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Weighing Shadows

Unlimited Weighing Shadows - by Lisa Goldstein Unlimited Weighing Shadows - by Lisa Goldstein - Weighing Shadows, Weighing Shadows A new time traveling fantasy from National Book Award winner Lisa Goldstein Ann Decker fixes computers for a living and in the evenings she passes the time sharpening her hacking skills It s not a ve

  • Title: Weighing Shadows
  • Author: Lisa Goldstein
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Weighing Shadows - by Lisa Goldstein, Weighing Shadows, Lisa Goldstein, Weighing Shadows A new time traveling fantasy from National Book Award winner Lisa Goldstein Ann Decker fixes computers for a living and in the evenings she passes the time sharpening her hacking skills It s not a very interesting life but she gets by until one day she s contacted with a job offer for a company called Transformations Incorporated None of her coworkers have ever heard oA new time

Weighing Shadows

Unlimited Weighing Shadows - by Lisa Goldstein Unlimited Weighing Shadows - by Lisa Goldstein - Weighing Shadows, Weighing Shadows A new time traveling fantasy from National Book Award winner Lisa Goldstein Ann Decker fixes computers for a living and in the evenings she passes the time sharpening her hacking skills It s not a ve Weighing Shadows

  • Unlimited Weighing Shadows - by Lisa Goldstein
    110Lisa Goldstein
Weighing Shadows

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  1. Here s the thing this book was frustrating as hell, because it came SO close to being REALLY good, and missed the mark I wish an editor had really kind of dug in and asked for certain things to be developed , because it feels like there s stuff missing But the premise is great A young woman is recruited by a mysterious agency that it turns out sends people back in time to make small changes What, I love time travel But there is definitely not enough disbelief about the whole time travel concept [...]

  2. As always, you can find the full review and similar reads on The Book AdventuresFellow Book Adventurers, the only thing I did not like about this book was that there wasn t enough of it.I d read Goldstein before The Red Magician, which I reviewed a year ago, opened my eyes to Jewish magic, set in the Holocaust With Weighing Shadows now behind me, I am determined to catch up on everything she s written.Ann Decker, our heroine, is a loner A foster child with a difficult past, she employs her hacki [...]

  3. The best compliment I can give Weighing Shadows is that it s a great time travel story that would be better served as a television show The time travel elements are almost too light, and the plot too easily compartmentalized, thus creating an overall story that is okay and kind of pulpy, but never takes off into something significant Thus the television comparison the jump from time to time, from point to point, would just be a little sensible within the construct of what this story establishe [...]

  4. Excellent time travel conspiracy The story revolves around Ann who is a loner with a mysterious past Her introduction to the Company and her slowly evolving issues about how they change time.I felt that the conspiracy angle worked really well and I found myself bonding with the main character Ann So much so that at the end of the book I knew I d miss her I also had weird dreams from this book which is always a good sign Definitely give it a shot if you re into realistic time travel books Scratch [...]

  5. Ann Decker is a young woman with no family, no friends, and no real prospects An orphan raised in foster care, she didn t make it to college, but she s very good with computers, and has a job in a computer repair shop She avoids attention as much as possible.So she s not happy when she notices a woman following her, and is even less pleased when the woman comes into the shop and asks for her by name.Ann is about to be recruited into Transformations Inc a company using time travel to attempt to c [...]

  6. This is a book with an interesting concept but there were a few things that didn t work for me at all.This book starts out just like Time and Again by Jack Finney, with our main character Ann being asked to apply for a top secret, very mysterious job Ann gets stopped by a strange woman who asks her to get into her car and go to an undisclosed location to apply for a job she knows nothing about As I was reading, all I could think was that Ann was clearly getting duped into some kind of sex traffi [...]

  7. Weighing Shadows has a very interesting premise time travel I love time travel and exploring matriarchal societies ancient civilizations I usually lean towards Egypt and haven t read many in ancient Greece settings however time travel That alone would usually convince me Ann Decker is a smart woman but she tries to keep herself as invisible as she possibly could as her past experiences have taught her it s better to keep yourself to yourself She was flattered when she was head hunted and then, w [...]

