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Goodbye to the Dead

[PDF] Download ☆ Goodbye to the Dead : by Brian Freeman [PDF] Download ☆ Goodbye to the Dead : by Brian Freeman - Goodbye to the Dead, Goodbye to the Dead Detective Jonathan Stride s first wife Cindy died of cancer eight years ago but her ghost hangs over Stride s relationship with current lover and fellow detective Serena Dial When Serena witnesse

  • Title: Goodbye to the Dead
  • Author: Brian Freeman
  • ISBN: 9781782069003
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Download ☆ Goodbye to the Dead : by Brian Freeman, Goodbye to the Dead, Brian Freeman, Goodbye to the Dead Detective Jonathan Stride s first wife Cindy died of cancer eight years ago but her ghost hangs over Stride s relationship with current lover and fellow detective Serena Dial When Serena witnesses a brutal murder outside a Duluth bar she stumbles onto a case with roots that go all the way back to the last year of Cindy Stride s life At the time Cindy and Stride werDetect

Goodbye to the Dead

[PDF] Download ☆ Goodbye to the Dead : by Brian Freeman [PDF] Download ☆ Goodbye to the Dead : by Brian Freeman - Goodbye to the Dead, Goodbye to the Dead Detective Jonathan Stride s first wife Cindy died of cancer eight years ago but her ghost hangs over Stride s relationship with current lover and fellow detective Serena Dial When Serena witnesse Goodbye to the Dead

  • [PDF] Download ☆ Goodbye to the Dead : by Brian Freeman
    227Brian Freeman
Goodbye to the Dead

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  1. This case takes Stride back eight years, when his high school sweetheart who became his wife, is still alive So though her death has played an important role in his novels this is the first time the reader really gets to hear from Cindy That time they were on different sides since it was a friend of Cindy, a notable heart surgeon who was accused of murdering her husband This present case, a woman shot in front of a bar leads back in a strange way to the previous crime.Stride is an interesting ch [...]

  2. When I read Brian Freeman s first novel, Immoral, I rated it 5 stars None of the following books rated that high for me until now Goodbye to the Dead is a fitting tribute to the 10th anniversary of the Jonathan Stride series and gets an easy 5 stars from me.I was already familiar with the main characters, and I loved getting to know Stride s late wife, Cindy I found her so much likable than Serena, who really didn t bother me as much in this book Maggie was Maggie I also loved the structure of [...]

  3. For eight years, Detective Jonathan Stride has missed his wife Cindy When she died of cancer, Stride lost faith in having a permanent relationship again In his relationship with beautiful detective Serena Dial, there is always a sense that the ghost of Cindy looms largely between them In Goodbye to the Dead, Brian Freeman s seventh book in his Jonathan Stride series, we get a look back at a time when Jonny and Cindy agreed to disagree in a murder investigation in which Cindy believed her friend, [...]

  4. I always like to give readers a little back story with each new novel and GOODBYE TO THE DEAD is particularly important to me I ve been in the business for ten years now, and I envisioned GOODBYE TO THE DEAD as a ten year anniversary novel for me and for Jonathan Stride.When we first met Stride all the way back in my first book IMMORAL, he was dealing with the loss of his wife, Cindy, to cancer That loss has cast a long shadow over the entire series Stride and his new partner, Serena, have lived [...]

  5. This is the seventh in the Stride series and I read this without reading the earlier books, so it stands alone well.I find the Duluth setting engaging, a welcome change that allows for a business shipping thread to credibly run through the mystery The juxtaposition of subplots and time periods was somewhat jarring the old murder with the new mass killer and new sex slave smuggling group I appreciate that the author was experimenting but I would have preferred a linear chronology.Goodbye to the D [...]

  6. I read this one when it came out and this was before I was really active here in This has been one of the best series ever 5 STARS for the series 5 STARS for the author

  7. Can t believe it I just won a copy of this new book from In the seventh book of the Jonathan Stride series, a young woman from Colorado with a suitcase is shot and killed outside a seedy Duluth bar and Lt Jonathan Stride s live in lover Sgt Serena Dial chases the gunman , but he gets away Meanwhile we flash back to eight years earlier when Stride s wife Cindy was still alive and her best friend heart surgeon Dr Janine Snow is on trial for murdering her husband The reason these two seemingly unre [...]

