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Take It As A Compliment

Unlimited Take It As A Compliment - by Maria Stoian Unlimited Take It As A Compliment - by Maria Stoian - Take It As A Compliment, Take It As A Compliment I was fifteen I never saw him again They chanted after me Oscar the Grouch Oscar the Grouch Bringing together the voices of males and females of all ages the stories in this collective graphic memo

  • Title: Take It As A Compliment
  • Author: Maria Stoian
  • ISBN: 9781849056977
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Take It As A Compliment - by Maria Stoian, Take It As A Compliment, Maria Stoian, Take It As A Compliment I was fifteen I never saw him again They chanted after me Oscar the Grouch Oscar the Grouch Bringing together the voices of males and females of all ages the stories in this collective graphic memoir reflect real life experiences of sexual abuse violence and harassment Each experience is brought to life by Maria Stoian s exceptional artwork Her unique and v I was fiftee

Take It As A Compliment

Unlimited Take It As A Compliment - by Maria Stoian Unlimited Take It As A Compliment - by Maria Stoian - Take It As A Compliment, Take It As A Compliment I was fifteen I never saw him again They chanted after me Oscar the Grouch Oscar the Grouch Bringing together the voices of males and females of all ages the stories in this collective graphic memo Take It As A Compliment

  • Unlimited Take It As A Compliment - by Maria Stoian
    361Maria Stoian
Take It As A Compliment

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  1. Reading this book has been quite a traumatic experience, as the description says Each experience is brought to life by Maria Stoian s exceptional artwork If you don t even have a slightest idea of what the experience here might refer to, let me tell you what it is Little girl in a big bad world There was this lone, little girl in a crowded bus on her way back home Not all too lone She had her innocent, candy chewing companions in that sweltering, metallic fun ride But, little did she know that i [...]

  2. Tengo que decir que llegu a este libro por el simple hecho de que amo las novelas gr ficas, y com nmente las leo para salir de una cruda literaria No llegue a el porque me interesara leer sobre el tema, siendo plenamente sincero, lo primero que pens cuando vi este libro fue Que bueno que le est n dando voz a quienes lo necesitan pero despu s, por cierta incredulidad que a veces tengo, pens de mala gana Supongo que es otro libro feminista Pasaron d as y no me quer a quedar con la espinita de pens [...]

  3. TRIGGER WARNING Rape, domestic abuse, sexual assault.I am so, so spitting enraged right now I finished reading it last night and I was so angry that I couldn t find the words It s been a little less than 24 hours and I still can t find the words to explain how ashamed I am to live in a world such as this.Take It as a Compliment consists of 20 vignettes where men and women share stories of various sexual harassments that have happened to them These stories are depicted in such a stark and matter [...]

  4. This graphic novel was meant to be one of the Feminist Orchestra book club s reads for July, but as soon as it arrived in the post I knew I had to read it straight away This is a powerful depiction of sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault that thankfully covers both sexes, and one that I strongly believe should be required reading for all young people The stories are heartbreaking, shocking, and arresting, but told in a very accessible way Although the art style was not necessarily my fa [...]

  5. Despite the title, this is not a book advocating for men and women to take sexual assault as a compliment, instead it shows very clearly that any form of putting undesired hands on someone else is a crime, and should be treated as one It is a form of fighting the rape culture placed upon us, and why we should all join to destroy it It might be their story now, but it could soon be ours Statistically, it is possible, and I want to avoid other people going through similar circumstances This is a w [...]

  6. A series of 22 stories by Stoian based on stories she gathered from a variety of sources about experiences mostly women have had pertaining to sexual violence, public sexual harassment, domestic abuse and assault The stories are often very minimal, short, just getting at moments ranging from public groping to rape, in an emotional range of discomfort to full on rage Usually it is guy who think that they can do anything they want with women and girls, so since I have boys I am going to share some [...]

  7. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.Re read in July 2016 ARC review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thanks again

  8. I m crying.This is such a powerful graphic novel All of these stories are so raw, and so real, and I wish I didn t relate to so many of them I hope that the people who contributed to this piece feel some sense of closure or validation or found compassion after they shared their stories.Rape culture is a thing Rape is a thing Harassment is a thing After the video of that woman walking around the streets of New York in a t shirt for ten hours, I shared my experiences with street harassment because [...]

  9. Take It as a Compliment is a graphic novel featuring several short stories reflecting real life sexual abuse harassment, domestic and child abuse It is disturbing and you should be prepared before reading it.I am shocked to realize one of the scenarios feels all too familiar In my teens I was walking on the street and a boy on a bicycle passing by smacked my behind I turned, but he was already riding away, looking back with a smile on his face I didn t know what to do at the moment and I felt as [...]

  10. I received an ARC of this title from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review Trigger warning harassment, sexual and physical abuse, rapeTake It as a Compliment is a book about shame and fear and trauma, but mostly shame About the shame people experience when they are the victims of unwanted sexual attention, the shame of speaking out, the shame of knowing that there is always someone ready to blame victims for their own abuse.It collects the real stories of real victims of [...]

  11. Books like this are SO important I have had so many similar experiences to the ones in this book and the amount of times I ve been told things like he was only joking , well, what were you wearing Sure he was drunk and relax, don t be so uptight etc is unbelievable If someone does something that makes you uncomfortable you shouldn t have to fight to get people to believe that it wasn t your fault If a guy or girl does something that makes you uncomfortable and you tell them to stop and they don [...]

  12. 20 historias gr ficas, a modo de c mic, que dan a conocer diversos tipos y niveles de acoso sexual Mujeres, hombres, ni os, ni as, en la v a p blica, en el trabajo, en la intimidad de una relaci n, etc Historias sencillas pero que impactan No me cabe en la cabeza c mo es posible que existe gente en el mundo que no respete un no.

