out on such a wowzah , that it s difficult to keep that momentum I believe We are t [...]

  11. After the positively evil cliffhanger in Wormwood Echoes I was really excited to get my hands on this one and Laken Cane definitely didn t disappoint There was so much going on in Skyll It was an entirely different world inhabited by strange and terrifying creatures, old friends, and enemies determined to either use Rune or destroy her Rune was stuck essentially all alone, no crew, and not knowing who she could trust This book was freaking amazing I loved all the action and my goodness the thing [...]

  12. Absolutely Freaking Amazing.I Need MoreA very solid five stars More if I was able to change the star ratings So much action, emotions, losses, heartache Oh Ms Cane how can you break our poor readers hearts by ending it that way Why oh why Didn t Rune go through enough already How do you torture her so I was so happy to see Z again, very thrilled Rune admitted her love for him and he got to love her finally I was absolutely thrilled with the demise of the witch but you Ms Cane just had to go and [...]

  13. The Witch s Daughter was just hell on wheels, probably my favorite Laken Cane book sine Shiv Crew In this 7th installment of the Rune Alexander series, Rune has found herself in Skyll, a land that is a cross between purgatory and Mordor Facing Rune are obstacles meant to break the body and spirit in her quest to save herself and friends What I found to be the most clever technique of world building is that this anti universe allows for the reintroduction of several long forgotten characters, as [...]

  14. I was provided an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.Let me just start by saying WHY GOD, WHY This book will break your heart about a million times, and then put it back together again, just to stomp on it Laken Cane has a way of writing that sucks you into the characters, and you feel everything they are going through This book got me than any of the others This was a major departure from the world we know and love Skyll is an awful place, but it holds something Rune wants t [...]

  15. I really, really wanted to like this which might be part of why it s getting 3 stars that, and the ending, maybe the last 20 percent of the book Sadly, the 7th installment feels both long, and drawn out and though it finally gives a lot of answers to some characters, and even, plausible endings , none feel satisfactory Most of the characters, once , lack any depth or personality and most who had developed those, hardly exist here There is little depth and description in the writing itself and it [...]

  16. So goodThis series is all about darkness and trying and fighting for the light Rune goes through so much pain, torture and loss, it is a wonder she is sane Ms Cane has written her characters so well, that it is impossible not to feel characters emotions My heart broke for Rune and it did not turn out the way I expected I wonder what the next book will bring, everything feels broken and I wonder how the author is going to decide on the journey that Rune will now undertake.

  17. Packs A PunchThere s so much Rune must face and much pain physically, emotionally and mentally for her to endure So well written that the story immerses the reader into all the terror, torment and heartache Shiv Crew is split by worlds, death and disease Each has a role while Rune discovers the truth of what and who she is Twists, turns and flipped on your head I love the creativity, intelligently designed and well thought out story that is powerful and thought provoking Excellent Read

  18. Loved this book When is the next in the series Some things are answered, like who is Owen Five and whose side is he really on, and where did Rune come from, who were her parents So many things answered but also new adventures on the horizon We see Z again and finally he and Rune have their moment in the sun Rune earns great devotion and love from members of her new crew, and suffers great loss Don t want to spoil it for the reader, but I want to know who will be there for Rune in the next book S [...]

  19. This book was amazing After the cliffhanger in Wormwood Echoes I was excited to dive into this book and the first chapter was awesome We get to see a beloved character thought to be dead miraculously comes back from the grave but is it real We also get to learn some very bad things about another character thought to be dead Rune goes through so many things during this book I felt like I was on the journey with her I have to say almost nothing good happens to Rune during this book but she does sa [...]

  20. Best book in the Rune seriesI have been a fan of the Rune Alexander Series right from the start After finishing each book, I am left wanting, needing, desiring This latest book in the series just opened my eyes to see how addicted I really am This book was very intense One minute you are ready gripping the edge of your seat to the next feeling your heart ache The intense creativity of Laken Cane just blew me away I will forever be a Rune Alexander fan.

  21. Read the whole series I kept putting this series off because of some of the other reviews, I am so glad I finally read it I read a book a night it was so addictive You ll love the characters, the paranormal creatures all get new little twists from the norm, and you ll see Rune get badass in each book There s a little bit of romance, a lot of kick pass action, and a good dash of humor Try it and you can thank me later

  22. Emotional from beginning to end You ll always finish a Laken Cane book with a WOW Going through your mind She is an excellent story teller and keeps you sucked into Rune Alexander s world to the very end Rune goes through a lot just like usual but has a special someone to help ease her pain The ending is brutal and will rip your heart out You have to read this and experience all of the emotions Laken takes you through

  23. This book was as good as the rest of Laken s books It made me cry and was powerfully written Laken is a wonderful author I have loved all of the Rune and Shiv Crew books Laken knows how to draw the reader in and keep them interested I can t wait for the next book to come out Rune is greatly tested during this book The end of the book broke my heart I felt physical pain for Rune as she did what she felt she had to do.

  24. Outstanding Ms Cane Everytime I think Laken Cane cannot write a book that will draw me in any she does just that and The Witch s Daughter answers a lot of questions for our badass heroine I do not want to give much away because you have to experience it yourself, but this book totally kick s ass I was emotionally overwhelmed through most of the book This is one of my all time favorite books.Awesomeness at its best.

  25. I love this book, I love the whole series Not my usual genre, but once I started I could not stop Actually read the first 6 books twice, once the first time I read them and again in anticipation of this book coming out Glad I did, loved it all, all over again 3 days after finishing and I m still heartbroken Haven t had a book affect me like this in quite a while.

  26. Great seriesJust let me start with the four star rating It is a very large compliment.Only the very best classics get 5 stars.This book was imaginative, exciting and left me wanting .The series is spectacular and engrossing.I m always looking for talented authors and I ve found a gem.

  27. Book 7 in the Rune Alexander series Man What a ride You learn so much about Rune, and about the Crew It s heartbreaking, and beautiful, and frightening and awesome all at the same time Can t wait for the next one

  28. Another great bookAnother great book from Laken Cane, I laughed and mostly cried and tears are still coming as I write this review This is an awesome series can t wait to see what else may be in store for Rune Alexander

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