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Girl From Above: Betrayal

[PDF] Girl From Above: Betrayal | by ✓ Pippa DaCosta [PDF] Girl From Above: Betrayal | by ✓ Pippa DaCosta - Girl From Above: Betrayal, Girl From Above Betrayal Firefly meets Ex_Machina in this space opera adventure My name is and I am not ready to die But I am ready to kill When Captain Caleb Shepperd is released from prison all he wants to do is keep

  • Title: Girl From Above: Betrayal
  • Author: Pippa DaCosta
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Girl From Above: Betrayal | by ✓ Pippa DaCosta, Girl From Above: Betrayal, Pippa DaCosta, Girl From Above Betrayal Firefly meets Ex_Machina in this space opera adventure My name is and I am not ready to die But I am ready to kill When Captain Caleb Shepperd is released from prison all he wants to do is keep his head down and earn a living smuggling illegal cargo through the nine systems When a synth stows away on Shepperd s ship bringing with her a crap ton of problems Firefly

Girl From Above: Betrayal

[PDF] Girl From Above: Betrayal | by ✓ Pippa DaCosta [PDF] Girl From Above: Betrayal | by ✓ Pippa DaCosta - Girl From Above: Betrayal, Girl From Above Betrayal Firefly meets Ex_Machina in this space opera adventure My name is and I am not ready to die But I am ready to kill When Captain Caleb Shepperd is released from prison all he wants to do is keep Girl From Above: Betrayal

  • [PDF] Girl From Above: Betrayal | by ✓ Pippa DaCosta
    342Pippa DaCosta
Girl From Above: Betrayal

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  1. July 5, 2017 FREE TODAY Get it, get it, get it June 2015 Initial rating 5 stars Second rating 8 starsThink you re going to get another review from me Think again Just raise my original review to the third power and you ll get an idea of how I feel about this story April 2015 Don tLetMeGoBOOM Pippa DaCosta s done it again.Houston, we have a problem The Pippa DaCosta Problem Whenever I have to review one of her books my grey cells malfunction They re so cool fantastic awesome OMG I love this amazi [...]

  2. She s only just begun Good God Good God.It was love at first sight Un colpo di fulmine Un flechazo see, Fran Spanish And if I knew how to say this in other languages too, I would Wait, I can also tell you something similar in my local dialect Mi fici perdiri a testa.My knowledge really ends here though.And now, onto the completely useless and disconnected sort of comment review The characters I don t really know why I am even trying to write something logical here because evey praise would be re [...]

  3. I wasn t too sure about this until about the halfway point, then it really got interesting And, all of the things revealed towards the end Blew my mind So very good.Robots have feelings too.

  4. 19 November 2015 0.99 on Kindle I feel awkward reviewing this because it s not an entire story It s the beginning of the story It does have a nice arc for which I m thankful but it s so clearly just the start that I almost want to wait until I ve read the next 2 books which should finish it out, I hope before I review and grade it The ending can make a huge difference in how I feel about the earlier sections However, this part of the story still made a really big impression on me and I have to t [...]


  6. 4.25 Nice Nice is nothing Nice is bland Nice is the morning after when you can t remember her name StarsI flew through this Pippa DaCosta is becoming a favorite author of mine even if she doesn t seem to believe in the conventional happily ever after and most of her characters are a bit broken but never Mary or Stu Sue.Caleb is the smuggler pilot down on his luck who might fix a problem you re having for the right price Fran is his co pilot sidekick who loves to tease him and never please him th [...]

  7. 4.5 screaming stars Well thenjumping right in.There are no good guys here, no good galshell, most of the people in this little tale run the gamut between morally ambigious to morally repugnant Except oned she s not human Or is she Caleb is the down and out captain of a starship He has a 2nd in command he d dearly love to get on her back and a past he s buried under the rubble of the soul he never had When he finds a synth stow a way his first thought is what a pain in the ass His 2nd is how much [...]