  13. At first, I was hesitant to request this graphic novel on NetGalley because I know it d be disturbing and uncomfortable to read And obviously, this graphic novel turns out to be NOT AN EASY READ.First of all, these are not made up stories They are REAL, and they were mostly submitted online anonymously We are all aware that all these acts happen commonly in real life, and it saddens me to even just think about it These acts are ugly and gross And we shouldn t turn a blind eye and act like nothin [...]

  14. No s c mo describir esta novela gr fica Siento que est mal decir me gust , porque el tema que toca es, para m , muy fuerte Las ilustraciones son una maravilla En esta novela encontraremos los diferentes tipos de acoso y es sorprendente lo enferma que est lo sociedad, en verdad es muy triste Denle la oportunidad a esta novela, lo recomiendo.

  15. Maria Stoian recopil diversas historias de abuso y las ilustr de forma maravillosa Muchas de la historias aqu contadas ni siquiera tienen texto pero al verlas inmediatamente las entiendes y te duelen La selecci n que hizo Stoian pareciera ser adecuada para que en muchas de ellas nos identifiquemos Es fuerte y es verdad.

  16. This comic will make you mad It will make you sick It will make you depressed It will make you vengeful If you ever think that you are somehow deserving of abuse, don t believe it That is the lie that abusers use to justify their own pathetic lack of empathy Whether you re dating or married, sex should always be consensual anyone who claims there s an obligation can go fuck themselves If any of the experiences in this book feel familiar to you, speak out You are not weak Strength comes from tell [...]

  17. RAPE CULTURE IS NOT A MYTH.And if you are in any doubt whatsoever, then please read this book It is important.If you are already aware of our deadly descent into rape culture then please still read this book Please hear these peoples stories This graphic short collection puts together the stories of individuals who have been subject to sexual harassment, abuse, and violence people of all ages, races, and genders.The artwork is absolutely stunning and also incredibly hard hitting and emotional at [...]

  18. Historias cortas en c mic basadas en hechos reales de acoso o abuso sexual tanto a hombres como a mujeres, hetero y homosexuales, en su mayor a ni os o adolescentes Las historias son muy breves y presentan el acoso tal c mo sucedi , no hay espacio para las met foras, aunque s mucho espacio para las emociones que dejaron estos sucesos por a os Los colores elegidos vibrantes y din micos son un buen contraste con la mayor a de las historias, que van desde el desconcierto, el absurdo hasta la rabia [...]

  19. The book contains many stories about sexual harassment, abuse and rape Some of the perpetrators are foreigners and some of them are friends Most of the times, the victim is a woman.The stories are both scary and very important to discuss, because it will take much effort to change the attitudes towards women The book also includes a few stories about men being harassed, which of course should be taken seriously, but it is not as big a structural problem as the sexist structure that somehow seems [...]

  20. Book blurb Bringing together the voices of males and females of all ages, the stories in this collective graphic memoir reflect real life experiences of sexual abuse, violence and harassment.What I did not know going into this graphic novel is that it is a collection of experiences, and that each vignette was not fictional, but in fact represented something that actually happened to the people in this collection That would have been useful information to have at the start of the book instead of [...]

  21. A quick important read about rape Sexual assault Harassment The stories are real and were anonymously sent in or were from held interviews The stories are illustrated in many different types of styles.

  22. This took a while to get through, not because it s particularly long or complex, but because I had to keep putting it down and walking away for a bit Twenty tales of people who, well, basically couldn t take, No, for an answer The stories run from outright rape to subtle mental games Most, but not all, feature female protagonists All were drawn from first person accounts, most submitted online anonymously Stoian uses a variety of styles and drawing techniques to tell these stories, some as shor [...]

  23. A powerful collection Stoian has collected in graphic format, illustrating recountings of sexual abuse, violence and harassment across age and gender, and the impact they had on their victims A challenging work that has personally sparked several discussions for me.

  24. Rese a completa en Sweet Darkness goo T9Ti66Una de las denuncias del libro y algo que voy a resaltar y que lo aplaudo es que se incluyen tambi n historias de acoso que han sufrido hombres.Cualquiera puede ser acosado y agredido.Vivimos en una sociedad donde, ante una situaci n de acoso, nadie hace nada Y esto es algo que se comenta en varios relatos de este libro Relatos reales de personas que sufrieron situaciones de este tipo en diferentes entornos y a diferentes edades, sin saber a quien recu [...]

  25. This is a striking book Told in short one to three page vignettes, these are stories of subtle attack and abuse, and rape These things happen to men and women, old and young, fat and thin Often there is same in the victim, and this is how the story is told.It is a too often told story, but this way, in comic form, it is told in an accessible way, for all to see, and feel and learn This is one of the opening stories, below.There were other stories I would have liked to have shown, but there is a [...]

  26. Trigger warnings in this book rape, torture, sexual abuse This is an important little book It was so painful to read at times because you would feel helpless about something that has already happened but it s essential because it showed all kind of stories and at the end lists ways you can seek help for others or help yourself.I am glad it exists.Also, the illustration styles and how it changed from story to story was as haunting as it was wonderful Required reading.

  27. Net Galley eARC reviewThis is an important read I liked the illustrations overall though at times they were a liiiiittle hard to follow as with the wordless comic which I really liked, but it took a few reads to get what was going on Maria Stoian has done a great job showing different types of abuse lobbed at both women and men to varying degrees and the result is a, sometimes very uncomfortable, but important work which leaves no room for misinterpretation it is not a compliment.

  28. An urgent and disturbing collection of short comics about rape and harassment Stoian has taken multiple accounts of various people s experiences and illustrates them compellingly in various styles This should be required reading for people everywhere.

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