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Fen Best Read || [Daisy Johnson] Fen Best Read || [Daisy Johnson] - Fen, Fen Daisy Johnson s Fen is a liminal land Real people live their lives here They wrestle with familiar instincts with sex and desire with everyday routine But the wild is always close at hand ready to

  • Title: Fen
  • Author: Daisy Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781910702338
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover

Fen Best Read || [Daisy Johnson], Fen, Daisy Johnson, Fen Daisy Johnson s Fen is a liminal land Real people live their lives here They wrestle with familiar instincts with sex and desire with everyday routine But the wild is always close at hand ready to erupt This is a place where animals and people commingle and fuse where curious metamorphoses take place where myth and dark magic still linger So here a teenager may sDaisy Johnson s Fen is a l


Fen Best Read || [Daisy Johnson] Fen Best Read || [Daisy Johnson] - Fen, Fen Daisy Johnson s Fen is a liminal land Real people live their lives here They wrestle with familiar instincts with sex and desire with everyday routine But the wild is always close at hand ready to Fen

  • Fen Best Read || [Daisy Johnson]
    456Daisy Johnson

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  1. It is going to be very difficult to knock this off the spot of best book of the year for me I have always enjoyed books set around harsh landscapes am I the only person to find Wuthering Heights a cosy novel and that is part of what this book is, set on the flat english Fenlands, is It also appeals to the small town village girl in me The writing is beautiful, and made the elements of magic injected into most of the stories completely plausible, as well as being magical each was so human Reading [...]

  2. A strong 3.5 stars.Stories which came after The Scattering a story in three parts faltered for me The author still has some wicked writing skills so I would love to read of her work in the future.

  3. It is a debut collection by a loosely related short stories They are all set in the east part of England with its plains, canals, river estuaries and pylons distorting the horizontality of the place Miss Johnston s artistic treatment of the area, her imagination transforms it into weary dark, atmospheric setting This is the place were young girls are coming of age or becoming mothers without having the time to grow The border between people and animals are fluid as well And one cannot easily esc [...]

  4. i liked it but i was expecting landscape i d thought that s what the book would be made of, the way other people speak of it is very wild, but somehow also very domestic i wanted it to break free and run off across the fens and tell me about that landybe the lighthouse keeper is my favourite, because i like lighthouses and a girl living alone and doing her own thing and celebrating a fish.but also the scattering which i think was the strongest story and the longest some of the stories felt a b [...]

  5. Real people live their lives here They wrestle with familiar instincts, with sex and desire, with everyday routine But the wild is always close at hand, ready to erupt This is a place where animals and people commingle and fuse, where curious metamorphoses take place, where myth and dark magic still linger So here a teenager may starve herself into the shape of an eel A house might fall in love with a girl A woman might give birth to a well what Daisy Johnson s book came to me by chance I retwee [...]

  6. A surreal and slightly magical collection of short stories Talking foxes, possessive houses, relationships, monsters and A treat of a collection.

  7. An extraordinary collection Spare, accomplished writing with wonderfully controlled weirdness Characters are raw, honest and sometimes turn into animals Despite these magical elements, the stories feel poignant, true and rooted in the earth.

  8. I tend to think fretting about genre definitions is tiresome, and maybe this is going to be a tiresome review, but it feels like the most helpful way to review this collection It s a great illustration of how fantastic or surreal elements don t make something fantasy or weird fiction All these stories have some kind of magical thing happen, but they almost all feel like afterthoughts They are presented almost as reified metaphors or koans wrapping up stories in a way that feels so apt that they [...]

  9. My favourite genre being magical realism, this book definitely ticked boxes for me It was bizarre, curious and a little bit dark Qualities I always look for in a good read However, I found that the further I got, the bored I got Being a book of short stories, it s hard to create a climax and I really felt this is what it lacked It sort of dragged on.Also, I felt that maybe it tried a little bit too hard to be weird I found that it lost clarity as it tried to be mysterious and got to a point whe [...]

  10. We ought to read the kind of books that wound or stab us If the book we re reading doesn t wake us up with a blow to the head, what are we reading it for FEN by Daisy Johnson is one such, one of a kind, book that I got a chance to read Loved it

  11. A d but collection of folklore inspired short stories Some very interesting ideas here, but the stories become quite repetitive because of the interchangeable female characters.

  12. Strong work and satisfyingly creepy and atmospheric Here s another fine use of the magical slash dark potential that the Fens positively drip see also Waterlands, The Wake, etc I picked it up like a sitting duck at Toppings in Ely no less and it couldn t be perfectly pitched there Some satisfying recurring motifs eels, especially and potent coming of age themes body, shagging, parenthood, violence etc The artwork simple black brush is superb too Really very good When you read the blurb on the b [...]