  8. As always, you can find the full review and similar reads on The Book AdventuresAnn Decker, our heroine, is a loner A foster child with a difficult past, she employs her hacking skills at a small computer maintenance shop, fixing customers computer problems Until the day she is followed home by a strange woman, who, even strangely, offers her a job Intrigued, Ann goes through the interview process and accepts the job even though she is not told what the job is until after she accepts Demonstrat [...]

  9. I didn t know this was a YA novel when I started it though the cover art should have been a big hint So that s my bad It s a weird experience starting to read a book and having one set of expectations for the reading level Oh, this book is going to be written for literate people who appreciate nuance and beautiful turns of phrase and not having those met Oh, this book is actually written for people who don t read I must admit to being quite let down The characters were flat and boring, as was th [...]

  10. The only reason I m not giving this 1 star is because I somehow managed to finish it, even if it took a week I was at least invested in finding out the ending Which GREATLY disappointed me.Such a great premise but lacked proper execution A lot of telling and info dumps and the plot didn t really go anywhere I can live without knowing how exactly the time traveling works but everything was just too convenient.

  11. Be Warned Minor spoilers ahead.I bought this based on the suggestion that the book that was doing something unique with time travel I began digging in right away and to the book s credit, it was an easy read that I finished after 3 days of casual reading I wish I could say I liked the book than I did.To start, it was not as unique as I indicated Both the recommendation and the cover information agreed on this point That isn t the reality Other books have done almost identical things with time t [...]

  12. It s gotten hard for me to read about time travel without Kage Baker coming to mind, but Goldsteins take is independent and fresh There is a Company which over sees the interventions in history, apparently run by people from a Very Polluted Future one about ten to twenty years ahead of us Ann Decker I knjow one, but she s not like this one is drafted into the Company from a dead end position at a small computer repair shop She was a foster child, never adopted, perhaps becuase of the five scars [...]

  13. Sure the first third of the book was very rushed, but I ve read enough time travel books to be okay with the fact that the whole training sequence was reduced to a 10 page montage I get the drill, no need to dwell The only thing that made me scratch my head was the level of training the travelers were put through Because the 5th floor is keeping the why of the missions secret it seems like they barely needed to be trained just teach them the language and punt them in for the 48 hours it s suppos [...]

  14. I have read a number of books by Lisa Goldstein This is not the best.I wanted to like this I really enjoy time travel stories and the plot here is intriguing and somewhat similar to a Netflix show I enjoy, called Travelers In the distant future, the world is really messed up, so those people use time travel to come back to our present They recruit people from our present to go back for example, to ancient Greece, plague ridden Europe, etc to make adjustments that they hope will make the future [...]

  15. Although I normally read Christian fiction, I also enjoy some sci fi and time travel This book, however, had too much of a feminist agenda for me In addition, there were parts of the story that were just too unbelievable I mean who jumps into a car with a stranger to be taken to a job interview And then accepts the job before being told what the job really is Who doesn t ask a lot of questions when told the company uses time travel to make little changes in history The story is an interesting co [...]

  16. Gosh this was a dreary read and the characters Woeful Unlikeable, every last one of them.I read the first 200 pages and then skipped to the last five chapters I could have cared that less.This was boring There were a lot of secrets being kept but it was all so dreary I couldn t bring myself to give a damn what they might be.I trudged and I trudged but no enough is enough

  17. Surprised it had three pages of such high reviews I considered only two stars, so 2 1 2 is my rating The made up words were annoying They detracted from the storyline rather than enhance it I skipped over them where they were used Even at that, I found two actual grammatical errors so it must have made editing difficult I enjoyed the basic story, it just didn t seem that well written.

