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Dear Amy

[PDF] Unlimited ð Dear Amy : by Helen Callaghan [PDF] Unlimited ð Dear Amy : by Helen Callaghan - Dear Amy, Dear Amy Margot Lewis is the agony aunt for The Cambridge Examiner Her advice column Dear Amy gets all kinds of letters but none like the one she s just received Dear Amy I don t know where I am I ve been ki

  • Title: Dear Amy
  • Author: Helen Callaghan
  • ISBN: 9780062433923
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ð Dear Amy : by Helen Callaghan, Dear Amy, Helen Callaghan, Dear Amy Margot Lewis is the agony aunt for The Cambridge Examiner Her advice column Dear Amy gets all kinds of letters but none like the one she s just received Dear Amy I don t know where I am I ve been kidnapped and am being held prisoner by a strange man I m afraid he ll kill me Please help me soon Bethan AveryBethan Avery has been missing for years This is surely someMargot Lewis is the ago

Dear Amy

[PDF] Unlimited ð Dear Amy : by Helen Callaghan [PDF] Unlimited ð Dear Amy : by Helen Callaghan - Dear Amy, Dear Amy Margot Lewis is the agony aunt for The Cambridge Examiner Her advice column Dear Amy gets all kinds of letters but none like the one she s just received Dear Amy I don t know where I am I ve been ki Dear Amy

  • [PDF] Unlimited ð Dear Amy : by Helen Callaghan
    320Helen Callaghan
Dear Amy

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  1. This is a psychological thriller that turned out to be a passable read, but failed to hold my interest after a third of the way through Margot Lewis is the eponymous Amy, an agony aunt for the local paper, with a troubling personal history She begins to receive letters from a girl who disappeared twenty years ago, Bethan Avery, who has been presumed dead The letters contain information that would not be known to the public and Margot s interest is ignited It is a sprawling story but neither the [...]

  2. I was dragging my feet on reading this book, based on some of the low ratings I had seen from my fellow GR friends This was a NetGalley pick for me, and I can see why I was drawn to it The publisher s synopsis really peaked my interest Unfortunately, like most movie trailers these days, the best of what the book is about is told in that synopsis, so the actual read was a big let down There were no surprises, no side stories to distract, no character that I could root for Yes, even poor kidnapped [...]

  3. As psychological thrillers go, this is at the bottom of the pile The twist, if you can call it that, could not have been obvious, the pacing was slow, and I felt connection to the person standing behind me in the supermarket queue this morning than I did to these characters In any case, thanks to Penguin and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Missing children, missing childhoods, missing truths.First Class Psychological Suspense From a Major New Voice in FictionBethan Avery went missing seventeen years ago, but suddenly turned up in letters to an agony columnist Details of her disappearance which was unknown before, confirmed the validity of her identity, but also baffled the columnist as well as the police Margot Lewis, a high school teacher was also Dear Amy for The Cambridge Examiner, when one of her students, Katie Brown, vanishe [...]

  5. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review Margot Lewis is an agony aunt with her local newspaper, and receives many letters every week, but when she starts receiving them from Bethan Avery, who s been missing for years, she becomes completely absorbed in solving this mystery Bethan is reaching out to Margot asking her to come find her , and rescue her from the man holding her captive Could the letters really be from Bethan It seems plausible as [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars Set in Cambridge, Helen Callaghan shauntingly atmospheric debut,DEAR AMY spins an intriguing mysterious tale of a current teenage girl s abduction, with a twenty year old cold case of evil and desperation, and a woman of secrets A novel of contrasts.Good and evil Darkness and Light In order, to solve a mystery and help the victims, the complex protagonist must return to the underworld, her haunted past with an intense unwavering strength of will There is a lot here beyond the surface, [...]

  7. 4 StarsRead full review here 5171 Miles Book BlogFirst of all I really enjoyed the setting of this novel Margot Lewis lives and works in Cambridge, England I have never been there myself but it was nice to get to know the city, especially the campus and the university Who knew that Cambridge University isn t one big university, but that it consists of 31 independent colleges that form Cambridge University as a whole I didn t.Margot Lewis is an interesting character She is a teacher by day and th [...]