  13. It took me awhile to finish this one I had to put it down a few times, and I even had to skip a few pages I found it disorienting, and quite brutal yet very captivating and sensual as well, which is why I kept going back to it I think by their nature, short stories are disorienting to begin with the reader is generally dropped in and out of narrative by necessity In the world of Fen, it often took me several pages for the fog to lift sufficiently until I felt I could see the story I will definit [...]

  14. Nightmarish folk tales set in contemporary Eastern England, about women navigating the fens of sexuality and love The magical elements are nothing new vampires, shapeshifters, a haunted house, a golem, trickster foxes but Johnson s use of these tropes is original Despite a few unfortunate gimmicks a story told both in the second person AND in reverse , her writing is evocative and full of finely observed details The stories all combine to form a coherent if unstable world, but Language particula [...]

  15. my friends bought me a copy of this for my birthday, they said that it reminded them of all the things i talk about most it means to me for that, i think, and for the fact that fen land has become a half home for me, the flat expanses into which cambridge sometimes feels as though it s sinking.

  16. Johnson s poetic stories are strange and beautiful I was reminded of Kelly Link or Karen Russell Unusual, dark plots jolted me into alertness and pulled me into a world all new Johnson draws connections between characters, settings, and even movie references, giving the stories a unifying thread that pulled the collection together This is one I ll definitely want to reread.

  17. I really liked the dark themes of this book a girl who didn t eat and became an eel three women who eat men and find their language repeats on them a brother who becomes a fox And all stories started out well for me although sometimes it felt that the author was trying too hard with the language , but my biggest problem was that none of the stories were pushed as far as they could go They all seemed to stop short of something even darker The Scattering a story in three parts was my favourite and [...]

  18. I didn t love this one The stories are creative in places, but in others rely too heavily on grotesque tropes to carry the meaning A few of the narrators lacked proper character development or seemed to closely related to the narrator of the previous story While the plots were intertwined by places, or even seemed to be a retelling of the same person s life in different circumstances, I couldn t tell in points if this was purposeful or accidental However, the language was beautiful in many place [...]

  19. I m not entirely sure how I feel about this book.It was beautifully written and I adored the first two stories Other stories made me feel uncomfortable But thenThe stories all seemed to merge into one for me I was confounded by the bizarreness of them and I found it difficult to interpret and understand, and therefore enjoy.This is not a book or style for me, though I admire Johnson, who is only a year older than me, for creating sometimes quite profound narratives, even if my brain can t handle [...]

  20. I am very wary of books of short stories On the plus side they can be one way of telling a story through many different facets On the down side they can be disjointed and jarring Fen by Daisy Johnson was like reading someone s dream diary.I liked the constant refrain of the fen which was never far away The darkness that inhabits that land and water which holds such a deep fascination of so many people It is like history, mythology, and subconscious, all of them together, and running under your [...]

  21. Thanks to Graywolf for the ARC Johnson s collection of hungry, darkly magical stories oozes with strangeness and sexuality The relationships within are parasitic, each carrying an undercurrent of the same deadly curse Here, girls become eels, houses consume, and the words of the dead cause unspeakable pain.

  22. With a bold mixture of magical realism and unflinching frankness, Daisy Johnson guides readers into the brooding fenlands of England Fen Stories uses the wetlands fed by underground springs to tie together her remarkable stories The setting is central to her work as Johnson has said in an interview, the fen is not the coast It is land that dreams of being coast Similarly, her characters are not quite one thing, instead they dream of being something else She adds, The women in these stories feel [...]

  23. If you only read the first handful of stories this is a strong four star performance Fierce, weird, wet these stories are a reminder of First Love, Last Rites by Ian McEwan, with strong flavours of Angela Carter The voice seems distinct, female, watery, green, as it washes over the mundane with the incredible, like a tide submerging something stranded on a shore The Fen reclaims many things in these stories and turns them into something else Clandestine lovers into walls Pugilist Brothers into f [...]

  24. Pg 60 So far, eerily similar to everything I wrote in a creative writing class a few years ago, thematically and stylistically just swap out eels, fens, and England with worms, bogs, and rural Maine, and both with foxes Not sure this is entirely a good thing I ve been commended for lyricism and criticized for verbosity and vagueness, both of which hold true here The stories are very pretty, but pretty alone makes for pretty slightly reading.I ve already found a few spelling and grammatical error [...]

  25. My only real complaint about this book is that all the stories start to run together Any one on its own is a powerhouse, strange and haunting I guess the same is true of the collection as a whole, but common themes and imagery start to bleed and blend until it seems like one long, disjointed story instead of a collection Maybe that was the intended effect Anyway, knowing nothing about England s fenlands apart from what I hastily looked up on when I started reading this book and even that little [...]

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