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↠ Necromancer Ø Gordon R. Dickson ↠ Necromancer Ø Gordon R. Dickson - Necromancer, Necromancer aka No Room for ManThroughout the Fourteen Worlds of humanity no race is as feared and respected as the Dorsai The ultimate warriors they are known for their deadly rages unbreakable honor and fie

  • Title: Necromancer
  • Author: Gordon R. Dickson
  • ISBN: 9780812545302
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Necromancer Ø Gordon R. Dickson, Necromancer, Gordon R. Dickson, Necromancer aka No Room for ManThroughout the Fourteen Worlds of humanity no race is as feared and respected as the Dorsai The ultimate warriors they are known for their deadly rages unbreakable honor and fierce independence No man rules the Dorsai but their mastery of the art has made them the most valuable mercenaries in the known universe


↠ Necromancer Ø Gordon R. Dickson ↠ Necromancer Ø Gordon R. Dickson - Necromancer, Necromancer aka No Room for ManThroughout the Fourteen Worlds of humanity no race is as feared and respected as the Dorsai The ultimate warriors they are known for their deadly rages unbreakable honor and fie Necromancer

  • ↠ Necromancer Ø Gordon R. Dickson
    495Gordon R. Dickson

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  1. 3.5 stars Chronologically, this is the first book in Dickson s Childe Cycle though it was written after the Hugo Award winning Dorsai I was really torn between 3 and 4 stars on this one as it had some really amazing ideas and was very well written Unfortunately, I thought the plot was a little slow and the period between great ideas revelations dragged a bit.That said, I would still recommend reading this as it is a fairly short book and provides some very worthwhile insight into the universe of [...]

  2. Truly enjoyed reading this book for Vintage SciFi Month Felt the action was well paced and the story engaging and enjoyable.

  3. Shai Dorsai Dir a que no G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Paul Formain es un ingeniero de minas hu rfano desde muy ni o y que hace cinco a os estuvo a punto de morir a bordo de un velero En la actualidad trabaja en la Mina Malabar, en las Monta as Rocosas de la Columbia Brit nica, y un accidente le har acercarse a la Hermandad del Chartre, una sociedad que ya le hab a llamado la atenci n Aunque escrito varios a os antes del segundo, se considera el tercer volumen del Ciclo Dorsai aunque [...]

  4. There isn t much action in this book compared to the rest of the series the philosophy is a bit weird, but the observations about society are fantastic In some very interesting examples, he points out the craziness that happens when a society has everything it needs no longer has to focus on survival Sound familiar It is Amazingly so There s also a brief look at what happens when a computer runs a society Very interesting worthwhile reading, even if you don t read any other book in the series.

  5. I am not really sure what I just finished.I didn t enjoy this really, in any sense I have this feeling that Dickson was trying to do something big and grand with this, but it just mostly passed right over my head It made just under 200 pages feel like 600, and took me longer to finish than a 600 page novel too With the plot, not much really seemed to happen, and when it did, it was a bit disjointed Mostly things get metaphysical and philosophical very quickly, which put me off a bit especially [...]

  6. This is a difficult book because it s mainly a philosophical novel in which most of the action takes place appropriate to its subject matter off stage It s a novel of ideas not action This disappointed me when I first read it 25 years ago, but I can appreciate it better now and after having read it in its proper relation to _Dorsai _ AFTER that novel, not before it It s important to the overall arc of Dickson s Childe Cycle, but not a necessary novel to the understanding of the Cycle as a whole [...]

  7. Not how I expected the intial Childe Cycle book to go it could have been a great book, but it s weighed down by Dickson s use of parapsychological philosophical goobledegook that chases its own tail into incoherence.

  8. Storyline 2 5Characters 3 5Writing Style 4 5World 5 5Some writers simply function on a different plane of existence There, the mechanics of worldbuilding, the requirements of anticipation and climax, and the function of characters all work differently in a novel Gordon R Dickson compiled this book on whatever plane he operated on and then brought it over to the reader The work survived the shift, and we get a delightfully bizarre work This reminds me a lot of view spoiler van Vogt s Null A hide [...]

  9. This is a difficult book to review because it isn t your standard sci fi So difficult, in fact, that I took a look at another review to see what others were saying about it Actually, given the uniqueness of this book I d like to read other reviews of it but I haven t been blessed with that kind of patience The one other review I looked at proclaimed this a prequel to Dorsai instead of being book 2 in the series as it is listed on That is an understandable mistake because the proof that this isn [...]

  10. Gordon R Dickson s 1962 novel Necromancer Childe Cycle Book 2 straddles the line between science fiction and fantasy There s a lot of parapsychology or perhaps the occult in the book which isn t really surprising given what Dickson s setting up here As with the first book of the series, Dorsai Childe Cycle Book 1 , I d read it multiple times before this, with the last reading being around 30 years ago, and enjoyed it But, since it was written back in the 1960s, it carries a lot of baggage from t [...]

