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This House of Grief

Free Read This House of Grief - by Helen Garner Free Read This House of Grief - by Helen Garner - This House of Grief, This House of Grief This account of the competing narratives unfolding in the courtroom during a murder trial has attracted international acclaim First published in April it is now released in a handsome B format ed

  • Title: This House of Grief
  • Author: Helen Garner
  • ISBN: 9781925240689
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read This House of Grief - by Helen Garner, This House of Grief, Helen Garner, This House of Grief This account of the competing narratives unfolding in the courtroom during a murder trial has attracted international acclaim First published in April it is now released in a handsome B format edition Helen Garner is the author of numerous books of fiction and non fiction Her most recent novel The Spare Room was published to critical acclaim in

This House of Grief

Free Read This House of Grief - by Helen Garner Free Read This House of Grief - by Helen Garner - This House of Grief, This House of Grief This account of the competing narratives unfolding in the courtroom during a murder trial has attracted international acclaim First published in April it is now released in a handsome B format ed This House of Grief

  • Free Read This House of Grief - by Helen Garner
    424Helen Garner
This House of Grief

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  1. THE CRIME Father s Day just outside of Geelong, the second largest town in the state of Victoria, Australia The year 2005 Robert Farquharson drives his old beaten up commodore with his three sons in the car He swerves his car severely, crashes through a wire fence and plunges into a deep dam on a farming property He quickly releases himself from the car, leaves the three boys behind and swims to the bank as the car submerges The three boys his sons drown.Farquharson claims he blacked out from a [...]

  2. There is nothing like sinking your teeth into a true crime Is there.But in this case, I honestly wish I were reading a crime of fiction then a real one, because the reality of the events, leading up and surrounding the death s of three brave little boys is seriously beyond belief and outright distressing And the memory is still fresh in the minds of Australians, and in particular Victorians who live and drive nearby the dam, trying get their head around this harrowing crime, wondering why and ho [...]

  3. I am not a big true crime reader but this one has been getting some good reviews As with anything concerning the deaths of young children, this one was heartbreaking Would a father, just to get back at his ex wife, actually stage an accident to murder his children Rating a book such as this one is hard What am I rating, the quality of the case Doesn t seem right somehow The only thing I can say is that this was clearly written, easy to understand the trial and the evidence It was presented in as [...]

  4. In 2005 an event occurred that horrified all Australians Robert Farquharson, estranged from his wife, was returning his three young sons, Jai, Tyler and Bailey, to their mother after an access visit on Father s Day when his car swerved off the road, through a fence and across a paddock plunging his car into a seven metre deep dam While he managed to escape and swim to safety his three children drowned He claimed to have blacked out after a coughing fit and came to as the car was filling with wat [...]

  5. Fuckyeah this book My jury experience years ago got rid of any misty eyed romanticism about the democracy of the jury or court system, it is clear that this system of ours is a highly imperfect compromise This book is about the courts And it is so well done Neither schmaltzy nor hard nosed Intelligent, honest and important I want to hear about these things in long form I want diverse observers in the courts, bearing witness, telling the story This is a good use of a writer s time and energy and [...]

  6. This House of Grief by Helen GarnerThis story reads like a work of fiction, incredible makes me reflect on the absolute fragility of the human condition, and how, regardless of our culpability, things can radically change, in the blink of an eyer better or for worse.I find it quite disconcerting, to even for a moment, entertain the notion that in a flash moment of time, life can so drastically alter its direction, as to utterly and irrevocably change its coursed how, still regardless of actual c [...]

  7. Reading about the death of children is never pleasant but to think of the death by drowning of these three young boys at the hand of their father is truly tragic and was a very devastating read Helen Garner has once again captured the court room drama and described it so vividly and with an intensity that makes you feel you are right there in the court room experiencing the events as they unfold This was such a tragic event with no one walking away unscathed It affected everyone in Winchelsea an [...]

