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The Fantasy Fiction Formula

Free Download The Fantasy Fiction Formula - by Deborah Chester Free Download The Fantasy Fiction Formula - by Deborah Chester - The Fantasy Fiction Formula, The Fantasy Fiction Formula There s to writing a successful fantasy story than building a unique world or inventing new magic How exactly is a plot put together How do you know if your idea will support an entire novel How do yo

  • Title: The Fantasy Fiction Formula
  • Author: Deborah Chester
  • ISBN: 9780719097065
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Fantasy Fiction Formula - by Deborah Chester, The Fantasy Fiction Formula, Deborah Chester, The Fantasy Fiction Formula There s to writing a successful fantasy story than building a unique world or inventing new magic How exactly is a plot put together How do you know if your idea will support an entire novel How do you grab reader attention and keep it How do you create dynamic multi dimensional characters What is viewpoint and do you handle it differently in urban fantasy thanThere s

The Fantasy Fiction Formula

Free Download The Fantasy Fiction Formula - by Deborah Chester Free Download The Fantasy Fiction Formula - by Deborah Chester - The Fantasy Fiction Formula, The Fantasy Fiction Formula There s to writing a successful fantasy story than building a unique world or inventing new magic How exactly is a plot put together How do you know if your idea will support an entire novel How do yo The Fantasy Fiction Formula

  • Free Download The Fantasy Fiction Formula - by Deborah Chester
    272Deborah Chester
The Fantasy Fiction Formula

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  1. This book should be owned by every fantasy fiction writer Wonderful information presented in a clear, concise manner Chester knows what she is talking about Impressive

  2. A great book on the craft of writing Most of the information in here is relevant and important no matter what genre you are writing.

  3. Deborah Chester, a quem Jim Butcher atribui seu sucesso, apresenta as principais t cnicas narrativas da fic o Apesar do foco ser a fantasia, com in meros exemplos ao longo do livro, as li es se aplicam a qualquer g nero A autora nos mostra desde como construir uma premissa forte com o acr nimo SPOOC Situa o, Protagonista, Objetivo, Oposi o e Cl max at uma forma pouco opressora de revisar o manuscrito, dividida em 10 fases.Constru o de personagens, gerando e resolvendo conflitos, cena e sequ ncia [...]

  4. This is an excellent book on the finer details of crafting a novel, not just those in the fantasy genre though that is the focus Chester focuses on not just creating a story, but structuring it in a way the reader finds compelling and moves the plot forward.The early exercises focus on creating writing elements, but the later ones focus on published work analysis I only wish that Chester had continued the create prompts so the exercises could walk a reader through a finished draft.Great book on [...]

  5. 2nd Read It just keeps getting better This is my second read of this book I ve picked up on so many new little tidbits of info that I didn t get the first time around I will pick this book up as a refresher before every book I plan to write It s a goldmine of a resource 1st Read To date the best book about writing I have read This book will be a reference book I call upon often as I write Deborah s approach is clear and concise She makes writing sound easy This books is a must for any level of w [...]

  6. Excellent An invaluable resource really an entire class in creating fantasy fiction in a book Logically, there s a ton of things I understood intrinsically about story structure going in, but it s really helpful to parse and understand and play with these elements in the aftermath I m confident that this is going to further my career and craft.

  7. Definitely the best book on writing I have read so far I left this book on my desk and I think I am going to consult it a lot in the writing process I do not agree with everything that is presented as obligatory in this book, but I think the instructions are intended as a sort of a recipe for a cake which you can modify according to your tastes to a degree.The best part is about action reaction units and the dark dismal middle Suprisingly, many how to do writing manuals go to a great lenght when [...]

  8. Last night I was curled up in bed reading, as I do, but I was reading a craft book Have I reached peak writer yet LolWhen I picked it up it wasn t available on kindle but it is now, and it s worth reading the sample just to see Jim Butcher s Forward.She is the woman who taught the professional writer class at OU that he attended.I saw some comment he made when people asked him what craft book to read and he said to get this one.I own a hundred craft books My theory is that if I learn one thing f [...]

  9. I m glad I discovered this book It s very practical and offers concrete tips on how to come up with a complete idea the SPOOC method , and the middle section on A R units and scene structure is particularly instructional and illuminating Chester largely uses examples from her own books to illustrate her points, but considering she s written over forty novels and has won awards for her Ruby Throne trilogy, it s not so bad I ll be keeping this one close at hand and I ll try to plug in Chester s fo [...]

  10. The Fantasy Fiction Formula by Deborah Chester is a craft guide that goes into the minute details that go into constructing a plausible fantasy read The author does a good job of laying out each of her points I find that she did an excellent job on the structure of a great plot She narrowed it down to the scene structure, and those break moments called sequels I ve been reading a fair amount of craft guides, but I have never seen an author go into that much details on basic story structure.Yes, [...]

  11. This is one of those books that I will likely end up using as a reference for wiring It beautifully outlines how to write teaching by showing, not just telling me And the author does such a fantastic job of doing so I find myself wanting to read the book ,highlighter in hand, pen and aper beside me to take notes, and considering it is essentially a manual on how to write fantasy, it reads smoothly Because of this manual, I want to read her fantasy books now I ve read other how to writing books, [...]

