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Between Black and White

[PDF] Read ¸ Between Black and White : by RobertBailey [PDF] Read ¸ Between Black and White : by RobertBailey - Between Black and White, Between Black and White In in Pulaski Tennessee Bocephus Haynes watched in horror as his father was brutally murdered by ten local members of the Ku Klux Klan As an African American lawyer practicing in the birthplace

  • Title: Between Black and White
  • Author: RobertBailey
  • ISBN: 9781503953079
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ¸ Between Black and White : by RobertBailey, Between Black and White, RobertBailey, Between Black and White In in Pulaski Tennessee Bocephus Haynes watched in horror as his father was brutally murdered by ten local members of the Ku Klux Klan As an African American lawyer practicing in the birthplace of the Klan years later Bo has spent his life pursuing justice in his father s name But when Andy Walton the man believed to have led the lynch mob forty five years earliIn

Between Black and White

[PDF] Read ¸ Between Black and White : by RobertBailey [PDF] Read ¸ Between Black and White : by RobertBailey - Between Black and White, Between Black and White In in Pulaski Tennessee Bocephus Haynes watched in horror as his father was brutally murdered by ten local members of the Ku Klux Klan As an African American lawyer practicing in the birthplace Between Black and White

  • [PDF] Read ¸ Between Black and White : by RobertBailey
Between Black and White

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  1. On a summer night in 1966 when Bocephus Bo Haynes was 5 years old he secretly witnessed the Klu Klux Klan lynch his father He overheard the leader speaking, it was a voice he had heard many times before, it was that of a prominent businessman who both of his parents worked for When Bo told his mother who it was and he wanted to go to the sheriff to report the crime, it scared her to death No one would take the word of a five year old child who was already traumatized by what he had witnessed ove [...]

  2. I had enjoyed Bailey s prior book The Professor so I could hardly wait for his next book to be published Bailey is a top notch new author.In this book we have the key characters from The Professor back in court I think the reader will enjoy this book if they have read The Professor first The aging law professor, Tom McMurtrie, and his former student, Rick Drake, are representing McMurtrie s longtime friend and fellow attorney, Bocephus Haynes Bo has been charged with the murder of Andrew Davis [...]

  3. This is a gripping and compelling legal thriller Bo Haynes is in a bad place When he was 5 years old, he saw his father being murdered by the Ku Klux Klan and recognised one of them as Andy Walton He grows up and becomes relatively successful, he is a lawyer He has, however, determinedly pursued Walton in an effort to attain justice but to no avail His obsession to nail Walton has lost Bo his wife and children after his family were threatened.It is made clear to Bo that Andy Walton has terminal [...]

  4. Pulaski, Tennessee has a history that the town can t seem to escape It has a big scarlet R on it for racist because it is the birth place of the Klan Who will pull down their sheets and hoods to show the awful, naked truth of racism A gripping thriller that goes back to the lynching of Bo Haynes father Bo watched as a 5 year old boy the killing of his father by the Klan and he knew then the voice that carried out the brutal murder and changed his life forever Andy Walton Bo took that injustice t [...]

  5. This was a disappointing sequel to The Professor There were illogical leaps, typos and inconsistencies, and the book ramped up to an unbelievable melodrama The essence of the book was good and I mostly enjoyed the character developments However, I would not necessarily recommend this novel it was merely okay.

  6. Another great read by the author of The Professor His writing reminds me of early John Grisham books There are a few authors that I follow so I can be sure to get their new books as soon as they are published and this is one of them I would recommend reading his books in order as the main characters remain pretty much the same and other characters tend to reappear I ve recommended these books to lots of friends and all have enjoyed them immensely

  7. In Between Black and White, the second book in the McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thriller Series, author Robert Bailey utilizes his extensive legal knowledge and experience interwoven with his passion for his alma mater, University of Alabama, to weave an unforgettable legal thriller that will captivate the reader s attention from beginning to end.Between Black and White is a fast paced and riveting story about one man s forty five year quest for justice This classic legal chess game is set in Pulas [...]

  8. Between Black White by Robert Bailey is the second book in Robert Bailey s McMurtrie and Drake Legal Thrillers series Book one is titled The Professor and although I have not yet read that book, I did not feel as though I was lost or unsure what was happening in book two while reading it which makes it possible to read Between Black White without necessarily having read The Professor and I appreciate that Between Black White begins back in 1966 when the Ku Klux Klan was a big problem down in the [...]

  9. Between Black and White is a sequel to Bailey s first book, The Professor As in his first book, there are many references to Alabama football As an Auburn fan, this reader tolerated that The majority of the action is set in Pulaski, Tennessee Law Professor Tom McMurtrie risks his life going up against the Klan when his friend Bocephus is accused of murder The evil JimBone from the first book is also out to get McMurtrie and his law partner Rick The characters are complex and engaging and the plo [...]

  10. A interesting twist on race relationsThe racial complexes in the south were well portrayed n this intriguing story The characterisation was good and your interest grew page by page

  11. Not quite as good as his 1st book The Professor , but still really good If you like John Grisham, you will really like author Robert Bailey.