  8. This novella had an interesting premise Very rich people pay to be injected into synthetic bodies after death They are sort of like advanced robots with real blood running in their veins, along with memories of their past lives This story is about synthetic 1001, who goes against her programming and gets caught up with someone she knew from her past life.Caleb is the captain of the ship she ends up on and Fran is his pilot and second in command There was a lot of fun sci fi action, but for some [...]

  9. I finished Pippa DaCosta s Beyond The Veil, but it was a struggle I decided to give her another chance, but this was similar The beginning was entertaining and not badly written, I liked the plot idea and the characters But somewhere around the midway point my interest ran out and I spent a whole week reading fanfiction instead I had to force myself to pick this up again and finish it.I am not quite sure what my problem was I went into this with very low expectations anyhow and was pleasantly su [...]

  10. Fan freakin tastic The only reason I took off one star is because this feels like a serial to me and I HATE SERIALS Just release all the parts as one damn book and charge me a little I love characters like this Where there is plenty to love AND hate about them Morally ambiguous is REAL LIFE SHIT I love it I LOVE IT Now I m off to buy part two and then I ll have to wait for part three which pisses me right off.

  11. i love the new covers so much lol Actual rating 3.5Y know, the concept of futuristic societies in space isn t all the original Neither are robots So I didn t really expect anything from this book But, I ve only read so many science fiction novels in my young lifetime, so what can I really say about originality This book, it s hard to explain for me Basically, you have two main characters in play a synth, 1001, and a smuggler, Caleb Synths are their world s robots Made by Chitec, the rich spend [...]

  12. This should not be a romance.I think the title Betrayal is very fitting.The so called hero is a coward and a murderer by association who did it to get ahead in life I am glad he was duped by the actual murderer Left alone to rot view spoiler So basically, the hero was a rising fleet star who started dating the daughter of the CEO the heroine of a tech company that supplied fleet This tech company has a lot of power over the fleet So basically when the hero and heroine stumble upon evidence that [...]

  13. A gritty, realistic sci fi brought to you by the great Pippa DaCosta After reading this I kind of want to see her try her hand at historical romance Just so I can see if she can do anything wrong The main idea behind the synthetics is not something original but as usual Ms DaCosta takes the cliche and demolishes all preconceptions I saw most of the twists before they happened but I m chalking that up to my familiarity with some of her other works I m pretty sure it was a fluke however and I ll b [...]

  14. Pippa DaCosta s Girl From Above Betrayal isn t a romance, but it is a love story The aptly descriptive blurb calls this book an action packed story of love, redemption and revenge At first the reader is lulled into believing adorable scoundrel Capt Caleb Shepperd is a horn dog version of Han Solo or Firefly s Mal Reynolds DaCosta made him think things like, Her black tank top left little to the imagination, which was fortuitous, given that I didn t have one He was crass enough that I believed th [...]

  15. I ll start off by saying I m not a huge fan of Scifi stuff but this was pretty neat I enjoyed the fact that this story seemed different from other scifi books I ve read The connection between robot and human in this book seems to be shaky because robots have a different role in the future This story follows the beginning of life for 1001, or at least her beginnings of freedom 1001 isn t like the others, she s able to feel, make decisions and process what s going on around her She no longer is ti [...]

  16. The storm still raged And nothing had changed, except there was one less man in the world This book is made of awesome Really, I was a little skeptic at the beginning but after a few chapters in I knew this was going to be good So naturally, I became alert I was waiting for the book to screw up, and I knew excatly how it would happen You see, 1001 is a synthetich human being she follows orders Which is why I was sure I would not grow to like her, also, I was sure I would not grow to like the oth [...]

  17. I used to believe stars were wishes, that if we reached for them, our dreams would come true But the stars will always be out of reach, and no amount of dreaming will capture them I wish I wish we had time I wish we had forever I wish you loved me Want sci fi with some real zing Then Pippa s newest offering Girl From Above The 1000 Revolution just might be the book for you This novel la ticks all the right boxes for a great space opera This is a story of love gone wrong, of utter betrayal, pers [...]