  12. By far the most useful writing book I ve read up to this point Gives tons of concrete instructions with examples, as well as examples of what doesn t work as well These are techniques that will still take a lot of practice to get used to, and I may not end up using 100% of Chester s suggestions, but it s so helpful to have it spelled out very clearly what makes a fiction story effective and why.

  13. It s a great book to read when you don t know where to start writing I was so confused with my first draft of Loading Life I didn t know how to make it into a readable and entertaining story But after reading Chester s advice, I feel like an expert in writing YA fiction.Even if you don t write fantasy, you should still read this book

  14. It made me realize some things I was doing incorrectly in my writing, and got me excited to try to write a book again.

  15. Very good advice Although feels a little formulaic at first, the book is filled with gems that will be very helpful in helping me grow my craft.

  16. Excellent book with pointers to help from beginning plot through publishing There are a lot of ideas here that I will refer back to as I navigate writing my first novel.

  17. Wealth of informationThere is a ton to garner from this book Definitely a must own for all levels of writers I will have to come back again to get everything out of this one.

  18. As a novice writer, I have read several books on the craft This is, by far, the best book for my level of experience Ms Chester s point by point explanations were particularly helpful She covered all the necessary concepts in a thorough and complete manner with than a little humor I will definitely be using this book again and again.

  19. Si bien la autora se enfoca en el g nero fant stico, los consejos del libro se aplican a cualquier g nero Se apega a la estructura cl sica de tres actos, y qu es lo que se espera de la ficci n comercial Lejos los insights que mas me resonaron fueron la definici n de escenas y secuelas como unidades narrativas, la construcci n de personajes, como sobrevivir al pantano del medio usando unidades de Acci n reacci n y subtramas, y la detallada disecci n del climax.Creo que es un excelente libro sobre [...]

  20. Finally A book on the craft for modern fantasy writers from a master Deborah Chester lays out in easy, comprehensive terms how to write a fantasy or urban fantasy novel in this how to book She touches on everything from building scenes to how to negotiate contracts with agents and publishers to avoiding predatory services when self publishing Every fantasy writer, whether the seasoned veteran with 10 books under her name or the ones just beginning their journey can benefit from what Chester has [...]

  21. Okay to be honest I wasn t expecting much from this book Like anybody interested in the craft of writing I have bought many books in this subject Mostly they are like autobiographies with some general info scattered in This book however is not like them Hell it is miles away from the rest of the ilk This book gives you the technical information regarding how to create a plot, characters and other things that makes a story tick I am currently on chapter 3, and will be rereading chapter 2 because [...]

  22. Hands down the BEST novel on the craft of writing I have ever come across There are tons of books about how to keep motivated and how to complete your first draft and how to multi task and still fulfill your dream Deborah Chester clearly and precisely details how to write an exciting, well thought out, cleverly crafted fantasy novel At the time of this reading, I have two manuscripts complete Well, I thought they were complete until I opened THE FANTASY FICTION FORMULA Since beginning the novel, [...]

  23. This book is a treasure If you can only read one book on fantasy fiction writing, read this one Excellent explanations, examples and exercises A very valuable tool to add to your writing shelf

  24. Although the author speaks about writing Fantasy Fiction, I would recommend this book for any aspiring or new author Some of the lessons reminded me of Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight V Swain and Scene and Structure by Jack Bickham, there was a very good explanation for that Mr Bickham was mentored by Mr Swain and Ms Chester was mentored by Mr Bickham.If you re a Jim Butcher The Dresden Files fan she was his teacher and he credits her with much of his success.I really liked the way sh [...]

  25. Though I wouldn t change how my own writing journey has played out, wouldn t have been bad to read this book earlier in my journey Great one to read if you re a fairly new writer Still plenty to get out of it is you ve been at it for awhile.Chester was very thorough, going into detail and providing exercises on all the elements that make a novel Like with any writing advice, take what works for you and ignore the rest But overall I found some useful techniques to mull over.I also liked how this [...]

  26. Every aspiring author should read this Incredibly helpful in understanding how to compartmentalize a story However, I wouldn t recommend this as a first read This is a necessary read for someone who has read a lot of books especially fiction and fantasy and wants to begin writing a story Once you get an organic understanding of storytelling, then move on to this book when you want to write your own story For the money, this is an extremely good deal You essentially get an entire high level Engli [...]

  27. I bought on Jim Butcher s recommendation and I am glad I did I was 15,000 words into a book and struggling to find my way This book has really helped me focus the story and plan it all better.As other s have said, the word Fantasy in the title might put some people off, but the bottom line is, this is a great manual for writing fiction period There is some great advice for every stage of writing from plotting, outlines, character biographies all the way to conflict, scenes sequels up to editing [...]

  28. Though the title and examples in the book all relate to fantasy the contents applies to all good writing If you want to write a novel then everything you need to know is here You will note she doesn t waste space on stupid advice like don t use adverbs She will teach you how to write a story that works every time She makes writing a novel sound easy It s not I will be studying and re reading this book for a long time to come.

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