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Newt's Emerald

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Newt's Emerald : by Garth Nix [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Newt's Emerald : by Garth Nix - Newt's Emerald, Newt s Emerald A Regency romance with magical elements featuring an eighteen year old heroine and a dashing young hero and a case of mistaken identity After the Newington Emerald is stolen at the height of a conjur

  • Title: Newt's Emerald
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • ISBN: 9781760112653
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Newt's Emerald : by Garth Nix, Newt's Emerald, Garth Nix, Newt s Emerald A Regency romance with magical elements featuring an eighteen year old heroine and a dashing young hero and a case of mistaken identity After the Newington Emerald is stolen at the height of a conjured storm eighteen year old Lady Truthful Newington goes to London to search for the magical heirloom of her house But as no well bred young lady can hunt the metropolis foA Regency rom

Newt's Emerald

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Newt's Emerald : by Garth Nix [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Newt's Emerald : by Garth Nix - Newt's Emerald, Newt s Emerald A Regency romance with magical elements featuring an eighteen year old heroine and a dashing young hero and a case of mistaken identity After the Newington Emerald is stolen at the height of a conjur Newt's Emerald

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Newt's Emerald : by Garth Nix
    320Garth Nix
Newt's Emerald

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  1. 4 Stars I m going to say right from the start that this book is not for everyone If I look at it objectively we have very little character development, ALL of the fantasy of manners tropes out there, a very predictable and sometimes too convenient plot, and a romance that could have used development That being said, I absolutely adored this It s fluffy fantasy of manners with all the tropes I adore and the language and wit and writing style I adore, with a romance that was sweet if not a bit un [...]

  2. This is a complete departure from Nix s previous YA work It s adult regency romance meets gaslight fantasy If you took Mary Robinette Kowal s Glamour series and crossed it with the Parasol Protectorate books you d get something like this It s similar in tone to Sorcery Cecelia in that it has a nice light touch with a plucky heroine It features one of my very favorite tropes girl disguises herself as a boy w00t It s not steampunk, but an alternate regency era with magic in it It was such a surpri [...]

  3. I picked up an ARC of this book at BEA 2015.I adore Garth Nix s Abhorson trilogy, so when I saw he was coming out with a new book that was a fantasy of manners, I knew I had to have it For those who are unfamiliar, a fantasy of manners can be best described as Regency period ideals with magic Like fantasy romcom alternate history historical fiction The ones that I ve read have been light and fluffy, and very tongue in cheek, so that is what I expected from Newt s Emerald and it did not disappoin [...]

  4. 3.5 4 starsThis was utterly delightful and so much fun I lost track of the pages, with all the laughing and a bit of swooning I was doing Newt s Emerald is an engaging throwback to Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen regency romances, only campy and with a slight fantasy bent Don t go in expecting much character development or a complicated plot it s not meant to be taken too seriously but with the expectation of a rollicking good time I really enjoyed getting to know Truthful also known as Newt , [...]

  5. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also AnonymousGarth Nix, an Australian bestselling author, has penned a terrific tale of magic and adventure in his book called, Newt s Emerald, that unfolds the story of a young teenage girl and her quest for finding her lost inherited treasure by dressing up as a man out into the streets and on her journey she meets a handsome man which finally leads to a passionate Regency themed love story along with lots of adventures and magic.Synopsis On he [...]

  6. I read this book because I enjoyed the author s Abhorsen series so much but this one is not quite as good It is an odd little story really, like aGeorgette Heyer novel with magic thrown in There are Regency ladies in lovely gowns, carriages and balls and then there are sorcerers and the odd fairy to add to the mix The story was fun, the main characters were attractive and it was a pleasant light read.

  7. Newt s Emerald is a deliciously frothy, magical Regency treat I love the way it feels so like a Georgette Heyer novel with magic the tongue in cheek tone is just pitch perfect, and the magic fits into Regency life in a lovely and matter of fact way The characters are enormously fun, from the elderly chaperone with a sword stick and a fabulous magical wand to the various male cousins with their absurd plans for getting the stolen family emerald a seriously powerful magical item safely found or re [...]