  11. 3.5 stars This is an odd book, far a metaphysical, philosophical, look at human society and the impact of a life of comfort, through all encompassing technology, and the splintering impact it can have upon society While the 2nd book in the Childe Cycle books of the Dorsai, the events in this predate the rest of the Dorsai books in that this deals with Humanity on Earth before they went out among the stars and splintered into vastly different groups Dickson tackles a lot of ideas here, sometimes [...]

  12. Expected a warrior Too much Deus ex machina, both real and mythical Incomplete plot, but interesting premise Not based on tactics, but on enlightenment of the obscure kind we cannot reach.

  13. 4.5 I thought this was absolutely brilliant until the end, which seemed forced and not worthy of the story.

  14. Hmm After the by today s standards atrocious Dorsai, I had low expectations I certainly wasn t expecting an early sixties existential SF novel in the vein of Alfred Bester though lacking the stylistic pyrotechnics or even Dick Other reviewers have described it as filling in the plot holes of the Dorsai sequence but there s something philosophical and ambitious going on here, even if it doesn t entirely succeed There s also one of the most interesting unintentionally hilarious token woman moment [...]

  15. Good enough almost VanVogt and a Superman It should be read before Dorsai, as it recounts facts happening on Earth before the splinterong of the cultures.A bit slow at the beginning, and we watch Paul Tremain growth in spirit.He approaches the Chantry Guild wishing To be able to gronw a new arm, because he lost one in a mine accident.Freatiche accident which he barely survived Then he reads about this Guild and the Alternate Laws, which account for all people gifted with artistical capabilities [...]

  16. I read Necromancer because it s the first book in the Dorsai series, and I truly loved Dorsai when I first read it I love military sci fi I have to say that Necromancer was nothing like Dorsai, and I probably would have put it down if it wasn t necessary as a beginning to the series.The book just didn t catch me, and as I write this I find that I have almost no memory of the book I remember the coal car where the main character lost his arm, and I remember that he was supposed to somehow open a [...]

  17. Paul Formain simply wants to replace the arm he lost in a mining accident, but his latent psychic abilities lead him to become a pivotal point in the conflict between a machine led and a psychic led future for humanity.Frankly I expected this to be cheesier that it is These 1960 s SF novels with a heavy philosophical bent tend to be long on exposition and short on story, but the balance is pretty good here The main character is a superman , which is a weakness often than not but in this case I [...]

  18. I thought this book set up some really interesting and exciting ideas, but it really didn t go anywhere with them Towards the middle and later parts of the book the world that Dickson tried to delineate was a bit too messy for me Random allusions to Celtic, Norse and Finnish mythology seemed out of place in my opinion I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot if it had had a tighter focus and developed the characters , since I found the book to be quite well written I haven t read any of the [...]

  19. This story has a few nuggets of gold in it A very poignant conversation of how human desire to be increasingly wrapped in technology does not make us happier or better, and another about as much as we strive for unity in the world we need diversity for the future of the human race to be successful It reminded me a bit of the theme from Chapterhouse Dune I will be checking out the rest of the series.

  20. I probably read this book when I was younger, but I recently re read it The language is simple and accessible, but the ideas about causality and social upheaval are very interesting When you consider that it was written over fifty years ago, there are interesting speculations about what the future we live in will be like.

  21. Technically the first of the Dorsai series, although this was written after Tactics of Mistake, the story of Paul Formain who finds himself drawn to the mysterious Chantray Guild after a mining accident, costs him an arm But what are the Guild to ask of him in return for an understanding of the alternate laws

  22. Excellent old school military scifi that delves into some fascinating bits of speculation regarding social engineering and the impact of technology that remain fairly novel and unique This book reads quickly, serving up a fun adventure that manages to pack a ton of worldbuilding in a short space Very much recommended.

  23. I I think I read this, a decade or so ago I have zero recollection of what it s about If I ever feel like some slightly cheesy scifi that s less cheesy than you might expect, I might come back to it Having read quite a bit of Orson Scott Card, I wonder how it compares.

  24. Paul the main character doesn t know what his roll will be in the destruction of the world In the end, doing nothing is the key Another great short classic sci fi book A little hard to read at first Then the last half of the book was a smooth read.

  25. i meant to read Neuromancer and i somehow screwed up and ended up with this i didn t realize i was reading the wrong book until i was 10 pages from the end and my coworker asked what i was reading and i realized i got the wrong book ha ha hai m neuro not no necro .

  26. Aside from a couple really thought inspiring comments on the nature of technology in society, this is a pretty poorly put together compilation of some odd sci fi situations and environments that seem like they are being pulled out of a hat in random order.

  27. While it seemed a little disjointed in how it comes together, the overall book was quite good It has may philosophical questions in relation to humans and technology and the balance of where the two shall meet I found it quite enjoyable and a good read.

  28. I understand the need to justify your universe but you don t need an entire novel to do it The characters were shallow and unlikeable, the plot is undermined by the heavy exposition, and very little happens A terrible book.

  29. Eh Not much happened The SF stuff wasn t interesting, other than the one main idea of the one different person , the main character The characters were not well developed Even the main character was nothing special.

  30. I picked this up by accident and forgot it was on my bookshelf until recently Really gripping it was hard to put down The ending didn t make a lot of sense to me, but it probably would if I had read the other two books that precede this in the series A great read

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