  8. Whilst it was an interesting concept I found it far fetched and unrealistic and implausible throughout Being an avid reader of psychological thrillers I felt this lacked something to make me connect to any characters However this is just my opinion and I am sure others will enjoy it.

  9. This begins as an ultra enjoyable, instantly unputdownable mystery with an idiosyncratic narrator who I found charming The concept agony aunt receives letter purporting to be from a girl who disappeared twenty years earlier is fun, and if the story it s intercut with harrowing scenes depicting a different girl who s currently being held in captivity, possibly by the same man is rather standard stuff, the protagonist s voice makes up for it Margot simply has so much personality than your typica [...]

  10. This was a cracker of a read I was sucked into the plot pretty quick and read this fast, eager for It s got a lot going for it Full review on way

  11. My sincere thanks to NetGalley, Helen Callaghan and Penguin UK for providing an advanced review copy of Dear Amy in exchange for an honest review I was so hyped up over this book and I was delighted to have been approved to received an arc However, the reality was very different and I struggled with this book pretty much from the very beginning I just could not connect with the character of Margot and I found her monologuing quite dull, with my attention often wandering elsewhere Her character a [...]

  12. Well I just loved it It is a psychological thriller, and kept me on edge, couldn t see the twist comes It was one of those books that I wanted to finish it but didn t want to finish it lol I know, I am weird Margot, is a classic teacher at St Hilda, and as a part time job writes a column in a local newspaper It is called Dear Amy, an advise column One day, when she was checking the letters, was surprised to notice that there was one with a childish handwriting, when she opened it she was shock t [...]

  13. Thank you to NetGalley, Penguin uk Michael Joseph and Helen Callaghan for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review You can find my review on and from today under Karen whittard and under k.e.whittard Ok please forgive the bad score It isn t beau s it is badly written or anything like that I actually really liked the writing style Other people who like physiological thrillers may indeed love this book It follows an aging aunt Margot Lewis Who is also a Cambridge examiner Margots adv [...]

  14. All you need to know beforehand about this book is contained in the product description, to know any would spoil the read and this is in fact a very hard book to review for that very reason I have to say that even though I finished it, I didn t really enjoy it The main reason was Margot herself I just could not find myself rooting for her as she is a very hard character to get behind All the reasons for this are explained in the book, but too late for me to develop any liking for her and becaus [...]

  15. mrsbbookreviews.wordpress 2.5 stars This gripping story is based around Margot, a Cambridge schoolteacher, who also moonlights as an agony aunt, under the alias Dear Amy for a local newspaper When a haunting letter comes into Margot s hands as Amy, from a person claiming to be Bethan Avery, it is a shock This is because Bethan Avery was a young girl who went missing 20 years earlier and has never been found The letter has the schoolteacher debating as to whether the letter is simply a coax, or i [...]

  16. Wise men speak when they have something to say fools speak when they have to say something How true is that phrase I can think of many this applies tod not just men Dear Amy came up as one of THE books to read this summer a debut to watch according to Deadgood Books so I knew I wanted to read So I was made up when the publisher approved my request through Netgalley.Helen Callaghan definitely has a way with words The way she described the head nun Mother Cecilia as a female Gandalf with a hothous [...]

  17. What started off well for me, ended up in me skimming the last quarter of the book.It felt so much longer than it actually was.The premise was good, the twist fairly easy to guess, characters made me feel nothing and Martin and Margot s relationship felt just out of place.Good idea but needed excitement and work.

  18. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipI loved the idea behind Dear Amy, a girl that s been missing for almost twenty years suddenly resurfaces I m all over that premise, and while there were aspects that I liked, overall I wasn t as impressed as I would ve hoped to be by this one Margot Lewis writes an advice column for the newspaper, Dear Amy Most of the letters are run of the mill, then she begins receiving correspondence from Bethan Avery who was last seen seventeen years ago Is Bethan [...]