  8. Lots of twists and turns in this outstanding police mystery To suit my tastes, I d have left at least one twist out When it comes to books that are toying with a happy resolution of a love affair for two bittersweet lovers, this book delivers almost no satisfaction and no answers I ll repeat this is a remarkably well written book, complex and plotted well It is not in any sense an emotionally satisfying one if you dislike moral dilemmas and like a bit of romance in your love affairs.

  9. For this whole series, while dead, Cindy has a big impact on things But with this book we got to see of Cindy as half the book was set in the past while Cindy was alive While I didn t care for this part of the story I did think it was interesting that Saint Cindy didn t come off that way In fact I found myself not really liking her and found her selfish in a way Certainly she was stupid in not taking care of herself and confronting her health issues instead of playing ostrich and ignoring them [...]

  10. 5 STARSIf you like psychological thrillers and you don t know this author, you are in for a treat The Jonathan Stride series is way beyond good These books are as good as Michael Connelly s stories of Harry Bosch and they have the same feel for me, personally as the Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman.This book tells two stories One takes place nine years before When Stride s first wife, Cindy, was still alive, one of her close friends, Dr Janine Snow, were tried and convicted of her thir [...]

  11. What a well thought out story line First read by this author and thoroughly enjoyed it What seems to be an insignificant tidbit near the beginning weaves a thread through a story that covers over 10 years Being from Minnesota, I appreciated the fact that the narrator of the audio CD pronounced all the city names correctly some don t but could have done without the Fargo esque accent because Minnesotan s really don t talk like that ya know This story had it all 7 out of 10.

  12. 4 stars The story takes place in two parts, the past and the present Good plot, the suspense level is high and makes for a fun read Some rather nasty characters and event that will keep you on your toes and guessing throughout Finally a book that was good from the beginning all the way to the end.

  13. I d never read a Brian Freeman book before, but after reading Goodbye to the Dead , I m a fan This is a craftily written book with a very complex plot with totally unexpected twists and turns Just when you think you have it figured out, Freeman throws in another curve It was suspenseful surprising to the very last pages Wish I d discovered him sooner

  14. I love this author, I love this author, I love this author He is so good This book starts with Serena witnessing a man shoot a young woman outside of a bar Then it goes back about 8 years to when Stride s wife, Cindy, was still alive The husband of a close friend of hers is shot and killed, and the friend is the primary suspect Stride has the difficult task of working the clues while his wife suffers to figure out if her friend is really a murderer or not This is also the time that Cindy finds s [...]

  15. Eccellente autore Pensavo di aver letto precedentemente qualcosa dello stesso ma l avevo scambiato per un autore di horror con cui non aveva evidentemente niente a che fare Quando ho iniziato a leggere il primo libro La ragazza di pietra mi sono reso conto dell errore fatto e ho preso coscienza di trovarmi di fronte ad un Grandissimo Sette libri di fila la serie di Jonny Stride in poco pi di due mesi mi hanno fatto capire che i paragoni con il passato Chandler, Hammet, Chase etc ma anche con il [...]

  16. Another great Jonathon Stride book I really enjoyed this book I liked how it went back in time and we got to know Cindy, Strides first wife At that time Cindy was good friends with a very accomplished heart surgeon, Janine Janine goes on trial for killing her husband, Cindy thinks her friend is innocent and Stride is convinced she s guilty There are a couple twists in here that I didn t see coming at all Great build up in the suspense in this novel.Kudos, Mr Freeman, for an excellent addition to [...]

  17. This is one of the best of the Jonathan Stride series with almost half the book taking place in the past when JS wife Cindy was still alive This does not in any way detract from the story no jumping back and forth thankfully which is very well done Of course, we have Serena and Maggie along to keep things tense in the Present part of the book and now Cat, the newest addition to the family All in all, a well done addition to the series.