  8. Od ovakvih romana fentezi romanti nih komedija zaista ne zahtevam mnogo sem da me oraspolo e Ali kad roman po inje osamnaestim ro endanom glavne junakinje a nedelju dana kasnije ona ima devetnaest godina, i kad se neki bitni doga aj desio u prvom poglavlju kad je imala deset a u tre em kad je imala dvanaest godina, i kad glavnu zlo u prepoznajemo po zlobnom pogledu kao u panskim serijama, i povrh svega kad fentezi romanti na komedija nije ni duhovita ni mnogo fantasti na a i romansa je sva ko mo [...]

  9. I remember Garth Nix as an awesome author, I loved his rather dark Abhorsen, Sabriel, Liriel, books as a teen A long awaited new one is coming out soon and I m probably going to get it However his venture into romance is lacking something aside from a logical plot I mean The romance is quite frankly awkward The main characters barely have a complete conversation throughout the entire book She is in love with Charles for no clear reason apart from the fact, maybe, that he s male and physically in [...]

  10. What a fun premise Regency period romantic comedy with elements of magic I wanted to love this with all my heart The historical fiction writing is superb, with details and time period information cleverly woven into dialog and narrative The voice is pitch perfect and consistent sure to be a hit with Austen fans But for me, the magical elements felt unnecessary, except for the final climax I never fully grasped the extent and structure of the magical world building I also fell into a few plots ho [...]

  11. Garth Nix Regency Period YES MUST BUY Whether I ll love it or hate it, anything by Garth Nix, I have long learnt I cannot NOT read Plus, this book reminds me of A Matter of Magic and Sorcery Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, two series which I enjoyed in a light, teen YA way So I can t wait to read this, and to see if Nix can work magic with one of my favourite time periods Updatefull review later my rating biased based on love for the period and the works of this author it should probably [...]

  12. It was a bit slow at times, but it does deliver what the blurb promises I loved the gender bender and banter Review will follow.EDIT Right Remember that review I promised I waited too long Combine that with an unimpressive book and you get a confused Mel I have a good memory, but I can not recall what happened Something about a diamond and a cross dressed Lady, but that is practically what the blurb tells you, haha I also vaguely remember banter between her and the love interest, but I guess tha [...]

  13. 3.5 starsThere are some books that no matter how much you enjoy them at the time are just not memorable It s not that a particular aspect of the story was unpleasant or that the writing style was all that bad, there is just something about the story that refuses to stick with you Unfortunately, I think Newt s Emerald falls into that category.I think this may have to do with the fact that I had recently read Love, Lies and Spies, a similar historical fiction story Ignoring the fact that it had no [...]

  14. I m a sucker for fantasy Regencies, and this one was cute The world building worked well in this book, and some of the magic was quite unexpected, like the illusion embedded in a false mustache and the concept of spell breakers Some other things were common fantasy ideas magical stones like the titular emerald , but they fit well with the rest of the world building In addition to magic, there were also fairies though not seen much, I liked the use of one in this book and I wished we had seen o [...]

  15. This is incredibly charming I really enjoyed this I do wish it was longer, and the world better explained Actually, what I wish is that this was part of a larger series of books set in this world, because this world is all kinds of fun Also, Newt is a really great protagonist.Also, flouting convention note The flouting works here I think it s for a few reasons, one it s not a straight historical, it s a fantasy, which helps with disguises and such disguises protecting identify and therefore repu [...]

  16. Newt s Emerald really is like a Heyer novel with magic and adventure I loved it The tone was so Heyer like witty and not taking itself too seriously But unlike Heyer s, the focus was on the mystery of the emerald than on the etiquette and balls and romance, which were there but in the background It also reminded me of Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot but with less romance The magic is not a huge player throughout mainly referenced but not experienced, so although I d call this a Fantasy of M [...]

  17. This was fun and frothy a lighthearted romp with plenty of excitement I d have enjoyed it if it had had depth there are places where events are just glossed over in favor of getting to something exciting I also would have enjoyed depth in explaining the magic of the world instead of, again, glossing over it And there were other places where Nix appeared to put in details just so we d know he d done his research Overall, though, very enjoyable and action packed.

  18. After a slow start, I ended up loving this There s an ensorcelled how great is that word fake mustache, a stolen emerald, and an heiress disguised as a Frenchman Four very enthusiastic stars.