  19. Dear Amy has been on my radar for a while and when I had the chance to review I was over the moon I am such a lover of psychological thrillers and love discovering new authors in this genre so this book sounded right up my street Dear Amy arrived in an amazing package with brown string tied around the book and two letters from the book which made me incredibly impatient to start reading When Margot, an agony aunt in a local paper, receives letters to her Dear Amy post box from someone claiming t [...]

  20. This was entertaining reading I have been in a reading void just lately , which I put down to various things like the great demands of my cat I just can t find anything I fancy, and if I m honest I picked this because it was cheap at a time of mid month poverty So, it s a bit gruesome but thankfully sparing on the gory details I liked the start than the end but isn t that so often the way of things.

  21. two and a half stars.Margot Lewis is a teacher at St Hilda s Under the guise of Dear Amy she is also an agony aunt for the Cambridge Examiner and is the process of divorce from her husband of a few years, Eddy When she receives a letter asking for her help in a kidnapping, Margot is perplexed The letter is from Bethan Avery and she has been missing, believed dead though no body was found, for nearly twenty years Is someone playing a cruel hoax Or is it for real Also at present one of the young g [...]

  22. Oh I LOVED this It is a dark missing child story, that is clever and a little bit different Margot is a teacher, with a part time hobby as an agony aunt Dear Amy for a newspaper One day, she gets a mysterious letter from a Bethan Avery asking for help The only thing is the girl went missing in the 1990s and no one has heard of her since Margot is convinced that the letter is genuine Local teenager Katie Brown goes missing, in the present day We follow Margot, as she searches for answers and for [...]

  23. This is a psychological thriller with young girls disappearing then clues being sent in letters to an agony aunt Margot Lewis is a secondary high school teacher who also writes the agony column, Dear Amy , for the local newspaper She regularly has letters asking for advice, but has never had one like this before This one claims to have been written by someone who has been kidnapped and wants rescuing It turns out that the signature on the letter is of someone that was kidnapped but initially Mar [...]

  24. 3.5 starsI read A LOT of psychological thrillers it s not just because I want the author to surprise me but because I m interested in psychology and how people respond to trauma and extremes The nature nurture concept is a constant point of interest for me.I liked this because it combined everything I like in one story we got a bit of everyone which worked well A story doesn t have to be what it seems at the start.

  25. Dear Amy was not really for me.First of all I should be clear this is not because its badly written it is not In fact I liked the style and the pace and Helen Callaghan is obviously talented people who like psychological thrillers may well love this but I had several issues with the plot and becoming engaged with it.The story concerns Margot, a teacher , whose alter ego Dear Amy is the agony aunt for a local newspaper When she starts receiving letters from a girl claiming to be a kidnap victim B [...]

  26. This is one of those books where I can understand why you didn t like it The mystery isn t all that mysterious Margot is almost dislikable in fact she is dislikable There are two female character of any note, and the other female characters are disliked by one and all, it seems like.Yet, I couldn t stop reading, so it is one of those books were you know and admit the truth of the faults, but you still don t care anyway Callaghan gets points for making a lead unlikable, and given the plot, the fl [...]

  27. Es ist recht schnell klar wer, wie, wo und was Die Spannung h lt sich sehr in Grenzen allerdings fl ssig und leicht zu lesen Auf die Gedanken und Vorstellungen des T ters kann ich gut und gerne verzichten Es gibt Autoren, die die Charakterisierung sowie die Darstellung des Gedankenguts eines T ters weitaus besser umsetzen.

  28. 2.5 stars somewhere between meh and liked Trigger warnings for rape violence.A well written thriller, and I liked the characters and allusions to Greek mythology, but for some reason and I can t explain why some books do this to me I thought the violence, though not graphic, was depressing.

  29. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review I really enjoy psychological thrillers but really need to read , so I thought would read Dear Amy, Helen Callaghan s debut novel I am sad to say that I didn t enjoy this book as I found it to be unrealistic and very predictable.Margot Lewis is a Teacher at St Hilda s School and since a year ago has been an agony aunt for the Cambridge local paper She gets all the normal questions Will I get pregnant [...]

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