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A Game for All the Family

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ A Game for All the Family : by Sophie Hannah [PDF] Unlimited ↠ A Game for All the Family : by Sophie Hannah - A Game for All the Family, A Game for All the Family Justine thought she knew who she was until an anonymous caller seemed to know betterAfter escaping London and a career that nearly destroyed her Justine plans to spend her days doing as little as po

  • Title: A Game for All the Family
  • Author: Sophie Hannah
  • ISBN: 9780062388292
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ A Game for All the Family : by Sophie Hannah, A Game for All the Family, Sophie Hannah, A Game for All the Family Justine thought she knew who she was until an anonymous caller seemed to know betterAfter escaping London and a career that nearly destroyed her Justine plans to spend her days doing as little as possible in her beautiful home in Devon But soon after the move her daughter Ellen starts to withdraw when her new best friend George is unfairly expelled from school JusJus

A Game for All the Family

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ A Game for All the Family : by Sophie Hannah [PDF] Unlimited ↠ A Game for All the Family : by Sophie Hannah - A Game for All the Family, A Game for All the Family Justine thought she knew who she was until an anonymous caller seemed to know betterAfter escaping London and a career that nearly destroyed her Justine plans to spend her days doing as little as po A Game for All the Family

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ A Game for All the Family : by Sophie Hannah
    215Sophie Hannah
A Game for All the Family

388 Comment A Game for All the Family

  1. Like obsessively desiring someone for months only to find they re a terrible kisser and walking away, stunned and disappointed, as you wipe their saliva off your face with your sleeve.

  2. I should probably preface this review by saying that I ve read a couple of Sophie Hannah s books in the past and quite enjoyed them.This one started off OK a family leaving London to live in South Devon, excited about their new life, and an interesting deja vu moment for the mother with regards to a random house she spots from the road.Unfortunately, for me it was downhill all the way after the start The actions and behaviour of the characters were so far fetched, and the storyline so increasing [...]

  3. A Game for all the Family is like Lewis Caroll meets Roald Dahl and Dr Seuss but for adults This book is demented, crazy, intriguing and compelling This is a book you will either love or hate.I am not even going to try to explain the plot.I will let an extract from the book do that for me Once upon a time there was a woman called Justine Merrison She tried so hard to Do Nothing, but she failed She ended up doing Something, a bigger Something than she had ever done before The whole time I was rea [...]

  4. A standalone novel from Sophie Hannah and as I just said on Twitter, unravelling her mysteries is akin to searching for a particular needle in a pile of identical needles It just ain t happening.So we meet Justine then, moving to the country with her family, having left a high powered job behind, she is determined to do nothing The only thing she wants to do is tell anyone that will listen that she does nothing But a strange event on the way to their new home, coupled with some disturbing phone [...]

  5. Sophie Hannah once again triumphs as the queen of quirkiness and off beat psychological crime in A Game For All The Family.It all starts with a family relocating from London to a posh huge house in Devon Justine Merrison, her daughter Ellen and husband Alex find themselves in the perfect location Strange things start happening, like abusive phone calls to Justine and Ellen becoming obsessed with a boy, who according to her school does not exist What on earth is going on Justine is determined to [...]

  6. En este libro se narran 2 historias, en una podemos ver a Hannah, en la otra un tributo a Agatha Christie.

  7. 2.5 stars actually, like stated previously, mystery books are always made or destroyed by their conclusions, and this one disappointed me We never get a clear ending, I m still not sure what happened towards the end, it felt like the ending was forced and rushed This books started good and it did a good job of world building up to 3 4 of the book but then it all goes south The characters start acting completely different from how they been behaving before , the book feels rushed and the ending f [...]

  8. This is a Bernadette book I loved it to pieces but I m afraid that practically everyone else in my entire life will think it s insufferable pap I fear that if I recommend it to anyone, I will have to read lukewarm to scalding reviews on this book that I ve adopted forever into my own heart I will therefore NOT recommend that you read this book, but I will say that I found it to be brilliant, unique, refreshing, hilarious both in dry humor and the ridiculous laugh out loud type , creative, imagin [...]