  18. A MAZ ING 5 Stars I absolutely loved this book It s as if Firefly and Ex_Machina had a baby named Girl From Above My inner geek girl was bouncing up and down in delight.DaCosta has moved in a totally new direction with this series not only with genre, but with style and tone as well This book is darker, grittier, and adult than her previous work to date The plot and pace were swift just as one secret is revealed another appears, keeping the dramatic tension constant throughout Her characters ar [...]

  19. 19 04 Free on I used to believe stars were wishes, that if we reached them, our dreams would come true But the stars will always be out of reach, and no amount of dreaming will capture them.Captain Caleb Shepperd, ex fleet star in rising, is smuggler, occasionally a fixer and constant jackass For five years now he s been smuggling all kinds of illegal cargo through the nine systems, earning a living and staying mostly under the radar When he finds unwanted passenger on his ship it seems his luck [...]

  20. My name is 1001, and I am not ready to die I d only just begun to live So this book It was really good I can t say I have read many books in this genre in my life though lately I ve been getting into it but this has got to be in my top three of best sci fi books Girl From Above Betrayal follows Caleb, a captain who has been released from prison who s trying to keep a low profile and 1001, a synth, who is not meant to excist, as there are only supposed to be 1000 synthetic humans a decade Her or [...]

  21. Holy crap, what did I just read I was told this was just a silly little space romp with hot sex bots and Firefly snark Whoever told me that is a liar because this has action, drama, intrigue, and characters I want to throttle to almost death and then hug to pieces Some bits of worldbuilding and character motivation were a smidge vague at the edges, but such irritants were easy to gloss over, thanks to fast pacing and epic conflict I can t wait to be back in black with book two I received a free [...]

  22. I read I was created to kill and it was an instant add The possibility of murder, mayhem, and death is always a to read, especially from killer females.

  23. Clean that TBR already Shelved in October 2016 which doesn t show any because of the change of edition Rating 4 stars Wow This book is an explosive cocktail of complicated and fucked up characters.

  24. There are only 1000 synths in existence, these highly advanced synthetic humans can be purchased the super rich so that their memories and consciousness can be transferred to the synth when they die But if only 1000 of them were created who is 1001, where did she come from and why is she so different to the others 1001 wants to live, she s managed to escape captivity and she has a plan but is it a coincidence that it s Caleb s ship that she ends up on Caleb makes a living smuggling cargo but a s [...]

  25. Oh Hell No You know when you re watching the beginning of a movie on the SciFy channel, and the obligatory warning comes up This program contains, Sexual References, Nudity, Drug Use, Adult Themes, Coarse Language, Violence, Sex Scenesyada, yada, yada and you re thinking, ALRIGHT My kind of movie Well maybe it isn t your kind of movie, but you get my drift, right Then you start watching the movie and it s one of those crappy B Grade shows made for TV, and even though it s pretty crappy, like Sha [...]

  26. Pippa DaCosta is back with a new S F novel The changes in her writing style is definitely noticeable and this completely a different feel from her first series, The Veil This is grittier, complex and unique If you like fluff and romance with your S F, you will not find it here Caleb intended to live a low profile life after his stint in prison, coursing through the galaxy and selling smuggled weapons but when a synth falls on his lap, his plan changes everything 1001 is not supposed to exist, b [...]

  27. I ve always kinda been a sucker for anti hero characters, but the characters in this story almost go beyond that They re not the good guys it just so happens that the antagonists are worse, a different level of bad That setup always intrigues me, because often than not, it seems realistic given the setting than it would if the characters were genuine heroes Caleb and Fran and even 1001, I suppose are miserable, troubled people who are just fighting for survival I ll be interested to see what b [...]

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