  18. One of my favorite subgenres of science fiction is time travel, so when Night Shade Books sent me a review copy of Weighing Shadows, I was looking forward to reading the book Thank you, Brianna Scharfenberg, for sending the review copy I wasn t the target audience for the book, it turned out, but it s still a well written novel that will find an audience.Ann Decker is working in a deadend job in a computer shop when a mysterious woman recruits her for a new job at a company called Transformation [...]

  19. Time travel Visit exotic places Ann Decker has no family, no close friends, no ties holding her to her own time place She s the perfect candidate for a time travel corporation how cool is that idea who needs travelers.The Good Visiting Crete and watching a bull dance Realizing you don t have to make major changes just move a lamp to the other side of hte room and the ripples will spread What you know, isn t so.The Bad People die You can t always bring them back to an earlier time There s an imp [...]

  20. I consider myself a fan of the time travel genre and this book did nothing for me Eaely in the book there was promise after promise made to explain the effects of the actions taken in the various past scenarios absolutely none of these ever came to fruition This ultimately meant that no action taken had any real consequence throughout the entire story The characters were underdeveloped and damn near unimportant Various characters disappeared and new ones were introduced and it was almost impossi [...]

  21. Having just finished this, gotta say, it didn t do a lot for me Ann spends a lot of time looking for the conspiracy and on personal time travel but in the end neither she nor we have a good sense of if she accomplished anything.I don t mind a good open ended time travel story where we re not quite sure what s what afterward but this ends with the acknowledgement that she doesn t even know if TI or the world was impacted.The time travel story and conspiracy seemed like a very round about way to h [...]

  22. This is perhaps 2.5 for effort I m recently into time travel stuff and this book was highly recommended on various sites, so I actually paid full price for the ebook Rather sorry I did so It is about time travel but mostly as an excuse for Adventures in the Past The heroine is recruited by a Company that tweaks the past She gets sent to ancient Crete, Alexandria, and Cathar France Ultimately it is about how the world has gotten screwed up by abandonment of the Mother Goddess and the rise of patr [...]

  23. This book came so close to being good The story itself was interesting, but full of holes The prose was bland and descriptions too sparse I wanted to like it time travel, orphans, feminism, conspiracy, evil corporations, and history are all things that I love but it kept leaving me flat Perhaps it was the fact that the tone never changes the writing is the same whether the main character is being chased by a rape threatening mob or discussing someone s death in a cemetery Perhaps it was the fact [...]

  24. This is a disappointment The idea of time travelers manipulating the past to shape the future isn t new, but Goldstein s handling is competent they aren t pure evil However Ann, her protagonist, is a cipher she seems to have no interests she s a hacker but she doesn t do that much of it , no friends, no goals, no politics until her adventures awaken her And the underlying theme that the bad guys are trying to repress women s freedom through the centuries has potential, but as executed, it feels [...]

  25. Time travel Science Fiction from a very good author A story of a future operation to try and save the future from an ecological disaster by stationing a crew in the present recruiting volunteers to help nudge history in the right direction But is it the right direction The story involves the valance in society between patriarchy and matriarchy with the dominant time group pushing towards patriarchy and some of the workers wondering if that is the wrong direction to solve the basic problem An en [...]

  26. Weighing Shadows is a odd science fiction book about time travel It has the potential to be the enigmatic beginning of a good series, but reads like a one off The ending is disappointing and doesn t seem to really end the book Most of the characters are two dimensional, and it s hard to say why some of them even make an appearance maybe they are just the same character with a new hairstyle and wardrobe.I thought the lead character was nebulous at best, with a horrifying origin Not quite as flat [...]

  27. I loved the first half of the book which I give like 4 stars , but the energy seemed to change in Alexandria and never really recovered the trajectory I felt in the early chapters The end felt like the narrative just sputtered out, rather than came to a good and satisfying close I guess that could be the point, but if so I still disliked it Also, I wanted to know at least why the Company thought backing authoritarian, patriarchal, misogynistic societies was the best way to make their future bet [...]

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