  9. This is the book that I ve been waiting for Sophie Hannah to write an intricate, complex, impossible mystery that seems unsolvable and yet has an utterly logical solution, free from the encumberances of a seriesAt least, it s nearly that book It was intriguing, it was compelling, but it wasn t quite as perfect as it might have been as it needed to be to really work.The set up is brilliant A family is moving, out of London to a big house set deep in Devon, in the Dart valley Justine has given up [...]

  10. The last book of Sophie Hannah s that I ve read, Lasting Damage I ve read a couple of her books , was excellent, so as this is her newest book I thought I d read it.It was terrible Justine Merrison, the main character, is rude, immature, and self righteous She swears whenever she feels like it, no matter the consequences or the situation she also feels that, just because her daughter, Ellen, complains about her new best friend George, being expelled from school, that it s perfectly okay to go in [...]

  11. I only kept reading this book because I paid a lot for it I ordered a signed first edition from the UK , based on the advertising blurb It started out well, butis is a really strange book and I found it to be fairy tale than thriller I know that fiction has to have some unreality to it or else it is not fiction, however, much of this book is implausible To give a few examples that really bugged me 1 Justine, the main character, is intrigued by a home she passes by when leaving London for good S [...]

  12. My View Unfortunately this was not a book that I particularly enjoyed in fact I had to force myself to finish reading it, ever the optimist thinking which each page I read it might redeem itself, it didn t I loved the premise and the introduction was brilliant a hint of mystery that needs unravelling, Deja vu perhaps, a little bit eerie However I was unable to suspend my disbelief and go along with the ridiculousness of the convoluted plot and the only likable character in this book was Figgy th [...]

  13. I really don t know what to say about this book It has to be one of the most strangest books I have ever read.To start with I have to say I did struggle to get into it The story flicks between Justine and her family and the story of another family where some very strange murders have occurred I was really struggling with the concept of the book and to be honest I really thought I wasn t going to like it.Then came a part where Justine finds herself under protest, becoming the owner of a new puppy [...]

  14. A GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILYWritten by Sophie Hannah2015 UK MAY 24, 2016 CAN US 464 PagesGenre mystery, psychological thriller, suspense I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS in exchange for an honest review For some reason Justine and her family, husband and daughter, are moving to another city and she is excited to not be working As we move a few chapters into the book, we find out that Justine s daughter, Ellen is devastated that her friend that no one knew about George has been expelled Also, El [...]

  15. Justine moves away from London and her lucrative career in TV She strives to do Nothing she s actually a newly SAHM, but her daughter is in high school , but instead she stumbles into a strange, dangerous game with someone who insists on calling her by a different name, and warns her to move back to London, or Justine and her family will regret it.In the meantime, Justine s daughter, Ellen, seems to be unraveling There is doubt cast upon everyone, including Ellen s teachers, and even Justine her [...]

  16. This is a stand alone book from Sophie Hannah, a woman who creates stories using the most unlikely but not, unbelievable, disturbances of the mind.On the way to their new home in Devon, the Merrison family Justine, Alex and Ellen spot a house that resonates inside Justine for no apparent meaning Justine has just left the world of TV drama and is determined to spend her days doing nothing Ellen is enrolled into a quirky private school and Alex will continue to sing in Operas around the world.All [...]

  17. Never before have I seriously considered abandoning a book with only 20 pages to go but here, it was a fight to keep this thing in my hands It begins well enough, because the beginning is relatively sane A woman moves her family to the country to begin a new life Weird things happen, including some threatening phone calls Then the story begins to go downhill.Hannah sadly choses to include a B line about a story the teenage girl is writing Then, she makes the disastrous decision to blend the two [...]

  18. Justine Merrison, a former television executive, has resigned from her high pressure career and moved to a manor house in Kingswear, Devon with her husband Alex an opera singer and her teenage daughter Ellen This family was very interesting and I loved the parts of the novel in which they featured in other words the parts that were in the real world I enjoyed the part where Justine brings home a Bedlington terrier puppy who is called Figgy Also, I liked that Justine was newly free of her career [...]