  18. I just met Jonathan Stride, a chance meeting as a result of picking up a book at the library when I had nothing to read I ll definitely go back and look at some of these stories This one was top shelf.A brilliant surgeon charged with the murder of her husband Jonathan Stride dealing with the loss of his wife to cancer A teenage girl who has a difficult time getting her life back on the right path This story has all of that and , as it twists and turns to a conclusion.A gripping can t put it dow [...]

  19. Read my full review bit 1R7ocuuSynopsis Stride s past is coming back to haunt him when a gun used in a previous crime is used in the brutal murder of another person Did Stride get the killer wrong sending an innocent woman to prison for the murder of her husband My rating 5 StarsMy opinion GOOD GAWD, this series never gets old Freeman has managed to take us back to solve two murders The first when Stride s wife, Cindy, is still alive and diagnosed with cancer and the present involving his new lo [...]

  20. Another new series for me but one with enough backstory that even new to the series readers can pick it up and enjoy it Especially read by one of my favorite narrators, Joe Barrett Stride is a detective in Duluth, MN, and the port city location adds some gritty details A well known heart surgeon is convicted of ending her messy marriage by killing her husband, even though a weapon is never found When the weapon does turn up 9 years later in a homicide, Stride begins to question his investigation [...]

  21. Freeman un autore che sa come catturare l attenzione del lettore Il romanzo inizia in sordina per poi arricchirsi, pagina dopo pagina, di colpi di scena che rendono la trama ricca di suspense Con un architettura narrativa ampia e complessa, lo scrittore ci conduce attraverso un labirinto in cui le molte supposizioni si scontrano con le poche certezze La scrittura incalzante, il ritmo sostenuto sono caratteristiche salienti di questo romanzo in cui Freeman riesce a rendere in modo efficace il suc [...]

  22. It s almost the tenth anniversary since Duluth said goodbye to it s innocence Theyear in which it found itself both gripped by murder and united in terror A pillar of the community Detective Sergeant Jonathan Stride had his home and heart torn toribbons by the claws of cancer Cat Mateo an orphan of the streets with a knack of landing on her feet and owes her rescue to Detective Stride But Cat also holds somethingelse close to her chest A secret the sheer power of which she could not possibly com [...]

  23. Ok, I just finished Goodbye to the Dead And all the typical superlatives such as amazing, wonderful, fantastic, etc can t possibly do justice to the story I ve come to love Jonathan Stride, Maggie, Serena, and now Cat, over the yearsn t wait to see what happens next Stride is right up there with John Foley, Harry Bosch, and Virgil Flowers Good guys everyone, despite their flaws They re the real deal I anxiously wait for the next installment, knowing that it will somehow be better than the previo [...]

  24. My first Brian Freeman I visit the area 4 5 times each year so the Duluth landmarks and places were a big draw for me The story centers around a successful doctor and her murdered but controversial husband Several sub stories of local families and individuals all eventually tie together as the murder is eventually solved 8 9 years later As always, the port and incoming outgoing ships play a role While the freighters are breathtaking to see coming and going from all the harbors, there must be som [...]

  25. Another fantastic entry into the series of Jonathan Stride by Brian Freeman I love visiting Duluth by reading these stories, and the characters are old friends I enjoy catching up with The plot was well paced as always, and it felt like two stories in one by how the book was divided up My only complaint would be that it is stretching credibility that Serena, Jonathan, Maggie and or Cat are always in exactly the right place at the wrong time I m also just about done with Saint Cindy and while I d [...]

  26. Another great chapter in the Jonathan Stride series A captivating plot surrounded by vivid characters, good and evil Your fingers will blister from the flurry of page turns and the thirst of just one chapter.The Stride series shines a literary spotlight on Duluth Minnesota, the perfect place for pure psychological suspense.The best recommendation that was ever given to me was to read Brian Freeman.

  27. A very good book, while I thought I had figured out the ending I did get a surprise Surprises are almost always nice to get in a book The characters are well developed and the story doesn t focus on one person, there are several in play Timelines go from the past to the present and are neatly tied together in a very believable way If we could give half stars this would get 4 1 2.

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