  12. This is a good legal thriller series The second installment features a trial of a black lawyer in Klan country Looking forward to from these characters.

  13. Allow me to preface this review with a somewhat tangential but entirely necessary observation Is there a limit for the use of a verb in a book Should there be Can an author be addicted to a word If ever there was, or should be, or can, then Robert Bailey, it s time for an intervention We have to have a talk, man About you know the chuckling.Everybody in this book chuckles Having breakfast Chuckling Threatening menace Chuckling Just kill some folks Chuckling I wasn t going to say anything, but ma [...]

  14. A special thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Robert Baileyreturns following debut and first in his new legal series McMurtie and Drake, The Professor,with a strong follow up the highly anticipated 2 BETWEEN BLACK AND WHITE.With the return of some likable characters we met in book one for a riveting fast paced series of obsession, revenge, murder, and racial injustice.Interweaving family,crimes, lies, and secrets past and present in a mesmerizing [...]

  15. It s been a long time since I did the just one chapter thing until I finished a book, regardless of how late it kept me up I did that last night with this novel.When Bo Haynes was five years old, living in the segregated South, he witnessed his father being lynched by the KKK Despite the hoods, he recognizes the voices of one of the perpetrators No one will believe the testimony of a small black child, but he never gives up Forty five years later, Haynes is a lawyer in the same town, determined [...]

  16. Not as good as the first but still an interesting read In the previous book I thought that the characters were better drawn In this one I got lost as to what the real purpose of Powell and Wade were actually contributing and how there where really connected to the story They seemed to be just out there on their own As often as they are referred to, I never got the sense of who they where and why they were important enough to spend time on Ray Ray just seemed to pop up here and there, even though [...]

  17. EXCELLENT LEGAL THRILLER READINGI m going to let the reviewers who give all details on books, do that Robert Bailey is an outstanding writer Watch out all legal writers, including Grisham, sorry but both Part 1 and Part 2 Between Black and White were I couldn t put them down reading I read this in one night and Part 1 in 2 nights It s a who dun it with every page turned Please write another series to these books I know the story can t really follow this one, but the characters are still thereI l [...]

  18. Extremely goodAnother case for The Professor chair his partner This time they are defending Bo from first book on capital murder charge Its quite complicated because the genesis of the situation goes back to 1966 when his father is lynched in front of him Everyone has a motive or a secret and several have both There is a tie in to the first story with a few criminals being involved Small town can be so dangerous Hoping for a few of these stories Perhaps one with Powell involved

  19. Excellent readEnjoyed every page Fast paced and well written An open and shut murder case Evidence, motive, public threats, definitely open and shut Bo, the Professor s friend, ex student and colleague, the best black lawyer in the south is accused of murder The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are gathering, a killer has been hired, and Bo needs Professor McMurtrie s help if there s even a chance Fantastic wind up You don t see it coming till it happens.

  20. A great follow up to Bailey s first book The Professor Another page turner with a nice little twist at the end I hope Robert Bailey continues with this character line as I find them intriguing and hopefully there will be a third book Robert Bailey s style reminds me of what I liked about John Grisham when I first started reading his books many many years ago Hopefully he can keep it up Overall great story with great characters and a well paced book that keeps the reader engaged.

  21. Small Town Life Dictated by Prejudice and HatredIt helps to have read the first book in this series Bocephus Haynes is a black lawyer highly motivated by the death of his father at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan Many twists and turns makes this a story that is hard to put down.

  22. WOW This book kept me up at night Bothered me when I wasn t reading itd has left me with a profound sense of loss This was so well written that it brought me back to the deep south I grew up in.disturbing, profound, sadwith everything resolved, the story still lingers on my mindn t miss this gemank you Robert Bailey.

  23. Great StoryOne of the best legal thrillers I ve read in a while Reminiscent of some of Grisham s best The professor has to defend an ex student charged with murder Lots of baddies, the clan , a stripper with a heart of gold, a bunch of ex Crimson Tide players from 1961 What could be fun.

  24. This was gripping drama involving racism, revenge, murder, hatred, betrayalyou name it I was involved in the characters from page 1 Loved some of the twists and the ending was very satisfying Definitely recommend to anyone interested in civil rights, crime drama, court room drama, suspense and twists.

  25. A twisty oneI enjoyed the mystery I really didn t figure it out, which made the ending even better I also enjoyed the author s writing style I hope that he has other books planned for this pair of lawyers.

  26. ExcitingGreat book, easy to read and it draws you in and makes you want to continue to read Had a hard time putting down the book because I was anxious to see what happened in the next chapter.

  27. Excellent follow up to The Professor which was the first book in the series Chilling story that goes back to the era of the Ku Klux Klan and the bad old days in the deep South I hope Robert Bailey will have a new book soon.

  28. Definitely not my usual book type but wanted something different and this fit the bill Was like an exaggerated episode of Law and Order but with a couple of extra and unnecessary twists thrown in at the end

  29. A home run novelAs I finished the last words of The Professor I knew I had to read this second book Both are outstanding You ll meet Tennessee towns with their black and white complications and a mystery that takes you over 40 years Written by a master wordsmith Enjoy

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