  19. This is a likable book that starts off a little bland but gathers momentum pretty quickly to become, ultimately, a lot of fun.As a person who has read a good bit of historical fiction set in this time period Regency England , it makes me laugh when an author s research clearly consists of reading some other author s historical romance, and her it s usually a her, Mr Nix being a rather unexpected and cool exception research consisted of reading a third author s historical romance Georgette Heyer [...]

  20. One the night of her eighteenth birthday, the ancient emerald that is Lady Truthful Newington s birthright disappears mysteriously Concerned that worry for the missing emerald is damaging her elderly father s health, Truthful sets off for London with her old maid in tow, hoping to find the emerald when the thief pawns it With all her male relatives gallivanting about on their own silly plans, there are no men Truthful can trust to undertake the search, and so, with her great aunt s glamour caref [...]

  21. After reading two long middle in a trilogy books in row I needed something lighter and quicker and that s exactly what I got with Newt s Emerald This book is a little bit silly and a whole lot of delightful fun Plus as a huge fan of regency romance, it was a wonderful nod to a favorite genres Along with the mystery of a lost emerald, are hidden identities, a cross dressing girl, balls, spies and high speed boat chases I never fully became engaged in the magic of this world I was interested in t [...]

  22. Adventure in an alternate, magical Regency.At Lady Truthful s eighteenth birthday, her father shows her and her three cousins the heirloom emerald She s too young for it, but it will give her power to command weather Except that, in an incident involving a lightning strike, it vanishes Her father, horror struck, is afflicted with fever Her cousins make foolish plans to recover Truthful herself goes to her aunt, where she was about to come out, and with her help, disguises herself as a male cousi [...]

  23. More Stephanie Burgis esque than Heyer esque this is a magical Regency England romp, and it s entertaining and hilarious and fun There are moments when it seems to poke fun at itself, but it s not doing anything Burgis, and Heyer before her, haven t done it reads best not as commentary on a genre but as a worthy addition to it The title s a bit misrepresentative This sat for ages because I had no idea what it was about, and I d forgotten that one good review I d read about it So that s what it s [...]

  24. 3.5 stars This was super cute and while I was very charmed, I wouldn t mind an even longer version with teamwork, madcap adventures and investigations with the Major and Truthful It worked for the style of the story but I couldn t help wishing for details and interactions and buildup Odd couple buddy cops mismatched partners in adventure is a FAVORITE of mine especially with magic or regency shenanigans involved so while I was getting all that wonderfulness I also wanted depth Or just MORE [...]

  25. 3.5 starsCharming and occasionally sardonic, NEWT S EMERALD is a delightful fantasy of manners I loved the protagonist, Lady Truthful and her batty aunt Lady Badgery kickass ladies are a must in historical fantasy Although it was pretty predictable, I still really enjoyed the plot and I was invested enough to plow through the book quickly Full review to come

  26. A regency romance by Garth Nix Tis true my friends There was magic Disguises and shenanigans Mary Sue that I didn t hate It was a bit slow in parts, and predictable I think it was a smart idea to keep this tale short 3.5 stars.

  27. I received this book from the publisher at no cost.It s no secret I ve been a fan of Garth Nix s books for a long time I ve only recently started reading some Regency romances, though, so the idea of Nix writing one with a magical twist was an intriguing one.The thing with Regency romances is that there s a fairly standard plot arc indeed, it applies to most romances, right Girl and boy, difficulties, difficulties overcome Of course sometimes that trope is subverted, but it s still clear that th [...]

  28. I ve been meaning to read this for ages, and I m not entirely sure what finally prompted me to pick it up but hurrah that I did If you enjoy Georgette Heyer s work, you ll probably enjoy this It s a little adventure very much along the same lines, only with magic as well Girls disguising themselves as boys, a Pride and Prejudice moment for the romance, and daring escapades The tone is light and witty, and okay, it s not as though as it s as deeply committed to being authentic as Heyer was, but y [...]

  29. The full review with added gifs can be read on Readers in WonderlandI was a bit wary going into NEWT S EMERALD because I didn t know what the story was going to give me On the one hand Garth Nix is a well loved author by many people and NEWT S EMERALD is a historical fantasy with my favourite trope girl disguised as boy But on the other hand I d heard some not so great things from bloggers I trusted Fortunately for me I ended up having a lot of fun with this book NEWT S EMERALD had a lot of elem [...]

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