  8. This is an incredibly moving and well written account of a murder trial, which I found utterly gripping On a September evening in 2005, Robert Farquaharson was driving his three sons Jai, Tyler and Bailey back home to his estranged wife His wife, Cindy, had admitted that she no longer loved him and that she wanted him to move out Later, she had begun a relationship with another man, but Robert seemed unable to move on Although Cindy was eager that he should be involved with his sons, he resented [...]

  9. Helen Garner s non fiction book tells the story of a real life murder trial in Australia a father accused of deliberately driving his car off a dam and killing his three young sons The father on the other hands claims that it was an accident, that he passed out behind the wheel and lost control over the car Garner sits through the court trial as a spectator and she gives a detailed account of all the witness statements expert hearings And although this was interesting to read I thought the book [...]

  10. Three stars is probably a tad unfair, because my disappointment is mainly due to poor expectation management I ve been waiting for this book for years, was bummed when I heard sh d given up on writing it and literally fist pumped the air when an email came in saying it was about to be published I LOVED Joe Cinque s Consolation, the first Garner I read a few years ago after seeing her at Darwin Writer s Festival, and couldn t wait to see how she would cover the Farquharson case Garner has been sa [...]

  11. Sometime in the mid 90s, when I was around 20, there was an accident in Hobart A woman was driving her mother and her two small children in Hobart She had an epileptic fit at the wheel and drove into the docks Two young men, around my age, dived into the greasy water after them.The story was that, when they reached the car, the two women in the front seats of the sinking car urged them to save the children The young men managed to get the kids out and swim them to safety, the car sank and the dr [...]

  12. I used to joke that I would happily read Helen Garner s shopping lists recently someone asked me where they d been published, which makes me think I m not the only person who relishes her words so much One of the finest essays I ve read about why Garner matters as a writer is Tegan Bennett Daylight s Phone Call to Helen Garner , which was originally published in The Australian you can read it here theaustralian arts I love her description of reading every word that Garner has published, and most [...]

  13. Occasionally this is almost unbearable to read the intense and careful following of the Robert Farquarson case But Garner is always a compassionate and thoughtful observer, and I finished the book grateful for her care in witnessing and reporting this most tragic of stories.

  14. I was on a jury once The weight of the experience stays with me After the first day of the trial, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of the role, and even though I slowly came to terms with it and felt ultimately comfortable in making a decision, it was a powerful experience The trail only lasted 4 days I can t imagine what it must have been like for the jurors who sat in judgement in the Robert Farquharson trials David Marr sums up Garner s achievement in this way We are not let off light [...]

  15. A few years ago I read a novel by Helen Garner that was so vivid and so real that I had to remind myself that it wasn t real, it was fiction I picked this book up on the strength of her name It s a work of non fiction, telling the story of a tragedy and the court cases that ensued, and it is so very well written and plotted that I could have quite easily believed that I was reading a very fine work of fictionOn a spring evening in 2005, a car veered across the Princes Highway in Victoria, Austra [...]

  16. One spring evening in 2005, a car veered across the Princes Highway in rural Victoria, Australia, crashed through a fence and plunged into a farm dam The male driver escaped all three passengers aged 10, 7 and 2 were unable to get out and drowned.Was it an accident, or did Robert Farquharson deliberately drive the vehicle into the dam in order to kill his three young sons, whom he was returning to their mother after an access visit on Father s Day The police thought the latter They charged him w [...]

  17. On Father s Day in 2005, Robert Farquharson was returning his three sons Jai, Tyler and Bailey to his estranged wife Cindy in Winchelsea in Victoria s south west On the way, the car veered off the road, through a fence into a paddock and then into a dam that dropped straight down to a 7m depth Although Farquharson managed to free himself and make it out of the dam, the three boys drowned.The shocking case divided people How on Earth could it possibly be deliberate people wondered That someone wo [...]