  19. Un juego para toda la familia Roca editorial es un thriller que nos presenta no una, si no dos tramas llenas de misterio por todas partes Todo empieza cuando Justine, la protagonista desde cuyo punto de vista est contada la historia, Leer rese a completa

  20. A Game For All The Family is a very psychological, plot thickening mystery filled with twists and even has a second narrative going on throughout.The story follows Justine Merrison as her family is moving to a new house in Devon to get away from her old life and career in TV drama production that nearly destroyed her What happened in London to make Justine so desperate to get away We are left wondering, while all we know for sure is that now Justine literally wants to spend her days doing nothin [...]

  21. 4.5 starsThis book is the ultimate mind game Are you determined enough to filter through all the puzzling details and solve it before the reveal I know I was up for that challenge Balancing the books is a quick fire review where I list the assets and liabilities of a book as I see them and leave you decide if you think this book is worth investing in.The Assets of A Game For All The Family by Sophie Hannah Interesting characters Justine has moved her family to the countryside and is resolute in [...]

  22. Muy poco cre ble todo Los personajes son como caricaturas Est la se ora que despu s de tener una mala experiencia de trabajo, decide que no quiere hacer Nunca M s Nada ella insiste varias veces en que es con may sculas , ni trabajar, ni hacer las cosas de la casa, ni tener un hobby, ni hacer deportes ni esfuerzos de ning n tipo Incluso anota a la hija en un colegio que, por ser tan flexible, nunca le va a pedir que ella tenga que hacer ni el m s m nimo esfuerzo por la hija ninguno se preocupa po [...]

  23. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I didn t like this book nearly as much as I thought I would The story started out well enough, and I was curious enough to finish it But I could set it aside easily to do almost anything else Unusual for me and not the sign of a compelling read I couldn t make myself care enough about Justine, the main character, and I think it was because her reactions to events were implausible, or at least they were to me Plus the whole premise of the similarity betwee [...]

  24. Every time I finish a Sophie Hannah book I tell myself I m never picking up another one as I don t get on with them and really struggle Whoever writes the blurbs are geniuses because whenever I read one I always want to read the book A Game For All The Family was no different intriguing blurb but let down of a novel.Full of irritating characters Justine, Alex, Ellen, the police officers, the teachers, Olwyn Every single character really wound me up and I didn t care about any of them.Initially I [...]

  25. Tan dif cil es hacer una novela de misterio buena o ser que es el g nero preferido de los novelistas principiantes y marketineros y por eso no suelen resultar bien Hasta la mitad el libro es super adictivo, realmente logra que quieras saber qu pasa Pero finalmente la resoluci n es tantan sa , simple y a la vez inveros mil que cuesta creer que alguien lo haya escrito pensando que ser a un buen final.Malo Bien malo Le pongo 2 estrellas s lo por la primera mitad

  26. As someone with only two specialties doing Nothing, and the internal politics of Lockhart Gardner, the law firm in The Good Wife relatable

  27. Shoot I really wanted to like this book I struggled to hang because I thought the author was messing with my head and she d pull things together in the end Nope Didn t happen and I m sad about it I don t know Maybe psychological thrillers just aren t my thing No On second thought, I m not taking this one Darn it, Sophie Hannah, what happened, girl

  28. I have tried several Sophie Hannah books and overall found them decent to good but this one missed for me Parents being okay with fourteen year old kids planning a marriage of convenience Homework, being the basis for a hidden past that leads to murder The necessary suspension of belief to follow this one missed with me and in the end it just turned into a bad Lifetime channel movie.I finished it just to see if it got good or there was some big reveal, but no, just a misfire.

  29. A slightly different format to previous Sophie Hannah novels I ve read, this is back on top form the story id complicated and nothing noone can be believed I thought this was a really clever mystery and a proper thriller It s nice that the semi predictable nature of some of Hannah s other mysteries has been abandoned and she is now back writing excellent stories like this, maybe her stint as Agatha Christie has been good for her

  30. I spent two thirds of this book intrigued about where it was going Transpires it was to the most ridiculous, unbelievable conclusion possible I m not against daft thrillers but this ended up just being irritating And thinking about it, it does seem that Sophie Hannah has a real problem knowing how to finish a book as they all end with a fairly abrupt conclusion.

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