  18. I have had a morbid fascination with this story since the tragic events took place, probably because it all happened just down the road in Winchelsea, at a dam on a stretch of road that I must have driven past hundreds of times in my life, travelling to and from my hometown of Warrnambool to the place I have lived for the past 30 or so years, Geelong It also struck a chord with me at the time because of Robert Farquarson s claim that he had a coughing fit and passed out while driving, and ended [...]

  19. This House of Grief is Helen Garner s account of the court case for Robert Farquharson a father who, on Father s Day of 2005, drove his car and his three young sons into a dam Only Robert survived This is the story of what lead up to that day, the relationship between the boys mother and father, and, ultimately, an agonising quest for justice.The story of this court case is told as if you, the reader, as in the court room sitting next to Helen Garner You come to know the prosecutor and the defen [...]

  20. You might need an Aussie dictionary to read this book, but you should still read it You also need to keep in mind that drivers are on the wrong side of the road On Father s Day, Rob Farquharson drove lost control of his car which careered off the road into a farm pond and resulted in the death of his three children and his escape Eventually he was put on trial for the murder of the three boys.Garner is a true crime writer in this book but very different from the American take on that genre First [...]

  21. I m trying to read non fiction at the moment and this book from Helen Garner looked intriguing and it absolutely was Very compelling, an utterly fascinating look at a trial and the justice system in Australia, an engaging and interesting read throughout.The case itself is a highly emotional one and it is easy to see how Helen got caught up in it three young children lost their lives and it is very possible that their Father, someone who is supposed to love, nurture and protect them, in fact end [...]

  22. I picked up this book because it was on several best of the year lists I am not sure why I think the material could have been fascinating, and the back and forth between facts, wishes and speculation could have made for an interesting read However, I felt that Garner had made her judgment early in the case She was willing, hoping, to be swayed, but seemed to fit the evidence and her appraisal of it to her conclusion For me, this then became a sympathetic reporting of two tragic trials, when it c [...]

  23. My main problem with this book was that it took an interesting news story that of an Australian man who drove his car into a reservoir killing his three sons inside, and the trial s which followed and rendered it an unreadably long and convoluted read Had it been a much shorter book dealing only with the facts relating to the crime and subsequent legal proceedings, this would ve been a lot better As it was, Garner s excessive focus on the minutiae of how every person in the courtroom looked and [...]

  24. We have the ability in this life of ours on planet earth to see things as simply as we can or, as complex as we can manage to make it This is a harrowing example of just how complicated one act can become, within its understanding Helen Garner has given us a wise example of fiercely uncensored reportage, beautifully written and gripping to the last stop.

  25. Absolutely loved this book and read it in a couple of days The true life details which Garner picks out so skillfully are far interesting than any crime fiction Maybe it s because I m a law nerd, but I found her account of this case completely gripping.

  26. Chilling and beautifully told This is a worthy winner of the Ned Kelly Award for best True Crime in Australia

  27. I was familiar with this story and remember when it hit the news in 2005 I, like I m sure everyone else in Australia when they first heard what had happened, believed this to be a sad and very tragic accident, because how could a dad drive his car into a dam with the intent to kill his 3 beautiful young boys just to get back at his ex wife It just defies belief and natural human behaviour.As information started to trickle through and it became apparent that this wasn t a terrible accident but a [...]

  28. True crime novels must be really hard to write Although this book had me hooked from the start it literally had no introduction I was thrown into the story the trial from page one, which I liked the writing wasn t really my thing It was either because I m a heartless bitch or the author got to emotional, too close to the people involved, just because they were human being she felt for them Yeah, I m definitely an heartless bitch.I think there s a major difference between including yourself in th [...]

  29. This House of Grief Real CrimeThis House of Grief by Helen Garner is the real account of a trial of a family man at the Supreme Court in Melbourne which besides being well written is an engrossing account of the trial With the 24 hour news media of today I was surprised that this account was never shown on UK TV as it is the sort of story that the media lap up even if gruesome These events may have happened down under but as Garner says in the book that the trial says a lot about the legal syste [...]

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